Deli Clerk in Bronx Shot Dead After Refusing to Sell Loose Cigarettes

Deli Clerk in Bronx Shot Dead After Refusing to Sell Loose Cigarettes

Deli Clerk in Bronx Shot Dead After Refusing to Sell Loose Cigarettes

20 year old Mohammed Qutaish was killed Tuesday February 18, 2020 at a deli located at 3700 White Plains Road in Bronx, New York after allegedly refusing to sell loose cigarettes.

The backstory claims that 25 year old Raquel Kelly came in the deli wanting to buy loose cigarettes, but Mohammed Qutaish told her the store didn’t sell singles. Having felt her female privilege was being challenged, Raquel Kelly whined to her white knighting brother Adrien Topping and returned to the deli armed with the cuck.

As Kelly and Topping asserted Kelly’s female privilege over Qutaish, the bitch took a swing at the clerk. He responded by picking up a broomstick and using it to fend her off. Topping then pulled a gun and fired several shots at Qutaish, killing him.

Topping and Kelly were later arrested. The former was charged with murder, the latter got an obligatory pussy pass, but got booked on an unrelated drug offense.

Don’t worry sheeple, Dear Leader Trump has the plan to bring a whole lot more of such fine specimen to America, because that’s what pleases his dual citizen overlords.

Props to Best Gore member @mxnscumbag for the uncensored surveillance video of the murder:

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232 thoughts on “Deli Clerk in Bronx Shot Dead After Refusing to Sell Loose Cigarettes”

    1. Lol yeah only differance is one is real and one is fake that movie menace to socitey was fake but there is actually gang movies out there being sold on street corners if you wanna see the real stuff your gonna have to take a risk and walk the most dangerouse streets I had my friends boyfriend pick me up two dvds ounce there not bad but not gory eaither cause there quick with there shots lol

  1. Dumb bitch ticked off every stupid thing she could possibly have done off the list.

    Asking for loose cigarettes. Check.

    Bitching and whining for being refused. Check.

    Coming back with her even dumber brother to bitch and whine about it some more. Check.

    Going ape shit at the end. Check.

    Seriously, who the fuck walks into a shop and asks for loose cigarettes? Some people are downright fuckin’ shameless lol.

    1. “Seriously, who the fuck walks into a shop and asks for loose cigarettes?”

      Niggers with loose brain cells.

      Probably wanted some malt liquor and chicken wings as well but couldn’t get past his first ‘thought’ of the day.

      Now he beez all jailed and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit over da tobacco. Fo realz.

      1. Sounds about right. When I was a teen working in a fast food takeout we’d get the occasional idiot making a scene over something stupid but not to this level. Thank fuck the nigger numbers are lower where I live.

        1. This shit is right! That’s exactly what I was thinking..

          At least steal ONE fucking pack of smokes. Jesus…. Sista’s mug already plastered on the camera from the prior idiotic visit..

          ….didn’t even get a single smoke outta all that! Niggas are so far dumb… We should call them “Under 70” instead of niggaz.

          1. I dunno. Some people in there did some fucked up shit for smokes though. From sucking cock to trading a $50 jacket for one cigarette, you name it. But they banned smoking in Australian prisons some time ago.

        1. I live in Philly, so I’m very well acquainted with the city. Of course you can buy single cigarettes on the street from whoever, but you don’t buy them in a convenience store. Not in a legit one, anyway.

          1. I buy laughing gas canisters from a petrol/gas station. I always thought you couldn’t get any more legit than an Indian gas station clerk.

          2. That would explain a lot. Anyone shameless enough to buy loose cigarettes anywhere has questionable brain functionality. I can see him acting the exact way the idiots in the video above did.

          3. @hopingfornemesis
            Yeah people still use them. One puff and you are instantly as euphoric as a teen losing their virginity… that was an understatement, it’s actually alot more than that. But I’ve built an insanely high tolerance to them now. You know you hit the wall when laughing gas doesn’t even make you laugh anymore. Now it’s more like they just amplify whatever emotion I’m feeling at the time when I’m doing them. I stopped taking them for about 2 weeks now, hoping that my tolerance to them will go down. I might buy another big box of them soon.

            And yeah, you do them out of a whipped cream dispenser. It’s what whips the cream before you squirt it onto cakes.

