Discarded Baby Found in Tunisia, Parts Seem Eaten by Bugs

Discarded Baby Found in Tunisia, Parts Seem Eaten by Bugs

In Tunisia, much as in Thailand, Brazil or other countries, an unwanted baby was discarded by being thrown out with trash. The baby was found as seen in the pictures, so who or why they did it is unknown.

There seems to be damage to the baby’s fingers and face. These parts look like they were eaten by insects or other forms of wildlife.

Props to Best Gore member @faresdesigner for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Discarded Baby Found in Tunisia, Parts Seem Eaten by Bugs”

        1. Me too tried to give them to my son for X-Mas but he didn’t get into it or treat them good so I took them back cuz they were old and I paid a lot for them.

          Poor baby but this is why we come here to see the real world!!

  1. Maybe another crack at life with parents that give a shit unlike the cuckoo of a mother who dumped the poor bastard if you believe in reincarnation as soon as you die you are re-born a gift from god …….

  2. Can’t believe there are people who want to outlaw abortion outright; certainly, so we can start finding more discarded babies in this country.

    Sometime in the future, this woman is going to find a man who HAS MONEY, and she will gladly bear him a child in order to entrap him. I wonder if, from time to time, the cries of the baby she threw in the dumpster will echo in the back of her mind.

    “Do you know what this means? It means that this damn thing doesn’t work at all!” (Doc Brown, Back to the Future)

  3. No shit……and my all life I thought ma mother was a fucking cunt from hell…..
    She is still……. in the deepest darkest place of my heart…..
    To kill your own mother does not mean much shit to me…..
    Just another act of compassion…..!!!!
    It’s a good thing after all …….it gives you a rage that I have rarely found and seen in other humans…..!!!!
    The rage to not bow to anyone…..and to be your own man…..!!!!
    If it’s not killing you……it makes you much mucho stronger.

    1. Yes,i was wondering the same thing.Why would you have a fresh bottle next to a dead baby.Iv also scanned the web for more info but cant find any,poor little baby must of been out on its own for at least 2 day by the looks of those injurys on fingers 🙁

  4. I just simply cannot believe we share a planet with human beings that are capable of doing this to a baby.

    There should be licence for people to be allowed to breed. Only responsible folk should be allowed to breed.

  5. fuckin hell i thought my mum was bad as least she just abandoned me and didn’t throw me in the trash, i hope the kid’s mother burns in hell, evil piece of shit

  6. This shit pisses me off. It’s a sad reality and i can watch crazy shit but this bothers me. A baby can’t do shit to defend itself and they have no say in being brought into this world for a human to just ruin it for the life they carelessly birthed. Hell they could of dropped it on someones door step that would of been more humane than this but cowards will be cowards

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