Decapitated and Crucified Syrian Soldiers Displayed by the Islamic State in ar-Raqqa

Decapitated and Crucified Syrian Soldiers Displayed by the Islamic State in ar-Raqqa

I have here photos from The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, showing the decapitated and crucified members of the Syrian Army. Their blatant disregard for human life is more and more apparent as they even get children to pose with the dead bodies. And a female holds a severed head with children around her. These little ones are being conditioned to believe this “Jihad” is the behavior that is expected of them. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the woman is actually just a terrorist mercenary disguised as a Muslim female just to further perpetuate the idea that Muslims are all bloodthirsty monsters. After all, we know who the Islamic State really works for. A change in name doesn’t change a damn thing. The Khazar want to spread dissent and promote hatred of Islam to the West so that it will continue to get a steady supply of brainwashed Americans who believe they are doing the right thing. This is not about oil. This is about power. This is about control.

Islam is a definite threat to the West in certain regards, I am not denying that. Especially to Eastern Europe which has enough problems already with gypsies. But, we must not forget who is pushing this mass immigration. We must remember who is causing the conflicts in the Middle East that is causing people to flee their homelands. If you take away someone’s homeland, naturally they will try to recreate it elsewhere. If you want to kill a tree, you do not hack at the branches, you must attack the roots.

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    1. Creepy indeed. But it would be a hell of a lot creepier, if our friend, and loyal member, Syrian Boy, was one of them poor dudes! God, i hope our HomeBoy, is O.K. If you are reading this, @ SYRIAN-BOY and are ok, please send us a message, telling us so!

      1. Dre…I think about Syrian boy as well…if Assad goes down I hope it’s in glory by shooting off all his missiles into Israel for destroying Syria…. Gen Wesley Clark said he read memo saying the USA pro Zionist neo con lunatics were going to take out 7 countries in 5 years….Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, somolia and Iran….it’s amazing how a handful of lunatics in the USA govt can cause so much global havoc and death….I guess I should add the sponsored coup in Kiev as well….there is a reason why Putin established BRICS to counter the balance of power…BRICS has already signed up 80 other countries…by far America electing a community organizer was a huge mistake…

        1. Dead on man, and very well explained @ Mike. I love what Putin is doing, and for the Sheep, not to see this amuses me. Putin sees what The Israeli,s and America, with Canadian, & England,s blessings of course, are trying to do with Ukraine, by installing Jew Puppet Government, to suck the coin, and life out of that Country. Like they have done many times before, and are still trying to do with the Countries you listed above. Letting the Zio get any stronger by swindling other nations, of their wealth, and national resources by flooding their economies with high interest I.M.F. loans,( that no nation can ever pay back), does not sit well with Russia, and China.
          Obama, has stated many times lately that they will not get involved with this so-called Crisis militarily. Truth is, they are shitting their pants, because their military is stretched so thin with global shit disturbing, that they could not even afford the cost of fuel, and manpower to bring back MULTI-BILLIONS of dollars in military hardware from Iraq. This, state of the art equipment is now in the hands of I.S.I.S. What a disgrace. The world will one day soon realize that Russia, and China, do not fuck about, and that they will destroy the Global Zio War Machine, and yes Israel. The day of reckoning is fast approaching, ladies, and gentleman, so tie your touques on tight because the shit will hit the global fan, like we have NEVER experienced before.


    1. feng shui is good shit, if you sleep with your head pointing north you could have really bad nightmares. where as if you sleep east you could have prophetic dreams. some fen shui + thelema sex magick = lactation of the brain

  1. That fence eh? Makes you wonder what’s there? Some Isis HQ? What a mess tho. Its getting real bad. Reminds me of the BEHEMOTH song (Blow your trumpet Gabriel)

