Dozens Gassed to Death with Sarin in Idlib, Syria

Dozens Gassed to Death with Sarin in Idlib, Syria

Remember when Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour M. Hersh exposed the Sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians in the city of Ghouta in August of 2013 as having been perpetrated by the so called rebels, and not the Syrian government as falsely claimed by the Jewish press?

Or the Britam hack – a conspiracy to give terrorists Sarin and blame it on Assad that was exposed by the hacking of a British defense contractor months earlier, although it still did not stop the Jewish press from pushing the false “Assad did it” narrative, and the government of The Kenyan from nearly going to war with Russia over this foiled Sarin gas rhetoric?

Or when it was exposed that Hillary the Obtuse gave stinger missiles and Sarin gas to the Muslim Brotherhood, and deadly cyber weapons to Awan Brothers?

Or when the Syrian rebels were caught in Turkey with Sarin gas and a UN official admitted it was the rebels who used it and not the Syrian government?

Or when researchers, including Theodore Postol – a professor of Science, Technology, and International Security at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Richard Lloyd – a former UN weapons inspector, conducted an analysis of the Ghouta chemical weapons attack and concluded that sarin gas could not possibly have been fired from the Syrian government controlled area.

Or when John Kerry confirmed in 2014 that they got 100% of chemical weapons out of Syria?

Looks like they think with the passage of 4 years we would have forgotten, cause now the Sarin is back at killing Syrian civilians, and the Jewish press, supported by paid internet shills (referred to by the Zio press as “activists“) and Soros sponsored NGOs push the same claims that Assad did it.

The latest chemical attack occurred in the city of Idlib. Reports on the casualties count vary from around fifty to several hundreds. Number of children appear to be among the dead, according to the images of the aftermath.

Expect another attack on Best Gore for failing to promote the fake narrative again.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics:

Props to Best Gore member @twisterrr for the video:

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    1. How fucking terrible! How could a human do such atrocities to other human beings and then go home at night and kiss their children and spouces good night? I dont believe in one but i sure hope there is a hell for these people who kill

        1. Lol heart stopping footage? You stupid fucking Jew that was fake. It was just propaganda to make it seem like Jews are heroic or brave. That was all bullshit like a skit on Saturday Night Live. those fucking kikes aren’t doing shit but killing women and children

          1. Everything is faked to moron conspiracy theorists, got raped by your father one too many times so you learned how to go to your happy place when things you don’t like are happening. Dumb piece of shit like your father was.

    2. I bet John McCain is proud of this, and the rest of the warmongering fucks we call politicians, disgusting waste of human life just to put a gas pipeline through from Qatar to Europe and undermine Russia. Crazy fucked up world.

      1. What about the DALL pipeline that the Lakota have been protesting for the last 6 months.
        It is running through sovereign land right through sacred burial mounds and lake that brings the Lakota the only water they can get?
        They had no permission to build it and yet the government is allowing them to move forward.
        I guess the white man hasn’t taken everything from them yet.

          1. Perhaps you should search my username here and learn a thing or two about me before dissing me. I was a regular here for over five years but left for a few months because I got fed up with all the trash talking newbies that seemed to take over here. At one time most of the members here were like close friends who knew each other well and had respect for other members. I just came back here a few days ago and I can already see that nothing has changed.

          2. I appreciate you responding to my text. I guess it simply means we have a different sense of humour. Don’t let other members including myself make you go into hiding again. Anyway glad your back, and appreciate you responding in a decent way, not what I’m used to here. Can’t believe you didn’t call me a cunt!

      1. aleck Why don’t you care? Because the Jewish kike cock-sucking press programmed you to hate them, with, let me guess, all these false flags, am I right? They’re fucking bullshit! Dumb fuckers like you is why we’re all fucked!.

    1. Islamisdisgusting Yeah? And so is Judaism! Both are cock-sucking parasitic religions. The problem is; they’re working together to bring down the west, so save half your hatred for the fucking kikes as well, you know, just saying.!

