Denver, Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Denver, Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Uncontrolled gun ownership – not only does it make people go on a killing spree just cause they can’t get over themselves, it also dumbs them down enough not to recognize worthy targets when they present themselves in plain sight. A gunman opened fire at movie theater goers in Denver, Colorado and shot dead at least 14 people, but let a retarded Iphone owner pass.

To reiterate… from what is known so far – cause this is still very hot – in early morning hours of Friday July 20, 2012 a gunman wearing a riot type mask and a bulletproof vest kicked in the emergency exit door in theater 9 at the Denver’s Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center, stepped in front of the screen and opened fire at people. He also threw a smoke bomb canister into the crowd. At least 14 people were confirmed dead and 50 injured, though the figures may still change. People gathered at the theatre to watch the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

The police arrested the shooter in the theater’s parking lot and recovered his weapon(s). Info is still emerging. Photos and hopefully decent videos of the massacre, not filmed by a retard with an Iphone will flood the interweb soon. The parents of Bruce Wayne as well as Jessica Ghwai aka Jessica Redfield were reported to have been shot dead leaving the movie theater. I’m off to sleep through it. But… Heath Ledger’s death marked the release of the preceding Dark Knight movie. Is there a pattern I’m seeing here?

Colorado Movie Theater Massacre Shooter Identified:

Colorado police raided the residence of the shooter and the media broadcast the aerial photos of the raid. With that info available, address of the shooter was looked up and with it came to light his presumed identity:

James E Holmes
1690 Paris St, Apt 10
Aurora, CO 80010-2918

James Holmes is 24 year old.

Thanks Nicole and whoever else sent this in. This video shows the chaos inside the movie theater immediately after the shooting:

Here’s an early news report by CNN on the massacre. BTW – didn’t Columbine High School Massacre also take place in Colorado:

Another news video report by 9News:

Audio Recording of Aurora, Colorado police scanners:

This is probably the best compilation of videos from the shooting available so far:

Gallery of a few photos. Will add more soon:

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233 thoughts on “Denver, Colorado Movie Theater Massacre”

        1. Haha!

          That is a good’n.

          You are right though. Breivik was the fucking bees knees.

          69 kills attributed to one… Very determined… Very patriotic individual.

          Goes to show what can be done by a determined, calm man with two or three guns.

    1. thats great! fuck twitter and f.b and all the other social networking bull shit out there. i dont care if “you had eggs for breakfast” or “washed car today”. guess them can be here famous last words for her tombstone right? no disrespect to her, rip and all that, just venting on how cool it is to tweet and status updates.

          1. You know i agree with most of what you say Trooper but i have 2 kids and zero babysitters so if i want to take in a movie i have to take the kids with me. Granted, i wouldn’t take a 3 month old to a cinema cos i have repect for other people trying to watch a movie but as for the “alone time” you mentioned, it’s non existent for me and the Mrs, we go as a family or we can’t go, simple as that.

          2. Fair enough Larry.

            I don’t disagree with taking young kiddies to the films. It is a good family day out.

            But a 3 month old?

            It kind of takes the piss a bit.

    1. yeah, i actually found out about this whole incident at work yesterday, and about a baby and at least one more child. i was like, wtf would you bring a baby to a cinema at NIGHT, never mind it being an action film, too, which would wake the baby up even if you got it to sleep beforehand.

  1. Wow, the news this morning is crazy first this and now a highschool principal in my area was high on bath salts, naked, slit his dogs throat and was arrested while choking his wife. WTF is going on…. LOL

    1. Gotta admit, ever since that bath salts thing in Miami happened, practically every drug trip out I’ve seen then is being blamed on bath salts. I’m finding it harder to believe every day. And even the “Zombie” guy in Miami, autopsy reports say that he wasn’t high on any bath salts. Yet I don’t see the media paying much attention to that fact.

      1. I have heard, bath salts are a form of ketamin, hence vitamin k, which can be bought legally at wal mart. Did I just say that? The government is in a rush to ban it here in canada, I don’t know if they have or not yet. Who cares, I’ve known people who take nyquil and gravol to get high. Gee talk about cheap buzz man. Or Pam, kids used to take the air from in the pam bottle and it gave them this little rush. FFS.

