Driver Assassinated After Parking Car in Fazenda Rio Grande, Brazil

Driver Assassinated After Parking Car in Fazenda Rio Grande, Brazil

Driver Assassinated After Parking Car in Fazenda Rio Grande, Brazil

In Fazenda Rio Grande, a municipality in the state of Paraná, Brazil, a driver was assassinated after pulling into a spot on the side of the road to park.

The CCTV footage of the assassination shows two gunmen get out of a car that pulls up behind the target vehicle and open fire, unloading it into the driver. The driver of the red car waited the shooting out, probably shitting his pants in the process.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Driver Assassinated After Parking Car in Fazenda Rio Grande, Brazil”

    1. @Empty,
      You said it… especially in the big cities during the holidays. I’ve seen drivers get out of their cars and duke it out over a parking spot. That’s why I refuse to go shopping for presents just because of some stupid holiday that stresses everyone out. Instead I give my family and friends a smile and a hug for Christmas. It cuts down on my stress and saves me money too.

          1. The idiot in the black hoodie only used one hand, so his hand was wobbling all over the place. At least the other cunt used both hands.
            But .. they got the job done. One more less flipflop in the World can’t be bad..

      1. my wife stands on the trolley and holds onto the car with one hand and loads the groceries with her other hand. you’re right, she’s a fucking legend for doing that, because i told her once that i’m not parking the car and helping her like a mother fucking homo.

        1. You’re right. You can’t help her out even one time. If you do, you’ll be at the store buying milk and tampons while she’s at the nail salon. That’s full blown super homo shit.
          Your wisdom is inspiring.

          1. cheers. buying milk and tampons will really piss you the fuck off. then you will go outside and abuse some homo parking his car and that’s usually when you get shot.

  1. That video was Way Too Shaky to have been filmed by a CCTV Camera. I,m almost positive that because of the shaky quality, that it was hand held, And was filmed from inside the second floor of that Strip-Mall, by seeing the inside window frame on the right hand side of the video, near the end of it.

    Which begs The Question,,,
    Why were they filming that Car to Begin With???
    Sounds/Looks like a set-up to me Guys no???

    Unless they have inside CCTV Camera’s that can move like that, i dunno @happy @vincitomniaveritas what do you think bro?

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