Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Murder Guy with Hammer and Screwdriver (3 Guys 1 Hammer)

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Murder Guy with Hammer and Screwdriver in Ukraine

If you have seen the Beheading of Eugene Armstrong, it will probably not seem as bad once you have seen this video. This is a real snuff video, recorded by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs – a group of your Ukrainian teen boys who filmed themselves murdering a guy with a hammer and a screwdriver. This is a horrific, real snuff video, likely the most graphic and violent video on the net. Be warned, the video, which became known as 3 Guys, 1 Hammer is upsetting.

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (aka 3 Guys 1 Hammer) was a group of three 19 year old boys. Within a span of one month, the teens brutally murdered 21 people. They started off torturing and killing cats and later moved onto killing people. Their first victim was murdered by beating with metal rods, but since it took him a while to die, they’d used hammers to finish him off. Hammer must have seemed like a decent tool for killing as they’d continue with their killing spree using hammers as primary object with which to kill. They would video tape their murders on a cell phone camera and would attend the funerals of the people they’d killed.

One of three teens later on quit but the other two continued with murders. The police eventually tracked Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs down and detained the teens, which brought immense relief to the people of Dnepropetrovsk and the rest of Ukraine who watched with terror as there was one brutally murdered victim after another. The computer that was seized by the police contained videos of 21 murders and over 300 photographs, including images from funerals as the boys would capture themselves flipping off the graves of their victims.

The police did not reveal how they caught Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs but investigation on motives uncovered brutal truth – the teens were killing as a hobby. They were murdering people to have a collection of memories when they get old. Each of the boys, who were classmates and come from wealthy families admitted that they were killing just for fun. They were picking their victims at random – mostly people who looked like they would not fight back.

The names of Dnepropetrovsk killers are:

  • Igor Suprunyuck
  • Viktor Sayenko
  • Alexander Hanzha

English translation of what the killers are saying:

“Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck!” likely saying that to watch out for the blood.
“Hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t hit him, don’t hit him. Watch him…” the rest of the sentence is indistinct, but he’s likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he’s zooming in to capture the close up
The following audio is unclear.
[After the screwdriver stabbing]
“What? With what?” as the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim
“What, he’s still alive?” says the guy stabbing the victim
“He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines” the cameraman muffles indistinctly
“He’s having a fucked up day” says the stabbing guy after he’d stepped on his stomach.
[More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver]
“Get over here fast. Kill him already.”
“What?” says the stabber
“Kill him already.”
“I already put the hammer back. He’s already dead.”
“I poked out his eyes and he’s still not dead” says the cameraman
“Get the knife” cameraman continues
*Proceeds to bludgeon him then interrupts by saying something indistinct*
“More, more” cameraman telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he’s dead
“Hold on, hold on”
*They start walking back to the car*
More muffled talk from the blond killer
“Wash your hands” cameraman says and tells him to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer
“I’ll hold it”
*Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer*
*More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car*
“I stuck the screwdriver in his brain” says the camera man
*Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands*
“I got him in the nose from his eye” or something along those lines
“I don’t understand how he was alive? I felt his brain” says the camera man
“I was holding the screw driver like this *muffled/don’t understand*”
Before the video ends the blond guy says “Alright, let’s get a picture”

Horrific snuff video recorded by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs is below, but be warned – it’s the most gory video you will have ever seen. Don’t take this warning lightly!

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    1. I wished I never viewed this footage of the torture and agony this poor guy endured,.. I saw this a few months ago and the graphic nature still hunts me today. Those sick cunts that did those unspeakable acts of inflicting such suffering need to die !! And I mean those mutha fuckas made to lie on ground facing each other, and their fukin heads pulled up by eye sockets. Then their throats cut to bleed out by a blunt knife, one by one!!!!,..Just like happened to those Russian soldiers on Gore….

          1. they are not white / Slavic. 2 of them have a common phenotype of people with Turkish-Mongol blood – Jews / Khazars, Georgians, Armenians, Chechens, the other has a phenotype common to the Tatar people – who are a mixture of white and Mongoloid

          2. This is my second favorite video,I love this guys they’re so special to me,their story is just amazing I hope they’re ok :3

        1. I agree its not that bad, they should have used feces to smooth his facial damage like shit bondo then pluck his eyes out and smoke them, maybe stick cocks in the eye sockets then send this video to his children and do the same to them

          1. You are sick fucka that needs a reality check count cockula. Remember karma is one sick mother fucker, what he what you say because it’s not funny one bit. You need to grow the hell up.

          2. You posted that in 2015 and you haven’t posted since, hopefully sick fuck you have been killed in a inhumane way just like you wish upon innocent lives.

        2. This poor victim was an innocent man who was attacked by two scumbags that had no right to live. Some of you forget that this poor man was married to the same women for over 25 years and had a productive life with children and grandchildren. I fact he was on his way to spend time to see his grandchild until he was viciously attacked and murdered in a most brutal fashion. His widow and children and grandchildren will never see him again!! Not to mention the killing of a pregnant women who they cut out her unborn foetus and threw it in the weeds to die like a dog! And you have the sickness to claim they are your heroes???? I hope you go to hell hanibi, very soon!!

          1. Amen….
            I was sick reading Hanibi’s comment “This is my second favorite video,I love this guys they?re so special to me,their story is just amazing I hope they?re ok”
            There is defo something wrong with anyone who thinks what they did to this poor man or any of their innocent victims is something to be admired.

            The two killers admitted they picked out victims that would be easy so old men, young women and homeless, They’re cowards.
            But sick fucks will always have freaks falling for them, look at all the love letters and marriage offers serial killers Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez got…
            Women were attending their trails throwing themselves that men who would kill them without a second thought.

          2. Well, I’m not even from an english-speaking country. Excuse me if any word is wrong. I found the comment of this “hanibbi” ridiculous. I don’t wish her any harm, maybe she’s a sick person too. I wonder if he would like a screwdriver in his face, a light pull in his eyes. Insensitive. I wish her everything bad. I don’t care about boomerang.