    Oh its blowing all right. Revelation sure makes the news entertaining

    1. Off topic but wanted to ask you how you feel about the first amendment not protecting shamans, if you’re american. It fucking pisses me off! motherfucking children can have adderal, ritalin, xanax, what ever, but how dare us use are sacraments, witch have been used for spiritual purposes for thousands of years. All the shit they give the children can kill you, but full grown adults aren’t allowed to use mescaline, shrooms, dmt, marijuana, theses substance as you know cant even kill you. Sorry had to rant a little bit its been far to long since ive got to take part in a ritual. all because of the phony war on drugs. they’re making money by taking away are rights fucking outrages me, and btw if you are like me and use kratom for meditation better stock up now, Big pharma is cracking down, im afraid it wont be legal much longer. I love how the sheeple make a big deal over a plant (also btw you cant die from kratom) anyways they make a big deal over harmless plants, but yet they don’t care at all that most children are being drugged? i guess ill keep eating my kratom while i can and useing amanitas for enlightenment, in tell of course they become illegal i swear one day if they find a way to profit on breathing they will make breathing illegal

        1. @shaman thanks a lot i reallllllly appreciate it, didnt know you wrote me or else i would of responded earlyer.not even sure your going to see this but if you do you can click on my username it leads to my facebook account, if you wanna talk. And yes its been a while since i took part in an inipi ceremony too.

          1. fuck ya id love to talk sometime, just now saw the post ill send you a message on facebook sometime, we can discuss shaman stuff haha, we need to spread the culture our culture alone would wake them up, they wouldn’t even need truth they just need to know themselves and the truth would be revealed for them public meditation is key, display that inner peace my friend, once again much love zen, glad to see more of my kind, were definitely minority lol, if people only knew the true benefits of spiritual psychoactive we would live in a much better world peace friend.

  2. It’s truly sad to see what this world has come too, people killing each other with absolutely no respect for one another’s life’s. I wanna live in rural Mongolia with a shit load of dogs! Away from all this shit, I’ll sit back and watch the world go to shambles.

  3. I don’t know, putting the abject misery, tragic violence and utter contempt for life aside, some of those head arrangements are quite artistic and considering the woeful state of our art world today they stand a good chance of winning an award, particularly the Turner prize, in fact I guarantee that they would win the Turner prize, you could shit in a bucket of KFC and sprinkle glitter all over it and it would win the Turner prize.

    1. If something is the begnining, it’s your generalization. MSM gave you a headshoot as it seems. The CIA & Cameron’s intelligence finally started to crack your logic & hearts.

      I wrote many times that war economy is what matters. They want this. They want you to think like that, act like that, generalize on muslims like that.

      So when the next fake war comes, you and the likes of you would be -Just like ISIS- a cheap fuel that burns, produces $$$ .

      You seriously believe a group of flip flops were able to defeat Iraq, Kurds, Iran, Bashar Al Assad, Nusra front, FSA, and above all : display heads like that in public ?

      But as angry as you get, the more blind you get. So a militia of flip flops makes you judge a population of Billion.

      Then, just like the soldiers of ISIS were brainwashed -by being shown the terrible images of iraq’s invasion and american crimes there-, you guys become the same.

      Killing machines that would use anything to justify blood spilling, even if they used something holly as religion, or something valuable like protecting your rights and family.

      And a fat zionist would laugh so hard, watching the “stupid believers of MSM” slaughter each other, and bring him more $$$ .

      Good for you

      1. And how are you so sure that MSM doesnt want YOU to believe everything will be alright instead? You think they are that stupid to let “non MSM believers” to get away unattended? Its a two edged knife here, a win-win situation for zionists. They will be allowing their “mercenaries” to take over the middle east for them, while knowing that you wont be doing shit against it.

        So what do you want us to do? Stay still and let them kill everyone that oposes them or their pathetic barbaric beliefs? The muslims that are not radical are not doing shit against it either, since they either support them or fear to be caught on their wrong side. That to me is more than enough reason to not trust them one bit.

        If they vow for death while threatning everyone else, they better start by the jews in israel, but of course, why kill something that pays them so well? Money is everyone’s real belief after all.

        1. There many Muslims who would use their energies to clean the land from filth, and use the cash in the middle east to invent, produce, cure, themselves and others.

