Deputy Kyle Dinkheller Shot to Death During Routine Traffic Stop in Dublin, Georgia

Deputy Kyle Dinkheller Shot to Death During Routine Traffic Stop in Dublin, Georgia

The video from January 1998 is a dash cam recording of what started as a routine traffic stop but resulted in death of a deputy officer. Deputy Kyle Dinkheller pulled over a truck on a range road 6 miles north of Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia. The man who got out of truck acted weird so Deputy Kyle Dinkheller called in for back up. Before the backup could arrive, the man from the truck pulled out a 30 caliber rifle and went straight towards the officer firing live shots at him. Deputy Kyle Dinkheller returned fire and wounded the culprit by a shot in the abdomen, but sustained severe, life threatening shots that later claimed his life.

Suspect was apprehended the following morning and was sentenced to death in a trial a year later. He’s on death row waiting to be executed. Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was 22 year old when killed and was married to an expectant woman who gave birth to a boy in September of 1998. This was deputy’s second child. His daughter was 22 months old when he was shot.

It seem like the case of a nice police officer. He was not trigger happy and clearly didn’t want to shoot at the guy. Not even to wound him, never mind to kill him. He believed to the last second that guns don’t solve anything and paid for it with his life. You can hear from the video that the suspect was ordered to put the gun down several times. Men like this suspect truly don’t belong on the streets. When cops unload it into a suspect, it’s typically a case of being trigger happy, but in this case you wish the deputy was trigger happy rather than giving the suspect a chance to surrender.

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73 thoughts on “Deputy Kyle Dinkheller Shot to Death During Routine Traffic Stop in Dublin, Georgia”

  1. The story.

    Deputy Kyle Dinkheller, Laurens County, GA, was minutes from being off duty when he encountered a speeding pickup truck going 98 mph. The deputy was an ICE (Interstate Criminal Enforcement) officer that dealt with traffic infractions, speeding and the occasional drug bust. This was a low risk or unknown risk stop for speeding. He radioed in the speeding infraction, made a U-turn in the median and pursued the vehicle. The driver, Andrew Brannan, stopped his vehicle, exited and started a crazy, dancing jig in the middle of the road while swearing at the officer and shouting ?I?m a god-damned Vietnam vet.? At first, he ignored Dinkheller?s commands to step towards the deputy, which always began with `Sir?. When he finally complied, he attacked the deputy and a scuffle ensued. The deputy implemented the use of his asp and ordered Brannan to `get back?. This procedure was repeated, but after what appeared to be a second scuffle, the suspect returned to his vehicle and retrieved a M-I Carbine from under the seat. The first shots were fired nearly 50 seconds after Brannan returned to his vehicle despite the deputy?s commands. Brannan ignored the repeated commands to put the gun down and Deputy Dinkheller apparently fired the first shot. Brannan, a Vietnam veteran, advanced firing on the deputy. Dinkheller returned fire, but succeeded only in breaking a window in the driver?s side of the pickup and wounding Brannan in the stomach. Using `suppressive fire?, Brannan systematically, methodically shot Dinkheller in the arms, legs, exposed areas that would not be covered had Dinkheller been wearing a bulletproof vest, slowly executing him. Reloading his weapon Brannan continued firing with the final death shot to Dinkheller?s right eye.

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  2. While I have entertained the thought of going into law enforcement, it’s encounters like this that make me re-think the matters. A heavily armed police force is trouble waiting to happen, but in this case Dinkheller’s service pistol was not enough to get the job done. I’m torn between the safety of the public (not being abused by sociopaths behind a badge and tremendous amounts of firepower) and the safety of our law enforcement from armed lunatics with nothing to lose.

    This is a good cop being cut down in his prime. Brannan will see his day in court and if there is a hell, he’ll be burning in it as well.

  3. Out of all the pics/vids that I’ve seen on this site, this one got under my skin the most. I even dreamed about it last night. I look at this video and feel the officer exercised too much control, which of course, cost him his life. However, had he shot too early, everyone would have called him “trigger happy.” Had he been “trigger happy,” he would be alive today, raising his two children. But, he would have been seen as a villian, a rogue cop that shoots mentally ill people. I would hate to have a job like that, where I had to deal with that kind of mind fuck mentality on a day to day basis. From my perspective, it seems to me too many people want to label all officers as somehow evil and too eager to use unnesessary force. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but this video reminds me our officers are human. I watch this, and I feel great compassion and respect for our police officers.

