Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Court News (video)

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs with Hanging Kitty

There is very little news released from Ukraine regarding the court case of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, but one of our Best Gore readers who’s from Ukraine said that they got away with barely any punishment. No further details were released, nor were we able to verify this information. Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs remain in custody in Ukraine and attended several court sittings where they were held behind bars. Scarcely any news though.

Below is the court video with Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs in which members of jury are shown some of the images that were on the seized computer previously owned by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. In one of the images there is a dog brutally hung on a tree with one of the murderers shown in the foreground. Other pics show Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs attending funerals of victims they murdered. In these pictures the boys (Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko, Alexander Hanzha) show middle finger to the camera with the grave stone of the murdered person in the background. Process of burying with caskets freshly put in the grave has also been captured on camera. There are also unreleased images of their other murder victims. Oddly enough, judge and jury were shown these gruesome images in a slideshow with swiping transition effects.

There isn’t much talk throughout the video – it’s an uncommented footage from Ukrainian news channel TCH (which is TSN in Ukrainian). Further news on Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs including more coverage from the court room will be reported as it becomes available. Watch the Ukrainian news TV court video below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Im with you on that. Dont worry man, this is coming from someone who has done some time. These guys will be marked men. These high profile psychopaths you hear about, when they get sent down they either get killed in general pop. or they have to spend their lives in protective custody, and p.c. is the exact same thing as the hole. Same place in every prison. But they always end up getting fucked up even in there. Killing one of these losers would bring a huge boost in status for any convict. Theres gonna be alot of motherfuckers wanting to take their lives and wear it like a badge

      1. So what did you do? I personally have a really bad temper. You know those, “Do not remove” tags they put on mattresses? Yeah, well I CUT one of them. Yeah I got a real bad temper.

  1. These guys are awesome, jail…!? They deserve an award! A medal for their accomplishments! Finally some clean footage of people being tortured and murdered mercilessly! I saw the one on this site, where can I find more? I usually like snuffx.com but they take awhile to update. Anyways, great hails to these kids!

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. The swipe edits, the framing of the supposed “evidence” photos, the bad acting, the seemingly empty and awkward courtroom. 20-something victims in one month for an underground entertainment project?! C’mon, don’t you think the AP or something would mention this story? Pretty unprecedented. Also for being such dangerous boys their in a pretty lax enclosure. By the way does anybody here speak Russian?

  3. Yeah Kyle, you make a really good and compelling argument. Let’s look at the fact… If you google “Dnepropetrovsk maniacs” in google news, not one result comes up. If you google their individual names, not one result comes up. Then take for example this clip from youtube that supposedly aired on “Russia Today:”


    Now go to russiatoday.com and search “Dnepropetrovsk maniacs” or, again, any of their names. No results. I’ve already dissected this ludicrous sample above. Now I’m not sure if you’re in on this joke, or truly believe it because someone posted something in wikipedia, but the entire thing is absurd. A couple of teenage kids kill 21 people with A HAMMER in one month?! For a series of murder videos they hope to GET RICH OFF OF?! Yeah, you’re right! Why would ANY news source want to cover this story? Leave it to wikipedia and a bunch unrelated chat forum to uncover the real truth.

  4. Eric and Vin, I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying those things if you were the guy in the video. Also, you are most likely suffering from childhood trauma or have mental disorders like the kids in the video so i hope that people find you and lock you guys up before you become idiot murderers too. Think if that guy that they were killing was someone you loved if you are even capable of love then say what you said again!

  5. Whether it is fake or not, it is still rather awesome. However, if it is real, then all the better!!! HA! The cliche “what if that guy was you” or “what if it was someone you love” Fact is, it wasn’t me, and nor could it ever be me. The boys (if real of course) looked for those who didn’t look as if they would fight back. I don’t know if I look as if I can fight back or not, but I do know how to fend off at least 3 teenage boys and be able to run. And I don’t love anyone…I have very limited emotional connections towards people. And I believe in survival of the fittest, most people in this world cannot survive on their own and they use society as a crutch. I say kill all those who are incapable of working. The retarded, mentally challenged, physically handicapped. If a child is born and it is retarded I think the doctor should rip it away from its mother, toss it in the air and shoot it, and then follow up with a couple more rounds after it hits the floor just to be sure. If one can not survive independently, then he does not deserve to survive at all. We (in the US) dump so much money into these mental institutions and retard medications, meanwhile we can be using the money for conquering the middle east…And I mean conquer, go there and kill every one, the Israelites, Palestinians, all the terrorists tribes. Then we take over the land and then the oil…solving all of our problems…no high gas prices and no idiots flying planes into our buildings for their false god and no more fighting in that meaningless piece of the world. It’s a fucking desert!!! No crops, no industry, no economics! But anyways, back to this… If you cannot fend for yourself, then in nature’s law, you are not allowed to live. And apparently, none of these alleged victims (if real) were naturally selected to carry on life after birth. Some people are just not fit to live in this world, so they die. Big deal. One example of these people is my brother, and I won’t be surprised when I have to go to his funeral in a couple years. So, if you still have questions or confused or still want to lecture me, SHUT UP! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO LIVE!