      1. It’s okay, these morons are gonna get it ten times worse in jail when ther fellow imates finds out that there are doing all this for fun. That is a tottaly disrespect to the imates. Iy’s just like killing a woman, they will get there ass beat. Even imates have certain codes they have to follow. I’m so surprise that there are not found dead yet, especially they are in a russan jail. What a bunch of coward piece of shit!

        1. A lot of the stuff on this site doesn’t bother me too much. When a victim is dead, of course it’s sad, but they’re way past caring about whatever is going on with their bodies at that point, so it’s a lot easier to stomach. But this… this video is something else entirely.

          I’ve never been able to finish watching it the whole way through- I’ve skipped around to get the gist, but I can’t stand listening to that poor man’s moans. Watching a person die is infinitely more horrifying than seeing them dead.

          The part that unsettles me the most is when the psycho is plunging his screwdriver around in the man’s eye-socket, into his brain, and he reaches up weakly to try to cover his face. Does this movement indicate he has some cognitive understanding of what was happening? Because that’s just… there’s really no words.

          1. Agreed. It’s one thing to be fascinated by this human-condition stuff; but it’s fucking demented to like it and to cheer for the murderers. May the cheerers get what they deserve.

          2. Well said @macabremommy. I thought the exact same thing. As I watched in horror I was thinking he might have not had any cognitive ability to know, past the first few blows, what was happening to him. But when I saw him try to defend the attack on his eye, I was convinced he was well aware of it all and the way he was agonizing was just beastly, awful, and gruesome-to say the least.

            I also agree, seeing a video of someone already dead is bearable, but watching someone agonizing in their last dire moments it’s horrific!

      2. It makes me angry to see what these little fucking monsters did to this man (and to imagine what they did to their other victims).

        Boy, that good ol’ Europe sure knows how to manufacturer evil, doesn’t it.

        I consider evil to be something that must be hunted and eradicated in order for good to thrive. So if I were given the opportunity to kill these monsters, I would leap at it.

        As I watch this abomination, I pray that the victim was insensate through most of it — his senses blurred by overloaded signals to his brain resulting in not really quite knowing or feeling what was going on to him. I don’t know that this indeed happens; I only wish for it to happen. I hope that nature and physiology provide that mercy.

        That part of the world doesn’t believe much in the death penalty, does it. I guess these vermin will not get the actual punishment that they deserve. Barring execution, the next best thing for them would be for every day to be a living hell of torture and terror. But I cannot count on that being meted out to them in any substantial quantity.

        In short, I don’t really have faith in justice. I am just glad that eventually everyone and every thing dies.

          1. I watched, listened, and read all of the comments. Not shocked, or surprised, but deeply moved, even a rare tear. The pathetic, prolonged gurgling, suffering moans due to the punctures of his brain through his eyes and the lungs as well became too much. I had to stop the video twice to get through it. The fact that all of these 21 torture / murders were random victims makes the crimes that much more hideous and sad. I used to try very hard to see the good in people, but eventually gave up and isolated myself in the wilds in the company of the “lower “creatures. Wilson, you also noticed the obvious decline of morality worldwide in today`s youth. Those who have not seen the growing apathetic, and even sadistic tendencies of teens right here in the USA are either morally blind, or wantonly ignorant. Be wary people, you or I could be next; perhaps this very day. Remember, if this happens in a stifled country like Russia, imagine how much more easily it could happen to you in a “free“ wide open land like ours. I hope this very sad video saves some innocent lives…As for punishment for these lost, cruel, evil fools, I think a very slow ( 3 or 4 hour ) wood chipper ride, feet first of course, for all three with the screwdriver king going last..

        1. Its not in Europe and also death penalty hasn’t stopped any murders in the USA, if your a homocidial maniac its not something that you give much thought, I’m fairly sure a few on this site have the fantasy of giving this a go, they wouldn’t watch this sort of thing if they didn’t like the thrill, only difference is s these Ukrainian s probably didn’t have access to the internet so made there own gore

        2. I so agree. This video saddened me so much. I took several look away, and covering my eyes but I made it through. But I could here his horrible suffering. This kids have floored me. What could be wrong with them, to be so insensitive and cruel

        3. I don’t believe nature has mercy. Would be too easy. No, as I heard while watching, the poor guy felt everything these bastards did to him. Fuuuuuuck!!!
          His way out of this world wasn’t the easy way…RIP, as we say…But wow, this will be in my mind for a while…the sound, and the cruelty of the others. Meh…

          1. I seriously doubt that he felt much of anything by the point the video started. Plus look at it this way, he looked to be in his forties at least, which is quite an achievement in a place like Eastern Europe. Plus, if you want see the most depressing documentary ever, you can just look up the Children Of Leningradsky. Sorry for going on a bit of a rant.

      3. I heard a lot of gruesome rumours about this video, little did I know that it would be a waste of time. I mean, the killers for example; how hard can it fucking be to kill somebody?! You’ve got a hammer, a yellow thing that looks pretty brutal, a screwdriver and a knife, he even removes the screwdriver from his brain when the victim ‘tries’ (and fails) to protect himself. I can honestly say that this was boring, and I expected it to be waaaaay more gruesome. All they had to do was bash-his-brains-the-fuck-in with that yellow thing, seemed pretty effective at the start. It’s not as though you could even get pleasure out of using a screwdriver, maybe use the knife they talked about to cut his stomach open and skip-rope with his guts whilst he just lies there and gargles for a bit, that sounds a bit better, or go to town on his vitals, split his skull with a rock, jam your thumps into his eyes until he stops squirming, that seems a tad more satisfying.

        Also, why use more than one weapon? That’s just more and more evidence piling up onto your court case.

        All I’m saying is: if you’re going to take a life, at least do it properly, savour it (if that’s your thing), or at the very least, make it quick, and with some dignity, this is just a bunch of teens giggling around a body to hide their tears, without a clue of what they’re getting themselves into.

      4. This was by far the worst thing I have ever seen. What is wrong with these kids? They are totally disconnected, and so fucked up in the head. They deserve the same, the exact same as they did to this man.

