Domodedovo Explosion CCTV Video – Best Yet

Domodedovo Explosion CCTV Video - Best Yet

This video complements our previous post about the suicide bombing at the Russian Domodedovo International Airport. Newly released footage from the CCTV camera mounted inside an ATM machine is the only video of more than 50 cameras within the area where the Domodedovo explosion took place that captures the moment of explosion with all its gory details. There isn’t that much gore to see, but the horror can be felt. The other cameras got their lenses burnt by the explosion so their videos basically stops at the moment of the blast.

The number of casualties of the Domodedovo explosion has risen to 36 from previously reported 35. One of the casualties was in a coma when found, was taken to a hospital but died on February 2, 2011.

The Federal Security Service of Russia announced on February 7, 2011 that the 20 year old Domodedovo suicide bomber was identified as Magomed Yevloyev of Ali-yurt, Ingushetia – one of Russia’s federal republics located in the North Caucasus. Magomed Yevloyev’s siblings – 15 year old brother Akhmed Yevloyev and 16 year old sister Fatima Yevloyeva and his friend Adam Ganizhev were all arrested in Ingushetia on suspicion of taking part in the Domodedovo bombing.

Doku Umarov, leader of the Caucasian Front (a Mujahedeen movement from the Caucasus), claimed responsibility for the Domodedovo explosion and warned Russia of more attacks to come. In the video, Doku Umarov also verbally attacked the USA, Russia, the Great Britain, and Israel and accused them of oppressing Muslims. Doku Umarov said that the western superpowers should surrender to China because Chinese culture and religion are older and more established. Doku Umarov further said that he has dozens of suicide bombers waiting to unleash suicide attacks on Russian targets in what he called a year of “blood and tears” which will precede the 2012 Russian elections.

Meanwhile, Roza Yevloyeva – mother of Magomed Yevloyev (the guy who carried out the Domodedovo bombing) apologized for her son’s suicide bomb attack and sad she felt ashamed and worried for all the people who died or were wounded in the explosion. 54 year old Roza Yevloyeva is a school teacher and a mother of four. Since one of her children is dead having bombed the airport and two have been arrested and are being questioned by the police, there is still one who lingers unquestioned. This is because her fourth son is physically disabled to a point that he never leaves the home.

When asked what drew her son to Islamic terrorism, Roza Yevloyeva said that she “did not educate him that way.” Educated him this way or not, she’s still a mother of an Islamic terrorist and another two who are believed to have helped Magomed Yevloyev prepare his bomb. Given the circumstances, had her fourth son not been disabled, he would likely have also taken part in the bombing. Could we call this a parental FAIL?

The CCTV video of the Domodedovo explosion is below:

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    1. That’s exactly right. But it’s also part of the problem. These suicide bombings here and there however horrible they may be (which they are), are not enough to convince the everyday person (liberal) that WE ARE AT WAR. It took something as big as 9/11 to awaken people to the fact that there is an entire army worth of people who want to murder them just for being American. But since nothing ‘big’ has happened since, or nothing that has directly affected them has happened, people tend to just be anti-war and anti-defense spending because it’s the cool thing to do or they think they’re so well-informed and world weary. Travel the world first. Get shot at or blown up. Lose friends or family to terrorists and then tell me how you feel about your country. I was in the military for 4 years in an infantry unit and if there was any doubt in my mind before I went overseas, it was certainly cleared up while I was there. People say, “Well maybe if you weren’t over in their land hurting their people they wouldn’t mess with us.”
      Who were we invading on 9/10/2001? What infidelity did we commit against Islam when the U.S.S. Cole was bombed in Yemen? What injustice had we perpetrated when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time in 1993?
      The answer to all of these questions is no one, we didn’t and none respectively. I hope one day that all the civilized people of the world realize that we are at war with a never ending army of Islamic Fascists who will never stop fighting you, especially when you stop fighting them. (civilized meaning people who don’t behead other people for God)

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