    1. I understand to a point but I will laugh when become old and milk social security…people shouldn’t be killed because they are unable to work due to illness or age in my opinion. But the lazy fucks do need to be kicked in the face…in my opinion 🙂

  6. VIN…you are not one to decide who is fit or who is not fit to live in this world. In most peoples eyes, you are way more of a threat to the world and way more mentally handicapped than the people you talk about. you talk only of those with financial and physical retardedness yet you do not see your own mental retardedness. there are still a lot of people out there that are fit to live if people like YOU didn’t make it so god damn hard with all your illusions of the world. You are one of those people who does way too much thinking and way little research on thigs yet cast your opinion on subjects such as the middle east and all that. For your info, there are terrorist everywhere and by you country, THE US, going to other countries and starting wars, guess who the terrorist is? US!!!! you say the middle east deserves to be wiped out but you are dumb because Israel is really a part of the US but created in the middle east so they can do their dirty work from up close. Why do you think the US is always behind Israel with whatever they do? as for oil, your country has enough, they lie that they dont so they can spike the prices and when they see people cant afford it anymore they drop them again and they keep doing the same shit! yes the victims are real and the murderers are real and while you say you can fend of 3 teens and make a run for it, this is only true in this case. Not every murderer works the same way. you could easily be one of those people who befriends the wrong person without knowing it and be a victim while they kill you as you sleep! You seem to hold yourself so high above everyone else and you think that by being heartless you are tough but I see right through you and i know its just the walls you have built up because deep inside you are just a scared little boy sick fo the ways of the world like so many others except others choose to be positive and have hope while you took the darkness road and in the end, all this negative energy is hurting you way more than anyone else. I dont believe in god nor an afterlife but I do hope you change and have a little more heart and enjoy life at least a little before you die!

  7. PS dont say it could never be you who is in that victims position, for all you know I could be a serial killer of bad people and by you pushing my buttons, it can lead me to track you down which is not so hard since you mentioned your from Helvete, new jersey, i can track you down and shoot you in the legs so u cant run and torture u in the exact same way! everyone likes to think it will never be them until IT IS THEM

  8. First off, you are welcome to come track me down in helvete…I have plenty weapons at my disposal…Second, no one would ever be able to kill me while I am sleeping because I am a very light sleeper. I enjoy being prepared for anything at anytime. The closer I am to invulnerability the closer I am to immortality. This is also why I do not drink alcohol or do drugs…you lose your awareness. And I am the one who should say who would live and who would die. Mainly, because I apply myself to nature’s code, and if animals and plants die in nature then that’s how it’s supposed to be. It is nature’s intentions (not mine) that only the strong will conquer and the smart will prosper. But now-a-days, we have idiots running the country (George W Bush for US). He would have been a person that would not have lived within nature’s realm, but because people believe in the right to live (opposed to the fight to live), assholes like Bush become the leader of the free world. And will some one please lynch that fucking nigger who will be taking his place. Put the black man back where he belongs, in my cotton fields! You say that you see right through me as if I am playing…I’m not. This is how I truly am, some people admire it as others loathe it. It is not so much being heartless as it is being stern and remaining true to your personal beliefs and moral codes. I had to kick my brother out on the street the other day, did I want to? No, but I knew that letting him stay here would not be doing him right, it would only support his poor behavior and judgment. So, I am not heartless, I am just a man of principles. Forgotten principles of those in society. Lastly, anyone who needs to use a gun to kill another person is a bitch. Pick up a sword and train with it and develop some skill. Because then it becomes a battle of skills rather than some chump who pulls out a Glock and shoot his opposition in the face point blank…like a dumb nigger. Where’s the skill and talent in that, just like the crappy music they listen to. No skill or talent. Where there is a battle of skills, no matter what kind of battle, you will always find at least respect and honor from both parties onto their opponents.

  9. first of all, i was only implying that i could kill you not that i will because i dont believe in violence. second of all you call yourself a man of principles yet you use the N word to describe black people. This neither shows you have principles or are smart. if you think that people respect those who kill for anything other than self-defense, you live in your own reality. i do agree with some of the things you said such as kicking your brother out so he can learn to deal with life and not be lazy but the way you talk about other people is not human like at all. nature didn’t intend anything, humans made up all their own rules and values. for all you know, maybe the world was meant to be gay and only fuck the opposite sex for pro-creation and nothing else and all other times they are meant to be with the same sex. you can not say what nature intends because nature doesn’t have a voice, its a place. second of all, you are right, you are not heartless, youre just an angry person who lets their anger cloud all of their judgement. i do agree that the president is a fucking moron but guess what? the leader of every fucking country at any point of the human history has been a dumb shit but it didn’t mean that people went and killed innocent people living their lives like that guy that died from the hammer. nobody deserves to die that kind of death especially when they didnt do anything wrong. it doesnt even go with the supposed “values” that YOU have. you said the handicapped and elderly and those who have no lives should die, but this man was a family man most probably with a good job and able to take care of himself and his family. this guy does not match the list that you created for those who even YOU think should die so why would you say that the video is awesome?