          We don’t do shit Der Kopfsammler because Bashar Al-Assad -whom this website has been advocating for for years-, Saudi Arabia, and all the other fucking arab leaders are keeping us stacked like sheep without even a knife to defend ourselves.

          Do you know what the charge is for owning weapons in most middle eastern countries ? you might go to jail for life.

          Above all, these governments are corrupted. In egypt for example, poverty is above 50% ! now you have 40 million poor almost homeless egyptians ! can you imagine the number ?

          What would we do ? we are surrounded without weapons, from huge oppressing armies, and above all fucking militias that we don’t even know how they got the weapons or where from ; that’s why I certainly know these fellas are armed by somebody, with the acceptance of Arab regimes.

          The majority of Muslims live their lives to find money to eat, nothing more. Many don’t even have the luxury of education, our leaders prevented us from that right, just to take some dollars from the U.S.

          Why don’t america talk instead ? they only fuck with our land to get oil !

          the west didn’t move a figure to overthrow these leaders, and when they do they have other interests -gaddafi for example ! –

          And if we wanted to immigrate and fight from the outside, we are terrorists !

          So we really have two choices : get killed by government rifles, or get killed by ISIS knives, both kill us when we demand change.

      2. @Arabic.
        True my friend, this is why these “I.S” characters don’t mention mass murder of Muslims in Gaza.
        The MSM is hyping this bunch up with fear of imminent attacks on our mainland! Bollocks! This is a ruse to get us back into Syria and Iraq, garnering public support from fake beheading, bombings, kidnap. Fear is used by our own governments on us to make us go along with their wars. We need to see through the illusion that is. ” Terrorism ”

        The power of nightmares. By Adam Curtis. Dotsub. com

        1. I read the extremist religious forums of ISIS, they actually curse HAMAS and accuse them of being traitors & infidels. They tried so bad to make hamas look bad, thank god they won eventually.

          They didn’t congratulate them. Palestine is a holly land for the muslims, yet ISIS never mention it..they only mention “the big irani danger”.

          Soon enough, I won’t even be shocked if america and Britain sent agents to blow up in the west in the name of ISIS, then it would be a justified ethnic cleansing against all muslims ; not just this militia.

          Muslims are scared now, AL-Jazeera comment section is full of cursing towards isis, we can smell ethnic cleansing coming our way. That would be a huge war that would bring trillions of dollars to weapon producing countries, and of course open the way to turn iraq & syria into a big oil rig.

          it’s sad..just sad..

          They believed the WMD bullshit and turned out it’s a lie..

          america fetched saddam out of a hole in the desert but it can’t fetch abu bakr albaghdaddy and his flip flop militia.

          But the irony is, when people whom their governments produce weapons and above all atomic weapons, fear some masked men with flip flops..

          it’s just bobcat.

          1. @Arabic – you, my friend are what all Muslims should be. I may get flack for this, but I do understand the powerless feelings you have. I am american and while many believe our president is voted in by the “people” this is not true. It’s a very symbolic gesture by those in true power, the lying, greedy, elite, warmongering corrupt govt officials. What should we do as citizens? We have no power either. Only the aware people realize this and we are not enough to stop our govt. I guess we are mostly in the same boat, many people here on BG do not believe ISIS are acting alone.

    1. I love your generalization.

      Now all arab kids are like this one right ? this is what cameron taught you I believe.

      MSM taught us to judge on whole populations just by one image..believe it or not, retarded extremist muslims do the same too xD

      Don’t forget that the images of “southern american children” carrying M16s and shooting in ranges convinced some stupid muslims that “the crusades are arming their kids so we must arm our kids too”..

      Deer..the arab world is not like that.

      In saudi arabia, egypt, the gulf, north sudan, algeria, morroco, tunisia, owning a weapon is a crime that might get you a lifetime at jail

      I have never heard a gunshot in my life TBH. Don’t believe me ? get a visa and visit those places

      the only fucked up places are syria & iraq, and of course : israel.

