Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico

Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico

We’re only 3 months into 2018, but it’s already been the goriest year on record. Mexico has really picked up the pace after a few years of slowdown, and it’s reclaimed its #1 spot with ease.

Video below shows the members of an unspecified Mexican cartel dismembering a naked man with a knife. The man is fully conscious and remains conscious until all four of his limbs are severed.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media and @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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372 thoughts on “Dismemberment of Live Man with Knife by Cartel in Mexico”

          1. That was so unbelievably fucking awful and brutal. Definitely one of the worst ways to die. I don’t care what that guy did. He didn’t deserve that shit.

          2. Truly disturbing.
            There is not much you can do when that shit is happening to you.
            The best move is to make as many blood-curdling screams as possible as this guy did. Really traumatise the knifeman. Although the knifeman is an asshole, who knows, in 10 years time he may feel remorse, but then it’s too late. Everytime he closes his eyes to sleep at night, he will see that screaming man and hear those screams.

            His subconscious will torture him forever and there will be no escape.

          3. My Serbian brother you can’t watch this beacuse your people just like my people aren’t barbaric savages. We love our people and can’t even imagine doing such horrific things.

          4. He’s likely not a “poor man.” He is probably just as scummy as his captors. This sewer rat probably has done things just like this to others.
            When he beat him with his own leg I laughed.

          5. Only humane thing to do was to kill him quick after that…BUT I have feeling they left him alive to suffer as they joked and laughed as the urinated on him,insulting him,and finally leaving him to be eaten alive by coyotes and vultures,and other critters.
            Phew…poor bastard.
            Game of Thones got nuttin’ on these savages.

          6. @nocuntryforoldpervertedman
            That guy is funny as he turns,,, and jumps-on the guy like a crazed maniac, in order to let lose and cut him some more, lol. Check-it out again brother after he cuts-off the 2nd. leg below the knee. 😉

            Furthermore,,, It’s been a hell of a long time since we spoke brother. How have you been,,, and where have you been,,, and what have you been up to??? Is Life been treating You, & Yours Good My Good B G Brother??

          1. There isn’t one fatality in mortal kombat that comes close to what this guy went through. Clubbing him w his own leg. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Don’t be surprised when another video surfaces w this guys cock getting cut off and stuffed in his mouth.

            True cockmeat sandwich. Harold and kumar. You boys ready for your cock meat sandwich. Lol

          2. That Was A Nice, And Sharp Hunting Knife, Very Similar Looking To The $ 150 Dollar **Authentic Browning Knife** That I Had Shipped For Mark In Dominica, with Leather Holster, & Belted, & Doubled Leather Loop. A Sharp Killing Machine That Showed-Up Just In Time For That P.M.S, ing Cunt Maria, & Her Wrath From Hell. So This Was Shipped In (Order To Keep Order), lol, Sort Of Speak. And It Could Not Have Arrived At A Better Time along With Other Survival Gear That Our Brother Received In Two Large At Least 80 Pound Boxes Each Delivered Straight To An Embassy, in order to keep Our Brother Safer, Especially After That Shit Storm Of Epic Proportions, Hit, Cause Then,,, My Man Was Ready, For Any Nigortorium, lol. 🙂

          3. @trains are cool
            Me too brother, as the wife thought that i was completely-nuts when she asked Da-Fuck ya laughing so hard at??? Then she didn’t think i was Nuts anymore (She Knew I Was) after i explained to her why i was laughing so hard, lol. Cause That Was Hilarious Bro! 🙂

      1. That’s the gayest shit I have ever read… but when you’re right you’re right. It was pointing the knifeguy out of crowd, one-eyeing him up, egging him on.. I think it got hard and went into defense mode knowing someone somewhere was thinking about dispatching the little guy. Take my eyes but leave the penis!

    1. Wow I actually felt that man’s pain
      usually in these videos the people seem to be in a quiet zombie state
      but that poor man really suffered beyond what I have ever heard some one suffering in one of these cartel videos
      I understand what the man is saying but some of which is garbled, but obviously he’s asking them to stop and also believe he says that he didn’t or isn’t involved with the opposing cartel
      I may be wrong with some of it, either way, what a video to start off with after being gone for so long, r.I.p. you sufferd too much here on earth already. ….