  10. You’re right, I am not human like at all…I am more elvish…. (hahahahaha…ok, ok) Anyways, human act with their emotions and in doing so they do stupid things and have unreasonable thoughts. I do not let my emotions, espacially anger, cloud my point of views or my actions or words. I speak from my own personal experiences. The fact that you have type “the N word” means that you are playing along with society’s antics supporting the beliefs that words hurt. Ready for this, this is called a reality check…..NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nigger nigger nigger nigger….now tell me, did anyone die? mortally injured? severely injured? how about so much as a pathetic little paper cut? No? Well then SHUT THE FUCK UP! Words don’t hurt, grow up. It proves that I am smarter than you because I do not allow myself to be held to a standard of political correctness that was set forth by some progressive in some unattached mansion. Because in the end, political correctness doesn’t change a thing and even smarter black people have stated such. Plus, I refuse to give the name “human” (though i am superhuman) to a group of species that act subhuman. If we (all superhuman white anglo-saxons) would step aside from the conventional progressive bullshit of equal rights and affirmative action, we would clearly see why we enslaved them in the first place, and why we should again put them in shackles, and only let smart ones be freed. My opinions and my judgments are based on my own observation, for at a time in my younger years I was once a progressive. And then I started working with niggers…or at least tried to until I noticed how much of a better worker I was, or perhaps they were just lazy. Then, I lived amongst hispanics, and I noticed how much cleaner I am. I don’t pollute and I keep my personal hygiene on the up and up. And then I noticed the niggers complaining that they got fired or they can’t find work, and the spics complain they have cockroaches. And then it dawned on me…all these people create their own problems. Those who live their stereotype become just another statistic, those who live above it become survivors.

    I live in the most down to earth reality there is, so down to earth that most people, like you, who may be smart and may have their hearts in the right places, but fail to see your encompassing world for what it truly is and how much it is truly worth. How easily it can be destroyed and how easily you can make a fortune. I’ve observed that indeed nature has it’s own intentions. Balance. An equilibrium between life and death. In human life, as well as nature, you find that is it natural that one creature’s fate is another’s destiny. Human example: a man loses his job because he sucks hard, therefore a more prepared man takes over and does it right. The quintessence of capitalism. Natural example: a gazelle cannot run fast enough and a lion catches up to it and eats it. Capitalism is darwinism for the human society. And if darwinism works with nature than why not out of nature? However, in nature, after the defeated fall, they are eaten, and crapped out and become nutrients to start the food chain and life cycles again. In society, the fallen still lives and needs to find another job. Basically, in nature there is a constant in out, in out, that keeps balance of species, whereas, in human societies it is a more like an overweight in in in in to an unproportionately low out out. In nature, if something is not good enough to survive on its own, it dies…whether do to lack of physical traits that help it survive or the unwillingness to evolve. So to say that nature has no intentions is wrong. And remember what I said earlier about a person/ creature not fit enough, well the guy who was hammered to death was not fit enough to survive, so he died. Perhaps if he was smarter or in better shape he wouldn’t have died, just like if the gazelle could run faster than the lion, or the man who got fired didn’t suck, then it would have lived and he wouldn’t have gotten fired, respectively.

    People shouldn’t have to suffer from cancer before they die of it, but they do, so what’s the difference. Death is part of life, and like all other aspects of life, man attempts to make it fun, so killing someone for a sick pleasure is fun, so be it. No one deserves to die in such fashions, but out in the wild, wolf packs, bears, lions and such, will begin eating you before you are fully dead. My general moral stance on killing is one is allowed to kill in two circumstances, as you said, self-defense, and if he needs to eat. And yes, no matter what you are (vegetarian, vegan, or whatever else) you must kill something to eat, for that tomato you just ate, at one point in time it was alive until some one ripped it from its life line and was attained by you to be consumed. The same goes for meat. And let me tell you, the animal taste better when killed mercilessly and in fear. So, anyways, that man does fit my list of those who are vulnerable and leave themselves open. Just as likely as if he had a good job and a family, he was high or intoxicated. And the answer to your final question: I enjoy this video very much because it tickles my sick fancy. Man is the plague of the earth, and I, as a superhuman, see it, and rejoice when I watch them die. Just like black on black crimes. HAHAHAHA those are hilarious!!! Niggers killing themselves over color, the ultimate irony, it’s not even skin color, but cloth color…fuckin savages.

