Discarded Fetus Found in River

Discarded Fetus Found in River

Don’t you just hate it when you go down to the river to chill out and then you look down from the bridge to see a fetus floating around underneath you. Now you’re officially involved in something you have nothing to do with. So do you report it and forfeit your relaxing afternoon or do you just relocate and pretend you didn’t see anything? Hard to tell if this was abortion or miscarriage. Seems to be relatively intact, no sign of violence aside from what might be bruising on the head and thigh. What do you guys think? Keep in mind it is floating in a river…in Thailand.

Baby found dead floating on 9/22/2014 at 10:10 pm. Foundations of Tim
Isaac Rico. Phut, Rayong Province.

Informed by villagers that a baby’s body was found floating near a
bridge over a lovely three vehicles with a joint check. The baby was
found dead at the age of 4-5 months in the mansion. Near the bridge
Yakult bottle 2 bottles of water, 1 bottle. And candles as Volume 1 and
2 baht dollar coin is placed on the mouth of the bottle. This brought
the dead child. Examiners come forward for the cause. Cup Map Ta Phut,
Rayong Province. Cruel, and to pursue the litigation to thank my
foundation, Tim Lewis Rico and Pol’s Boom was audited in such cases.

Wait, so if I put two dollars in a bottle I’ll get a fetus?

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  1. Looks to me like it?s not entirely full term. perhaps it was a premature still born? Although there are things you can do to bring about labour early without it being a ?violent? abortion. My mum did that with me. luckily it was only a month early and she was a nurse? go figure!

      1. Drank a full bottle of castor oil. I got more childhood infections than most but nothing lasting. The labour was bad though as we both nearly died.

        To be fair she’s told me I wasn’t wanted by her (my dad wanted me) she had a coil in when she got pregnant with me and didn’t find out till she was 5 1/2 months along so too late for an abortion.

        What can I say i’m a stubborn bastard. No getting rid of me that easily!

        Don’t get me wrong I see my relationship With my mum for what it is. I lived with my mum all my life (mum and dad split when I was 6) But it was pretty much my grandma who brought me up as mum was always at work. She cared more about the kids at work (she was a nurse on the kids ward) Once i’d come home from school and I was starving but nothing much in the fridge and as my mum had major OCD I wasn’t allowed to use the kitchen either, so I asked if she could make me something. All I got was not but she was preparing some food to take into work (on her day off) as one of the kids would only eat if my mum fed her. Not angry about the kid just you’re meant to put your own kids first.

        I never went without when it came to money etc but i don’t care about that i’d rather have a mum. It’s also pretty shitty when your mum says something like that to your face!

        We became closer in the last few years of her life and i will always love her but I will always be a daddy’s girl through and through.

          1. I can’t complain there’s always someone worse off than yourself.

            I tend to just take things as the are. just as with me what you see is what you get. It often doesn’t make me popular as most people don’t really like the truth being handed to them. I may be a cnut but atleast i’m an honest one lol.

  2. It’s very sad but then women have regular abortions in our Western countries, simply as birth control. Is it really worse to give birth to your dead baby by a river or in a hospital when it’s elective. Same ending for the tiny little baby, as Westerner’s we just imagine it to be more heartless.

    1. That’s very true. I’m no Catholic, but, the older I have got, the less I agree with abortion, especially later term abortions, which, when the reality sinks in, must be very hard to come to terms with and do seem very cruel. Of course there are circumstances in which there’s not much choice but to abort, but it seems too easy nowadays.

      A foetus floating in a river, well that’s just sad full stop.

    1. Ha believe it or not my cousin was born in this way.

      Her mum who’s deaf, has Asperger and learning difficulties thought she was just constipated. she stood up looked down and there was my cousin. Of course I never let her live it down!

      1. @ewe. I’m as good as I’m going to get for now brother. Trying to get past all this legal bullshit with court. I’m going away camping for a few days with some friends. Up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Need to get away and erase my internal memory and hard drive lol. How are you doing bro?

  3. This is just awful. I’d like to think that things like this really don’t happen but in the past month after finding this site my eyes were opened WIDE!!! and I quickly realized that things like this do happen and they happen often. Thanks to this site I am informed of the real news around the world even if its very bad I appreciate the fact that I can find the truth of what’s going on here on this site. I am quite embarrassed to say that after patrolling the BG site I have noticed that my eyes were only half open to the atrocities of mankind…

    1. im ashamed to say im was blind years ago too,thought we lived in a rosy old world where school then work and marriage was the way to go,when really its all just a way to continue the prisoner existence that we all live under because of the eiltes. school is your first taste of prison just breaking you in for the remainder of your life were you then work and raise offspring paying huge sums of money just to make the elites live comfortably whilst you slave your miserable life away then you die the way you came in this world. a nobody and a slave for the elites. oh how humanity could be so much different. ever asked yourself why we are the only species that revolves around ‘economys’ and money ? its all bullshit were just peasents and dogs and slaves to money like little obedient lapdogs we bow to our masters without even questioning it then were gone. life is a flicker and we spend it running round to make this ‘paper’. what a fucked up world. glad im not a sheep anymore thanls to bestgore.