    2. I’ll slice your leg off and beat you with it haha first time I ever seen a leg cut off in a matter of seconds he has done that more than once but man that’s a first I seen someone get there leg cut off and hit upside the head with it lmao

      1. Don’t worry my friend, atheists have their own suprise and don’t have a clue what they are in for in the afterlife, to live as an atheist is to live in the lower frequencies, God does not need to punish the wicked or the naysayers, they do it theirselves. They will exist in the lower dimensions IE Hell, Hell is not necessarily a burning place of eternal torment, it is a place without God, a place of absolute darkness and loneliness that men cannot wrap their tiny minds around, it’s a place you have chosen because you rejected what is righteous and good, what is honorable and of good rapport, you rejected the creator and his love for you! People would be wise to keep an open mind and use this life for what it was intended! It was intended as a learning experience, we are light beings living in this 3rd (physical dimension) , we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and our actions on this earth dictate and determine where we will reside in the afterlife

    3. Everyone makes all these comments here in Oklahoma they have the same practices they are heartless individuals… I pulled favors I’m not proud of and this never happened to me preferred thing is to cut the tongue out then turn the head sideways to prevent drowning and taking the ear….. This is ususlly a severe punishment not just involvement but action. I hope God welcomed him open arms because that will be the ultimate revenge

    4. The Sharp Knife Does Help A lot Brother, and i,m totally with you on that. But The Sharp Knife Alone Is Fuck-All If The Dude Is Inexperienced As I Also Am Incredibly Good, And Fast With! He Starts Cutting The Leg Right Under The Knee Cap Which Is The Cardinal Rule For Any Leg,,, Arm,,, Or,,, Shoulder Joints.

      I Can, and Have Cut-Off Many Of Em Myself, In A Matter Of Seconds Each. It’s All In Knowing How, And Where to Apply Just The Right Amount Of Pressure, When Cutting Through Muscle,,, Tendons,,, and Gliding Against The Bones. Use The Bones As A Sliding Saw Guide, Instead Of Trying To Cut Through It, And Whacking The Fuck Out Of It Like Iv’e Seen So Many Do In The Past Dulling There Already Dull Knife Into shit, lol.

      Then We Are The Ones That Are Fucked Watching These Idiots Take 20 Minutes To Dismember A 90 Pound Soak, & Wet Tranny, lol. So Slide Your Nicely Sharpened Knives Or Machete Along The Bone Joints Again Using-It As as a Perfect Natural Guide While Applying A Little Pressure On The Limb, And POP,,,It will Flip Back Leaving You With One For An Arm,,, or Two For ALeg To Sever Off, lol.

      So Forget About The Old Saying That Says,, **We Are A Cut Above The Rest** Cause That Is A Crock-O-Shit, And Was Probably Written By A Da-Silva On Coke With A Dull Machete Wacking Away On His Cousin Cause He Owed Him 5 Bucks Or Something Similar. So Again By Going Under The Joint, Whether It Is An Elbow, Or Kneecap, And By Apply Minimal Pressure Is The Absolute Best Way To Dismember A Body.

      Never Forgetting To Not Chop, Chop,,, But Slide, Slide. Cause While Sliding Your Knife Back and Fourth, and Letting *IT The Knife* Do The Work, You Are Letting It Do Exactly What It Was Designed For, which is Slicing. You Should Be Applying More Pressure on The Limb Itself, as it Will Facilitate the Task Immensely, Because It Will Greatly Reduce The Number Of Slices Needed Before You Hear POP,,, And Then You Are One, (Arm), Or Two Slices (Leg) Away From Severing Your First Limb Whether A Leg, or An Arm.

      Needed In Order to Get a Clean, and Extremely Deep, and Beautiful Straight Cut, is a lot less than people would think, then Slowly sliding the knife back and forth. And usually depending on the limb The Bigger Leg, Or Smaller Arm, The Latter Can Take About Four Slices, Or Two Back, & Forth, and you will feel the Side of the Kneecap on The Side Of Your Knife. Then Simply Snap It Back, and just Like a “knee jerk reaction”, lol One long slice severs the back. And It Is Important to slide your knife along the bone using the bone as a guide, and secondly not dulling your blade. So In The Case Of A Dismemberment slowly , is Quickly If You Know What You Are Doing, that is!


      😉 😉 Happy Hunting You Sick Fucking Cunts Ya,,, lol 😉 😉

      1. Sounds like you have a SerialKillinPresent. Maybe a food butcher or both your business regardless. Either way your advice and knowledge is pretty sound. I’m inexperienced, but from what I’ve learned about butchering of any variety that seems about right.