        1. Around 60 million in 30 years of ruling. Stalin was five ft 4 thereabout, had a withering arm, club foot, and his face was badly scarred from small pox. Yet he stood proud and ravished and terrorized his own country for thirty years. Amazing how one small man was allowed to do this without being immediately taken down. Fear is a powerful thing I guess

        1. Seriously who the hell goes on a spree like that n can just carry on with the day? I get teens being teens even emo goth ones with bad anger.. I was one cutter and all but never could I do that nor would think of anything remotely similar especially to a harmless old man!! Now that’s not to say I couldn’t be driven to violence..we all are cabable especially when threatened or cornnored but this… Fucking skum

      5. I gotta agree on that one and yes I’m really late to the party. I can handle a lot of shock videos. But his moanings got the best of me. Even after all that he was still trying to protect his face. How can we all sit her viewing and laughing about a lot of really sick shit but this video has a lot of us sullen

      6. I agree! Because I just viewed it and it makes me wanna cry and kick some ass for that man who’s in excruciating agony before his prolonged death. Omg that’s a terrible way to go. Then I read they did torture and killed cats also. Omg that’s something that haunts me!

      7. I can’t help it, I wish those boys to be tortured for what they did! An eye for an eye as they say… and I agree with you, not as if we weren’t warned but it’s the most haunting material I wish I hadn’t viewed. It’s one thing to be capable of killing another human being, and as sick and demented as the act itself is, people usually have some sort of twisted motive… but it takes a special kind of sick just to murder for the fun of it. The suffering that poor man endured… again, truly haunting.

      1. Stupid kids, what would one expect. I promise you snuff happens every day there and the police turn their heads. In this case they had no target group. They were all over the place. It does not meet the profile of snuff as it has been for hundreds of years there. Most of the time it happens to boys at age 17, and to be honest I think they are the kind of boys that usually get snuffed. Sometimes people have to disappear there. They respect the kids but at age 17…………………… I have seen cases where the villagers beat and killed orphans as they were released in Russia. They simply did not want them in their village. Others had taken to drugs and prostitution. They just killed them as they were released. At one time it was also common for them to sell them into slavery for snuff right out of the orphanage. It’s a very messed up culture. Oh yeah and they are still Europeans BTW.

          1. Human kind, by nature is capable of evil beyond imagination. Yet we delude ourselves into thinking that each of us is the exception to the rule.
            I would not, could not ever do such a thing, we say smugly to ourselves. But we lie.
            The question is not whether we are capable of evil, of course we are. It is our nature.
            The question is under what circumstances will turn that capability into action.
            You would never molest a child. Perhaps that’s true. But what I ask you would you do to the person that molested yours.
            You can kill. You can betray. You can utterly destroy anything and anyone.
            You can give yourself over completely to your darkest passions. But passions fade.
            The consequences however, those you have to carry with you for the rest of your life.

            You all protest to the video you saw before you.
            You looked for evil, you got it.

        1. XD holy shit, this is a gore site for a fucking reason. This isn’t anywhere near as bad as some of the shit I’ve seen in Iraq. Once saw a sand nigger get crushed by an Abe. His guts came out his face. And another time a saw some fucker planting an IDE, and the stupid bastard stepped on it. Tore his ass up into a million pieces man lol

          1. Hilarious huh? Hats off to you for having to go there and make it back. I find nothing funny about your witnessing senseless loss of life. Very good friend of mine was there with you. Had some sort of guard duty when bomb went off blowing his buddies brains all over him. Then they made him clean it up! My good friend is still there somewhere. Don’t know the guy they sent back.

        2. agreed. if this website does not convince people that we are already in hell then nothing will. no wonder they don’t want us to see stuff like this. not because they care about us, but because we might just wake up and realise where we are and stop believing all that religious hogwash.

    2. Well some people just got that DNA, sadist that can’t see the feelings of other humans. Sadist that miss the beauty of love. People who love to feel the fear of others. People who get power from the fear of others. Monsters that walk among us. A simple sad truth. This is way more common in Russia and former Russian controlled areas where many Russians still live. Another fact, cannibalism is still common in the same places. Snuff is an art form of the wealthy and powerful of Russia. Here we have boys playing a game not knowing what they are doing but loving the feeling of it. TRUST ME RUSSIA HAS REAL TRUE MONSTERS. Monsters the police do not care to arrest. It is what it is and be glad to be American. A place where this sends chills up the spine of almost all! I myself do not know why this is common in Russia. I try to figure it out from Russian history, and pre-Christian spirituality. I know the Russian culture breeds it, as much as it does not breed pedophilia. There is a long history, and the poor are untouchables. They have no rights and are barely considered human. Americans should be very proud of our constitution.

    3. yeah thats right, when they went to “lombardo” to sell the phone they had to turn it on to show it worked and in that moment the police were able to get the coordinates and trace it. These were absolutely deranged and maniacs are the right words for them! I was disturbed by this video, even though im used to seeing such things as im a C.S.I im used to dealing with dead bodies but wathing this video and being able to hear the victim making them terrible noises was totally disturbing for me.

    4. I have tried to watch the full video, since day one, but i cannot do it, still today! How anybody can put a fellow human through so much pain, and suffering, is to me, unexplainable. This poor old fella reminds me of my ex, Hungarian Step father, who was funny, generous, and fun-loving. What a tragedy 🙁 These fuckin pukes, should be squashed like dirty cockroaches, that they are!

    5. These kids took electronics and valuables and pawned them all the time to gain funds for their “hobby”. I forget which one it was, but one of these guys had a car they painted up to look like a taxi and actually ran it as a taxi service illegally. This is how a few of the victims were acquired, but most of them were just victims of opportunity. Now I’m not a very squeamish person or easily disgusted, but this video is hard to watch at times for the average viewer. I just watched it again eating a sandwich though.

    6. it looks like he wanted to be killed, he was concious at all times, he did nothing he was not even tied up, he could have ranned before the guy started using the hammer he could have even stopped them, and maybe beat them up, but it seems he was their grandpa and spoiled them by letting them do whatever they wanted.

    1. i had to watch it 3-4 times i couldnt get through the entire video in one sitting it was disgusting he made such horrible sounds ill never forget that… poor man he must have suffered for ages…

    2. Same with me. Just the sound of him gurgling was enough for me. It made me think of Perry Smith in Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” when he describes how he slit Herbert Clutter’s throat and couldn’t stand the gurgling sounds he was making so he shot him in the head to kill him so he would stop. These kids were some sick SOB’s!
      Dayum it was horrific!