        1. Okay. I’ll judge you too.

          Mmm I’ll open up T.V. Hey look news about Ukrain & Russia !

          OMG war.

          OMG westerners kill each other.
          See how generalization works ?

          Muslims didn’t kill each other, always was always will be.

          They only do it more often because natural recourses & $$$ are higher here and the land is full of it.

          So they become more tempted to invade & kill so they get more $$$ .

          1. Based on their religion, they murder in the name of a foney god. As have other idiotic followers of other religious dogma of course.
            Religion, Money, War, go together like bread and butter.

          2. mmm I don’t think so, that’s another generalization.

            Religion touches the emotions of people, that’s why it’s used as a medium to get more cash.

            But bring a religious person who has true faith ? Nah. I doubt it.

            I don’t care if you didn’t see true faithful people, because I saw them myself, and they weren’t ISIS.


          3. @Arabic.
            Have to agree, in 2000 there were only 7 countries without a Rothschild owned central bank.
            Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

            This is no coincidence.

            Today there is only Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

          4. But all of this is nothing new @bobcat. This bullshit has been going on forever.
            The countries change , the strategy remains the same.

            Let’s all procure bitcoins !

          1. Millions ?

            Do you think ISIS are millions ? they don’t even exceed 50,000 and that’s by generous measures.

            The kurdish army -which is not even a country- has more soldiers than them !

            Islam doesn’t advocate killing and that’s it, I’m tired of explaining, people take self defense war verses from the quran and say islam is violent, believe whoever you want that’s up to you.

            yes self defense. First rule of engagement in quranic jihad is to put down your gun when the opposing side puts it down.

            The second quranic rule in Jihad is to never kill prisoners -either exchange them or free them for free to purify yourself from sins-.

            ISIS twisted it all, and even the extremists say isis is extreme and insane!

            Islam is israel’s first enemy in the region, because it gives people a culture and a dignity..

            so no wonder it’s under the scope all the time, trying to take every verse and twist it so it matches the propaganda.

            While everybody ignores what moses did in the bible to the Palestinians.

            But a verse in islam calling muslims to go to arms and be tough, to defend themselves, turns the whole religion into a death cult..

            what a world we live in..

            We invented alcohol..we brought windmills to europe..we opened univerisities in spain in the dark ages to teach people peace and manners.

            and those whom we taught, kicked the jews they didn’t want from their land and installed them in our land.

            payed millions and billions in propaganda to let the jewish colony win over muslims..

            and now muslims are the boogy man..

            what a world we live in.

      1. Im not generalizing anyone or any country. just the fact that kids over here never seen a weapon and over there they do. also no crucifications here ever. over in arab there are plenty of them (now i aint saying every arab or you is involved. just the fact that it does happen)

        1. Yes..there is a better standard of living in europe

          but crucifixion is nowhere in the arab world but in syria -practiced by isis alone-.

          Weapons are prohibited allover the middle east, that’s why we are slaughtered like sheep.

  4. You ever notice that all these leaders screaming about other terrorist groups have the most body guards to protect them from all their own deadly deeds….does it really matter how a person gets killed…it’s not like a drone bomb doesn’t decapitate people as well….

  5. Awesome pictures!.. this shits amazing… the lack of care for your fellow man over there is simply interesting!..I often hear that line I wouldn’t piss on fire to put you out when I see these kinds of posts… thank you for all these great posts obli! You’re awesome!

  6. Once a person came to the first rightly guided caliph Abu Bakr (RA) with a severed head of an enemy. Abu Bakr immediately ascended the pulpit and said “We are not in need of this conduct, this is from the ways of the Non-Muslims and Non-Arabs”.
    So there we go, these people do not know about Islam. They do not even have the support of proper scholars of Islam. Throughout history, several groups similar to ISIS rose to cause chaos on the planet, and they NEVER got the support of the scholars of Islam.

    And always remember: ISIS poses more of a threat to Muslims than to non-Muslims. They are Khawaarij.