          4. @janiel
            Oh I’m already that chick. Add a touch of psycho to her and that’s me. Let’s just say you wouldn’t wanna get high with me unless you want teeth marks on your face.

    2. @Jack,
      Your cynical comment made me literally LOL. Yeah that chick was as thick as fick. I don’t smoke, but even I know that you can’t buy lose cigarettes, just like some cans of beer are sold in a six pack and you can’t just wrench one off.

      But maybe she was too poor to afford, like, a whole pack? These people are on minimal wages, or single mums trying to make ends meet. So if a pack has 10 cigarettes costing $5, she will pay 50c for 1 cigarette, expect the shopkeeper to keep the pack open for her, and after 10 days, she will have slowly bought the entire pack. And the company will not have breached any obligations. Ghetto logic, my boy.

  2. It is pretty annoying they don’t sell single cigs anymore I have to say. It also annoys THE FUCK out of me that I’m charged 29$AU for the cheapest pack of no-name 20’s, yet in any part of Asia the same 20 cigs cost 1.50$……….
    If I could open a shop in a big city and sell single cigs, I’d become a millionaire I reckon because no one can afford to buy a pack here anymore!!

    1. I just buy tobacco pouches. They’re cheaper and last a lot longer. Nothing like some good old White Ox. 50 grams of that stuff lasts me anywhere from one to two weeks depending on how much I smoke.

        1. Around 10 years ago, 50 grams of White Ox used to cost about $30. Now I pay over $100 for it with the papers and filters. It’s painfully obvious the Australian government is slowing trying to outlaw smoking. I remember one time they tried to ban smoking on the streets lol.

          1. I used to smoke Virginia Slims when I worked overnight shift at a gas station. Got used to socially smoking in the trash room with my coworkers during break. They were like $8 a box, and then PA got taxed with tobacco, so they ended up being around $11. That was enough to make me quit.

          2. @jack-doe, I only smoked cigarettes for like five months total because it was something to do on my breaks. Now, I can’t stand the taste or smell. I do enjoy cigars from time to time.

  3. Typical Nigger/Spic behavior .. And you wonder why Trump
    Wants to build a wall ? …
    Yes, cigs are dear, but so are: rent, booze, fuel, clothes, glocks, hair braids, pot, ecstacy, crack …
    See my point, Nigger ? ….

    1. Trumpstein can launch attacks on other countries, yet he can’t build a wall on his own border? What’s the point of a wall anyway when the U.S Government just flies the fuckers in on planes. Those 2,000 spics that came to Australia in 2017, were flown in – by U.S planes…

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    1. These vagabond nigs
      Are beginning to stray
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      I want to wake up in a city
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      Cops are all pissed
      Klinton le Bill
      Gay number one

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        2. When I was seventeen
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      1. If it’s those same slobs that hang around at the red light off the Walt Whitman bridge going onto 95 and they ask me for money I tear the classified section with help wanted ads out of the paper and pass it to them through my window which is two inches down

          1. There’s tons of bars and places with live music I don’t know if you drink or smoke or what …What we should do is go hang out at a place called the Pleasure Garden Nightclub (I’ve never been there I just know about it) and watch the horny swingers all bang each other at the bar lol the website tells how crazy it gets

          2. I’m down. I don’t drink because I have Chrons and alcohol hits my stomach like lead. I smoke cigars though. Didn’t peg you for being a voyeur. I’m one as well.

          3. I’m a 53 year old guy and I’ve enjoyed voyeurism since I was 15 or so…a friend told me about this place and I immediately checked their website out …I thought to myself, THIS would be an interesting hang out place. I puffed on cigars in high school but turned to cigarettes for years. Stopped a few years ago although can still have one now and then to unwind luckily I don’t get hooked again. Sorry about your Crohn’s that fucking blows , girl

          4. LMFAO @janiel Now I feel so sorry for you not even knowing you,’s bad enough to live in Filthydelphia but you have Crohn’s and other health issues…I wouldn’t wish any of that on my worst enemy. Ok, MAYBE my worst enemy. You sound like such a nice person you certainly don’t deserve these adversities my friend

          5. Janiel ,if you have been here long enough you will know I have an insatiable curiosity and a generally sincere nature.

            So Janiel , I know you have said you are bi, but how do you survive intercourse with a man with all your medical issues?
            I Hazzard that sex with a man is much more physically demanding than with a woman. Do you need to take extra-cortisoids or pain-killers or something?