    1. You know it’s, must have, right? Disect your sentence in to each words individual meaning and see how much sense it doesn’t make. lol. Sorry to tag you but this kinda shit drives me crazy. Ever since that mcdonalds comercial where a boyfriend gives his girlfriend a mcdouble and she says, “Awe, you shouldn’t of.” Dumbass bitch.

    1. Remember what you’ve just said. If you’re an America you will be tested very, very soon. The powers that be are working on that as I type. They are busy creating as much havoc as they can to get Americans to start killing one another with race wars so that they can enforce the whole country to be one giant policed state. You’ll ask yourself that very question when you see different races, all American and yes they are the very gullible and stupid, killing one another. Remember that it is pretty easy to go along with evil, but it takes a strong and good human being to defeat it.

      1. Simonbarsinister, do you think YOU’RE going to defeat evil? You, flying around in your red cape like superman erradicating the “forces that be?” Telling people to open their eyes is a waste of your time. They stopped teaching free thought a long time ago, if indeed, they ever did. People don’t WANT to see. If the comments on here are any indication then we are fucked.

        1. I think he is talking about fighting evil through his religious belief. But all us people who are sane and have a brain, knows there is no such thing as god. When will people un brainwash themselves and realize that religion was made up from human kind? It’s put there for all sorts of reasons, money, scamming people, excuse to kill, help the weak with no back bone something to lean on, helps losers have a purpose and so on. you religious people might as well crawl into a corner and let your so call god to live your life for you. You might as well get comfortable because you’ll be there for a long time. You’ll have a better chance running into me than god. So you keep fighting evil with your cross and holly water. What a moronic comment lol. You go super hero lol.

          1. *christian-fanatic-mode activated*

            Can?t you then just please leave us weak believers of God have our “imaginary” spine? When watching this, I can?t help myself praying for the victim?s soul, because it is simply unbareble (yes, I can write, but… xD) for me that there will be no celestial justice, so that in death all of them will go through the same emptiness. It fills me with serenity… God may be an illusion, the bible may be a lie, but my believe makes my life almost worth living.
            I don?t ask anybody to convert to my faith, but just not calling all of us stupid (just to not get too holy; some christians ARE non-thinking fools… Go nuts on them :p!). Think about most famous mathematician in the past, many were quite religious… Some just needs this extra support in life…

            And now, I will put on my cape and fly towards evil, where ever it may be, I will find it and fight it with a watergun filled with holy water …

          2. And the same anger that lives in you is the same anger that lives in them. The only difference is they nurtured theirs till the concept of right and wrong was gone.
            What’s left is pure evil. What’s the opposite of evil? Goodness? Where does that come from?
            Why be good if there are no moral absolutes?
            The teachings of Jesus say, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. And that hate is equivalent to murder.
            That doesn’t sound like evil brainwashing.

            What you saw in that video was pure evil. When you take God out of this world…this is what’s left.

            Most people that wear the name “Christian” are no such thing. Just because you stand in a garage, doesn’t make you a car.

          3. Tundra12555, Amen! (Pun intended.) But seriously, you are right. These ignorant religious fucktards can pray in one hand & shit in the other to see which hand fills up first.

      1. Umm, yup they sure are. I would say turn them into gay slaves but way too many of them need that. Russia is one messed up nation. Snuff and cannibalism are common there. Russia is dominated by pure barbaric males energy. I would not call the assholes I would call them male 8itches. they mind very well if you prove who boss is to them!

    2. I know! How can anyone inflict that on another human being and not only watch but take pleasure in their suffering. Its a sick world, I get scared thinking about my daughter growing up and meeting boys because these guys look normal enough, jesus it scares the hell outta me!!!

      1. Really the truth is the jail culture there is weird. I don’t remember the name they use (it’s Russian) but if they get raped once they have to submit to anyone that wants them that way. One fucked always fucked. The rules are you can’t touch them with your hands. You can do every short of kill them though. Most of the time when a news person enjoys them they are beat hard first so they know who boss is. I have no idea if they will be raped. The best I can figure from my research is it’s likely not. It’s likely they will walk right and abuse/enjoy another. They have some very weird culture and to be honest I think they were better off communist .

    1. you sick mutha fuka hope one day some sick fuck scraps your sorry ass of the side of the road smashes your mug with a hammer raps you up the ass stabs your eyes with a screw driver raps your mother in front of you well your dieing and this goes to anyone who remotely thinks this is funny, rest beside your maker old man and much love to all your family you were truly a example of a real man and fighter,may you have justice may those who did this to you have it be done 10 times fold.

          1. I feel just as you do! I was reading comment reg. the crazy man who killed a man in Fla. & ate his brain…ppl were saying “oh how can they show that – I don’t want to hear or see stuff like that…I posted about these freaks & said “THIS is at your back door – you’d better pay attention to our world today”!! Damn right I’m scared of today’s teen fetishes!

          2. I cannot bring myself to watch this…. I just feel like it will haunt me for life. I also have the same fear as you… to be held captive and tortured.

          3. Videos like this really teach people to be wary of people instead of the typical “stranger danger” that children are taught. You never know what’s going on behind another person’s eyes.

      1. One angry mother, if you’re that into rape, not “rap”, then this needs to be done to you. You’re worse than these guys in the video. Only a hypochristian lowlife would say that stupid shit. By the way, this is fucking hilarious to me. If your rape supporting bitch ass has a problem with this kind of mockery, then you should learn to read. On the main page it states that if you don’t want to see this, then “Click On The Puppy” picture. Also, if you can’t spell, then your uneducated bible school ass shouldn’t be allowed to post a comment. “Much love” to you, you christian piece of shit. By the way, if your god truly existed, this wouldn’t be happening at all.

    2. so u think whatching a man being murdered in the most greusome ways is “AWSOME”? what the fuck is wronge with ur head man. i reccomend that u go to an insane assylume. before u rape your mom or something

    3. BB You are one fucked up sick cunt !! Maybe you need your dense head smashed up with a hammer in a paper bag,.. Then see if you still say ”haha awesome”. You cant a a fucking brain in your dumb ass head to post such shit !!