          1. @sailorp00n- That is trash to shoot up a movie theater or anywhere where there are innocent lives taken away.

            I do want to pick this guys brain.

          2. Anyone who shoots up civilians like this is a terrorist, attacking innocent people is exactly what terrorists do, and doing it on the batman movie premier is a great choice cause you know it’s gonna be packed with people

          3. Thing is Glenn.

            ‘Innocent’ is a subjective statement. What might be ‘innocent’ to one man might be different to another.

            I agree with you. These poor people in the cinema were innocents…

            But what about kids on Ut?ya Island?

            Do you consider them ‘innocent’?

            I certainly didn’t. And I congratulate Breivik for doing something about it.

    1. That’s why I avoid Malls and Crowded places, everytimes theres a shooter or a terrorist suicide bomber they target Masses of people.
      So next times, just like this time… when there is a shooting or mass killing… Just know that no one important died. Just a mass of Sheeple Sally Soccer mom and Joe-Six pack.
      My condolences to the childrens.

      1. Hey @Bidity, the reason he didn’t bomb them is he’s a pussy and didn’t want to die, thats why he was taken alive, it really irritating when someone can kill a bunch of people in cold blood and be so afraid to die themselves.

        1. @phatman, I’m starting to wonder if idiots are going to start popping out like this just for fame. The laws really need to allow discipline back into business because kids are just getting too far out of control.

    1. @420- Shelter, food, water, bed, daily socializing, not to mention taxes, rotting in jail doesn’t seem so bad.

      He should receive the exact same treatment as he gave these victims.

      1. @Nicole, I have to agree with you on that one, save the court system a bunch of time. I wish someone would of just shot him in the face point blank range to be honest, but i’m not even sure if he deserves that.

        1. @sailorp00n- I am not sure how true this is, I have read a bunch of links already, but supposedly the shooter shot a baby at point blank.

          Again, I am not sure if that was exaggerated or not.

      1. Not sure… supposedly a 24 y/o working on a PhD at some point. ABC reported that when his mother in San Diego was contacted, she said “You’ve got the right guy.” which tells me that he probably had a history of mental illness.

        So I see an insanity or diminished capacity plea in the future. Like it or not, that’s what will likely happen. πŸ™

    2. I disagree Kiwi… For precisely the same reasons as Nicole…

      But I also disagree with people calling for a ‘painful’ death.

      The Death Penalty should be clean, efficient, without emotion or spite.

      We can get through a lot more criminals if we keep it German- style efficient.

  2. at least the shooter wasn’t JOHN HOLMES come back from the dead as a crazed zombie. if a best gore member such as my self had done this shooting after the coppers examined my computers it would have been blamed on best gore just like tha luka bullshit! i have downloaded lots of gore but thats just a hobby. lots of gore sites out there but this is the best! i love my gore mates.

    1. @Mouse- Some people feel like they have to blame someone, anyone. Its total bullshit!

      Take Columbine, for example. KMFDM, Rammstein and Marilyn Manson were all blamed. They didn’t load the guns and pull the triggers,though. Eric and Dylan pulled the triggers. What an anal rape of a blame!

      Watch, they are going to blame Batman for this one. Some people are so full of themselves. They think people are civilized to a point where we wouldn’t conjure up such an action so they blame something else for it. We are no where near civilized! What kind of anal blister is this civilized garbage about?

      I can put clothes on my dogs and call him civilized.

      People are responsible for their actions, own up to your mistakes.

      @Mouse, as @bidity says, we all love you too. πŸ˜‰

      1. When confronted about Columbine…

        Marilyn Manson was asked “if you could talk to the shooters… What would you say?”.

        Marilyn replied “I would say nothing… I would listen to them. Which nobody did”.

        I dont endorse what they did. But the bullying and torment they went through was horrific. They had cups of faeces dropped on them from the jocks. For no reason.

        Their actions were understandable… But not excusable.

        1. whem somoething like this happens everything is blamed…,films,family….the real blame is the fucking idiots that make buying guns over a shop counter legal…….anyone who is anyone can buy a gun in america……seriously you really think this is going to be the last killing spree….i doubt it very much…….next time some american makes up in a bad mood they can just go buy a gun and kill people

          make the fucking guns illegal

          all this “oh i need it for protection” bullshit……everyone needs protecting but the countries where they are illegal to buy are doing just fine without them

          1. I agree with that sentiment. Many “nice, non violent, involved in the community” people who flipped and went on a slaughter rampage would not have done it if guns were not so readily available to them. Shit happens to each of us, but most of us get over it cause we have to and eventually move on. The many of those who have guns start getting all sorts of ideas which involve the use of guns cause these guns are right there for them to use.