          6. @hopingfornemesis, having sexual intercourse with women takes a lot more work and uses up more of your time, which is annoying, cause they want to cuddle and talk afterwards and then go at it again for another 45 minutes.

            I’m not all that fond of male parts, but I’d rather them put it in, unload, then pull out and leave.

            Sex can be painful for me, but I deal with it. Pain, in small doses, can be fun.

          7. Haha. Slip it in ,unload ,pull it out ,roll over and snore or walk out the door… I don’t need you anymore ! Gloria Gaynor ..anyone?

            Well in some men’s eyes that makes you an ideal fuckbuddy.

            Well that is why either God or The Devil has a sense of humour,why give a woman the ability to cum over and over again when she doesn’t need that ability to conceive ? Especially when men as a rule aren’t made to do so .

          8. @illegalsmile55, I have one lung that functions correctly. And I’m in such bad shape at this age because I wasn’t vaccinated when I was young and was seen by doctors who didn’t believe in modern medicine. First actual doctor I saw was when I was 14.

          9. I had the best vaccination ever for whooping cough, rubella and chicken pox…..I caught all three! And I still have two functioning lungs! I guess that was back in the day when government, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, water companies and elites hadn’t started their poisoning programme yet. I only ever remember having 2 actual vaccines: smallpox and polio. Never had any others; it was safer to catch the disease back then than it is to have the vaccine now. @janiel

          10. @robc, I’m guessing it’s a mix of bad genetics and my health issues being swept under the rug. I caught a form of scarlet fever when I was an infant. There’s a lovely photo in my album of my tiny chink face covered in spots.

          11. @janiel
            do you mean “Crohn’s” disease?
            Im one to talk, i regularly mis-spell the name of my long term illness too!

            yeah, for me it was polio, smallpox, and then the big nasty TB jab at twelve

          12. @karmen40, you should see how I spell when I’m not typing. I never use apostrophes or capitalize. And I very recently got diagnosed with it. I just type Chrons cause Chron’s is very displeasing for my eye. That apostrophe doesn’t need to be there.

            @robc, I believe the majority of the issues I have now (kidney and lung complications) are from medications I’ve been on. I won’t lie, I’m on a lot of medication and they’re known to give nasty side-effects. One of my medications I was on was badly affecting my kidneys, so I was taken off of it and it improved greatly. I think all this nonsense is interrelated.

          13. I’m gonna go on a mini-rant and be a baby boomer for a second. This is why I hate automatic spellcheck. I still can’t figure out if it’s “receive” or “recieve.”

          14. I remember the TB at school. I went in to have the initial ‘scratch’ and when I went back to class I was complaining my arm was starting to hurt. Everyone else felt nothing so they thought I was making it up. Over the next couple of days my lower arm was a mess but eventually cleared up. Seems I already had an immunity to it and didn’t need the vaccine. Everyone else in the class had no reaction and they all ended up getting the horror-jab! @karmen40

          15. I want to play too! I had Scarlet Fever in the 6th grade over Christmas vacation. Horrible. I caught the chicken pox when I was 35. Fun stuff, I had a lot of the lesions internally, yes, internally…i.e. in my mouth and vagina. I’m hoping for shingles next. 😛
            @karmen40 hey buddy, long time no see…or it seems like it anyway. *waves furiously*

          16. hello @janiel
            No, im not a big fan of apostrophes either, and am by no means a grammar expert!
            But as it goes is was the mis-spelling that i was refering to. “Chrons” not “Crohns”.
            But like i implied, its no big deal.
            Especially here at BG!

          17. @robc
            Thaaaats right mate! the ole stapler type devise that left six little punctures in your arm. If it reacted like yours did, no jab was need. If it didnt react [like myself] then you got the big TB jab that left a permanent blister type scar to this very day.
            I saw a few kids get bad infections after the jab

          18. @illegalsmile55
            *waves furiously back*
            Yeah, ive been only sticking my head round the BG door now and again just lately… keeping my nose in, if you like
            You know though, that i have you pinned at all times x 😉

            looking forward to a couple of answers tbh. but instead, im reminded of a much-posted genesis song!

  5. What Qutaish hadn’t anticipated when he picked up the broom sick that the chimps Kelly and Topping won’t be returning with the mop to assist him in cleaning up the deli where he worked ,but would help him make it to the 72 virgins merely by making him eat live bullets ..all in the name of some loose fags .

