Dying Young Woman Performs Agonal Breathing

Dying Young Woman Performs Agonal Breathing

Dying Young Woman Performs Agonal Breathing

Surrounded by a sea of flip flops, the young lady dressed up slutty to impress Chad and Tyrone, yet still someone was not impressed by the skank with nothing but her cunt to offer.

Apparently she got popped in the noggin and laid flat on the road in the position of a dead lay she’s probably found herself in a thousand times before. Some of those people around her must have had the experience and thought she thinks she’s having sex again.

The agonal breathing is probably the most she moved while on her back in years.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Dying Young Woman Performs Agonal Breathing”

    1. Somebody, Quick,,, Pull Her Finger.

      Did You’s see how some asshole put her Elbow in her Yapper to shut her up, & kill her quicker?

      I Thought that being in Dat-Shit-Hole Place,,, that somebody would have put something else In Her Snapper, instead of Elbow in Ze-Yapper, No???

  1. Can someone tell me why they always stand around a dying person instead of taking her to a hospital? Are there no hospitals? Are those people as dumb as I think they are? I don’t get it, if something like this happened in Germany, the first human being who would see this would call the emergency service + police. That’s the thing I always ask myself and I don’t get it, explain it to me please 😀

    1. Maybe someone already called the EMT’s but they haven’t arrived yet. As for taking her to the hospital, it’s best not to move someone like that. You could do more harm than good and end up getting sued for your compassion. No good deed goes unpunished.

    2. So you want to let down all the Best Gore members, who are anxiously waiting on the latest post, just they can drop their phones and take this skag to the hospital? My God how selfish.

      1. i saw a russian video of a plane crash, a hostess survived but these two idiots were fighting over which one would drag her away, turned out she died, i’m sure it’s because they handled her, but hey! they’re heroes

    3. Kleines- some places it has to do with liability/responsibility you don’t want someone to answer to if they have no family you’re the last person seen with them. Also the don’t move people thing is a main part too.

      1. I’ve done it before. At one point the chicks had a deepthroat competition. That was pretty cool. All in all, the whole situation was a bit overwhelming. People are naturally jealous. If you give one more attention than the other, problems can arise.

        1. Yes i often wondered about that HK. Whether one would be jealous of getting more attention. But, assuming you only have one cock, there’s not much you can do about it. I was going to go for it once but i couldn’t afford the £80 for the two philipine skanks at the massage parlour. Might have to settle for chinese.

      2. I’ve done it (almost) twice. The first time, one chick backed out at the last moment. The two were pretty close friends, and I think that caused some friction between the two.

        The second time was a success, as both of them were bi-sexual. It’s by far better than one, in the sense that there’s no prediction of what will happen. I was a little light headed at first, because there were so many moist and wet things licking my body at once.

        I’m just glad I masturbated a couple hours earlier. It helped with the longevity of the ordeal. Especially, when the two girls started doing each other.

        It’s kind of like being in a tornado. You’ll never know if you’ll survive. But you’ll remember it if you do.

        1. pigsonthewing Haha that’s funny, you need friction but not that kind of friction. If it’s like a tornado it’s not for me, it should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, a bit like food, you know when there’s too much pepper , i always say food should never be painful and i suppose that goes for sex as well. Some people i know got into all that swinger stuff and it nearly broke up their marriages. I wanted to go to a wife swap so i asked my sister if she’d come as my wife, she said it would be cheating

    1. Haha i’m sure the flip flop is cursed. From now on i’m researching this stuff. Make not of flip flop colours, red may be one to watch for.

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