Decomposing Body with No Eyes, Bound Hands and Feet

Decomposing Body with No Eyes, Bound Hands and Feet

The body of a man in a state of decomposition, without eyes, with hands and feet tied together, was found by farmers on Saturday March 3, 2012 at around 11 am in the village of Canabrava, municipality of Araioses, state of Maranhão, Brazil.

The identity of the killer as well as his motive are unknown. No info was provided as to whether the victim’s eyes were removed by the attacker or whether they were eaten by maggots or other wildlife post mortem.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      (Tiger, got your message from the other day…I WILL be taking the time to go ALLLLLL the way back and see absoutly EVERYTHING that I have missed, from the visuals (again Mark, thank you for ALL your fucking incredable work) to, in my opinion,most incredable portion of Best Gore, the COMMENTS.

      (but for now, I’m still hacking onto my ex’s computer to get a comment in edge-wise here and there like what I’m up to right now….)

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    1. Man I really Wish the Mouse would shut his bloody Trap.

      We all die, but its what we accomplish with life that we shall be remembered. Not a a mouse in a hole but as an adventurer discovering new sciences or fighting noble wars. of course today there are few noble wars.

      1. you my friend are hopelessly wrong. what we accomplish here amounts to shit in the end. saint and sinner go to the same place. no heaven, no hell, just the grave and we are soon forgotten. what kind of fame do you want? 99% of people just fade into obscurity. we are dust in the wind. you do not like my post because it speaks truth and you are scared of death but too pussy to admit it. do you deny that this is how we wind up? the mighty and powerful and the weak and inferior. in the end it is the same. death is the great equalizer.

  3. Okay,Im gonna try this one more time. I think I speak for all the goraholics when I say it’s great to see ya back Mark! I guess that Da Silva guy is really one dead dumb and blind motherfucker.

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        1. You see, You have a smartphone. From what I read before, You’re past 40. In backass Europe country I live, older guys rarely have standard computers and when they have, they don’t bitch about their life on mutilated corpse site. No offence mouse, but Your attention whorism got my attention. Happy?
          If You really want to shine, why don’t post here a teeth pulling video or something.

          1. i have 2 standard hp windows pc + a smartphone which i use sometimes because it is quick and covenient so i don’t know wtf you’re talking about. i’m 48 and not complaining about my life. i have posted some personal info just to let members of the bg community know me better as i post here often. i’m not attention whoring but do think my posts provide food for thought and make people think about how the gore victims came to be in their fucked up situations in order to avoid becoming involved in a similar situation themselves. do not attack the mouse as i am only imparting wisdom and i will bite you hard if you fuck with me. i was in Germany from 1983 to 1986. what backwards ass country are you in now? + you know i’m trying to write more bullshit than rotten stench. who the fuck knows where he is these recent days.

          2. I’m here, and have not been all to happy about being forced to deal with a bunk computer.

            As for people who only look at OTHERS being murder victoms and car crush fodder, it is such a shallow way to think, as I’m sure those mangled shit-rivits that we take SO much pleasure in commenting on, thought the same thing.

            Shit like that ONLY happens to others and will NEVER happen to ME.

            As for You talking more words than Me, I’d say we’re on common ground with that one.

            As far as if people actuall READ what we write, well, it seems, for some reason that they do.

            Sucks to be them (j.k.)

    1. yes, he has posted some things recently about his shitty computer is fucked up and in the shop and having to steal his old ladies machine to post comments. the cheap bastard should just buy a new pc even if just to stimulate the economy. in the mean time i will keep the best gorians entertained with my pearls of wisdom.

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  5. RIP to a friend who came back from Worcester UK very pissed off after being kicked to smithers by 10 or so travellers. Anyway, this is 100% true. He was also from the travelling community. He decided it would be a good idea to go back to meet up with them for another fight as you know what they are like. He was set upon last night by the same bunch in an apparrent brutal attack. They actually kicked him to death. So this ones for you pal. (Isaac RIP 2012)

      1. Sounds like Isaac didn’t enjoy his last hour or so here, hope the hours before that wern’t as bad. But now Isaac isn’t bound to the contrdiction that is, simply, being human.
        I. Envy. Isaac, whoeverthefuckhe was.

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