Driver Deliberately Clips Parked Car to Kill Policeman in Peru

Driver Deliberately Clips Parked Car to Kill Policeman in Peru

Driver Deliberately Clips Parked Car to Kill Policeman in Peru

I have next to no backinfo about this video, but apparently it happened in Peru. The reflective police jackets check out, but I don’t know anything more about it, and that includes which part of Peru it would have happened in.

The CCTV footage appears to show a driver deliberately clipping a parked car to shake off the policeman who appears to cling on the driver door from the outside. I would presume the driver decided to flee the traffic stop, so the cop latched onto the door thinking he’d force the driver to somehow stop.


This happened on Saphy Street, in the city of Cusco, Peru. The driver – Carlos Farfán Oviedo, was pulled over for driving recklessly.

Officer Duberly Medina approached him to ask for his documents, when the driver took off with the policeman’s arm stuck in the rear window.

The policeman shouted for the driver to stop, however Carlos Farfán continued to advance at a high rate of speed, until he reached an area where there was a stationary vehicle and in a premeditated way, made the policeman hit this unit.

Other policemen traced down and apprehended the offender, who tested positive to the ingestion of alcohol.

The aggrieved policeman ended up with multiple fractures in the nose, head and other parts of the body, but apparently survived.

Farfán Oviedo was charged with multiple crimes, including attempted homicide.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for the update.

The video came with frames frozen a couple of times from the source. Props to Best Gore member @tblnt for the footage.

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