Dismemberment of El Vago – Nephew of La Familia Michoacana Leader Lalo Mantecas

Dismemberment of El Vago - Nephew of La Familia Michoacana Leader Lalo Mantecas

Dismemberment of El Vago - Nephew of La Familia Michoacana Leader Lalo Mantecas

In Huetamo, a municipality in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, members of the CJNG (Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación) killed and dismembered the nephew of Lalo Mantecas, otherwise known as “El Cien” (The One Hundred), leader of La Familia Michoacana.

Lalo Mantecas’s real name is Medardo Hernández Vera. There is a 500k Pesos bounty on his head.

In the video of his interrogation, the young man says his name is Omar Flores, nicknamed El Vago. He further says he is paid just over $220 dollars a month (12 thousand pesos) and that the Jalisco Cartel is better organized than La Familia Michoacana.

CJNG sicarios ask him if he is innocent or a hitman, to which El Vago replies that he is a hitman.

Later on, the captors are shown dismembering the young man’s arms while he’s still alive. At the end of the video, El Vago appears completely dismembered and the sicarios utter threats against their rivals, especially La Familia Michoacana.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the videos:

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209 thoughts on “Dismemberment of El Vago – Nephew of La Familia Michoacana Leader Lalo Mantecas”

    1. It was a set out of three videos. I’m pretty sure there are around two videos lost/missing. But nobody knows about the missing scenes. Maybe we’ll see them as part of the credits… mixed with bloopers and so on, when one cartel has finally erased the other and this show is over. But I think this is a neverending story.

      1. I NEEED to see this full video.. ughh this is the one video for me its just ruthless it really is hes only a boy that method of execution is one of the worst the pain under the arms is supose to be agonizing. i was also thinking about that the other day i hope the mexicans are stupid enough to carry this on forever because i love this shit man..

        1. it must be agonizing. When they start down below, many men don’t flinch when they have their feet chopped off but as soon as they move to the armpits the real screaming begins. As bad as this is, judging by body language and screams, fire seems to be the worst. Maybe doesn’t last as long but all over and more intense

    2. Brown
      If yourself was in the other hand, what part of you would that be..? And what was the other, other hand Doing..?

      If I recall correctly you’re a Norwegian.
      Hum, let me take a wild guess, speculating that you were holding your Harpoon Gun, aimed at a Whale, yes..?

      Also ONLY nearly Wetting yourself is NOT good enough, you have to make a pool of piss then proceed with rolling around absorbing it with your tongue.

      Otherwise you are not playing fair, and the game is over..!

  1. They took a while to respond back but they responded back with the extreme magnitude they just didn’t capture any regular hitman to capture to somebody in charge of the opposite team also happy Memorial Day fellow best gore sisters and brothers

        1. Agreed, the last few coming out have been only kids..!
          Obviously yes some twisted fux are sitting on high masturbating each other over the perceived power they think is theirs.
          Pity we couldn’t conjure up your suggestion Nems
          Wouldn’t it be a graphic satisfaction to see those string pulling real savages stripped of everything and slowly slowly mercilessly flayed slightly roasted, then diced over a week or two individually.

          The Fake Ones are in the mix, was only reading something yesterday about it.
          Incredulous that it happens in such beautiful bountiful countries, and they have NOTHING..!

          Yes we call them all sorts of heathen savages, racial and demeaning commentaries from our comfort zones but they’ve never had a chance at any self determination whatsoever, nothing in the regular lives of the majority people is easy for them, and they are ‘LOCKED’ into that never ending cycle, purely from greed by a handful.
          The irony of that being; Same Old Story…

        2. Agreed, but corruption is infused too deeply in their law, politics, business, etc.

          So unnecessary with more money than they could ever spend, yet they continue these violent tactics..
          I remember reading about the Japanese during WW2 thinking how could they be so cruel, now what they did almost seems like child’s play.
          Is there any bottom to mans inhumanity?
          As a side note nems, do you know what happened to Pigs? No trace of him, no membership etc.

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Hey to you.
            Isn’t that strange, no sign of him, membership erased. I can see someone taking a break once in a while, but someone who was that prolific as him then “poof”, gone!
            Forget Keyser Soze I’m thinking Area 51, black holes, and time warping!

          2. I agree with you wholeheartedly .

            No ,I don’t know where he went. Same with sphincter piston and the Aussie doc in Thailand. Etc Maybe the gov is blackbagging them and taking them away for rendition. 😉 If anyone needs that It will be me!

            I think we all need a break. I took one for a couple of weeks and may again but who knows. Let’s start punning and see if she/he comes back again.

            Even chatty HonkeyAss Kong And Organik hispanik have gone quiet as churchmice.