    They came buying loose stuff and look what they did when they ended up loosening up Qutaish’s soul , so that the deli can be freed of workers who insist on selling only the cartons or a pack .
    With this episode we now have a lesson to learn which says …….. not to meddle around with the chimps cause when they are out and about & shopping away from their caged enclosures of a zoo , they can be unpredictable and dangerous.
    Forget nuts , bananas and loose cigarettes even a dollar bill on you can get someone killed when they go apeishly shitty on that someone .

  6. Ha ! he could have well sold it out to them and still be saved but what Qutaish wanted was, to reach out to the other side in a haste ; where a moron like him is promised 72 voluptuous virgins to live out their sexual fantasies in the throes of passion.

    Someone else in his place would have offered the entire deli for the life of theirs for that something we call ‘life’ that one word we all endear and cling on to so much.

      1. Sensible people mostly keep away from scenes like these when they notice something odd something not being right cause they know if they stayed longer than necessary they may get entangled in to something they won’t be able to comprehend .It’s in all of us as we all come hard wired to sense it intuitively through our sixth sense but at most times people just like to hang around either to outdo the unknown or pose themselves to be invincibles .
        There were enough telling signs which weren’t well heeded by him and the end result was horrific ………I still think keeping someone’s cool matters a lot . There was no need to aggravate the situation further when he resorted to being a lion in his own den . Saying just a simple word such as ,sorry could have saved his day his precious life moreover he should have known to keep his bravado to himself as the BRONX is a hot bed of unrest a place conducive to even day light crimes silly skirmishes and what not where lives don’t matter but an urge for
        some lose fag for some turdheads does.

  7. When did they stop selling Lucy’s ? I don’t smoke anymore tobacco but when I did I would buy Lucy’s for 25 cents a piece lol. For when you want a Newport instead of a Marlboro shit like that. Any who. should of hooked the dude up but it’s to late for that now

        1. It has nothing to do with racism. There’s a reason so many of them are in prison. They steal, sell and use drugs and ruin everything they touch. They’re subhuman! They can’t behave. Look at them in public. No one taught me any of this. I learned they’re the scum of the earth on my own!

        2. @1seeker did you watch the fucken video above?
          Thats why people are racist. How the fuck do
          you shoot someone over a loose cigarette?!
          Look at the niggers here is South Africa popping
          other niggers eyes out because they are from
          another country.
          Niggers are racist too, look at the South African government,
          they call racism towards whites “black empowerment”
          Fuck you
          Fuck niggers

          1. hahahahaha I’m not Black. Just trying to understand people’s mindset. I assume if someone has negative views of a particular community, it has to be due to some bad experience they have with them.

            There are people who have killed others for less, btw.

          2. @1seeker yeah probably the fact that all niggers here in Africa are racist and want to kill the whites is my experience. So yeah I’m racist because they are.

            And I have been on BG for a number of years so I know people will kill for less.
            Sad really how some people have no sympathy for a life.

          1. Who you talking to? And I just checked the word “nigger” is mentioned 50 times in the comments haha

      1. Good point – HOly

        This 1seeker needs to go on Dr Pheel, and bawl about the ‘hard luck’
        of these black filth!
        Why can’t they understand that niggers are hated by whites (and
        alot more) because their behavior is worse than any African animal

        I’d rather live with a hippo than with a nigger (you’d be safer
        and the smell better because they wash – and they look after
        their young, unlike Mr & Mrs Jacked up on Crack Nigger

        Just watch these crime vids and see WHO does the worst of it !
        Always the fucking tar-baby golliwog
        Filthy black cunts

  8. Unfortunately this hard working man, who offered a service to his community was unable to carry a firearm for personal defense. This is because the Democratic politicians who run New York do not think anyone should have firearms.
    This creates the situation in this video where the shooter knows damn well that these politicians have conveniently disarmed all law abiding citizens as far as personal defense is concerned.

    When I see di Blasio and Cuomo on the telly offering hugs and thoughts and the usual bullshit which we all know is just a photo-op to make it look like they care,it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because those cunts and their lilly livered cohorts are the ones who created the situation of disarming the law abiding and making it easier for the criminal.

  9. For sure I lack perception and maybe am privileged? But wtf possesses people to be corner store/gas station clerks? What a shitty paradigm to be stuck in. Where I live they get shot/harassed all the fricken time.

