Deranged Russian Planks Two Heads, One Dies From Massive Wood

Deranged Russian Planks Two Heads, One Dies From Massive Wood

27 year old killed one victim after attacking two passers-by out in the open in Russia. The fatal injury was obtained after receiving hard blow from killer’s piece of hard wood.

Surveillance camera captured the event on video from front of store, when man sucker-planked his victims in their noggins.

The alleged perpetrator was caught November 16 and remains in custody.

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    1. There’s a certain irony how it took a so called ‘man hater’to stop the tough Russian continuing the attack and that two tough guys just walked on past as if nothing was happening,why i wonder was this not given to the headline and description ??

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  1. I Don,t give a “Flying FUCK” What anyone Says, but i saw 3,,, Three Fucking Supposedly Men, lol, walk on by and watch this Poor Guy, & Girl get knocked The Fuck-Out but they just walked on by Like The Fucking Chicken Shit Cowards That They Are.

    It Took 2 “Two” Brave Fucking Women To Intervene, and Stop this Crazed Sicko, From Killing Them Both, instead of the Coward Men Who gave Zero-Fucks by Not Stepping-in. The Other Man (Sicko drops the 4×4 fucking massive piece of wood and like A True Coward Himself,,, he fucks off, like a little pussy when the lady takes his hand off the guys throat. Like W.T.F. Guys?????

    4 Guys, and ALL 4 Fucking Cowards,, Go Figure eh??? Kudos Ladies,,, and Major Props to you Darling For Putting Your Own Lives In Danger To Help Others, (strangers at that), like Mega-Awesome. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Yea,,, you could be right, because at first glance she looked like she approached it like A Good Russian Orthodox Christian Mother Would, By Calmly Speaking The Words DA-FUCK You Think Your Doing With That Stick??? Now get your hand off of that mans throat, and put that stick down before I Shove That Fucker Up You Ass So Far You’ll Be Picking Slivers Out Your Fat Throat For Decades. And then after she saw his eyes water, and his lower lip quiver, with A Gentle Smile, And A Super Calm Voice, she probably said, Now GO, FUCK-OFF Ok Sunshine???? 😉

          1. @Westlos,
            Fuck dude, lol, you never know, for Fuck-Sake Brother, as she could very, very well be a
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          1. @pumapaula

            Did my joke get you mad,,, lol (Joke),,, cause if she truly was a cockless non Bolshevik i would, in my younger days make her my Bitch, Give Er My Inch,, then Ditch, lol. 😉

          1. @pumapaula

            Right-on Girl and myself as well. I Just wanted to make as we’ve just more or less met, i haven’t yet gotten to know you enough to know when you’re kidding, or if i upset you.
            But you do know that my first comment was no joke but the truth, cause these women rocked, as opposed to these So-Called Men, lol, cause a real fucking joke they were, for being total Pussies, & whimpering away like that.

  2. The first person who walked pass as if not nothing was happening was a pussy bitch….then the fucking idiot drops the plank as he walks off leaving even more evidence at the scene…the guy only had a plank of wood not a knife and not a gun so them 2 guys that walked on are fucking cowards with no balls

      1. Lol true true but he could of at least tried abit harder to hide the weapon or throw it away…police comes along…hmmm i wonder what happened to this dead guy and that other person? Maybe that big plank of wood with finger prints and blood on it might be a clue…wouldnt even need the cctv lol not to mention the witnesses…..that guy obv wants to go to prison to get ass raped daily in the showers because he obv didnt plan his attack properly

  3. The perp & his victims all look like they’re pissed. Just look how they’re staggering along.
    Also, the victim carrying the (booze filled?) orange carrier bag looks like he’s already been hit as what looks like a white cloth/handkerchief is dabbing the top of his head.

  4. Pretty obvious this is a love triangle deal, woman was struck first as she was primary target , new boyfriend was next, and whilst he attempted to smack the cheating bitch again, he did in fact stop to listen to her pleas, random attackers dont do that neither do they strike the female first, nearly everytime the male is the first target as he poses the greater threat, just a jealous boyfriend going away for a long time, and please to the bitching women stop trying to make everything about gender inequality, fark me , women do stuff, men do stuff , we all do stuff, its life , build a fuckin bridge

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    me too

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    1. Who knows what is this fools BEEF.? WOOD it be he PINES for this ex girlfriend? MAPLE? He will certainly get the STICK in Prison.

      MESQUITE no mistake about it,he will PLY WOOD to the EBONY MASTers there. They will have him in MahOGANY when they SPIT him with their SAPLINGs.He will be spitting CHIPS and After sucking all their SAP, the sucked -off will be as dry as SAWDUST. Only then will they stop DRILLING him.or maybe the warden will SYCAMORE on to him!


  6. so what the hell was this dude’s problem? is this a random attack? it didn’t even seem like he hit them all that hard. the stick is fairly huge, so was he just following these dipshits down the road unseen for a block or two? or did he have this stick stowed in a car and jumped out with it as they walked by? or was it laying there in the ground, and he just kinda got the urge to pop these two strangers in the heads? these videos always leave me with far more questions than answers. as usual though, the perp is a total dumbass.

  7. I think 2×4 dude was some sort of mentally deficient fucker, and was just playing. My oldest son has been a Special Olympics athlete for almost thirty years, so I’ve spent a lot of time around these guys, and believe me, they’re strong! Like, gorilla strong, and a lot of the time they don’t even realize it. They can be just messing around, just being playful, and fuck your shit up righteously.
    It looks to me like that’s the case the case here.

  8. I don’t know the story of this video, but for the way I looks, it does NOT look like a random act, since the guy is clearly targeting ONLY those 2 people(ex girlfriend or exwife? and her new lover, or a bad business endeavor maybe? or for not paying the tab bill perhaps?), those 2 appear also to be “drunk” or on some kind of drugs, note their slow reaction, as you can see he did NOT attack anyone else in the video despite some other people walking by or even talking to him after the fact, the attacker also does not look like someone with “experience” as you can clearly see he is very clumpsy, so it look like he knew those people and somehow he wanted to “get even”

        1. You’re right. I was thinking about usual drugs like heroin, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and ecstasy. I mean, those are usual that can be found and they don’t destroy man that fast so he can lose connection with Here and Now reality(like alcohol does).

          Now, i might be wrong but, my friend was former heroine addict and i meet few of his junkie friends at the time and believe me, they love their shit and they were cautious and half paranoid 24/7. Especially those on marijuana.

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