Drive-by Shooting in Southern Thailand (video)

Drive-by Shooting in Southern Thailand (video)

Resting Southern Thailand has been completely off the hook with Muslims killing non-Muslims. At time of this post, 4,453 people were killed by Muslim extremists since the insurgency started in 2004. Given the frequency and ferocity of the attacks, Thailand is home to the world’s most intensive Islamic insurgency in a non-Islamic country, preceded on a global scale by only heavily militant Islamic countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. As if commonly high murder rates and bad drivers were not bad enough, Thailand also gets extra gore points for the practitioners of the religion of peace killing non-Muslims at a drop of a hat.

The video below is a CCTV recording of a drive-by shooting near Pattani River in Muang district of Yala province in Southern Thailand. The attack targeted two soldiers who were escorting a Buddhist monk during his morning alms. That’s right – because Muslims have been killing non-Muslims at a ridiculously high rate in Southern Thailand, Buddhist monks have to walk around with armed guards.

The assailants used a green Mitsubishi pick-up truck to carry out the attack. The truck with two people in the front and four in the back was parked some 20 meters from the shooting scene and moved when the monk with his escort came to vicinity. The assailants popped out with assault rifles and immediately opened fire spraying the group with bullets.

Both soldiers that accompanied the monk were killed in the attack. The monk himself – 48 year old Phra Sawat Khemwino of Wat Hua Saphan – who is seen in the video dashing into the bush narrowly escaped the bullets and suffered only bruises. Once soldiers were dead, one of the attackers jumped down from the truck to get the M16 rifle the soldier carried.

The victims were identified as 28 year old Pvt. Sunsudee Mezae and 48 year old Cpl. Suriya Chaiyan. They were both members of the 11th Yala Special Task Force, the purpose of which was to provide protection to monks in Yala province.

Southern Thailand is a good showcase of how incompetent Thai authorities are. Liquidation of civilians and soldiers by Muslim terrorists has been ongoing and happening on almost daily basis, yet despite claims that they have it under control, the reality proves the opposite. The video is below:

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  1. @ Phil.

    Yes, you are correct re the location of the Pattani River. Please also note that the northern Malay states are home to some of the most extreme Muslims in the whole of Malaysia. Cross-border raids from Nthn M’asia into Sthn T’land are common; as is the smuggling of underage girls (non Malays) into T’land for the sex trade.

  2. Its the Muslims who try to run the sex trade in these areas of Thailand China Philippines and in India too, CNN India’s missing children, kidnapped from the provinces and trafficked to serve the mostly Muslim men. Any gore on Pakistani air disasters or earthquakes

  3. It’s very, very saddening to me that the Islamics depicted would stoop to this level. There are many sects. within the Buddhist belief, but they all retain the basic ideals. Any Buddhist would have been happy to speak with followers of a different religion or philosophy. The Buddha taught to spread the knowledge of enlightenment, but also to learn about the beliefs of other cultures.

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