  11. well you do make some points BUT your view of things is very selfish and one dimensional in the sense that you think only YOU are right about everything and everyone else is wrong. everyone likes to think their way of living is right but its not always that way. Yes, some of your views make sense on paper but not when you actually take time to think about it. Yes, in nature if a gazelle cannot run fast enough it will be killed, BUT those animals only kill to survive NOT for fun. have you ever seen an animal kill another and then leave it? NEVER. Humans don’t need to kill each other to survive or to eat each other, they do because they are greedy whether it’s for money or fame or maybe lack of oxygen to the brain. You say the mentally handicapped do not deserve to live, well these guys that were killing the innocent man were simply mentally handicapped so why are you on their side? Also, you can be prepared as hell but when you are walking down the street and in a splie second somebody hits you in the head with a hammer out of nowhere, then tell me how can u defend yourself? you are not going to turn around and beat everyone that runs towards you because you don’t really know if they are jogging or maybe you can’t even hear them. my point is that most humans do not react unless they know they are in harm because they don’t want to risk harming another human being because of bad judgement on what they thought they were going to do. as for you whole WORDS DONT HURT, nothing has to kill you and physical pain is not the only way people feel pain. everyone is capable of every type of pain as “nature” intended it. the only way to not feel the pain is to train yourself to become immune to it in which case someone can train themselves to also not feel physical pain as i had seen on tv where everything is in the mind and some people had swords going through their heads and they still felt no pain because they trained themselvse. so yes, everything negative can hurt and everything negative can’t hurt depending on the person but they have to train themselves to become robot-like which is not human NATURE. also, you can’t judge people based on your own life experiences alone. Just because you have met blacks or spanish people that were lazy for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean you judge the whole group. As for your whole view that white people are superhuman and everyone else is scum, that is superlaughable. white people have pretty much been behind every war since there were white people. This middle east that you want wiped out so fast, that’s where most technologies came from and they are the ones that are superhuman. When I look at my surroundings, I see white people as the fattest laziest people thus why everyone in america is so overweight, because they are lazy and can’t do good jobs therefore they can not afford good food and settle for fast food and pack on the pounds. you can say black people are fat and lazy too BUT the difference is they are not given the good job opportunities becaues of the rascism they have to face but white people have every opportunity in the world yet they throw it all away cause they are a bunch of lazyfucks. at the same time, there are good and bad people in every race so you can not judge everyone based on others. you ened to judge others individually. as for the rap music you were talking about, while mainly black people make that music, the highest amount of buyers are rich white sub-urban kids so maybe you should take a hard look at your own race before you judge others. The white race, the one that you call superhuman, are the ones responsible for every evil and shit that goes on in the world but they sugarcoat it all in the media to make themselves look like heroes. NOBODY that is in the military is a hero, they are just people paid to legally murder. yes people shouldnt suffer from cancer before they die, but guess what? they have the will to live or live out whatever days they have left and when your life ends is nobodys choice but yours, if they didnt wanna go through the pain then they would kill themselves, they would surly not need people like you to do them the “favor”. Also, they have hope that they will recover as most people do. man does not make killing fun or for pleasure, as you can see even these moron teenagers in the end felt bad thus why they said “hurry up and kill him” because it wasnt fun anymore and they saw that he was still alive and suffering. yes everyone has an evil side but you can not compare people to nature or animals because according to you and all other people, we are superhumans or humans and we always say we are more intelligent than animals so why are you comparing yourself, a self-proclaimed superhuman, to animals, who are in even a lower category than us normal humans. judging from what you are writing, its clear that you don’t actually think that you are superhuman but tricked yourself into believing it because then you dont have to have compassion towards others when they die. im sure a superhuman would be supergood not superevil. because IT IS FUCKING EASY TO BE EVIL, there is nothing super about that, THE SUPERHARD THING is to even be NORMAL HUMAN which you fail at! seems like you hate the human race all together and that is why you enjoy them to die and you know what, for a period in my life, i thought of it that way too, i told myself let everyone die cause its their fault the world is shit but then i realized, no its not their fault the world is shit, its the leaders of the world who give them no other option other than to make the world shit because if they protest against it then they too would be killed.

  12. YES! I am selfish, not one dimensional, but selfish. After all, at the end of the day, I live for me and for my life, no one else’s. I am not selfish to the extremity, for I am generous, but I don’t understand why people look down at selfishness when we all live for ourselves. My views look good in theory because they work in a rational world. But being that us men have let women attain power (being that they are the most irrational creatures) and it’s “cool” to be in touch with your feminine side (GAY!!!!!) all these fags and metrosexuals have become just as irrational as not having a penis. Penis = rationality. Ergo, my extremely rational thinking is misunderstood by everyone else following the penisless trend. For all those who are true males, not only understand, but agree with my point of view on this. So I’m not the only one. Cut your fucking dick off. And what did I say in my previous post, observance, sir, use it! I said I only condone if you kill in self defense or in survival. However, in this case I pardon these teens. Fact is, we still don’t know if it really happened or not. Plus, also reiterating, it tickles my sick fancies. I enjoy primal fighting and savagery. I can be prepared by being observant, seeing all which surrounds me. You have way too many “if’s” in your argument scenario. So, I will not address any of them. But if some one was in a bush with a hammer, I am sure that I would be the first to notice him, and as I pass I look at him. He will not attack because I can see him, and for that I have penetrated his natural defense wall. Those who wish to be sneaky, silent and sly, do not wish to be seen, obviously. Therefore not only do I uncover him, but I render him motionless until I have successfully passed. Then he will prey on someone not so observant. Too bad school doesn’t teach smart kids how to be observant…