            I Loved that movie , @Illegalsmile55.

          3. It sucks to see someone like him leave…I’ve been bummed about a few members leaving. There is normally no fanfare and not even a good-bye; but yeah, I’m always curious what precipitated their exit. I like the ones who go out in a grandiose flourish, committing BG suicide by pissing off those in power.

          1. Rings a Bell, the site and know the pictures as well, do you recall the Sick Site Network..?
            Steak and Cheese was part of it, er’ think Ogrish was another, and what Live Leak was called before that when it was good. Maybe Rotten started there when it did have content. Few others were umbrella’d in with them, I’d have to dig out old HD’s and machines to remember all but I hacked me full membership to it, FUCK paying for it, if you wanted the whole package it was expensive and not all the sites were that clever, tho the names of them were whacked. Didn’t last long before it fell apart but good for the time because there wasn’t much around like it.

          2. Pretty sure those pictures are on a drive somewhere in storage
            Surreal yes, like waxy skin un-flawed complexion, the light and scene in which they were taken adding to the ambiance. Because the first thing struck me was her beauty and was a while before I noticed the trauma of the scene.

    1. Dmax530
      Now someone has to do the math because, well it has to be done so.
      One hundred is one hundred not five, 100 can only be 100.
      Equally as five is five it can only be 5.
      If you want 100 to be 5, then you’ve to subtract 95
      Five is five
      Hundred is hundred
      So 100 + 5 = 105
      Therefore if the 5 is the remainder you add the deducted 95 to the present total figure which gives a grand total of 200.
      With 5 left over

      Or do you mean El Cinco San Juan Puerto Rico, and that’s how much a ticket is to get there..?

      Alternatively we could use some of your numbers because you have 530 that way we get five, 105’s, yes, and again 5 remaining.
      Sooo the five is in fact on its own, and you’ve to find another 100 from somewhere because I’m certainly not buying you a ticket to Puerto Rico..!

      Plus wouldn’t you be safer staying in Mexico, more land mass = more places to hide should you need to, that would be a recommendation by the way…

  2. I don’t think it would have mattered if he was a sicario or not. My gut tells me he was based on his relations and social media but most cartels are notorious for torturing victims into fake confessions when they fuck up and have the wrong guy. They’re not exactly the brightest tools in the shed. Pun intended.

  3. In my country they would have put his demise down as a Corona virus related death. Everything else is.

    I loved the music though. I had always wanted to see some comedic music in a death scene but Hollywood always tends to go for the sad songs so thank you Mexicans, well played. I can tick that off my list now.

    1. “If a Medicare patient is diagnosed with – or even presumed to have contracted — coronavirus, hospitals across the United States are given more money from the federal government to treat that patient, economic assessments show. That amount can as much as triple if the patient requires a ventilator, making some wonder whether there is a financial impetus to overstate coronavirus numbers”

    1. Wait, are you saying you’re a part of one of these cartels? If so, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN? Seriously, you want to end up on BestGore yourself, or even worse someone you care about ending up on here? Anyways, I suppose the drugging thing makes sense given the relative calmness the poor kid displayed while being chopped up like a fucking animal.

          1. I’m almost ‘
            surprised you didn’t know
            “El mencho”
            Is a famous billionaire cartel leader…..
            Considering that his birth name is ruben Cervantes *
            But he chose the name nemesio*
            For himself

            You should befriend him & then turn him in for the $10,000,000

        1. Dude, if you’re serious about what you’re saying on here, like you’re a part of the cartel, and you already killed the people in this video and you’re going to go after this guys daughter next. I just want to let you know that you really are scum, I mean the bottom of the deepest barrel levels of scum. You’re retarded too because I bet you, just like this poor kid, gets paid some pathetic bullshit money like $220 a month, lol. Basically, I hope all you sick fucks wipe each other out ( and ONLY each other ) so the decent people of Mexico can live in peace.

  4. I’m a pretty empathetic person and I tend to feel really bad for most the people on this site which makes it hard to joke or enjoy things like this, but knowing that these people have done the same thing to others if not worse makes me lose empathy for them. Mexico is really a fucked up place and honestly I just hope all these cartel members end up wiping themselves out completely but knowing the way things work there it’s probably not gonna happen

    1. That would be so awesome!
      I am so tired of their dumb ass speeches.
      The Mexicans/South Americans have much shorter speeches than the goat fuckers but all I hear is blah blah blah bastard blah bitch blah {insert name of cartel]… bastard.

      1. Well, We are looking at the scummiest of the scum in their society. The way of their speech are somewhat very unpleasant even to their own countryfolk. Still, they are better than them goat fuckers, In a least they didn’t have to yell praise to Allah for every fucking deed they commited.

