Dismemberment of Sicario for Cartel del Golfo by Members of Cartel del Noreste

Dismemberment of Sicario for Cartel del Golfo by Members of Cartel del Noreste

Dismemberment of Sicario for Cartel del Golfo by Members of Cartel del Noreste

El Cártel del Noreste (The Northeastern Cartel) is a product of a Los Zetas split, born after the capture of its last absolute leader Omar Treviño Morales, aka the Z-42.

In this video, members of Cartel del Noreste dismember the body of a sicario for Cartel del Golfo (The Gulf Cartel) in Monterrey, Mexico. The remains were then brazenly left next to the Topo Chico and Apodaca prisons, as well as the facilities of the State Investigation Agency.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I hear you. Due to being raised in the first world, when black haired people are victims of violence, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s as if people with black hair have less value or something. The only violence that truly shakes me up is when something happens to an English speaking, white, fair haired person. Just goes to show how deep societal racism gets implanted in you.

        1. lol, as a Mexican music consumer, I can say this song sucks dick, trap is fucking horrible, but I guees there has to be somo good music out there idk, soda stereo is prerty good though

          1. That was slower than I expected… maybe I didn’t account for the pliancy of flesh.

            Maybe a welding torch would be better… the vertebrae wouldn’t be reduced to ash, but the ligaments holding them sure could. The only issue would be removing the burned tissue as you go deeper into the neck.
            It would be educational to see.

        1. An elite squad of sicaro cartel contract killers scouring the country for the zio-indoctrinated… would be humorous, but then what if they don’t want to leave after? This never will happen so this is not even a real problem to solve anyhow. But it made for an interesting thought experiment/fantasy.

        2. Cia ,Fbi and all major agencies have already said a wall already exists where required and that building an extra wall will do fuck all to stop smugglers from coming in. Ie extra wall will be a waste of money.

          So i will stick with the facts not rhetoric.

          So , are you so rich you think the gubmibt should spend money on a wall rather than better health,education,roads ,libraries and parks for you and yours? Are you a Koch or a Walton?

          I love how in America Koch Bros is pronounced Kok rather than kosh as it really should be pronounced.. you know the Jewish/German way.

          I guess it fools more retards into supporting them.

          1. This Texan says we need a fucking wall. Anything we can do to make things harder. Not just a wall, but lots of guys with guns ready to kill these beaners the moment they try to cross. But again, everybody is pussy now so let’s just get beheaded instead.

            I listen to the people who live here including myself. I see what’s going on around me, I don’t like it. I pay attention to what the ranchers and border patrol have to say.

            FUCK the CIA and FBI. They’re busy trying to disarm Americans.
            Anyone outside of the USA has no opinion on the wall, and if they do, their opinion is not valid at all. It’s like me saying “I think more Muslims should be allowed to easily enter Germany”. Nobody in Germany should give a fuck what an American thinks.

          2. Hey . Employing more guards with shoot- to- kill orders makes sense. I have no probs with that.

            As for Germany ,that is the problem. They don’t get to choose because your gubmibt pushes its policies onto them regardless. It has its Ugly Witch in place and her claws are in deep.

        3. hey, hey, hey now. not all of us want that moronic wall. and i’d like to think that the liberals would be the last ones being dismembered as we welcome our hispanic brothers and sisters with open arms. now calm down and enjoy the wonderful video we’ve been gifted!!

          1. yea, you libtards tried welcoming the muslims with open arms and guess what happened. THEY BLEW YOU TO PIECES. Every time a terror attack happens, it happens in a stupid liberal city and the first people to die are always democratic voters I LOVE THAT. 9/11 killed 3000 democrat voters, the paris attacks probably killed 130 multicultural supporters. The Orlando nightclub shooting was probably the best thing ever! I was laughing my ass off at that one, because I know every single fag that radical muzzie killed was probably a bleeding heart open borders, pro muslim anti trump liberal. It was so ironic to see a bunch of libs get gunned down by one of their precious muslim allies.

        4. wait, you jumped from hispanic hate straight into muslim hate without telling me first? dude, i need time to switch gears here! i don’t actually have a reply for this last rant as i have no horse in the race here. i wasn’t defending terrorists, i was defending innocent hispanic families who want to be welcomed into the united stated to find a better place for themselves. safer. how 9/11 came into the conversation, i have no clue.

          1. Third world people replicate their third world lifestyle wherever they go. My ancestors didn’t work their assess off to create a better place for beaners to mooch off.

          2. yea, welcome them here in mass numbers and allow them to turn this country into a 3rd world shithole like the country they left behind. There is a reason their countries are dangerous hell holes, its because they are dirty uncivilized people. So when they make the US into a dangerous cesspit they’ll start piling up at Canada’s border and start begging for asylum there and say “the US is too dangerous, too many gangs, too many drugs, please let us in”. ILL FUCKING BLAST THEIR HEADS OFF THEIR FUCKING FAT SWEATY BODIES IF I SEE THEM AT THE BORDER! Their IQs are low too, they refuse to learn any english and live here for 40 fucking years and still speak in that retarded spanish sounding language.

        1. @hopingfornemesis Yeah the “proud Germans’ got cucked and don’t do shit about it. I guess they had a good run during the Germanic tribal days. Oh well, it’s muzzy time now for them!

          Over here, we’re armed and dangerous. We need to be because we can’t afford to get cucked the fuck out by some elitist cunts who deserve to be taken out with lead. Nothing good ever happens without sacrifice and blood.

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  1. I seriously hope these mexicans do this to all the liberals in San Francisco when they flood over the border. Id like to see liberal blood flow down the streets like rivers, with their stupid blue hair scattered all over the place. That would be my utopia. Seeing dead liberals everywhere, body parts strewn all over, butchered by their precious migrants.

  2. kill them, cut the skin and keep the tatoo as trophy… like in the good old time of the legion.

    (that’s why its recommended to not have tatoo in the legion… even tho, that’s not practiced anymore, soo they dont care that much now)

  3. Fuck Mark,,, Mexico really is back in the swing (machete swing) lets just hope it keeps-up as they all eliminate each other and rid the word of these gangta murdering evil bastards. But as always the new yougins will find-it cool and the next generation will join and keep the Ball/Heads A Rollin.

      1. Fair enough. I am an evil psychopath with no care for human life and I enjoy watching others suffer, but I’m not stupid enough to go out and kill people, especially people who didn’t do anything to me. Too much work. And prison is a most dreadful place. No thanks~

  4. That post picture made my laugh when i first saw-it cause it looks like a Guy was eating The Pussay While She on Ze-Rag, lol. Funny how they placed his head right there, and like that! Cause again,,, it does look like he is doing the side to side Blawla-laBlawla, lol.

  5. still Aztecs and Mayans with that thirst for blood, unsullied by the half percentage of Spanish or negro gene they have infused in their DNA.. Make no mistake! This scourge is still 99% pure evil Injun, and fret not that the European gave them some diseases which lowered their numbers a few centuries ago…this subhuman strain is still alive and well and RAMPANT in many countries of central and south america.

  6. loving yet another video coming from mexico, nice music again, too. unfortunately, my spanish isn’t good enough to fully translate anything. goddamn, duolingo, you’re failing me!!! how do i not know the words for decapitation or dismemberment yet?! 😀

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