  10. he tried to treat her like a dog swinging that broomstick. he was outtie of character, why because she was black?? He seemed like an old broken man ready for an opportunity. I mean, Lord Be With all families tho.

    1. They were pressing the shit out of him, who knows what they were saying? Why would she come back with her brother if they weren’t going to get violent? You think they were innocent here? Like they weren’t doing anything wrong she/one of them was trying to fight him inside the booth too lol cmon now

        1. I mean i live here.. I would of tried to keep it hermano y hermano because swining a broom is OD but maybe he still would suffered a painful debilitating beatdown as they made their way to behind the desk. Paralyzed.. Idk. I feel for him but dudes and people generally wild out and this seemed to be. If he is from here ANYTHING can POP off going at it like that! Not some 80’s film folk. Es a loss, i believe he would send money to his country. Lord Be With Them. & her hair is RED!! Like really. We will never know if just a brawl or dispute may have been an alternative but our culture specifically here.. It can get specific and touchy.. Who dat, why diz, who dere.

  11. Only niggers would even THINK about asking if a store sells loose cigarettes. Remember when New York cops allegedly “choked” a nigger who was actually talking? He was selling loose cigarettes.

  12. This is Alexandria Ortega Cortez’s neighborhood.. I can picture her smiling googley eyed face going around the country blabbering about socialism when people (who probably didn’t even vote for her) get murdered in her district.. Fuckin loser..

  13. nigger – ” gotza loosey n sheeeeit dawg ? ”
    storeman – ” please repeat your request kind sir ”
    nigger – ” you herez mee i wann a loosey now gibz me dat ”
    storeman – ” please my good man if you could just maybe paraphrase your gracious request sir ”
    nigger – ” i will killz you dawg mee wantz dat loosey motherfu…. POW POW POW POW ”
    negress – ” he bee leekin he bee leekin ”
    random outside nigger with phone – ” wooooorld staaaar, wooooorld staaaar “

  14. Ah yes, more loveliness from my glorious hometown, NYC a.k.a. Shitholistan.

    That area of the bronx is (surprise surprise) complete and total shit. But even besides making the obvious musings about the sub-human customers, to this day I cannot understand why anyone would open a business such as a bodega, deli, etc in such a shithole with such sub-human beasts running rampant. You WILL get robbed, and far from just once, it will happen over and over throughout a year’s time even. And eventually it WILL escalate into something more. There is no bullshit “maybe” about it – it WILL happen.

    I want to feel bad for these store owners, and I guess I do, they are working after all. But I cannot believe they do not know these things about opening a small, open business like that in NYC/Shitholistan. And this guy, a broom handle? This is a city (of many) where scum run free with guns and good people are not allowed to defend themselves. But again, the business – why, WHY do these people open businesses here.

    1. Your right and this wasn’t unexpected to happen and I dont understand the amount of delusional balls it would take for me to open up anything in these areas and I dont really see the riches that come with testing fate in the fucking hood !

  15. This has nothing to due with Trump you fucking simp idiot. I realized a long time ago that obviously your small dick wasn’t good enough for your wife at the time so she left you for the people you cold call Tyrone and whatever else. So because of your simp impotence that you have you pussy you want to take that out and everyone else. the fact of the matter is this has nothing to do with Trump if anything this has to do with Mike Bloomberg this has to do with the mayor of New York with his stupid new criminal ruling. Take your simpleton small man syndrome and suck start a shotgun with your ass I’m getting sick and tired of you of putting your impotence on all of us was knowledgeable and inferior people to make us think that you actually know something. you’re just a wink weak simpleton like the rest of everyone else but don’t want to show it because you run a site and you think you’re important . Trump 2020

  16. why kill him ? How in the fuck does that make sense ? Fucking stupid if your Gona kill him might as well take the video also moron . Makes about as much sense in shooting your self to scare the other person . Just like those idiots who rob convince and or liquor stores . Then they kill the clerk to get rid of witnesses but leave the fucking video . That’s just brilliant I guess the real surprising thing is how they haven’t killed each other’s race to extinction .

  17. For all you crackers living in crackverville, middle of nowhere:

    Most of the Arabs working the delis in Manhattan are Yemenites

    So imagine being from a warzone, escpaing alqueda and us drones alike, and coming back to a bodega in ‘the #1 city in the world!’ and being shot dead by two knee grows

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