    Shut up you stupid hippi! Maybe you’re not a hippi, perhaps you’re an emo fag. “Words hurt, waah waah You hurt my feelings.” :'( Grow up! Are we so bored in this world, are we so safe that people need to worry about such minuscule things as offensive language. I don’t know what world you live in, but 8 years ago New York City’s two tallest building collapsed, and about 2 weeks ago there was some big bombing in Mumbai, and there is constant war in the middle east. I’m sorry, but I do believe there are far more important events and agendas to focus on for at least the next millennium before I even consider banning or even as much as censoring “foul language.” Censorship is just one step towards Constitutional injustice. The very first amendment, above all else, in this great country, any one can say what they want, when they want, without facing persecution in any way, shape or form. If that’s the first listed amendment to our country’s guideline, then I do believe that particular freedom was a very important one that helped shape the nation. You are right, though, pain is relative upon the body. However, I doubt what you’ve seen on tv was real…but people are trained in school to not be affected by words. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” “I’m rubber and you’re glue and what you say, bounces off of my and sticks to you.” These are just examples of phrases I was taught back in grade school. People really need to learn to grow up. And making yourself immune to pain is supernatural. If I was immune to physical pain, man fuck this shit, I would just go around and beat people up for money. I’d be a boxer or something.
    Why do stereotypes exist…because they are observations of a familiar group of people which share common traits. Maybe, not everyone in the group has the trait(s), but most of them do, therefore from a third party perspective’s observations, this group of people are described as…..I know it’s superlaughable, that’s why I said it…keep a bit of humor. But white men have been behind every war, that’s not true. What about all the nigger tribes in Africa that are fighting, or how about the native americans tribes that fought for centuries before the vikings discovered it? It’s just that white people are everywhere, so whenever there was a war, of course we are involved. Plus, we show more ambition than other colored folks. Oh, and what great technology is coming out of a country whose citizens live in little clay huts?
    One major thing I don’t like america is the eating schedule is backwards. But I do not follow this as well. I only eat about once a day, one big meal and a couple snacks in the morning to wake me up. We do not eat fastfood by choice as much as we have to. This country is based on the New York minute. How much can get done in an allotted time period. Things are in demand at the moment. I like this however, because I enjoy seeing and getting things done and accomplished. I don’t like waiting around for a week to wonder how long will it take the phone company to hook up my internet. I want it done by latest tomorrow. I want to come home and my internet running, I want to come home and fuck my girlfriend while dinner’s on the table. Plus, more jobs are executive or office jobs, so it is natural for one to gain weight while working late everyday having no time for the gym. But I do agree, they should get off their fat asses, but you just seemed uncertain as to why things are the way they are. Black people are given good job opportunities, asswipe! Look whose going to be president, a fucking mulsim terrorist nigger. And affirmative action, which I am a firm nonbeliever of such idiocies. Hire him because we “have” to and make the more qualified applicant go else where for a job while we actually do need his skills. That puts businesses in bad positions costing them money. Many times have I worked under a black or spanish guy and I was more qualified with no training than he was with it. But because of affirmative action, they must be hired if they apply. Again, capitalism is the social darwinism. I’d say hire who ever is more qualified and has better attendance and production records, whether white, nigger, spic, sheeny, or yellow. I believe in this because it is rational…things come full circle mothafukka. I do look at my race, and that’s why I have so much pride for it, I embrace it, much unlike these traitors to the fates. They are just mimicing what they see on mtv anyways. Hell if satanic black metal was on mtv as 1/2 as much as niggerbeats, then the white kids wouldn’t be trying to be all ghetto and whiggered out, knawmsayin homes? These “whites” as you call them who are in the media and sugarcoat everything are not white by far…they may have the white skin and even the blond hair and blue eyes, but they have jewish blood in them. They are the sheeny in disguise. Jews control the media, jews are part of the problem in the middle east, the jews we tried 60 years ago to exterminate for their ongoing seemingly social unpleasant behaviors. Almost as bad as niggers: cheap, manipulative, complaining about anything and everything from price, the amount of physical work to do, to room temperature. You give a nickel to a jew and he complains why didn’t you give him a dime.

    The kids said hurry up and kill him because they didn’t want to get caught. Kill him and book it. Don’t leave him alive, he may recover and tell the police who they are. They had no sympathy for him.
    I don’t believe I’m superhuman, because I know I’m not. It’s called satire, british people love it, as do I. But, I’ll try that pain immunity and then I’ll let you know. All genus works for evil, as does all power. But evil in your eyes is just a natural world in mine. And no, this world is shit because people don’t stand up to power, people lack balls, a backbone. So what if you die, you become a martyr. All martyr’s end up being seen as a key to revolution. Like I said early, people are way to focused on petty things such as what one says. That’s why everyone is a whiny bitch now. If for a second everyone could shut the fuck up and stop what they are doing and focus on real matters, events, and agendas, and make politicians fear us, rather than us fearing them, then this world will be right. But nowadays, the word revolution itself can get you thrown in jail, because we let minuscule topics pile on top of great sized ones and we forget where we come from, we forget how this country was founded. I you gathered the one million man march and had weapons and stormed the white house, and then demanded what you wanted from america, then people will take you more seriously. But if all you are doing is talking…well no one is listening, actions speak louder than words. And for the record, I didn’t fail at trying to be normal, for I never attempted nor cared to.

  13. vin.

    i could kill you any time. and who says it has to be at your house.

    buying groceries? dead.

    walking in the streets? dead.

    sitting alone? dead.

    seriously if you think that, that guy deserved what he got, you got problems.

    survival of the fittest right? so your tellin me you think its okay to rape a baby..they cant defend themselvs but seeing as you over power them your more fit for the world so you must love it and think its okay?

    do us all a favour and off yourself you sick fuck.

    and even if your just trying to get everyone upset by saying that shit..well done for being immature.

