Dog Referees Knife Fight

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Probably jealous of his sweet man-purse.

In an unknown land, reminiscent of Latin America, two street fighters armed with knives go at it like two bitches in heat.

By the time video starts recording, a submissive fighter bleeds like a stuck hog while man’s best friend makes attempt to sniff his ass.

A stab here a stab there makes the referee dog only want to play fetch or catch, ignoring his duty as ref.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:


79 thoughts on “Dog Referees Knife Fight”

    1. You got in first Bad John ;Weak and useless cunts! What ! Not one person was able to find a long stick ,a chair ,drive the truck onto him or throw their shoes or rubbish bin at him!
      For fucks sake three or four aussies disarmed a headchopper terrorist with a milk crate for god’s sake a couple of days ago and kept a another headchopper busy by running supermarket trolleys into him!

      Do I need to ship aussie men over there to show them how to grow a pair? Are the only men left in Russia ,Serbia and Australia?

      1. Yes, us Aussies – we are the man……
        I once disarmed a stabby knife welding terrorist with a wicker fruit basket. It’s not an unusual thing to do here – everyday sort of stuff, you know…..

        1. i find it genuinely interesting how things are different the world over… over here in england we just let paki cunts stab police officers and shit its great.

          its all out civil psy war over here…. murders happen, but cleverly, unless you are black, they do murders the stupid way…

          lets see how this unfolds…

          1. Lol. Fruit baskets and shopping carts? What are real men doing with those in the first place? Hope you keep that feather duster holstered or things might get out of hand.

      1. I did once. I saw a bunch of teens start to kick a guy who was punched to the ground (over some girl) so I came in, pushed a kicker over, grabbed the poor guy, and got him the fuck out of there!
        I couldn’t just stand there and watch a guy get stomped to oblivion.
        So yes .. tough cunt!

        1. Me too! I saved some cunts from fights as well but mainly by talking down the aggressors ie defusing the situation.

          I notice that it is mostly a high proportion of Aussies that speak in this his way. I think it is because we are only twenty million or so and still have a support for the underdog mentality and fellow man. Maybe with the hundred of millions in the US and of many tens of millions in the UK the populace is just too jadaed and apathetic? Or aussies are still living in he-man traditional roles that are of yesteryear. Or Brits and Americans are just uncomfortable talking about what they may do whereas aussies are more comfortable doing so.
          I also believe that the US and the UK has more ghettos and blacks and Pakis and thus the average aussie being white and christian still feels they must help their fellow man.

          I encourage any foreigner to look up the aussies taking down the somali cunt with a shopping trolley and others a Turk with a milk crate! It should be on youtube.

          1. Unfortunately it’s all true! To be a “normal dude”, and have a stand your ground mentality here in the U.S., is very hard. Every cunt who ever had hurt feelings here has their goddamn camera phone ready to video whatever these SJW faggots view as “harmful and threatening” when it’s really nothing! As I am from Scandinavian descent, I’m tall and not skinny, and am a,………………. hope this don’t upset any fragile fuckheads out there……………but I’m white! There I’ve said it. I’m a white male, so that should piss off those cunts who don’t like normal thinking white guys! Toxic masculinity they say! Stupid cunts wouldn’t know dog shit from pudding unless they fucking tasted both! So anyways,……………trying to help someone in need here could get you arrested or fucking shot by these stupid pigs (police) who like to punish citizens for no good reason other than them having a hard-on for beating people’s asses for fun! That’s what happens to good men here! Fuck it!

          1. Good point! A knife changes everything. I was walking down a street once and a young guy had just been knifed, in the lung. He was with his mate. We called an ambulance (it was before cell phones) and he just lay there saying ”Aaahh .. Not good man .. not good…Aahh..”
            It was awful, and I think he only got the blade once.
            So yeah, a knife is a real game changer.
            All I’m saying is that if everyone rushed the stabber at once, they could disarm him, but it’s always risky to be the 1st one in of course!

      2. Because he has a sense or morality and a personal code of ethics that he has to follow to be able to live with himself? I think being consistent with a your personal beliefs, principles, and actions is key to being happy.

  1. I would HARDLY call this a KNIFE FIGHT. This is simply a KNIFE SLAUGHTER as the man in the green shirt appears to be losing badly and not even get in one single blow. However, by the time the video is recording we might have missed much of this knife fight. At any rate, it’s clear this is the end of the fight and the GREEN SHIRT MAN is losing badly. It’s hard to imagine there are so many people watching in broad daylight and nobody seems to even make an attempt to help or try and stop the fight and possibly save the green shirt mans life. The DOG is not acting as a REF. The dog is sizing the situation up to see if he can jump in and help. The dog KNOWS the person is being attacked and in serious trouble. It’s possible that the man in the green shirt is the dogs owner and the dog is considering jumping in or how he can save his owners life. If the dog IS the GREEN SHIRT MANS owner then shame on this DOG, he could have attacked the other man in an effort to save his owner’s life!

  2. Its rare , when a canine has to referee a stab show like this and not be rewarded for . I wonder how that faggot wearing flashy green measured it terribly wrong taking all those stabs so sportily with the faggot in bloody red seemingly going relentless ; feeling all cheered up by the bystanders with free passes on the go hooting at the timid fucker ,who was damn fucking too weak and yielding like ;as if he were the one and only coward of the country

    Atleast that parched patch of the pavement looks to have its blood thirst quenched after a millennia .

  3. That was the weakest, saddest, not a knife fight, that I have seen. Dude, must have wanted to die, because the attacker had absolutely no knowledge of how to swing a knife. It was like watching the nek minute guy trying to stab one of the Special Olympics teams players. I honestly havent laughed this hard in a long time while watching someone come to their demise. This tops all the previous ways I have seen… This is the most embarrassing why to die, being killed by gumbi….nek minute

  4. Wow, could I tell a story about knife fighting, no one helping, n having to kill some one, but, I would rather not go to jail…it was completely self defense, but you know that DA wants to look good.
    N the purse guy should have swung his purse at his knife welding boy friend me thinks

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