            Considering how ridiculously high gun ownership is in the USA, I’m sure good chunk of people who went to see the Batman movie in Aurora had guns on persons cause their manhood would suffer if they didn’t. But it’s very rare to hear of a case in which guns prevented crime. Most of the time it’s the other way around though exceptions happen.

          2. @Razor and Mark- I agree, I think they need better laws on gun ownership. It shouldn’t be so easily to buy a gun. I think it should remain a right, but I think some fire hoops are in order.

          3. america really really need to rethink their gun laws…..its gotten to the state that many kids have found guns in their houses and end up shooting themselves or a sibling because they think its a toy…..i have never had the need to use a gun….or even wanted to and ill never ever have the need for one either…..but if it was readily available to me im sure id use it….i know a lot of you here are american but seriously your country thrives on violence and war

            in the words of the great george carling….”its like a dick waving competition……he has bigger dick than me…lets kill him”

          4. Pam and Mark…

            Going to have to disagree with you both.

            The thing is. Even in nations where gun ownership is very low (e.g. The UK)… Gun crime is still a problem.

            The problem is. The good people generally don’t have the guns to defend their own property against armed burglars…

            And the bad guys are equipped with weapons… Guns, knives, coshes, etc…

            It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to them if the Government comes down hard on firearms… Because the guns were bought on the black market and their is no record of them. No licences… No nothing.

            One may argue that the three biggest gun massacres in British history (Hungerford, Dunblane and Cumbria) all involved guns that were bought legally.

            True. People are always going to ‘snap’. Whether they snap with an IED, or a knife, or a gun… Is regulated by the government. To an extent.

            But those deaths even then… Only make up a small percentage of total firearms deaths each year.

            Only because they are so memorable. They stay in the public conscience for a longer time.

            I would like to see a chart of total gun related murders each year… Divided into legally bought guns and illegally bought guns.

          5. @Pam, I agree with you also regarding guns but honestly, more than anything, I believe this bullshit is going to continue because of the lack of discipline for kids. They do whatever the fuck they please growing up because they know that no adult can do much of anything to them so when they become adults what happens? This. They still have it in their minds that oh I can do whatever the fuck I please because I can. And of course every idiot out there is going to blame the media because they really can’t blame themselves. Psh, that’s absurd.

          6. Pam.

            Hungerford and the 2010 Cumbria shootings happened in England.

            Dunblane happened in Scotland.

            We are pretty similar Culture wise to Ireland… Nearly identical in fact.

            Gun laws are practically the same as well.

            Anyway. If you count the Troubles in the North (which regularly spilled down into the South)… Ireland has had a pretty rough time with Gun crime.

            We have seven Shotguns in this house. All legally held. But if some bastard attempts to break in here.

            He is dead. The piece of mind that gives us is pretty settling.

          7. @Razorblade, i was merely pointing out that banning guns DOES NOT prevent gun crime. All it means is only the bad guys get to own them. But shit, don’t get me started on the fucking Irish and guns lol. One word…..Armalite.

          8. @Razor. Whatever you believe doesn’t give you the right to preach to people in a country you don’t even live in. I suppose when a rottweiler kills a kid you want all Rottweilers banned? Gun massacres in the States are still pretty rare for a country with such liberal gun laws, but calling them fucking idiots as you did is plain ignorant. Just cos you disagree with the majority of Americans who want to own guns does not make them fucking idiots.

          9. @bestgore, I forget where it was but recentlya man went into a grocerystore and bought a butcherknife. He then proceeded outsideand started hackingpeople up. A concealcarry holder happened to be there and drew, the attacker stopped immediately. This sort of thing happens all the time, you just don’t hear about it. Make guns illegal, criminals will still have them. No benefit to that. No way I would ever relinquish my weapons, criminals will always have them and will always have intent. They do not need a gun to murder or mass murder,just one really bad fucking mood.