  14. well, I gotta say, I have said all I wanted to say and NO I don’t think your way of life is right, but it’s not right for me and it doesnt me that its not right for you. hey, while youre not killing anyone innocent, why do i care what your views of the world are? I also do agree with what you said about the world focusing on stupid topics such as plastic surgery and always throwing celebs in our face or always focusing on the jewish side of the story because america and the media is pretty much run by jews. i do agree with the fact that they are all cheap lol and like i said, you seem intellignet, but very negative. yes there are way more important stuff than using words that hurt and bla bla bla. they never hurt me, they are just a bunch of letters put together in my eyes given meaning by the same morons that have their feeling hurt by it. i just think think there are better ways to get your voice heard than using the worst possible negative words (in others eyes) to describe people. People might actually listen to what you have to say because you do seem intelligent (on a very disturbing yet smart level) and they might actually try to follow what you say but when you offend pretty much every single type of person in the human race with one blog post, then people will not go with what you say. I used to talk the way you do but I realized the way to talk to idiots which take up 99% of the world is not by fighting but by always speaking calmly slowly showing them that you will not stoop to their level. but hey it’s your life and you can talk however you want like i said, as long as you dont kill people for fun or for whatever reason besides self defense or survival. I also do agree that people always whine but when it comes to take action they go to mcdicks and stuff their faces with their lazyasses and yes the leaders of the world always fucking do what they want because the shit the feed in the media is eaten by 99% of america who are dumbfucks and dont bother doing any research on topics beyond what they have been told just like these religious morons that just follow a book. and no i am not a hippi but thanks for implying since they are peaceful hahaha anyway im not one to judge you or others but like you, i do think that i am above most people because most people are dumbfuck cunts….i do have hope though with all this rumours of december 21, 2012 being the end of the world as we know it so fingers crossed for that. that will be one day that fingers crossed, me and you can both enjoy the human race fight for its life because the end is coming and that, will be the ultimate survival of the fittest and no amount of scheming can save the motherfucking leaders from that!

  15. ps New York buliding collapsing was an inside job. the american government staged it and planted bombs inside the building so when the planes hit, it would do more damage and while lives were lost, it paved the way to start fighting THE WAR ON TERROR or in smart language, invading iraq and afghanistan and the middle east for oil while having a cover up reason. I know this because I am friends with one of the princes of Saudi Arabia and they take bribes from america to do some of their dirty work for them!

  16. Jim, you are an idiot, you bring no relevant point to the table. Thank you for being most woman-like by not submitting any point of view or observations and just making obvious statements which are refutable. You do not provide any evidence of how you would/ could kill me. Plus, if you wished to, then you are no different than I. Acting as all women do, jumping to conclusions with no real form of comprehension, you must have missed the part about me being amazingly observant to all of my surroundings. Unless you are a sniper, you’re not going to kill me. And if you were/are, then you would be awesome, but judging from your poor arguments and woman-like conduct, I believe you to be lame. Please don’t post here again until you are ready to have an intellectual standpoint with verified information. Just throwing words around with no points to back them up is childish, moreover, woman-like. Grow a penis.

    Ok, now for the real intellectual argument, aka, the fun part! Oh damn, looks like there won’t be an argument this time, balls. Anyways, I respect you, Cage, as a fellow intellect, and do agree gossip and TMZ bullshit rules the airwaves and television screens, and the media is run by the jews, which are greedy and stingy. I do not think I am totally negative, I’m pretty much balanced, for all my negativity I counter with optimism. There are indeed many ways to get your voice heard, however in these times when the media only shows glam and grime, you have to be an extremist. If I turn on the tv I will see beauty ads during the commercials of the news portraying the Al Quida or other wars in the middle east. So to be heard, I use offensive language, because I know people will become upset and make a heckle about it. That’s good for me. Like Howard Stern, people listened for two reasons, “What will he say next?” and, “What will he say next?” People hated him and listened, people loved him and listened. So whether you agree or disagree with me, I will still be heard by masses because I use vulgarity and racial slurs to get my point across. World is full of moron, true. And I can’t wait for 12/21/12. I so hope it becomes like MadMax or some shit…the thought is almost orgasmic. Whoa, that’s kinda kool….but yeah, I knew about the inside job a long time ago, I just used it as a reference as the “real world” in which I live in. As in reality, it actually happened. But yeah, also what was Bush doing for his whole first year in office….playing golf? The gov’t needed something to happen so he looked like a good president, plus because most people in the popular vote didn’t want him in office in the first place, many lost patriotism. So, it also served as a purpose to retain everyone under one flag. You and I seem to have the same opinions and mindsets, however we just disagree on sick fancies….

  17. ya i realized that we have the same mindsets, and trust me ive tried to be as numb to this world as you are, but i cant seem to lol i def agree with the part of using offensive language to get you words across because nothing gets attention like controversy, however, its usually not so much the language as it is the topic that has to be controversial to get attention. I can say god and religions dont exist, which i believe so, and it will get enough attention as it is without me having to say any other curse words but i do believe your way is a good way too. i do respect you too as much as we are different, we are the same. were both ready for death and prepared for it except i dont think anyone deserves to die without a good reason other than survival of the fittest! whatever happens, just like you, I get a mini orgasm everytime i think about this world on dec 21, 2012 and i celebrate harder each new year that it gets closer. i can not wait to see humans finally pay for their actions!

  18. vin. seriously if u think that that guy deserved what he got in the vid because of survival of the fittest you got mass problems. and i think you know it.

    i dont have to throw around big words to sound intelligent. or ”man like.” i’ve read some of your arguments and watever.. your obviously racist and sexiest.

    so here it is.

    you live alone

    u no all your surroundings 150% so u probably never leave your house.

    ur racist

    ur sexiest

    and u think what this guy got was good.

    have you got mental issues?

    i think we both know the answer to that.

    grow a penis?? haha u make me laugh.

    why would i want to grow a penis…arent men stronger therefor more fit for the world?

  19. ” Vin- These guys are awesome, jail?!? They deserve an award! A medal for their accomplishments! Finally some clean footage of people being tortured and murdered mercilessly! I saw the one on this site, where can I find more? I usually like snuffx.com but they take awhile to update. Anyways, great hails to these kids! ”

    give me a reason why they dont deserve to be in jail. and dont write a paragraph, for my ‘woman’ brain cant process it all.

