Dozens of Corpses Hauled by Semi Truck Through Syrian City of Afrin

Dozens of Corpses Hauled by Semi Truck Through Syrian City of Afrin

Afrin (عفرين) is a city in northwestern Syria managed by the district in Aleppo Governorate. The city is inhabited and controlled by Kurds.

The video depicts members of the People’s Protection Units, also known as the YPG (Kurdish militia), hauling dozens of corpses through the city on a flatbed of a semi truck. I don’t know who the dead are, but all the honking appears more celebratory, than grievance-struck, so my guess is these are people killed by the militias.

Props to Best Gore member @milalex for the video:

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  1. Did not see any beards do not think they are Isis dead and it looks like all have been searched tops lifted ect.but why take the time to lay them out on a HGV instead of throwing the bastards in a pick up truck…must be there own

      1. Dude, those Zyklon B shower stories were so fucking blown out of proportion. Same with the death rates. How the fuck was the population 6 million jews in 1938 but some how miraculously Hitler killed 6 million fucking jews. Bullshit.

  2. Why are people so surprised? This happens everyday in other countries aswell. Look at Africa’s Civil war. Also why after being so surprised and disgusted at these travesties,they then proceed to do, jack shit.

  3. Fucking sad what the Central Banking Systems and the Americans, Israelis, UK etc have led the world to…. folk in far off places getting bullets to the head and also getting them chopped off…

    Meanwhile, the governments and media at home are doing their best to make everyone shit their pants at everyone and especially anyone who is different.

    Sad that people back home are divided against the wrong people….

  4. Regardless of the jokes, these young men were fathers, brothers, sons, and I’m sure a few were destined to do great things in life. These wars take away the youth, the core strength of so many middle eastern countries. It will be interesting to see the demographics someday, maybe 25 years from now, of the living population from this generation. Guys in their teens to early 30s are being wiped out and I’ll bet the ratio of men to woman will be extremely one sided if this part of the world ever get’s stable enough to perform a meaningful census someday. When you lose the young men as what happened during WWII, WWI, you get an inevitable result. First comes labor shortages for the local economy and woman will take up those jobs. (interesting to see this in the middle east). Attracted by waiting jobs, teenagers will drop out of school so you will have an uneducated class evolving from these times. Then there is the depression of society from the result of the dead men in the “war widows” and the “latchkey” children who now have no parent to watch them because dad is dead and mom is working. Those kids suffer from accelerated statistics of criminal behavior, psychological problems caused by neglect/starvation/abuse, and systamtic racism will prevail as these kids grow up and need to blame someone for their misfortune. When the wartime society and its domestic adjustments move into postwar, the devestating effects of these wars will rear their ugly heads and another generation of chaos, hatred, and more violence will prevail. The very quality of the human race is diminished by war and this video shows a “day one” of what is to come. Its really sad to see history repeating itself and there is nothing we can do about it.

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