      2. @Nicole

        agreed with you i’ve been angry before when they have blamed video games just because some asshole picked up his gun and started shooting people.. video games is one my oldest hobby though i’m not a fucking nerd i grew up with video games it really irritates me when some politician wants to ban a video game because of “violence” i still can’t get over when they censored Manhunt 2 which was a bummer and unfair because there’s goriest video games out there that got away with it like Saw games, Silent Hill games or condemned games ~

        Believe it or not i think few months ago some mofo wanted to ban Mature games sales on California off the stores so people could only buy them online such bullshit i haven’t seen any of the recent Batman movies just hope it doesn’t affect this movie..

        1. @Jesus- I just don’t want people to say, “Oh well it isn’t James Holmes fault its the gun issuers and the laws fault for allowing guns to be legal.”

          However, the law needs a smack down. People shouldn’t be able to just wake up one day, pissed off at their faggotry ways, buy a gun, and unleash the lead upon the innocent.

          I agree that the gun laws need to be changed so that it is harder to get a gun, I am cautious thinking about it being illegal to buy one, though because of the risk of bootlegging, making guns a bigger problem.

          In the end it is the person who pulls the trigger. It is their decision. If someone hands you a free gun, that doesn’t mean they are telling you to go out there and kill people. It is ultimately your choice with what you choose to do with that gun.

          Side note: Once again, I hope I am making sense. Sleep deprivation overwhelms me greatly.

          1. once again guns are illegal over here…..even the police are not allowed to carry guns…….most people that get shot are all gangland killings or drug lord killings…….you never ever see any normal people getting shot or people having an argument and getting shot over it….very very few people have guns here so there is no killing sprees like what you have…..never ever that i know of has anyone ever went into a public place and just started shooting…

            as the saying goes what you never had you dont miss……maybe its because you have always had access to guns the thought of them becoming illegal is terrifing

          2. Most of these “massacres” are not perpetrated by career criminals. Career criminals are a whole different problem which every country has whether they allow guns or not. The problem is that widespread gun ownership results in average people turning to guns and killing the innocent because someone stepped on their big toe and did not apologize. If they did not have guns, they’d get over themselves, but because they have guns, they go to shoot someone random instead.

          3. I agree with all that, and I believe it is the individuals choice in the matter.

            Since everyone is so use to guns in the US I just don’t think making guns illegal is a good idea because of the risk of bootlegging.

            In my opinion, guns should have never been legal. Only legal to authority personnel.

            Even then, some of the dick smoking police are corrupted and shoot the innocent, too.

          4. With our population growth these things are GOING to happen more, crazy’s are very intelligent, more of them slip through the cracks of our extremely OVER POPULATED FV PLANET!

    1. lol. even the mexicans would be surprised by this guy. i say let ’em but we gotta make sure they tourture him first. like beating him with 2×4’s and canning. slow painfullness nothing humane. im sure the zetas would be more that happy to oblige.

  3. Holy shit, 14 killed and 50 injured. I know there were a lot of people in a closed space but that guy has a pretty good aim in contrast with the FSA video… Or he went “spray and pray mode” considering he threw a smoke bomb and didn’t probably aim that much…

    Real shame to see innocent people die I don’t know what kind of a retard you have to be to go and shoot at people you don’t even know.

    1. It’s Colorado. I have $20 bucks that say he knew quite a few people there. Small hick states are way different than other states. If you have family or grew up in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming you can pretty much go up to anyone on the street and say, “Hey I’m so-and-so’s kid, so-and-so’s grandkid” and they will know who you are, your family, where you’ve been living for the past 5 years, ask about your second cousin, third removed’s new baby, and explain how their great aunt is your great-grandmother’s niece.

      It’s a whole ‘nother beast in the backwoods. I grew up in these states. My high school graduating class had 63 kids, all of which were my cousins, second cousins, third cousins, nephews, and hell one of them was my aunt.

      1. Small hick state? I’m from Colorado and it’s only partially a small state. This took place in Aurora, which is on the outskirts of Denver, which i’m almost positive you’ve heard of(; And you can only say “Oh hey i’m so and so’s kid and so and so’s grandkid” If you’re from a town like Kit Carson, or Hugo, Lamar, Wildhorse, where the population is literally under 100 people.