  5. They are all a bunch of coward. They Rep gangs and clicks and act so tough in this murder videos claiming they’re THE shit all while wearing some type of face covering or not showing it at all.

    * DON’T BE SCARED HOMIE!- Nick Diaz

    0:00[Interrogator]: What’s your name?
    [Hostage]: Omar Flores.
    [Interrogator]: What do they call you?
    [Hostage]: “El Vago.”
    [Interrogator]: Where are you from?
    [El Vago]: [*unintelligible*]
    [Interrogator]: Who do you work for?
    [El Vago]: Commander Fiero.
    [Interrogator]: What plazas does he control?
    [El Vago]: The “Z” and the double Sphinxes(?).
    [Interrogator]: How many people does Fiero have?
    [El Vago]: Five gunslingers.
    [Interrogator]: How much do they pay you?
    [El Vago]: 12,000 monthly.
    [Interrogator]: Are you scared?
    [El Vago]: Yes…
    [Interrogator]: Where have you fought?
    [El Vago]: Huetamo.
    [Interrogator]: Where do the hitman that they send to Huetamo come from?
    [El Vago]: From Playa de Michoacan, *unintelligible*.
    [Interrogator]: Who’s better organized, the FM or Cartel Jalisco [Nueva Generacion]?
    [El Vago]: … Cartel Jaliso.
    [Interrogator]: Are you innocent, [or a] hitman?
    [El Vago]: Hitman.
    [Interrogator]: [*Presumably to the video recipients*] There it is, thought all y’all claimed to be innocent people? The four letters rule around here, fuck.
    [*Now talking to Vago*] What do you wanna say to your daddy Fiero?
    [El Vago]: That… that [*unintelligible*].
    1:01 [Transition to El Vago getting dismembered]
    [Phone conversation between caller 1 and caller 2 in background]
    [Caller 1]: Delta One?
    [Caller 2/Delta One]: Ye, who’s this?
    [Caller 1]: Look here, son of your whore mother – I’m Mencho [*Current leader of CJNG*] dude, chill the fuck out and tell your guys to back down before I rip you and your fucking dogs apart, I’ve got 30 of your guys identified. How do you like that?
    [Delta One]: 1-
    [Mencho]: Go suck a dick, [*unintelligible because of my people’s funny regional music, but lots of “go suck a dick”, “fuck your mom”, etc.*]
    2:01 [Executioner Groupee]: Look, Fiero, son of your whore mother, there’s your Vago [*Side note: “Vago” means “bum” in Spanish, so this guy’s using a nice play on words*], straight up, faggot. Grow a pair of balls because you’re up next, pussy. People of Commander Amuletas all day, faggot. The four letters rule around here, fuck. Your fuckin’ mother, check this out, bitch… [*Hold ups up dismembered arm of El Vago*] Shit… Your bitch mother.
    2:33 [Transitions to a CJNG member standing over the remains of El Vago, reading a script off his phone]
    [CJNG Member]: -will continue to support all the people within Estado de Mexico [State of Mexico] who want to join our army, to finish off the Familia Michoacana rats. We are people of Huetamo, of Señor Chito Cano. We don’t lack money, as those dumbasses claim. Remember, our cartel is the richest, with a presence that spans all of Mexico. We are here, to support all the common people, that live in fear of being kidnapped or that have to pay extortion money to those bottom-feeders. Open your eyes. Do not continue to support them, as even if you pay money to them, they’ll still make you become look-outs for them, sometimes without even paying you, which only risks you getting killed by us. Because once they realize that we’re here, they run away, leaving you in a problematic situation. To reiterate, any respect you have towards the government, as long as you stop supporting them [Familia Michoacana], and that dumbass of El Mala, who’s threatening the ministries, don’t worry about it, as we’ll hang him from a bridge one of these days. To all of the presidents-
    -video end-

  7. In the last part of the video you can see his dick chopped off resting underneath his gaping mouth.

    Shame they cut out that part of the video. Wanted to know if he was still alive when they castrated him.

    Definitely died young, but live by the sword, die by the sword.

          1. I looked her up.she’s also known as Le Peque.actually she’s still alive and imprisoned,awaiting her sentencing.I confused her with Claudia Ochoa who was killed last year.

            ”Juana also insinuated at having sex with the corpses of those decapitated, using the severed heads as well as the rest of their bodies to pleasure herself”.
            Now that’s one sick biach.