      1. I was very naive about reality until I met the site in early 2017. Reality is overwhelming, but I thank you very much for having known the site, it made me question a lot about life. I am only 19 years old, in my short life I have seen how a human being can be a cruel being. I’m sorry for my English, (I’m using google translate)

      2. I was very naive about reality until I met the site in early 2017. Reality is overwhelming, but I thank you very much for having known the site, it made me question a lot about life. I am only 19 years old, in my short life I have seen how a human being can be a cruel being. I’m sorry for my English, (I’m using google translate)

    1. I don’t know for sure.

      My guess would be to dilute any possible residue of the chemical agent.
      So it is more to protect the people helping than the victims, as they have already ingested the chemical agent.

      I think the spasms and the awkward flexing of joints might be sign of a nerve agent, which sarin is, rather than chlorine or mustard gas which only affects the respitory system.

    1. These cocksuckers paid by Israelites, are destroying their own homes, families, and their beautiful heritage sites, protected by the World Heritage sites organizations. W.T.F. are they doing man ? Is money more important than the love of their people, and their sacred lands? I thought that Muslims were against doing any wrongdoings for money alone, and had great morals regarding the love of their people, and their lands when praying to their god Allah ? Also, i find it disturbing that with ISRAEL being their Arch Enemies, that not a single shot was ever fired at them, at a time when they have never been better armed, to do so. With all the American Military vehicles (Humvees) and Artillery, not counting the thousands of state of the art shoulder mounted rocket launchers, and much, much, more, that the U.S. left behind because ” they said ” it would cost too much in staff, and fuel, to ship them back home. With that said, they could have easily reeked havoc, at least, for a short while, sending rockets, Tank Shells, and bulldozing down one of their walls for a quick kick-ass slaughter of a good part of ISRAEL, before being stopped. This was ALL planned by the Americans, and Israel, to make sure that I.S.I.S. was better armed to fight Syria, their main target, in the Middle East, then if victorious, head to Iran to finish the JEWS dirty agenda. FUCK I HATE THEM ZIONISTS!

      1. That’s what helps prove its bullshit. No gloves too.. impossible to be handling these people and not be effected. There is an entire documentary already exposing this. It was pulled off by the apparent white helmet humanitarians. It’s all staged. No joke. I posted a link to it in this thread but it seems to have been removed. Go figure

  1. I watched the Beeb’s top middle east correspondent’s body language while listening to him talk.
    Sickening to see an obviously educated man stoop so low. And to be doing so on a public funded channel makes me want to throw my guts up.


    “Do you still doubt that Sarin is being used on us? Non-reactive pinpoint pupils! We have samples. Will anyone care!? Who will stop it? Syria”

    10 minute video of SARIN ATTACKS in Idlib from Dr Shajul Islam:

      1. I make a research and found out that was a sabotage from those who hate Assad and want Isis to take control over Syria so they can control and steal the oil also I found out that this wasn’t a bombing but a gas canister explode on the ground..but I’m very sorry for those innocent kids and people I wish peace come soon in the world

        1. The is not for oil. it was for Israeli interests.
          Interestingly enough Richard Perle and Douglas Feith participated in a 2000 project report on securing Israeli interests! It is widely known as “A Clean Break:A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” On chilling statement from that report reads:

          “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions.”

          on a side note General Tommy Franks himself conceded that defending Israeli security was at least one reason for the war…

          1. What ever it is, it’s a deadly sin for all those who’s involved to killing innocent people and specially those poor kids!do you know most Syrians are Christians ?I live in Greece and to me Syrians are welcome but with them they coming all type of dirty Muslims terrorists ppl from afghan Pakistan Iran Iraq everyone comes here while in our bigger crisis..I love the Syrians but hate all the others btw I wish peace for world and I don’t see to happen soon enough and that’s a shame ppl nowadays has lose faith in God ..

          2. Yup I know but Syrians are ok ppl I know many Syrians and had relatives there..everything happens by Isis and they are paid well to do their job but soon or late they will pay it karma works and hope will work soon for them and their kids.