        1. Not from my experience. I could go to Twin Falls and have someone ask if I’m related to someone and I usually am. I’ve had people do it in Salt Lake, Cheyenne, and a lot of the larger places.

          And you may love Colorado, but I really have no love for any of those states. Why I got out.

          1. @blind I’m with ya. A lot depends where in Colorado we are talking tho. I lived in aspen for a season when I ski raced and was literally looked down on by the local kids because I smoked weed and didn’t snort coke, shit you not I was even once told “oh, you smoke weed? Isn’t that for poor worthless people?” no joke. On top of that, tho I am no where near Mexican, I’m native American, they simply considered me a dirty spic. Vail was similar, not as bad. SummitCounty was very cool. Boulderas well. Honestly most everyone in said cities can eat a bag of dicks. Fuck them

  4. Good lord. Why kill so many innocents. I would’ve gone to the middle east put large bombs on all the support structures of a sunni mosque and watch it crumble in and hear the screams of fleshy viruses. And watch them run out of the rubble like cockroaches . πŸ˜€

  5. this is crazy…im thinking of moving to some isolated area and living out my days eating leaves and making pine cone people……..what is this world coming to? I seriously want nothing to do with people anymore..

      1. When I win the lottery.

        I am going to buy a MA-HOO-SIVE Ranch…

        I might just bring a few of you horrible lot with me. But you have to chip in with helping with the farm and join in in great big orgies.


        1. @tommy
          orgies eh…hmmm…thats a hard one (haha such a punny girl i am…ok it was lame – i can admit it)
          sure tommy im up for escaping anywhere away from these humans…bah! will there be horses on this ranch? love horses…beautiful creatures

          1. reeeeally? horses called orgies..hmmmmmmm…well i shall take your word for it……..but wait…i think oddy was going to hide me out in nz……im gonna set up camp in the foothills…or maybe the mountains…find me a mountain goat or two….let me see what mr oddy likes….could he join this ark adventure if he would like?

          2. I have to say Ali…

            My ‘ark ranch’ idea… It won’t be happening without that deviant Oddy aboard.

            I would be buying it in Kiwiland anyway!

            Haha… Of course you meant Horse Glenn!

          3. Yay!!! i have a seat booked,i can handle the
            horticultural aspects of this operation,and
            am a fair shot…..thomas you can use my
            SMLE #4 mk1>a kiwi icon they are,and best
            of all my little alicatt will be there,just don’t
            buy to far south of oamaru is my advice.

        2. damn right!!…im looking for a survivalist style commune sort of deal anyway…i am a carpenter and manual laborer…shit cant happen w/o me..or in spite…..shit like this just makes you want to vanish to the woods…deers and bear gotta be better company….least a bear kills the hell out of ya you know why

          1. You are welcome aboard UE.

            We need all practical skill sets in. We have a varied set of skills on BG.

            I have touched upon the ‘ark’ deal before. Made up of BG members.

          1. You sure Pam?

            Or am I going to have to skull drag you to NZ?

            Ireland is lovely and peaceful… But it is dead close to a bunch of festering, multicultural hell holes.

            England, France, Spain… Hell. All of Europe!

  6. This shit is crazy..I was in Aurora yesterday…Im glad I decided to skip the movie..Wow..this one is close to home..I live 3 hours away from Aurora but I go there often. Some of the articles are trying to tie the violence in with the movie..They said the villian wears a bulletproof vest and gas mask..bullshit..Let the man own up to his evil ways. Im all for people having the right to have guns..but come on people ther are too many people walking around mentally unstable..

      1. Yeah..Ol Randy mighta been headed down that ol dusty trail in the sky..all bullshit aside I was honestly shaken up by this…I keep replaying in my mind my decision to fuckin’ head back home instead of going there..I didnt wanna deal with all the people being there and whooping and hollering when the movie started. Wow…Thanks tho alicatt..;)

          1. yes creepy… God must be a Randy Quaid fan..ha. Not sure massive luck might be it…Now that I feel I skipped that hour of chaos.. I need a bottle of whiskey or bourbon..And a lady ha..and maybe just maybe a few lines of snow

          2. go out and buy a lottery ticket…maybe you are in for a massive windfall!! but yes….alcohol is required at this particular time…and perhaps snow…..myself i think i would just go for some green candy…but you must do what feels right! seize the moment my friend….