      1. SO TRUE!!! We’re not even speaking about morality or ethics. Its pure sense and human feelings that are lacked by those dumb idiots and that stupid fucker that said “haha awesome” jheez man.

  1. Yeah…..well…..first, and this is pretty basic stuff, if you are going to do something illegal, maybe it’s best if you don’t record it? Just a thought. Second, I would love to show this video to those who think the death penalty should be abolished. The services of these twisted bastards is clearly no longer needed. If they aren’t the very model of evil, I don’t know what is.

      1. i understand what you’re saying, and it would be nice to have these shits get buttfucked in prison until their rectums are as stretched out as they can get, but you gotta think, the rest of society is paying for their room and board until the day they die. i hate these kinds of fuckers, but honestly, is it worth the tax $$?

        1. Each death penalty case in Texas costs taxpayers about $2.3 million. That is about three times the cost of imprisoning someone in a single cell at the highest security level for 40 years. Every state with the death penalty shows how much more the death penalty costs than life sentencing.

    1. i suppose… but then again the sicker things that happen aren’t usually seen by us…

      But i agree with you on one thing, “What is everyone apeshit about?”

      I admit this is sick but i’m actually the type of person who can watch this while eating dinner…

      Not trolling, just saying…

      1. This is horric. As soon as something is ‘sick’ as in disturbing. Then i think there shouldnt be any levels of ‘sick’. ‘Sick’ is sick. Its like saying i only stole a chewing gum. Well you still stole

  2. Like, wow, I’ve seen all manner of gore and violence and its been a while since I’ve seen anything that makes me feel ill. I didn’t even have the sound on.

    But damn are they unprofessional. Took fucking forever to kill the poor guy.

          1. Yup I noticed the same sick mother fuckers. They looked like they were going back over at the end of the vid. That death gurgling was fucking worse than them failing to kill him.

  3. I think this is sick because he didn’t do anything wrong and they destroyed him. I could watch this happen to them or a pedophile or something in real life with a smile on my face the whole time, but… this is just fucking stupid. Those kids are pussys.

  4. they should b tryed under Sharia law, the islamic law may be critisized by the west as brutal sometimes, but im sure the punishement would fit the crime in this case, torture um till they die, slow and painful. glad its in the ukraine, at least they will get some decent sentence, like DEATH, if it were in the US u would have tree huggers begging for them to live.

  5. I know there have been murderers, rapists and the like forever. I know they are out there. But just actually seeing what commences during such a brutal and horrific murder and knowing that these heartless monsters did this to not only 20 other human beings but countless other living, breathing and loving creatures … just makes me feel really insecure. These victims didn’t do anything. They were helpless to combat their randomly selected death. This really changes my perspective of things. And I hope you people that have left snide and jovial remarks about this realize that this is nothing funny. This is humanity at its absolute lowest.

    1. This may be humanity in its lowest, but then again is this still humanity. What is humane about something like this, I can’t imagine the pain this man must’ve gone through…

      7 minutes of being tortured to death

      That’s really sick.. I f you want to kill someone atleast do it with a good reason and if you do a quick gunshot to the head woud’ve been painles and humane…

  6. great some disgusting foreign children who really deserve to be tortured then burned alive with their families- males females and the children – does not matter. This seems harsh but what those victims had to endure will never be overshadowed by what these abominations of humanity deserve.

  7. What worries me in all of this isn’t that they were torturing and killing innocent people, but that they most likely believed they weren’t doing anything wrong.

    When people’s minds evolve in a deviant way and distorts their notion of right/wrong and good/evil… that’s when you really should be worried.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Its not rather they knew it was wrong or not, they didn’t care. Humans are like computers. We are all trained and made to be what someone wants us to be. But when you incorporate viruses, or bad apples into the equation, we crash and do what something or someone else tells us to do. And depending on what the problem may be, or how long the problem has been existing, the person could never be right again. You can put anything into your head that you want. Feelings can turn into nothing if you really want them to. All you have to do is not think about it, do it and not think about what you are doing. That way you don’t hurt yourself, but you also don’t realize the hurt you may cause someone else. Basically saying, have an I DONT GIVE A FUCK ATTITUDE ALL THE TIME.

        1. I was small as a child & young man & was relentlessly bullied growing up. It actually led to psycho-physical problems where I could make myself physically ill to keep from going to school. However, even after all that, I still have empathy & I have the fear of the unknown after death, that I could never allow myself to do what these people did. It is inconceivable that kids from their background & affluence could have had something so bad in ALL THREE of their pasts to cause this level of conscienceless activity. I don’t know where they will end up a thousand years from now but they need to be dispatched away from us ASAP.

      1. I wouldn’t necessarily say insensitive, more like desensitized. Kinda like when you lower yourself into a hot bath for the first time and your nads touch the water. It’s a shock, but you get used to it, then start to enjoy the temperature at your own pace. BG is all about that pace. Man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man never ceases to amaze.

    1. maybe. i have been looking at this sick shit on here all night long and just came across this video. it wasnt that bad, the only thing that got me was that he still was breathing when they walked away, and the screwdriver in the eye.

    2. It doesn’t phase me either. I can watch shit like this steady. I wish there was more of it to watch. something different, you know? I watched a snuff film years ago that was out of this world. I wish I could remember where I found it so I could watch it again. This chic had her eyes poked out and everything, while she was still alive.

  8. This is sickening. N1K, you’re fucked in the head if you could watch this happen to even a pedophile with a smile on your face.

    Death is not a harsh enough sentence for these three, not by a long shot.

    1. I guess I don’t get it? Ok if it’s a pedophile but this guy was innocent-um, how do we know he wasn’t a pedophile who just never got caught? What if he murdered someone 15 yrs before these kids stumbled across him? I’m just saying-let’s not throw around the whole “this shouldn’t happen to anyone unless” shit. Who is “innocent” & who is “guilty”. No one knows what is in another’s heart & we can never know what someone has or hasn’t done in every second of their lives. Be wise people.