    The second half of this, is the mentally ill man who killed him. I find it very hard to have compassion for him, but then again, I don’t have a proper understanding of mental illness or PTSD associated with vietnam, except that it very much exists. I had a friend who once was shot and killed by someone who suffered from it. Should this guy be on death row? a mental institution? It’s obvious he can’t be out on the streets. But what do we do with him? It’s hard to see this with a rational mind, especially when you consider there is a mother left to raise two children herself.

    Anyway, that’s my rant. I wished I could simply wish the shooter were rotting in hell, like some of you.

  4. I do serve in the army and i can say this guy certainly did serve in the army. He used suppressing fire then flanked round and finished him.. the officer should have acted sooner rather than later. i feel for this officer for showing too much restraint…guess this is what happens when you do. I feel this video should be showed to all new recruits to show the dangers

  5. A ruling is expected from the Georgia Supreme Court by December 2008. If the court upholds Brannan’s conviction, he can file another writ of habeas corpus with the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Once all appeals are exhausted, death row inmates have the right to appeal to the State Parole Board to commute the death sentence to a sentence of life in prison.

    ……(This vile piece of garbage is still sitting in jail, sucking up tax payers money..UGH!…The American Criminal Justice System is completely backwards and fucking sucks shit)

  6. I agree, The deputy obviously didnt take his police training very seriously,..he was deffinetly in the wrong line of work, it’s sad…..altho, I want to see scum like that executed immediately….there are way to many sleazebags like this walking among us…The criminal justice system is to lenient….thats probably why we have so much crime in The United States

  7. i saw this video several times while i was in the police academy in tifton ga .. it was a not what to do video.. he showed way to much restraint… i would have shot that basturd nine times while he was loading gun..and yes he was loading his gun at the truck thats what took so long for him to start shooting. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY IS STILL ALIVE ON DEATH ROW…this happened close to 11 years ago I think.. he should be rotting in hell by now and speaking from a fellow GA police officer i would love to be the executioner.

    1. folk please. he shouldnt have been a fucking cop if he didnt want to die. i think all pigs should be slaughtered like this. props to the shooter. i would have emptied the rest of what i had in that fuckin pigs corpse! all the people on here sayin “awww i used to be a cop” and “he used to much restraint” shut the fuck up! this dude deserved what he got just for being a cop! and before u take it to how many times has a cop helped you… none muthafucka! they chose to cuff me thre victim of a stabbing, corner me in an elevator and beat the shit out of me. then as if it wasnt bad enough, they also booked me for assault on a cop! so FUCK THE COPS! KILL EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m with ya , know cops and have them as customers in auto repair shop and ya some are really nice guys but once you’ve been fucked by them and it is not more than once, fuck them, they are never there to serve and protect, if you are in a situation you have to defend yourself, I get a real good laugh from this video, and ya he was a person with a family and blah blah, but he was a cop, you know all this stuff. That stupid cop could have handled it differently by not freakin out and when he saw the guy bring out a rifle he should have got back in his car put it in reverse and floored it. That guy should have got the good citizens award.

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  9. crazy greg123 – i,ve served in the gulf war (‘desert storm’) and i used to see all sorts of fucked up shit such as bomb aftermath and burnt people, but one time, our unit was assigned along with two other units to sweep a small village in search for explosives that intel reported to be in the area. Anyway, we encountered medium level resistance near the middle of the village, there were about 15 guys, we took out all of them except one, he was approximately 20 metres away and was yelling insults to us in english, and acting like a tough guy. two of our sharpshooters manouvered around to his left flank while we kept him busy with suppressive fire. one of them got him in the leg and he immediately dropped to the ground and started screaming, i ran up and kicked his gun away and we dragged his ass back to base camp, he was screaming all the way there, the point of this story is that if you got shot, you would scream like a bitch too, so shut the fuck up!

  10. People who become cops are typically control-freaks who don’t feel they have enough control in other parts of their lives. Exactly like bullies in other parts of lives. But this doesn’t change the fact that we need them. Those smart-asses of you that are just talking shit… I agree with the toaster, if I put a bullet into your knee…. you’ll be crying like little bitches for the cops to come save you. I don’t care how big you are, just one little bullet from the smallest gun I carry, will take your fat ass out.

    This cop was way too cautious, and not much of a shot either. Most gunfights are won or lost by the rule of 3’s. 3 shots, within 3 seconds, within 3 yards. And that camera in your car is there for your protection, as well as to keep your ass in line. He had every excuse, the second he saw that gun, after watching him load it up, to unload on that guy.

    He didn’t belong in this career field.