  7. We hear at bestgore..see shit like this alot so Im sure its ok to make some more jokes lol…..

    Some of the articles said people were dressed up for the movie lol..and Ive seen people get dressed up for the movies like star wars and such…Can you imagine getting shot and killed wearing some dumb ol’ homemade batman suit lol..or even if you went balls out and paid for a high dollar one lol..I wonder if any tried to fight back like batman? Thoughts to ponder

    1. The gunman was considerate of the least..
      I mean why would someone take their kids to a theater in the early mornings of the day?
      My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones.
      Poor dead hipsters.

  8. Murdering innocents eh? I would torture the piss outta this guy before killing him. I’d de-glove and cut off all his fingers and toes. Take an eye out and make him eat it. I hope this motherfucker goes real slow and painful…

    Honestly if you KNOW for a fact this guy just killed over a dozen people, I think a cop hacking his head off with a butterknife would be COMPLETELY justified.

  9. He shoulda reloaded and shot it out with the cops to..See how long he would have lasted with someone else firing back at home…Shit where was Bruce Wayne when we fucking needed him? So damn ironic that people get murdered at a super hero movie.

  10. Really bad was reading about this earlier, it’s reported a 3month old baby got injured along with a six year old,

    I hope justice is served and the guys execution is streamed via the Internet for all to see and let him watch a twitter feed of the hate comment the prick deserves

          1. agree with you, sometimes you take an infant out and hope it sleeps, what you do as a responable adult is step outside if the child wakes and creates a disturbance. Not everyone has family members on stand by to babysit. I regularly took my son to restaurants when he was an infant, he was exposed to a certain way of life but he certainly didn’t misbehave or ruin other people’s dining experience.

  11. That is not correct. The shooter is Ruben Gutierrez, a mexicano homosexual.

    Typical homosexual behaviour, psychopathy, narcissistic personality disorder. Human beings mean nothing to them; attention is everything. This one is trying to get more attention than Magnotta (homosexual cannibal), Harris and Kelbold (two jewsih hymiesexual Columbine shooters).

  12. GUNS RIGHTS debate is not offtopic/hijacking here, right? Ok, im in america (fuck yeah) still couldnt check if WALLMART sells guns here in VA, the amount and size of the bourbon bottles sold in the only liquor store i found so far drawed all my awe and admiration

    1. Now that it comes to mind , that gook that made a massacre on a university managed to buy a glock or two being a f1 student like tulio, not a citizen *legal disclaimer: im not thinking about buying guns while in usa* πŸ˜€

  13. If someone came to shoot up a theatre do you really want to be the only target in there? Of course the shooter had the patience to probably wait for the theatre to fill up. But when the sharks come around I wouldn’t want to be the only swimmer in the water.

          1. Somebody sounds very upset, cant do that mate, I don’t do facebook or twitter, in fact I’m not really sure what twitter is, and it’s not that I cant see a joke, it’s how it was written, you should know that.

  14. I’m off to see the film tonight, hopefully I’ll have the place to myself. Love the fact there was a trailer for a gangster film in which a cinema full of people are shot, the trailer has now been withdrawn.

  15. I thought the movie sucked too, but c’mon….

    Also, Mark sorry to be that guy, And I’m sure I’m gonna get torn up on here but, but sounds like you’re pro gun control. Ya know which country has some of the Strictest gun laws— wait for it— Mexico. The problem is when you make guns illegal, it doesn’t stop the bad guys from getting guns, seeing as that bad guys typically don’t follow the law. You basically disarm all the law abiding Citizens. Look up kennesaw Georgia’s gun law and what happened to the rate of crime. Again, sorry. I have a feeling I’m gonna get ripped apart for my political rant.

    1. you are 100% correct. It just so happens that obama is going to be signing the small arms treaty next week. this guy did not even have a permit or any gun license. to blame the 2nd amendment for this is borderline moronic. If more people ion that theater were armed this fucker would of been dead after the first clip. People who are pro gun control need to be put into these situations twice…once with an unarmed sheeple group who cower when threatened and then once in an awakened armed populace. This dude woulda been fuckin dead in 30 seconds if more people armed themseves..