  20. I woke up this morning, and I actually realised what I am doing, I shouldnt be here on these websites, im so sorry everyone, I will go and hang myself off of the highest building, I am scared of this world because I am gay.

  21. I’ve come to the realisation that the fact that I am homosexual has left me unable to face the world I live in. These sick fantasies I have are just a cover up to what my life has in store ten miles down the road. Im scared. It has taken me alot of courage to come out with the brutal truth like this, but if anywhere it should be here because my identity cannot be given out. If I decide to keep my life tonight, I will continue arguing on this website to bring myself comfort that I am above other people because we are still looked at in a bad light. Im sorry.

  22. Oh, so now you do the most pitiful thing, JIM, just post as VIN, sure….cuz there are enough people on this forum (for lack of better term) that it will really matter. If you actually look at the names of other posters, you will mainly only see Cage…which I am dead sure he has not or will not fall for your mockery. You are just being childish, you can’t handle any opposition maturely. “Why would I want to grow a penis?” asks you. Are you implying that you are truly a female…? Racist, maybe; sexist, maybe. Fact is, I am undecided. If I see a woman that does not act “woman-like” then I give her respect and dignity. Again, I treat those who live above their stereotypes as true people, the rest are just drones. Also, I work on average 60 hours a week in many different locations. I am hardly ever home. I am just naturally super observant…on everything, physical space and landscapes, people’s personalities and characters, so well that I can tell when people are completely true and are lying and bullshitting with a straight face. I do live alone, you 23, working to survive…I know survival of the fittest, I’m living it in social bounds. No, I have no mental issues…and for your simple woman-like mind: I think what happened to this guy was great! (If it was real) Basically, people dying and suffering = me happy! 😀 People are dumb, idiotic, stupid, self-destructive, non-comprehensive, scum. Stupidity itself should be against the law punishable by death. I believe a person should possess a certain level of IQ in order to be allowed to live. And because they are stupid and ignorant, I hate them. Therefore, I want most of them to be withdrawn from this existence. Those who kill people thin out the herd. For if you live in america, you can’t walk 2 feet without running into a mexican. These mexicans and other south americans come to MY country and over populate MY cities and school and then expect ME to speak THEIR language. Inconsiderate bastards. If you do not agree with me than you are living in bubble thinking the world is much greater than it is. Go walk though Harlem, or Compton, see the fact that black people are indeed lazy and cause their own problems. Until you lived along side them as I have, I believe you have no true reason to judge them in any manner, positive or negative. That also goes for racists hicks out in the boonies that are just born into racism without seeing exactly why their parents or grandparents are racists. Though I may be still quite young, I have had much life experiences. Everything I say and believe because I have seen it with mine own eyes and heard it with my own ears from the subjects themselves. This is also why I will not apologize for anything, especially that which I have said in this forum. So you can keep on falsifying posts supposedly by me, but know that it will get you nowhere and no one will see it and it only proves just how woman-like minded and childish and immature you are.

  23. dont give me this shit that people are stupid and bla bla bla. cause if 5 guys jumped out of know where and grabbed then did that shit to you. now who feels stupid.

    its not fuckin right what the guys did based on “survival for the fittest and stupidity” doesnt work like that. and if you think it doesn you should be the one gettin a screw driver in the eye while your still alive.

  24. VIN…that person who posed as you on the other comments also posed as me in comment number 10. with nothing intelligent to say, they stoop to new lows lol

    Jim…i agree that this man didnt deserve to die and also that no one deserves to die unless they really are stupid then they should die cause they are just wasting resources that could be given to us intellignet humans. BUT you got to admit that VIN has a clear view of the world and the only way he takes it to the extreme is because thats the only way people get heard. Im sure if he had wrote what anyone else did, no one would have even noticed him thus why no one responds to any other post but his 😛

  25. but even less intellegent people shouldn’t die. i mean hey i play music i’m real smart in that theory based and practical but jsut cause i’m better does that mean who doesnt match up to my lvl deserve to die? or if someone is better then me i should die? no.

    no1 deserves to die at all.

    i’m not religious or anything but fuck. do get stabbed in the eye and still be alive. thats wrong.

  26. Cage: that guy is a cocksucker, people like him should get a screwdriver in the eye. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    JIM: there are things called skills and talents that most people possess. Some are naturally more mechanically inclined than others, while some people can understand musical theory in more complexities, and others are better at dancing or sports. What it comes down to is not which one you have, but to be able to nurture and train with it. To become a master in the field. The people who do not take whatever natural abilities they possess and make something out of themselves just become wastrels of resources, as Cage mentioned. The more you give to society, the more you can take from it, and vice versa. Any master position is high paying, even if it is just middle class. So the more money you make the more you can give and the more you can take. But then we have people who use society as a crutch and cannot fend for their own, why is this person a burden on society now, why can’t he find a job or a good job. More than likely, he was lazy and stubborn and didn’t want to change his ways for the better. Well then, he should suffer, and if he dies, then eh, he dies. Good, more money, food, and possessions for the rest of us. And again, 5 people are not going to just jump out randomly from nowhere without me seeing them, unless they are navy seals and I’m in a swamp. I know I’m safe because I am observant enough

    So my one sentenced answer to your question: I believe this guy deserved it because he was not observant enough.

    Now, before you go ahead and write at my with anger and calling me apathetic, which I pretty much am, let me explain my reasoning.