    1. ISIS stands for ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Syndicate’. The Talmudic Noahide laws dictate decapitation as punishment for Gentiles that violate these hardly mentioned laws. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the well-poisoning Jews either directly imbedded the idea, or indirectly influenced Muslims to chop off heads in retaliation for executions onto them by Jews and their cohorts. Worshiping Allah, Jesus, or any other false idol is means for execution by decapitation under Jewish Noahide law.

  7. Where in the coran and Islam can you find a single word to allowed you to do this to humans to Allah creature ???!!! Islam is peace Islam is tolerance why didn’t the prophet kill all the Christians and Jews and other religions ??? Do we know better than the prophet??? Are we prophets ???

  8. So medieval..

    The western intelligence agencies are playing it nice, playing it well.

    ISIS was used as an attraction point to all sick & twisted people, from allover the muslim world, just like the west we Muslims also have serial killers, criminals & freaks. They were all gathered under the black flags -just like afghanistan- ; it’s afghanistan allover again, but more brutal this time !

    I have a deep question to the CIA, Cameron who sold his country to Saudi Arabia, and to the west..seriously, now seriously, you didn’t know how extremist isis was ?

    seriously ? you just knew recently ?? now LOL..big time.

    Didn’t the whole world tell you, that the invasion of iraq would open the gates to proxy wars ? the two butt cheeks -america & britian- waged that war based on a lie -WMD which was never found-, I wonder why people believe them now ?

    ISIS is brutal..but it didn’t come out of the blue. ISIS kills everything that moves, except Israel. ISIS shoots Syrian & iraqi Muslims only, they never shoot israelies !
    Why didn’t ISIS invade baghdad ? or Jordan ?

    Fool me once, shame on you..fool me twice ; I’m a retard.

    Believe those vampires again, who lied to you about WMDs and sent your children to die in Iraq, and you’re nothing but retards..

    Believe their propaganda against Islam, and you just gave israel the green card to nuke its neighbors ; and then NUKE YOU WESTERNERS.

    Islam is not the & oil are. War economy is the problem which is based on these two factors..

    Saudi Arabia for instance is a Wahhabi extremist Islamic country, yet it’s the biggest ally to the USA & Britain in the region.

    Don’t believe this is Islam..
    These are sick twisted fucks..
    Moved like puppets by foreign & local intelligence agencies.

    That’s why they never reached Baghdad
    That’s why they’re only active in remote places

    and that’s why they’re invincible, only when america doesn’t fight them..


  9. I have some news, some of you may remember me saying my wife was pregnant and the baby would have to come out early, well today was the day. Sorry I couldn’t video the caesarean (they wouldn’t allow it) but anyway we have a healthy baby girl and both wife and little Mia are doing well.

  10. People here are fooling themselves if they do not think ISIS is made up of Islamist militants who want nothing more than to instill Sharia Law across the planet. Are you saying that ISIS are actually Jews posing as members of Islam? I’m glad this site says not to believe everything you read here, cause that is blatantly ridiculous and based on absolutely ZERO evidence. Wake up, or one day you will find yourself being forced to accept Islam or have your head impaled on a fence as well.

    1. Let’s say ISIS is real….who they say they are. It’s a militant group of only about 17,000. They may be well funded. But, they have no country to speak of. They have no air or sea power. If the U.S. and its allies really wanted to, they could send a couple of battalions into that region and all but destroy ISIS. Turkey has a strong army. If they wanted to, they could send their forces across the border into Syria and wipe out at least two thirds of the Islamic State. If they really wanted to…

  11. Can anyone begin to guess where all the women are in this sand-dune from hell? Are the women folk home baking rock cookies and mud-pies (literally–what other ingredients exist?!) while their men folk are out chopping heads and displaying them like King Joeffery?! Nothing like waiting for Mr. Bat-Shit Head-Chopper to come home ready to bend you over with his fingers smelling of dried brain and fecal matter! Panty-wetter for sure!

  12. I really want that decoration in my room and fence several severed head here and over there some of those little head shrinked in the studio,that would be really nice and relaxing 😆 I hope Syrian boy is ok

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