    1. Exactly why they should have started by slicing off the guy’s penis and balls, and giving them away as trophies to someone in the crowd. No better humiliation than taking away a guy’s manhood and giving it to a stranger in a crowd.

    2. I think that it’s probably due to having some cord tied around it, restricting the venous outflow and magically producing an erection.

      Either, they caught this guy having a masturbation session, or the cord is there for a reason; I’ll await the next video.

      1. Its the little head telling the big head to look alive and get it’s act together. In other words, “I’m counting on YOU to get ME out of this” lol…
        Glad you didn’t get whacked, Supreme Leader. 🙂 Had a crazy ex girlfriend pull a 308 sniper’s rifle on me once. I told her to pull the trigger – knowing she wouldn’t – and she chickened out, losing face. Breakups can be deadly…

      2. Last person that pull a gun on me is buried in the ground now with a high toxicity level of cocaine in his bloodsteam and maggots infesting his innards. Down faggot unbeliever he was. Come to think of it the bisexual probably manifested his from this site. Loathsome ways are similar.

          1. How could you say such a thing? You don’t know the full story. I always wake up the next morning with a note taped to my chest saying; “Last night was fun, now get your shit and get the fuck out, thanks hun.” 🙁

          1. Hehehe. Lobsters are a disgusting little insect that I will travel underseas to Atlantis, just to murder every last one. You will feel the souls of a million lobster souls crying out to you for help and you won’t be able to do a single damn thing to stop their agony, Aquaman!

            Black Manta

          2. Casual is the fucking man, I55. I’m sure that place is incredible, never been. I’ll have to look it up on the interwebs later. Maybe this Spring I’ll go check it out with my cousin, he’s a bigger pothead than I am, he’ll love that shit, lol… ahh, Spring… There’s not a lovelier word to a Mainah this time of the season, am I right?

          3. @vgirl Hey, I’m a Mainah and I don’t eat seafood, go figure. It’s mostly a texture thing, I guess. I will brag that we have the best in the world though!(as the C.O. will remind you I’ve said 25 times. 😉 ).

          4. Lobsters and crabs are living off of the dead rotten sea life at the bottom. Take it from a commercial fishing captain, you would rather have a prime rib steak.

  1. After the guy cuts his fucking legs off and beats him with it he was going to do him a favor and take his head off next! But his partner seems to stop him and told him to take the arms next instead. Basically this fucking guy just can’t catch a break!

      1. @illegalsmile55

        I drove to Lanark this afternoon and bought some beef. I was thinking of using the method you describe but having read your description a few times, it seems so dirty that I might end up actually fucking the joint of beef (shades of “Portnoy’s Complaint” where Alex whacks off into a slab of liver which the family then ate).
        I think I will stick with my Paprika, Passatta, Carrots, Parsnips and herbs. And half a bottle of Cabarnet Sauvignon or Tempranillo.

          1. Bahahaha, heyy there’s alot protein in there, Casual! Just don’t get it in your eyes, I heared it burns like a motherfucker. If you’ve already eaten your burger and you’re full, just give the fries to our long lost friend, ex convict.

  2. I still prefer the method of slicing off the victim’s penis and balls FIRST, then the rest. And they should keep the severed parts out of the dirt and clean. Someone could use that fresh meat. Have you been to the store lately? Have you noticed how expensive fresh meat is these days???

  3. See….next time you look at me like…..I owe you money or
    Somethin……….(shit life already can suck the hell out of you..even more.)
    Don’t stare at people…!!!!!
    Anyway I guess…..that guy is ” all in a stew” already….
    Hey….. here is the mujer with the vegetables showing up on time…..
    Mi futura mujer…!!!!

  4. He sure was “Sweet” on someone that for certain……That special man or woman should give him a sweet kiss and sprinkle rose pedals around him with incense aromatizing in the distance.

    1. Mmm, close butt not quite. At least we got a great depiction of what happened to Cumulolimbless, to go along with the pics… Maybe they’ll set him up next to his buddy with an orange, neon sign.. make it nice n’ colorful.