    We live in a sick world, not just now. Whether 2000 years ago or more, or 2 weeks ago, or 2 months in the future. People kill people, people rape people, people steal from people, people eat people, people have sex with dead people, usually their own murder victims, people display dead people to ward off opposing nations’ armies. Because of this, we must always be on guard, much like the vikings, minus the mead, but always prepared to defend and conquer when necessary. That is why I am a firm advocate of the second amendment. Give everyone a gun and the world will be a safer place. Yeah, you’ll get loonies, but the sane will be able to blast them away. At first, I am sure there will be slight chaotic, but no more than a week will be learn to be more safe with their guns and with every action. People will value their lives more and be more productive and constructive within the society because they know that at anytime a bunch of people could decide that you’re not good enough so they’ll cap your ass. At first people will be in fear and then gradually learn to deal with it. Only through fear can one become fearless. Plus, no country would ever want to attack a country with armed civilians.

  27. I think you misunderstood me. I don’t mean whoever is stupid in music or school or whatever that doesnt measure up should die, cause we are all smart in one thing or another. My point is, if someone is stupid to the ways of the world and lives in their own fantasy world where they are obssessed with their looks and throwing up their food and have no idea what the fuck is going on in the world and the hidden agendas behind it, then they are just taking up space on the planet of those who can actually make a difference so they should just drop dead. AND im NOT saying the should die in the the disgusting way that this guy died, maybe they should just be poisoned or shot in the head. you know nice and quick!

  28. VIN…I think you sentence shoudl be rewritten. he didnt DESERVE to die because he wasnt observant enough BECAUSE he didnt do anythign wrong to deserve the death BUT the reason he didnt survive this horrible death that he didnt deserve is because he wasnt observant enough!

  29. ps as a living example, i can agree with Vin that you have to have to be exposed to fear in order to become fearless. before i saw this video, i was actually more afraid of people than after because now i realize that if someone doesnt have respect for my life then they dont deserve to live either so i will kill them with a smile on my face if they even try to kill me!

  30. Eh, it’s all semantics. He wasn’t observant enough and according to nature, that is a reasonable explanation of why he deserved it. After all, you can train yourself to be observant, you have the capacity to do so. It’s like training yourself to run fast or fuck for 10 hrs straight, like I can. (Which is true….yes ladies 10 HOURS!!! AT LEAST!!!!)

  31. Every word you read of this is useless post is another second off your life. Don’t you have other things to do VIN? Is your life so empty that you honestly can’t think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with this website that you give respect and credence to all who claim it? Do you read everything you’re supposed to read? Do you think everything you’re supposed to think? Buy what you’re told you should want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you’re alive. If you don’t claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned.

  32. Radio man: i am 23…and i have been told my whole life that my sick opinions will change since i was 16, however they have only become stronger as the years tack on.

    Tyler, you have obviously not read a word I have written. I have stated numerous times that I am not home all that often, in fact I was just out with some friends. And I work about 60-70 hrs a week. I live on my own, and I’ve quit many jobs before for numerous reasons, but I like the one I have now and there is no reason for me to quit, especially since I am trying to improve my standard of living. If you read more of my posts you would notice that I am not a drone of society, that everything you have told me to do I have done many time over. Fights, I love them, whether friendly spars or straight fighting for survival. My life is not empty at all, I have way too much ambition to let it go to waste. The only reason I reply so much is because I keep getting emails from this site stating new posts have been written. I am but curious to see what others think. I believe I read enough, but I am completely freeminded from the rest of humankind. I am in no way materialistic and never gave in to fads. I hate shopping. I meat, erh…I mean, I meet members of the opposite sex all the time. Masturbation is way too much fun to give up! HAHAHA I constantly take physical risks just to feel the thrill of living. So, I know I am alive. I have more than claimed my humanity, I claimed my independence from most of it. And as I once already posted, I believe in raising survivors, not statistics. For instance, this man that got the screwdriver in the eye is a statistic, but I would have been able to find a way to avoid being hit in the first place. I will raise my children to be survivors, for if I do not, I chance raising them to become just another statistic, thus raising statistical numbers. I love double meanings. So yeah, anyways, your input, Tyler was pretty pointless for me, however,, others should heed the warning, for he is mostly right, except for quitting your job, in this economy, your lucky to keep it. You don’t really know you’re alive until you feel pain and the threat of sudden death.

  33. Beaner, I am 23, I do manual labor, constantly picking up heavy pieces of metal and other materials and transporting them on my shoulders. I have an athletic build. And yes, sex for 10 hours straight. I have a lot of endurance, which helps me keep going through the day and when I spar and fight. I think I was 7 when I received my “first kiss”…to be honest. Now that I think about it, I recall once referring to myself as the most balanced personality. For instance, I have proven to most of you that I am intelligent, I am very hard working and in very good physical shape, I pick up on new concepts and ideas quickly, such as starting a new job and learning different languages. I’m like an equal mix of brain, brawn, and dexterity, with a strong will and set morals to live by without emotional bullshit. The perfect human. Therefore, better than everyone else….HAHHAHAHAHAHA

  34. u guys are fucking hilarious for you guys to care so much and write so much is too funny and vin your fucked up dude you need to see someone about your problems bro for anyone to be able to think that someone dieing fake or real is funny is fucked up you should be shot and killed its fucked up people like you who do stupid shit like these kids….

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