  9. I don’t know how I can live the way I’ve been living knowing that shit like this actually happens on this planet. And Mike, I have to think that they know what they were doing was wrong. Why else would the kid clean himself and the weapon with the solution? And they were hurrying to leave at the end so as not to be caught. They are fucking pure garbage and should be treated as such. Throw them into a trash compactor.

  10. This is the most disturbing and ultimately sickening video I have ever seen. It was horrific how even after they took the hammer to his face he was still trying to defend himself. It was the most groteque thing I have ever witnessed and probably will ever witnessed. If I had my way they would be tortured slowly and painfully until they were just about dead and then left there to suffer. That is the only punishment that seems even rometly close to justice in this case. Can you say antisocial personality disorder? That’s definetly what they have. I wouldn’t even condone that sort of torture on a pedophile. That was just wrong in so many aspects.

      1. I agree maverick. 🙁
        That was almost the hardest part, watching that poor man try to protect himself, not that it was doing any good. 🙁
        I could not watch the whole video. The pain, fear, and suffering that man endured was just too much for me.
        There is no suitable punishment for those three boys.
        @mel, I agree, that would come the closest to what they deserve.
        Definitely the worst thing I have ever seen.

  11. after i watched this video i have philosophized a bit about it, and have come to the conclusion that the only befitting punishement is to reply with savagery that exceeds theirs… their family must be raped, tortured, and murdered in front of them… then the same done to them… i know this is wrong essentially, but its truly the only way such far gone minds may be able to remotely understand the gravity of the bad deeds they have done.. one of those turds apparently loved his mother very much, because in the interview of one of the moms to paraphrase she said ‘he is so gentle, could never harm anything, at times, i cryed and he cryed with me’ … ok, so they apparently do have some human feelings, those must be exploited, and the method mentioned above is really the only option, after all.. to all those that believe in nurture over nature… the family is partially responsible for these monsters.

    1. Been around their kind, it isn’t a matter of having emotion in the real sense. They cry on cue. They think that life is all just an act, and they mimic what’s around them. So his supposed gentleness was all an act. These people are evil, plain and simple. Call them psychopaths, sociopaths, anti social behavior disorder, psychotic, etc. Its all a description of evil.

      1. Absolutely-could not agree more-that was a perfect explanation my brother. They do what they think they are expected to do by reading the body language of others around them. Alone in the dark, they stare blankly like sharks.

  12. Hmmm. This is interesting. I was debating for a while whether or not to watch this. I skipped through and turned the sound off. It isn’t as bad as i thought it would be, but i don’t suggest anyone watch it. I really don’t understand what drives people to do this sort of thing. It’s only disturbing when you think about the man’s family. Those boys should be severely punished- like as in death. If you decide to watch – enjoy!

  13. Is this what the world has come to? And to think people get paranoid about leaving their own houses. No one deserves to suffer like that NO one. Honestly in my honest opinion, the guys responsible for that need jail time with serious counciling.

  14. All 3 of them, should fight me, hand to hand at the same time. I would break every one of their limbs, and hand a blunted ice pick to that guys wife and wak away. The rest is up to her, while the lay crippled with their lives in the hands of that mans family.

  15. … only people have to suffer like that are these fucking 3 craziest moterfucking bastard!!! family of this poor guy have seen this beautiful video? don’t hope… this go beyond reality and limit… I can’t believe what I seen… and, they are laughing in the video… GOD… unreal!!!

    1. Probably all the families of the victims watched some part of all of the videos in court & at the very least, had to go down & identify the bodies at the morgue. What a terrible thing to live w/.

  16. After seeing this video you feel sick or deciding you don’t want to continue seeing it, at least means you have good in you. To the people who think this video was funny or made some remarks like “Is it bad that this didnt phase me at all?”, you have some serious issues.

    1. sometimes people have to understand that torture and murder just have to happen it was that mans that humanbeings time to feel the pain sometimes its time for an innocent to die and get tortured to death

      1. Really, are you THAT stupid. you be saying the same if he was a member of your family? im guessing no and exactly what reason did this torture and murder happen for numb nuts? NO REASON AT ALL. I DIDNT KNOW PEOPLE THIS STUPID EVEN EXISTED!! HOPEFULLY IT’LL BE YOUR TIME TO FEEL THE PAIN VERY SHORTLY.

          1. Hopefullly^ That guy that chatted crap on top, that said somethinng about it was his time to die or something. YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE AND JUST STFU and never speak again

  17. This video is actually quiet funny. I mean sure it is a little grotesque, but you shouldn’t have taken the warning above the video lightly. If you cant stand the blood thats not the part thats bad. The part thats bad is that you cant understand what they are saying… if it was in english it would be so much more funny to see a guy get tortured like that, but thats just my opinion.

    1. Cool well, if it were one of your parents there I think you’d have a different opinion. Or is that too hard for you to comprehend? I bet you never lost anyone your whole life for you to say some shit like that.

  18. these fucking cocks need to be fucking dead by now.
    i hope they rot in hell,
    that shit is morbid and unnecessary.
    these dicks with ears have no purpose in life
    if all they do is play fucking video games and observe- goddamn assholes.

  19. this message is 4 the asshole that wrote its kind of funny.this is 4 you number 36.just image if it was your father or mother and see if thats fuckin funny.those 3 kids need to die the same way there victims died,and 4 all those that think this shit is funny i hope and prey you see one of your love ones get beat like that.

  20. >”This video is actually quiet funny. I mean sure it is a little grotesque, but you shouldn?t have taken the warning above the video lightly. If you cant stand the blood thats not the part thats bad. The part thats bad is that you cant understand what they are saying? if it was in english it would be so much more funny to see a guy get tortured like that, but thats just my opinion.”<

    I love when people write stuff like this. What’s “funny” is that you crave so badly for people to think that you’re “weird” or “crazy.” I know people who would find this funny and get pleasure out of watching it, but those same people wouldn’t come here and post that they think that.

    People who are truly disturbed don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world, because guess what? If you’re crazy, odds are you don’t know it. People who want the world to think that they’re “crazy” and “weird” like to talk about how “crazy” and “weird” they are.

    The bottom line is, you’re full of shit.