  11. i saw this video and thout what the fuck…….fuck.fuck i allmost cryed. he had a family for gods sakes..i was fantasizing about pulling over to this shooting whiping out a MINIGUN and RAVAGING THIS MOTHERFUCKER.

    when i got done he was a pile of red mush

  12. This video needs no gore, it is infinitely more horrifying. I can’t imagine losing my life at his age, it’s a disgusting thought. I thought I might a few things about his last moments. Dinkheller was hit around 4 times when his first screams are heard, he didn’t give up and he tried again, taking around 5-6 more rounds to more vital areas. He had about 3 mortal wounds, 2 being the last two shots fired into his head, the 3rd being beneath the small of his back directly under his vest. His agony and desperation are clearly heard, it makes me sick to hear that. How you admit to yourself that your life is about to come to a conclusion, at age 22.

  13. This is one of the harder videos to watch.. Ive been a cop for 13 years. You do it a thousand times and then crazy ass comes along. I can say with personal experience with two fatal shootings. You almost don’t believe the person is actually going to kill you over a mere traffic stop…. (i know that sounds weird). But the hesitation along with giving this guy a command to drop the weapon over and over obviously got him killed. He could have lawfully shot this prick in the melon as soon as he saw the weapon being lifted out and raised. Instead he commands this guy to drop his weapon. You COMMAND someone when its brandished. If that barrel lifts away from the ground fuck the command… send them rounds home. I don’t feel this cop had no place in law enforcement just because he didnt act in time. I work in Detroit where we are hated and constantly dodging bullets (ive literally wrote less than 10 tickets in 13 years. This guy was pretty much a traffic cop. Cant afford to keep your guard down and be lax. RIP brutha

  14. i joined this site…cuz I think its intriguing how other people react to what I SEE on pretty much a weekly basis as a cop.. pig whatever you wanna call us. When do people EVER have a good experience with cops? But you call them when you need em. Ive never been bullied… I was too nice to people and still am. MY hypocrisy only goes so far… I drive like a retard most the time, therefore I don’t write tickets to people for the same shit i do. Matter of fact.. probably wrote only 10 tickets in 13 years. I know what its like to get jammed up with a $250 ticket for some petty traffic violation. But for the most part we just dont have time for that stuff in Detroit. I am amazed how most people react/comment on this video compared to the same video on Youtube. Seems like on here theres more of a mature audience and users somewhat sympathize with this deputy… On youtube, its all about the “sqeal pig!!-die die die” comments by people who love to flex their finger muscles as they type. Those people make cops bullies…. when your hated so much by society… you become cynical.. But in some weird way I became so numb to gore… cuz its always in my face. I appreciate people who can deal with this stuff. God forbid if your mother gets her head blown off and raped—- and im the officer that shows up to help find the sick fuck who did it. I am gonna take it personally and do what I gotta do to get him… even if you do hate me!

  15. Alright, somebody help me out with this question… after dissecting this video, I screamming to know who else was in Brannan’s Toyota, because there are clearly 1 or 2 figures within who move with the eb and flow of this Elmer Fudd kat as he enters and exits the cab. How can they not be mentioned anywhere online as far as accomplices? Towards the end of the confrontation, doesn’t a voice sound to call to him, mentioning something about “the head”? (where Brannan aims). It’s sad, he broke the cop down piece-by-piece like Clarence Bonniker did Murphy in RoboCop; shot in the legs, feet, armpit, arms, back, and finally head. rip, sir.

  16. The death dance was hilarious! Maybe it’s videos like this that make the police over there so trigger happy but they always do it in he wrong situation instead ones like these where the bloke clearly should of been shot

  17. Googled officer Dinkheller’s name out of curiosity. Wikipedia says Brannan was found guilty on January 28, 2000 for the murder of Dinkheller and was sentenced to death. As of June 2014 he is still incarcerated in Georgia, has not been executed, and is appealing his conviction. After being captured, Brannan was asked why he killed Dinkheller. His response was, “Because he let me.”

    The video is now used throughout law enforcement to train new officers.

    Cause of death
    Gunshot wound to the right eye.
    Dinkheller is survived by his wife, daughter, and son. His wife gave birth to their son in September 1998. Dinkheller is buried at Fountainhead Memorial Park in Brevard County, Florida.

  18. This video got me. I can look at dead tore up bodies all day, but show me someone suffering and executed, and I get all messed up. The breathing at the end is what really fucked with me. So glad this “Vietnam Vet” is rotting in a prison cemetery. Took waaaay too long to execute the bastard. Being a veteran, having PTSD and bipolar do NOT give you a pass to kill whomever crosses you.

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