Decomposing Remains of Woman Who Was Raped and Burned Alive

Decomposing Remains of Woman Who Was Raped and Burned Alive

Decomposing corpse of a woman was found in early morning hours of November 22, 2012 in Fazenda Lamarรฃo, municipality of Pilar in Greater Maceiรณ, Brazil. Accprding to preliminary examination by the police, the woman – still unidentified – was sexually assaulted and then burned alive. The police received an anonymous tip about the corpse.

The woman had a tattoo of a butterfly on her buttocks – hmmmmm. The police also found a Nokia cell phone, a pink purse and a bracelet – all burnt in the ashes around the woman.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Decomposing Remains of Woman Who Was Raped and Burned Alive”

  1. Looks to me like the perpetrator of this disgusting act stuck around to watch until the end then rearranged the corpse into the starfish position, just doesn’t seem to be a position you’d be in after burning to death…

  2. It wasn’t horrible enough to rape her, set her on fire while she was still alive too!? Whoever did this should be taken out and…ah, wait, I forgot… its Brazil. He’ll get what he deserves. Eventually. I think they took the photo of her back because of the butterfly tattoo, maybe someone will recognize it and be able to identify her. R.I.P. poor woman.

  3. I just want to know. How do the police tell if the girl was raped. Do they just say: “Ow that pussy is way to fucked up, she was totally raped.” Do they push some kinda pole and if it goes far enough they count it rape…
    Mark, Do you know how it works? If anyone will know it you mark.

    1. It’s called testing they take swabs in the vagina to see if any other DNA like cum and how longs it been there for and test the chick for how long she’s been dead for and but also she was tied and in a sex position any guy will kill a chick for sex some guys are just like that or maybe a chick but a chick would never do that they don’t have a doodle :/

  4. People who do things like that, don’t do it once, if he had killed her and burned the body to try and get rid of any DNA evidence is one thing, but burning her alive shows a whole new motivation. I’m sure we will be hearing from this sick bastard again.

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