  5. I Truly Believe That (Not Best-Gore) Because of All The Good That it Does Informing The Public,,, But The Internet Itself, as a Whole, Has Become Partly Responsible for These Latest Live Executions, and Dismemberment’s,,, Along With Other Forms Of Prolonged Agonizing Deaths, that Are Continuing to Surface More, and More Everyday. And I Only Say This, Because Since We Have Witnessed The Skinned-Faced, With The Hands Cut-Off Poor Dude,,, and Then, The Police Officer Beheading With his Son’s Live Dismemberment,,, *There Is A Definite Competition Going-On,* on Who Can Make The Next Online Video Worse, And With More Gruesome Suffering, Than The Last One. And MOST Of The Other Evil Gore Sites don’t even Post The Location, and The Backstory, But Only Post These Death’s For The Gore Factor, And Not For The Sake Of Educating The Public At Large, Of Where To Stay The* HELL-OUT OF.* In Order To Remain Vigilant and Safe while Traveling With Their Families. You Can Call These Latest Cruel Executions Copycatting Or Anything Else For That Matter, but The Fact Still Remains That it is Quite Evident, To Even The Most Casual Of Observer, That These Sick Fuckers Are Watching Each Others Video’s And Different Torture Methods, As They (Are Attempting To Out Perform Each Other,) As Far As Making The Poor And “Oftentimes Innocent Victim” Have To Suffer and Go Through. How Any Human Being Can Make Another Human Experience The Most Agonizing, And Painfully Horrible Death As They Possibly Can, Is Baffling To Me. Especially When You Realize that There Are Still Some People Out There, That Are Capable of Being So Cruel, Cold, And Incredibly Evil, To Any Other Living Human, or Creature. Because No Human, Or Animal For That Matter, Should Ever Have To Go Through, And Experience Such A Terrifying End To Their Existence, No Matter What Crime They May, Or May Not Have Been Accused Of Committing, To Begin With. Because *WE ARE ALL GOD’s BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS* Therefore Only *HE* Can Take A Life.

    1. And the school shootings and terrorism as a whole. But people will point out religion and guns. The internet will be mans downfall into oblivion. Granted these things have always happened but not at the scale they are occurring now. A lot of nutcases now see the internet as a gateway. Also why you capitalise every first letter? Lmao

      1. Yea,,, well said, as every weirdo is using it as a form of free Media Coverage, and Spotlight for their actions. As For My Capitalizing The First Letter Of Most Words, “YES LMAO” It’s Something That i Started To Do Way Back. And That I Have Often Seen Other Truth Channels That I Frequent Do, And i Just Found-It Easier To Read Altogether, lol, funny eh?

    2. The most intelligent and sypathetic people on earth are bestgore members I’m positive (majority). Every fn time one of these sick vids surfaces I lose more and more faith in our specie. What a trip is life. Internet plays a part in the one up brutality, absolutely. But look at our history..we are angels today, there is just media now, easy access. The human is a savage beast. Whites, blacks, browns, other browns. All in different style. Hate it, hafta watch it.

  6. We can rest assured that when Mr Nasty decided to whack the guy in the chops with his own leg, that he made sure that it was the sloppy end. Almost gave the guy a ‘why so serious’ smile with the blood.

  7. Well just when you thought you forgot about the Mexican cartels boom here they come with yet another showcase of pure cold heartedness. The thing that they don’t realize is the ones doing the chopping will soon end being the chopped up! It’s like an endless cycle

  8. Where did this video come from? Does anyone know the source? If so, PLEASE forward a request: Next time, start with slicing off the victim’s penis and balls, then give them away as a trophy to someone in the audience. We need to build the drama with humiliation by taking the guy’s manhood, and making it some stranger’s property.

    I would like to see some environmental concern: Keep the severed limbs clean. Skin them and cut them up into steaks, chops, roasts, etc. The cost of fresh meat is such that it’s wise to not waste.

          1. Oh yah, he`s definitely done this before. He cuts between the bones efficiently and with such confidence. Like he is butchering a pig… He kind of is.

  9. Even though these cartels go in for dismemberments ,shootings ,killings or rapes of the rival gang members but then who gives a fuck as the rivals or the ones that rule the roost thrive on drugs and drugs alone. They will continue to soak in ; even though the acute dangers they are well aware of and which they may face , a thought that is never shrugged away .
    None from the rival gang will sit up a take a note of this episode as its a common place happenstance
    as they all are hard skinned and are used to living life on the edge.
    Another day ,Another haul & another life gone.

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