Decomposing Corpse of Woman Found in Bush in Manaus, Brazil

Decomposing Corpse of Woman Found in Bush in Manaus, Brazil

The corpse of a woman in a state of decomposition was found in the bush of Antônio Aleixo Colony, in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. The body was found early on Thursday December 15, 2016, when residents entered the jungles to harvest fruit.

The police responding to the alert that there was a corpse found that the woman was completely naked, and by the decomposed state of the body, had been in that place for some time.

Because the body has decomposed so much, the locals were not able to recognize the victim, nor was there any information about a disappearance of a woman in the neighborhood, raising the suspicion that the victim may have been taken from another neighborhood to that place.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Decomposing Corpse of Woman Found in Bush in Manaus, Brazil”

  1. Based on the position of the corpse, I think we can safely assume why she was dragged out to the middle of the jungle.

    She must have been a gorgeous woman when alive…… leave such a graceful looking corpse; it could have been molded by the hand of Michelangelo himself. The position of the arms; the head lowered in that submissive pose, as if in her last moments, she were clamoring for God to forgive her for her sins.

    1. Clamoring for god, well, I know that if I were in my last moments I wouldn’t be that interested in asking forgiveness for an imaginary being. We’ve seen people on BG asking for god’s help, and yet he didn’t come to the rescue, while there are many shitty people roaming around the earth, although we might say that jews are some motherfuckers who have benefited from god’s will, after all, they imagined it, or rather hijacked the concept and improved upon it, to serve their purposes.

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  3. The more I see vids and pics like this the more I start to realize there is no way possible the Rain Forest is disappearing … These people are found in the middle of nowhere, yet somehow an acre disappears every second? Fuck Liberals …

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