    1. Just like you stated, the odds are that “crazy” people don’t know they’re crazy. But, on the other hand, there are documented psychopaths/sociopaths/”crazy” people that have gone out of their way (doing studies, consulting scientists, etc) in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with them because they realized that they are not “normal”. What differentiates these “crazies” from the norm is that they usually have a higher intelligence level than the average human. So yes, they are mentally unstable; but they also are aware of that. Not all “crazy” or “weird” people that post things on this site or state allowed the fucked up things they think are just looking for attention.
      For example, this video turned me on. After I post this comment, I’m going to go watch it again. I know it’s not normal. I know I should be repulsed; but I’m not. I am mentally unstable but I also have an abnormally high I.Q. I could easily murder someone like these kids did. I just have self control.
      My point is: Please don’t judge. You just don’t understand.

      1. What the poster said is completely true. It’s really funny how you don’t respond to the people calling you out, saying the things you obviously crave to hear, “You’re so sick. You obviously need extreme mental help.” etc. But you pay extra close attention to the one person who makes the astute observation that you and people like you, make these kinds of comments to either get attention, or seem weird or crazy. The more far out comment/claim, the better, eh? And your remarks at the bottom about you easily murdering someone and having a high IQ…..do you want a cookie? Who fucking cares? Yeah, and in what way are you going out of your way to find out “what’s wrong with you”. You’re on a website making one liners about some disgusting real life murder. It’s quite comical how this is the post that got you to realistically respond, not the ones that we are accusing you of going out of your way to hear.

      2. Yeah and those documented cases are very few and far between, most people who think this way dont post things like you do on websites like this. Also people who could easily murder people in this way dont really have self control do they you fool, thats how they can do things like this. do you hear a hollow sound if you bump your head? lol. of course you’ve got an abnormally high IQ. Are we talking about abnormally high for a chimp? This video turned you on, if that really is the case its quite clear you actually dont understand the gravity of this material. You should really stop posting your just making yourself look stupid.

      3. Listen.. i bleive that your crazy, sick, weird or whatever else you like to describe your personality as and i also that not all are looking for attention so therefore im saying i believe your statement about it turning you on and you arnt just contradicting your first understandings of the sick fucks out there also i believe you have a phenominally high I.Q… But id just like to say, if this honestly turns you on.. Why have you not killed yourself yet like i know its against your nature but you must understand its not right to live if your mind sets like that. Obvs you wouldnt want this to happen to a family member of your own so nor should you wish it on anothers or eother should you be getting excited over it.. I know id kill myself as its absolutely sickening to think in those ways and the only reason these sick ppl do horrible things like this is because it makes them feel better about themselves in one way or another and leaving comments like you just did may have inspired another to take up such hobbies. Sign yourself in to mental hospital would be a start. I thought i had paranoia allready and have noticed im lets say more aware of my surroundings and conscious of whats going on as i value my life with pride. I do understand that you cant help what goes on out there or can you help the way you feel or your brain works but if you are a clever person then you know your not right in the head. Get help. You could make enemies by remarks like that and there may be another sik fuk out there who would now like to harm you for it although most normal people like myself know two wrongs make no rights. I havnt watched the video because quite frankly things like this would drive me to the point of mentality where id only feel safe if i were armed and ready. Murphys law, what can go wrong will go wrong.. To all out there, be careful! Be safe! Its better than to be sorry x

      4. MirandaKat, you just sound to me like you got a little bit of the old Narcissistic personality disorder and you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. people feel sexual arousal with blood/gore/guts/ect because when their brains were undergoing development some circuits got crossed. Its similar to what causes Cannibalism; the circuits in their brain concerning sexual arousal and hunger get mingled, and they eat the objects of their sexual attraction (if you think about it, this would actually be awesome because it would be like you’re eating and sexually gratifying yourself at the same time.) However, the point is this doesn’t make you smarter. it doesn’t mean shit.

          1. Not at all.
            not everybody does the same things for the same reasons.
            As we say in the medical community, “Duh!”…
            We need less censorship so we are permitted to endure such horrors to remind us WHY good is so good and why evil is so bad.
            imagery on shock sites are an excellent tool to provoke ones morality, but not even close to having it happen in yo face offline.
            and stop validating the comments of unqualified children and stop feeding the trolls u tools! we apparently all have access to the same internets so yalla go read the DSM field version 5 and get yourselves an authentic diagnosis of what these disorders really are. Morons! I mean how lazy can you get?

    1. No, it should be put on line. Some of the things we see on bestgore are truly heinous, but there is a purpose for this. We as human beings are not trained to be critical thinkers. Our whole lives, especially here in the USA, we’re trained to be sheep. What we watch here should teach us to be better human beings. It should teach us to think before we go off the deep end and hurt innocent people. And most of all it should teach us to be prepared and to arm ourselves. I know it sounds like an oxymoron statement but if this man was armed three devils would be seriously injured or dead. That is why I think what we see here is important. People post some heartless shit here like they are superior or above these individuals who have been killed or have lost their lives in accidents, etc. They never take into account that they can walk out there door and never come back. So I’ve learned an awful lot from bestgore.com. I’ve learned to humble myself and I have learned to love my race, the HUMAN race, more then ever.

      1. now i’m curious about you. most of the commenters on here are sensation seeking adolescents, socially dysfunctional rejects, and/or people who actually have problems. and you don’t strike me as someone who comes here to psycho analyze people. you seem totally out of place. don’t mean to sound creepy or anything, but what are your reasons for coming to this site?

        1. I use to work at the Coroner’s Office in Philly years ago and I’ve seen some pretty bad things. But, actually seeing a person tortured and murdered is new to me. At the ME’s office you deal with the end result. I’ve assisted ME’s with victims that died from murder, drug overdose, car accidents, motorcycle crashes, flying debris smashing into cars on the expressway, suicides. I thought I had seen it all because I was around death. Well I was wrong. Some of the videos on Bestgore have made me numb and this is one of them. How I learned about Bestgore was actually through one of my best friends who is a Philly Cop. We had a disagreement over the idea that I think everyone deserves a second chance. He believes that there are those who do not deserve to live. Thank the Creator for the criminal justice system. That is the way a lot of cops feel and that is especially true concerning people of color. So he started sending me the videos of the Mexican Drug Cartels murdering people by beheading and mutilating them. I guess he thought that would change my mind. You can’t judge all people by the actions of a few. We are all human beings and were created to be better then what we are so every now and then I come on here to give myself a reality check. There are some evil people in the world and I do my best not to be like or become a victim of one. That is why I have a license to carry and I do carry. And I have been in three altercations where I’ve had to defend myself, but never pulled my gun out once. All human life is precious. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, or culture. All human life is precious and we are all connected no matter what many of us believe. Anyway, that is how I came across Bestgore. com. You know what? I believe that the beings who did create us from their DNA and the DNA of hominids have been watching us for some time now and are waiting for us to get it right. I hope we do before it is too late.

