Drive-by Shooting on New Years Day in Melville Area of Johannesburg, South Africa

Drive-by Shooting on New Years Day in Melville Area of Johannesburg, South Africa

Drive-by Shooting on New Years Day in Melville Area of Johannesburg, South Africa

A deadly drive-by shooting occurred just an hour into the new year in Melville, a a suburb of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. Two women were reportedly shot dead, and six others wounded. One remains in critical condition from a round to the head.

The CCTV video of the shooting shows a black BMW drive past Poppy’s restaurant and open fire on patrons standing outside.

Best Gore member @nrc073 has additional backinfo:

This happened at 1am on New Years Day just 2km away from my house. The story goes a guy was beat up outside the Poppy’s restaurant. He then got into a black BMW X5 SUV, and returned guns blazing.

Thanks a lot for the backinfo and the CCTV video of the shooting, @nrc073:

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  3. I’m not sure, but if I had to put money on it, I’d bet that it was the driver who opened fire. No accomplices.
    I doubt the police are gonna catch the douchebag.
    And I also bet he didn’t hit the guys that beat him up. He was probably so humiliated from getting beat up that he wanted everyone in the bar to catch a bullet.

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  6. Did anyone else cop that convo?

    When he mentioned investigating it the guy said no.. they’d visit him as this was serious.

    They’d visit him too! So it wouldn’t be investigated. Then he says they should send in a “woman that was 25 years old” to investigate.

    This is a conversation between the Police investigating the case.

    What an eye opener… for some idiots who STILL dont believe South africa has gone so far down the drain that they’re letting criminals kill at random and the elite police force turns it’s back.

    … and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

    We always knew this would happen. That’s why we left them to it. So sad. Beautiful country run by fucking idiots.

    1. You’re a dumb ass.

      They’re not the ones investigating. They’re going over the cctv footage and mentioning that when the police investigate they will come to them, I assume, because there’s a fucking camera on the building opposite to where the shooting happened.

      Fuck. I had to log in just to reply to your stupid ass comment.

      1. Exactly,i also logged on to say the same,the guy who has the tape say’s will they (police) come investigate ?The other guy say’s yes they will come,then first guy say’s, i hope they send a 25 yo female to investigate (view the tape).

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      I can tell that you carry deep pain and hatred… but I can assure you that mine runs a lot deeper than yours. I just don’t feel the need to wine about it. Not anymore.

      If you wanna make the most out of what time you have left, then go into each day blind and live in the moment. Hope and want for nothing, then you might achieve something.

      1. Good stuff Jack, pure writing, straight from the heart, I love it!
        We’ve all had fucked up lives (most of us) and even parents that didn’t love us at all, or love us properly.
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        But .. I get to be an artist and musician (write & sing my own songs & record ’em) even though I don’t make money from it, but it makes me happy.
        I actually have plans to sing at the local Jazz Club, which is right on the river bank. Nice.
        So .. keep writing, let people know, what they’ve gotta know .. It’s your chance to shine …


        1. The cold hard truth, Jonny, is that nobody cares. Especially not on here. If you’re still whining, then you haven’t gotten there yet. People just wanna come here and watch gore and have a good time. It is what it is.

          And I forgot to point out that you were not an “innocent cunt” as you put it. But I can admit that neither was I.

    2. Fellow White Aussie here also. Jews, all in Melbourne ? Plenty in Bondi,Vaucluse and Double pay(bay) Sydney,(when we younger we used rip their Eruv cable down,it’s a looped cable that is on telegraph poles surrounding Bondi,Vaucuse and Rose bay,so they can do shit on the sabbath.break the loop, they cant go out).There’s also the same in in the Northern Suburbs of St Ives.

      1. Well said. I mentioned the eruv cable they put up in Melb on here on Bg some months ago.. Came as a shock to me. Like all our Mac foods and probably all meat is secretly halal and Kosher. I cross myself over my burgers in public at Macs to fuck up their kosher /halal shit!

        @badanddy is right though. The vast majority of Jews in Aus are in Melb and have been so traditionaly as the is the cultural capital of Aus and more importantly was the Business heartland of Aus.

  9. This really started my day with a smile. In one act the shooter took out 12 people as it is common knowledge that 1 african hood rat will have atleast 5 offspring and thus by knocking over 2 of these fowl bush monkeys the shooter inadvertently saved us from a potential 10 nigglets.

    All hail the shooter. Keep a steady hand and continue to rid us of this filth.

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