        1. Hahah. Then you’d be a dickhead!

          So why? Are you a man hater or just murderous?
          Also ,for your info . Aphrodite the Sex and Love Goddess or Gaea ,Cybele (Earth Mother )was shown with some sack- like objects around her neck in many sculptures. Classicists weren’t sure whether they were bunches of grapes or what. They now reckon they represent bulls’s- scrotums. How is that for Female Empowerment! …and Killary reckons she is the glass-ceiling breaker…?lol

      1. nah, nothing homo about it. i mean, if they don’t wanna touch the dick, just stab the dude in the dick. or use a sledge hammer to the dick. pour some acid on there. or peanut butter and rabid pit bull. then you get the destruction, but no homo. i’m sure these og cartel guys are way more inventive with torture than i am, they can think of something!

  8. I can handle just about anything on here but I will say the living people being dismembered makes me cringe a little bit and I definitely can’t watch more than once. Like the one where the bastard doesn’t die until all his limbs are cut off and they are hitting him with his own arms and legs.

  9. To me what I don’t like about the Latin immigrants is that they escape their gang ridden countries to come to America for a better life, only to start a gang themselves and terrorise law abiding citizens and get people to be addicted to their drugs.

    1. That’s not how it works usually. Drug gangs have no need to leave Mexico to come here. Why would they do that? The ppl running from violence are not bad ppl because they’re Hispanic. They want to create a better life for themselves and they can’t do that while these gang idiots keep dismembering ppl like a bunch of cunts.

  10. Let’s talk about your blade. I like shape, it reminds me of a child’s comedy pirate sword but the handle is too narrow for me to achieve a good grip when it’s covered in blood. The weight is too far forward for me to use effectively and the edge didn’t hold up; overall, it will not cut.

    Doug Marcaida
    Forged in Fire El Narco Episode May 2020

  11. They kill….they deal drugs….but just ask them if they’re innocent or a hit man and they’ll give you an honest answer every time…nice to see the truth still means something.

    1. dying for dying, better dying with the truth.
      that dude aint gonna go anywhere anyway, the cartel already know the answer, they just want tos ee if the dude have the balls to admit it before dying.

      1. Still…I’d be like “nope that’s not me”.
        I wonder why anybody surrenders?…maybe because they’re hoping they’ll be ransomed instead of just starring in a snuff clip.

        1. maybe the dude family receiv some nice money if the guy died “for the cartel”.
          and soo not being affraid to admit it garantee this money to his family.

          kind of similar to thoses dude who get killed by terrorist daech and else, they always admit and say everything they do before getting killed.

          also possibility that this dude get seriously tortured to talk (he is bloody at beginning already) and so he just give up after such torture and accept his faith and spread everything he know….

    1. CJNG alliance are strong.

      la familia isnt big compared to them. they have sinaola and gulf cartel with them, but on the other side, they are ennemy to the zetas and all the new generacion cartels…. that hurt because thoses cartel are the most better equiped with cops, military and shit…

        1. cant answer everything, but as far as i know.

          – Zetas are the most dangerous, violents and powerful cartels around, they are mostly old military and cops, they have access to best technologie and weapons (also vehicules) and can pretend to be cops or military.
          – CJNG recently appear to be the most vilent cartel now, but there activities is concentrate on some area.

          its a big mess because many cartels join others to avoid troubles or being destroyed by others cartels. doing a perfect stats is not really possible.
          others cartels usually do business in “peace” compared to thoses two.
          la familia is not a big cartel, but have some good alliances with strong ones. nonetheless, only a few amount of cartel will mess up with zetas, CJNG and else. because the return is always more strong than what they do to them.

          as for now its :

          La Familia, Sinaloa (biggest cartel), Gulf (powerful cartel), Mara Salvatrucha (MS13- american hooligan gang)
          Los Zetas (best equipped), CJNG (young but powerful), Cartel Beltrán Leyva (have a 12yo boss), Juarez (use cops and ex-cops)

          and of course, all of them have many others allied like italian mafia, russia mafia etc etc.. but they are not active in mexico/south america

  12. cartel war 2020… bring back the memory abotu something started at 2006

    time to boost shit up a bit…

    come on cartels ! join the party so we can enjoy again some creativity of ways to kill instead of just shooting/beheading…
    i miss the dynamite on chest, the chainsaw beheading and all creativity they used to have at that time :/

    1. I’m sure your opinion would change if we got to see him actually become a nugget before the decapitation. This specific war is fucking great. I think the recent (?) trend with downers is to get an honest confession and not so they don’t feel much pain. The IV pumps alongside torture was some good shit back then to force them to stay alive through the whole thing. We did see some dudes head skinned off almost a month ago. Best skinning i’ve seen. I’d say this war is pretty up there as far as cartel content goes.

    2. I agree with your comment, if they sharped their knives done a bit of research as to where to do the cuts. Then all it takes is a few chains and hooks attached to a spooked horse and they’d be capable of 90% full body flaying in one go.

      sorry this was for hollyeat

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