  4. gotta love some of the searches on the right hand side of the page,ive started looking at them as mucha s the information revelant to the page,we should start picking a search of the day. todays winner on this page is ‘nude vagina womb’ haha what the fuck.

  5. A simple use of condom will do to prevent those kind of things from happening, If they can’t afford to buy condoms use anything that is available.. like cling wraps? Or any plastic that fits.. if all else fails.. just follow my advice.. “swallow more”.. 😉

    1. Yep but unfortunately the combined or the single pill is only 99% effective if taken properly. Take into account illness, vomiting that can make it less effective. When you consider the amount of women taking the pill that 1% will amount to huge amounts of pregnancy’s that weren’t planned. I’m not saying I’m for or against abortion, I’m just pointing out that for women who are trying to do the right thing, apart from abstinence or nothing but anal sex accidents will happen.

        1. Cheeky I just have this image of you now swallowing handfuls of contraceptive pills, having and I.U.D. fitted and wearing a diaphragm, and making your Manchester boyfriend wear three max strengths condoms. All the while you cover his dick in a whole role of clingfilm. Unfortunately the ‘swallowing’ method isn’t safe, semen can seep out before the full ejaculation.

          1. Sorry to butt in ladies, but I just wanted to say….. the pill is absolutely not 100% effective, especially if your other half is telling pork pies about taking it !! :-\

    2. Yup I’ve been caught both on the pill and with IUD (ironically how my mum got pregnant with me but mine was apparently sitting a cm too low to be as affective as it should have been! I sadly miscarried both times but i like to think that maybe it was for the best as there was a reason i was using contraception. Shitty but life is shitty!

      i will say that swallowing however is 110% fool proof.

      unless…. that’s how i got caught with the IUD? made it’s way down there with an AA road map lol.

  6. we don’t have legal abortion in here cause of the religion shit. this is ridiculous and they always say oh oh we are a peaceful buddhism country but damn full of crimes and crazy shit. seriously i feel lame telling people i’m from this freaking shithole country..

  7. Sooooo sad this baby is now fish food..not surprising though, it’s Thailand people! It was probably a child to some whore who didn’t want it in the first place..come on people, we’re wolves here, not sheep…STILL it’s kinda sad…kinda!..great post obli!

  8. Since I live near the Mexican border your able to get these pills that aborts the baby. You just walk right over & get it at any pharmacy. Just up & ask the pharmacist “yeah I gotta baby I need to get rid of” & then voila! You can even get Xanax & Vicodin $5-6 a pop. The first couple of times you ask them they play dumb asking for script, which you can get around the corner, then they bring out the goods. God I miss going to Mexico…can’t go anymore cause I like my head & I don’t want them to take it. =\

  9. We shall steal the innocence of children and change it into a debauched, depraved initiation into this world. We will substitute the rights of the child to the rights of the mother and we will substitute the care of the state for the care of the parent. Yet in truth our care will be care to damn their souls. The weakness is in the woman, that weakness will be our strength. For the woman will make her bed with any savage brute without thought or conscience for her offspring or race for that is her nature from the start. So the woman will bring down whole races, civilizations, and nations by her foul miscegenations and that will be our advantage. And once sinned, though he had created her, had made her to be the pitcher of the well of all virtues, she shall infect the man and bring him down. Though it may take a long time, we will create wombs so foul that our seed will germinate in the belly of womankind and we will ourselves start to inhabit the earth and join the ranks of humankind. And we will to many appearances look like them and move amongst them. But we, how soever long it may take, will destroy them from within like a cancer destroys flesh and sin destroys souls.

    And one day arising from a foul womb I myself will grace the earth with my profanity, and I will be handsome and I shall be king and I shall be messiah to all the Jews and lead us to final victory over God. And Satan then said ” Let there be ignorance of God and pride in the ignorance of God” and then atheism arose. And he filled the gloom with foul pestilences of disease and sickness, temptation and vice.

    And then he looked upon his re-creation and saw that it was bad. And then he rested.

    Excerpt from origin of the Jew.

      1. Well, when time comes and body die…Then, those “atheists” will be in great sorrow knowing that they have forbidden themselves for going into God realms and opening path for realms without God and anything from Him. I’m afraid that this leads to hell.
        -Not all in hell is fire and pain but those are the realms where love and goodness not exist.

  10. This is the greatest sin.
    Karma recorded it.
    Person who did it is doomed.
    As younger, grown people always sucks to me but they were responsible, worrying for their honor.
    This shit was imaginable, man was man-woman were woman.
    Now, everything is upside down:
    Women rebelling on man and man loosing chivalry inside, becoming a pussy while woman becoming a man, or something.
    This is cause of family disorder where members refuse to hold on their natural positions.

    -I would love to see what father of this poor soul have to say about this..

    All in one:
    Love your family, be patient and respectful.
    I am not in marriage yet but i will be with real woman or not in marriage at all. Woman must be what she is.

  11. Just saw a video on facebook of 2 guys hanging by the water and they see a black bag so they decided to pull it out with a stick. They open the bag up and there was a baby in there alive!!! Looked like 4 or 5 months old.

    1. Not sure. I think you have to make an account for that gravatar site. But I think that changes all your avs for your WordPress accounts. That’s why I haven’t changed mine. I’m using the same avatar as my WordPress blog.

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