      1. @ComeAtMeBro – I agree to a point. However, those who fire back had better aim accurately and true so as not to hit innocent bystanders. With that being said, the city of Chicago, where Obama is from and one of his buddies is mayor, has some of the most strict gun laws in the U.S., yet firearm violence has escalated on the streets in that city on a level that has not been seen in quite some time.

  16. First of all, my thoughts go out to the friends and family of all the victims. You can’t even go to the movies without the thought of some lunatic psychotic doing exactly what happened in Aurora, Colorado. I know exactly where the location is because I used to work about a mile north of where the theater is (the theater wasn’t there at the time). I was living in Denver at the time of the Columbine massacre and the whole city was in absolute shock. The horrific event that occured in Aurora will hit the city in the same way if not harder, for the fact that very young children and babies were involved. The cold-blooded, heartless motherfucker who committed this unconscionable atrocity knew exactly what he was doing when he surrendered to the police. Unfortunately for us taxpayers in the U.S., we will be paying for his prison (or mental institution) stay. It won’t matter if he’s on death row or not, we will still have to pay for the son of a bitch’s bill. Somehow, I doubt he will get the death penalty because he will plead insanity. It is going to be very difficult for the murdering barbarian asshole to prove it, but not all of the facts and evidence have been collected to prove or disprove that he is/was insane. Father Time will torture us until all of the facts are brought to light.

    1. @Goblin- Very good comment, I read in an article that he told authorities that he was the Joker. His hair had been dyed red as well.

      Him showing up at a theater decked out in battle gear and waiting till a shooting scene within the movie to start his killing spree suggests insanity.

      However, nothing can be proven until proved otherwise no matter what his actions suggests.

  17. Yeah, now it makes sense as to why this has had 12 plus hours of non-stop coverage. Just earlier this week a 71 year old man at an Internet cafe In Ocala Florida shot two armed robbers in the middle of a robbery while they were attempting to take hostages. obamney will use this to advance political agendas for sure.

  18. I don’t really give a shit about any of this. First if all, what are you doing at the midnight premier of a movie? Anyone who goes to the midnight premier of anything is an asshat in my book. Ooo can’t live 12 hours without your Batman? Oh you can’t? Well it cost you your life fucker.

    Make the shooter suffer, I’m all for that. But I don’t feel an ounce of pity for the victims. For the families hell yeah! Imagine living the rest of your life being known as that one guy who was related to the asshat that got shot at the midnight premier of Batman. Lmao.

    1. @Fresh Bagels- So you think they got what they deserved by going to a midnight premier? A right they are entitled to? A choice that they are entitled to?

      Going to the movies at any time shouldn’t be condemned as wrong or foolish in my opinion.

      Everyone is entitled to there own opinion though, and I have no choice but to respect it and accept it.

      1. @Spank – Heh. When I had a nice leather coat with pockets on the inside, I’d stash candy and a can of soda. At that time, I was skinny enough to blend that stuff in alongside my lats so it wouldn’t be detected. Can’t do dat no mo. πŸ™

        1. Oh heck just do like I do take a bag of whatever you want normally for me shitty McDonalds 53 cent cheese burgers then sang your pants like a “gangster” black and stuff the bags were theirs a pocket of air beneath you credit card or your ATM If your a lady.

  19. He was such a coward that he even wore a bulletproof vest. What kind of person shoots up a room full of people at a movie theater and yet has on a vest. Was he worried some other person might have a gun in there pocket or purse and shoot his punk ass back?

  20. Sorry if someone already said this, but they said his apartment was booby trapped, heres a clip from news site :
    ?? Oates says pictures from inside the apartment are fairly disturbing and the devices look to be sophisticated.
    ?? FBI agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck and put a camera at the end of 12-foot pole inside the apartment where 24-year-old James Holmes lives.
    ?? The apartment is about four miles from the theater where at least 12 people were killed and 50 were wounded.

    1. When a shooter turns the gun on himself he’s also called a pussy and a coward. At least this way as in Breiviks case he can tell the world why he did it instead of the authorities making lies up about him as they almost always do when the shooter is dead.
      They’re trying so hard to prove Breivik insane when he clearly isn’t. Holmes knows he will spend the rest of his life in prison when he could easily of killed himself. Hardly makes him a pussy.
      In my opinion, i’d rather be dead than rot in jail.

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