Doctor Fingers Severe Facial Wound in Syria

Doctor Fingers Severe Facial Wound in Syria

Creepy video from Syria shows what I presume is a doctor given that he’s wearing latex gloves, fingering a faceless man. Whatever happened to the dude, it ripped his face right off and this weirdo is sticking his fingers into the blood filled cavities of underlying skull so he has a shocking video for propaganda.

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    1. Somehow that makes it worse thinking that the poor bastard is still alive. I think if i were in that situation i would just want someone to put me out of my misery, and post me on best gore, of course!


    FACEFUCKED, 1. When phatmans penis is rammed forcefully into your face. 2. When phatmans bitch won’t shut the fuck up. 3. When any bitch won’t shut their mouths. 4. When a male touches my bitch, cells her a bitch, or does anything other than treat her like a lady.

    1. Agreed, i recently had a similar experience (Not with a beard tho!!). Earlier this year i had a severe reaction to some meds my dr put me on and it shut down my liver and kidneys. They had to put a central line through my right boob running up through my carotid artery for my dialysis treatments. My hair is long, almost to my ass, and after the procedure i woke up with. My hair soaked in blood. I think the only reason i didnt have to cut it is because my mom had braided it the day before. Thankfully i made a full recovery and now only have the scars there.

  2. I think that he was trying to figure out where his jaw was and what condition his lower mouth is in. Injuries like this are very common when soldiers take cover and pop their heads out only to be met by a close range explosion or shrapnel from a weapon.

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