  3. الله يرحمكم ياشهداء لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله الكلمات تنتهي و تضيع الجمل عندما تشاهد هذا شيء فضيع و محزن ياأسفاه كيف أصبح الدم المسلم العربي رخيص أما عن التعليقات من استهزاء و تكالب و حقارة ووقاحة أتمنى لكم موتت بطيئة و ألم شديد يا خنازير عديم الإنسانية

  4. No wonder why Aliens haven’t visited us of let themselves be known to us. Why are certain Humans such savages yeah there dirty muzzy bastard’s and that’s there I’ll conceived ospring probably a future little terrorist. But they are still children and human and didn’t deserve to die in such a horrific way. America and the UK have made one of there biggest mistakes in history supporting those opposition groups who are nothing but savages that need to be stopped before they start WW3.

  5. The war in the Middle East has become just as dark as the Middle Ages if not worse. I feel like something divine should interfere with this suffering, and I am not referring to a god but to a super advanced civilization to help us advance and stop living like wild beasts.

    1. Yeah they will not do it though we are like saveges imagine them giving use advanced technology were just use it to make more powerful weapons to kill each other. Aliens have seen we are a endangered species killing are planet not worth interacting with.

  6. It is moronic to think that Assad would actually do this.

    A). Russia and Iran would not allow it, it would taint their support for Syria.

    B). The Assad regime has to know that gassing civilians would bring down the wrath of the world (which is why the insurgents do it, knowing the MSM will be all too happy to put the blame on Assad).

    C). He doesn’t need to, they’re kicking ISIS’s ass, especially if the US would get out of the damn way.

    Unfortunately, all the same old characters are beating the war drums and I’m afraid of the US using propaganda to turn this into another Iraq like land invasion.

    Generals gotta play with their expensive toys or it just ain’t fun..

    1. Exactly. This mess more likely points to the extremist rebels, probably bank-rolled by US tax payers. The media is already pointing to Assad without a shred of evidence his regime did it. The rebels want Trump to lash out violently, and it’s not hard to imagine him doing so. Let’s hope not

    2. Interesting analysis… Exactly…. Why do this? Your statement regarding the US is also Spot On… Although I’ll say we are kicking more ass now than under that Pimp – Obama.

  7. This breaks my heart. Especially the children.
    I don’t know anything about gas. But did they suffer before they died? Or did they inhaled the gas, passed out and died? I hope the latter.

    ETA. Looks like they did suffer, as some were trying to breathe 🙁

    1. You can’t even start to imagine how much they sufferd sarin is a nerve agent there body’s go into overload they will often fall to the floor fiting violently and piss and shit themselfs. All there nerves overload and shutdown it’s about as painful as being set on fire with napalm it’s unimaginable.

  8. This is one of the most horrible videos I have seen on this site. I feel so bad for these innocent people being killed. I wish all the all the crying libertards in the USA would see this and stop claiming to be oppressed.

    1. I think they are removing their clothing due to the chemicals that is sautured in the fabric hosing down their bodies to wash the chemicals from the skin so it doesn’t get more absorbed in their body.. that’s my quess

  9. This post is the one that finally made me a member. Been a lurker for over 4 years. Bestgore THANK YOU for the god honest truth. I wish there was a place I could donate money because you guys deserve millions for putting your life on the line in The name of TRUE journalism the way y’all do. Please be careful, I’m sure as yall already know.. y’all wouldn’t be the first to be killed over sharing knowledge NOT in favor of US propaganda. I knew the U.S. was dirty but Jesus Christ, THIS makes me ashamed to pay taxes and support these motherfuckers every year. Honestly feel like moving counties, by living here we support this shit.

  10. Allah Snack bar, now? You fucking muslims? NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH do you find such depravity….. Such unabashed hate and violence….. Only in the heart of Islam.

    This is the face of Islam.. And remember who brought it into the United States… The Pimp-Traitor himself, Oblama….. And remember who continues to defend these savages coming into the US….. Democrats and Liberals…..

    Liberals… Cancer of a nation

  11. I heard land is pretty cheap in Syria, you might need a bulldozer to push all the bodies and ruble in a hole but other than that it’s pretty nice land. I heard come with a gas mask for when you need every now and then.

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