        1. And as for being astute and intelligent, that is yet to be seen. Especially becuase you contradicted yourself by saying people should stop acting superior than these victims of accidents or crimes and yet here you are saying if you had been attacked and been armed, there would be three “dead or injured” devils. Further, I see NOTHING oxymoronic about any of your statements…do you know what an oxymoron is? It’s saying something like “iceysummer” or “evil divinity.” It is, in fact, using an antonym to describe something. You’re an idiot trying to sound smart…Oh, AND superior.

          1. An idiot trying to sound smart. LOL I’m sorry. I had to laugh at that. You’re entitled to your opinion and you can say whatever you want to say negative to me. It doesn’t bother me in the least. Anyone can be a bad ass on line. I don’t need to be.

      2. I agree! This is a reality check to the truest. We have heard and watched all these shows and mass media “reporting” but it never seems to really sink in because it gets so watered down. Ratings is what the mass media desires. Now you can see and hear what these “entertainment” shows are exploiting. These stupid fucking idiots were BARELY off of the road. You can hear everyday life in the background that has NO clue that a couple of rich sissies are putting a man through the most brutal torture and laughing. After viewing this you will no longer be so detached from the reality of it. You will know that no matter where you are this kind of fucking shit does happen right under our noses. Lot more I could go on and on.

        I watch things like this because I study people. Not because I want to see murders. The guy who says he has seen worse in Iraq gave 2 examples. Those 2 were not worse because those people had a quick death. This poor guy was already bloody when video starts and almost 8 mins later he is STILL moving and no doubt he is still able to feel pain as you can hear. So worse in my thoughts isn’t how bloody it is. This is the biggest wake up one can ever experience.

    2. Oh please, do shut up. If we are never faced with the most rootless evil, how can we overcome it? Any ideas? That’s like saying we should censor executions. If we aren’t TRULY shown what is inhumane, we might just tolerate it.

      1. We have faced it. On 9/11/01 thousands of Americans were vaporized by the evil people who control our government. You know about them don’t you. The same folks that control our Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF. The same folk who control Washington DC, London, England, and the Vatican in Rome. As smart as you are I know that you know. I bet you also know that aluminum aircraft can destroy 110 story steel reinforced buildings. You probably also KNOW that aircraft fuel burns so hot and for so long that it actually melts steel. For MONTHS. Americans like you are too afraid to fight the ruthless, not rootless, devils that run that country. You would rather come here and be brave and bad. Well save it. Please save it because you will have to really use it one day soon and it won’t be against some big Black dude, or some Mexican or Brazilian drug cartel members.

        1. So, you are familiar with Zeitgest, no doubt? I’m very curious about your comments on the aircraft/jetfuel. I mean, I’m of the same beliefs as the Zeitgest Documentary(ies) whereby, I believe the Trade Centers were demolished by Government. However, I wanted to know about your theories on the aircraft. Are you saying that the jet fuel should have burned all the steel that it didn’t? Or, it’s impact should NOT have taken down the buildings? Since 2001, I’ve never understood how people could take, at face value, what they were told by the media and our government. Especially when it “just so happened” that not one, but two, no make that THREE aircrafts made it into our most protected/”beloved” cities without being taken down. Further, that there was ZERO evidence of an aircraft at the Pentagon. But that’s off subject. I just wanted to hear you clarify on the aircraft stuff.

          I also want to add that I wholeheartedly agree with your statements about us being sheep. In fact, I quote Miguel Ruiz, who in his boo, The Four Agreements, concludes that everything we believe, feel, understand and come to “know” as basic “human” is simply “agreements”. Meaning, we have completely subjected ourselves to what our society says is objectionable and/or not-objectionable. This video, if were were to “agree” were commonplace, wouldn’t bother viewers in the slighest. We find it objectionable because our agreements as a human race in this country teach us that this kind of brutality is wrong. If someone were to post a video about how an animal that ends up as a steak on someone’s place were slaughtered in a slaughter house, would the same kind of ghastly reaction take place? Anyway, sorry again for another random tangent.

          1. finally…otherz who think as i do! i appreciate what you shared SimonBarSinister, and crazy2012… thank you for yr insights, i especially liked your analogy about sheeple and their method for procuring meat!
            gawd…i look forward to finding more of yr comments on here…i hope!! i’ve got a fricken headache sifting thru all the chaff.

        2. Nice post. I really got a chuckle out of this since it still amazes me so many people still believe it was only an airplane that brought down the towers, even when presented with overwhelming evidence that points to Thermite charges being detonated, the towers fell at free-fall speed (which only happens in a detonation)…and I could go on and on. People still even believe a plane went through the Pentagon. Heh. Not to mention the fact that the towers would have been the first recorded case in American history to have been brought down by a plane. Ever. But, we can talk about this evidence til we are blue in the face yet people will still dumbly believe Saddam Hussein had WMD’s and that Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11.

  21. I only got about 30 seconds into this and had to stop. I’m a big bastard who’s worked as a doorman in nightclubs and seen some bad shit with gangsters etc, but this is just the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

    The scum who did this will be locked in a mental asylum for the rest of their lives with any luck. Ukraine doesn’t have the death penalty as far as I know.

  22. This is crazy! Especially the part with the screw driver. Those guys really have no emotions. Death’s not enought 4 them. Should make them eat alive by raging dogs. (starting with the legs n the arms, make sure they dont loose too much blood so theyll die really really slowly, put vinegar on their scars once in a while) After that im sure they will andurstand what is called “A Strong emotion”. Mwahahahaha….hahahahahaha!

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