Double Execution in Mexico

One Eye Gone, One Popped Up - Nice Gore

Double Execution in Mexico

When you hear the phrase “Double Execution in Mexico” a natural response is to think that it was some drug related, gang kill. This cold blooded double murder was allegedly not the case, which only comes to prove that in Mexico it matters little whether you are in drug trade or not, you best watch your step or you could see your precious brain splattered all over the leather upholstery of your fancy car.

Even though at first sight he doesn’t look it, the person in white t-shirt with one eye popped up and brain leaking from the other is a guy. The story has it that he’d been sticking his naughty penis into the holy vagina of the woman sitting in a car next to him. The bad news was that the woman promised at the altar to give her snatch to no other but a man she married. Her husband found out about the bitch was cheating on him and took care of business the Mexican way – executing both of them with a fire arm. You don’t fuck with unstable Mexican’s wife.

Bitch had better given some mean head to have been worth losing brain for. Classic gore gallery of double execution in Mexico is below:

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23 thoughts on “Double Execution in Mexico”

  1. How did he get that angle for the bullet path? Looks like he had to lay across his wife and put the gun in his mouth. I think it must have been that guy in the car shoot the women first then took his own life

  2. Sorry but I must say it didn’t happen in Mexico. It happened in Colombia due to the ruller the investigator is using on the photo of the arm. That logo is Colombia’s fiscalia. (Believe me, I’m Colombian :P)

  3. WOAH THAT’S INTENSE! Her eye is still sitting in its socket even though its nearly popped out because of the impact and force on her left side of the head :O… SOME BEST GORE RIGHT HERE!

  4. I wonder what I’d do if someone looks at me like that and say: “Wat’cha lookin’ at, Bitch??!!!!” Wahahaha!!!

    I think you are allowed, according to the law, to execute your wife or her guy, or both of them, if you catch them fornicating on-act….

    I think it’s allowed here in the Philippines. You see, it is merely the understanding that it is simply a nature for us Guys to kill someone for our women. But since it is law, you are only allowed to kill given that the woman is your legally/lawfully married wife.

    So don’tcha guys touch ma bitch!!!

  5. Them boogers are funny as fuck , thems his fuckin brains huh ? His eye poped out when he seen that slug sailin to his mellon. he had to think…” you fuckin bitch “…then his life flashed befor his eyes & his skull pooped his brains out. She’s still sittin there all pretty n shit. Fuck er in the elbow

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