Driver Plows Youths Playing on Road in Safi, Morocco

Driver Plows Youths Playing on Road in Safi, Morocco

Driver Plows Youths Playing on Road in Safi, Morocco

In Safi, a port city in Morocco, a driver deliberately plowed a group of youths who were playing on the road. One child was fatally wounded and died on the spot. Four others were injured.

Prior to the plow down, the youths were reportedly playing by throwing water and eggs at each other, and accidentally hit the driver’s car. That led to a verbal argument after which the driver left.

Moments later, he continued to feel enraged and did the U turn, drove back and ran into the group. According to the police, 27 year old driver was arrested and is being held pending further investigation into the incident.

Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta for the videos. Here’s one showing the plow down:

And the vertical video of a woman yodeling like she’s on mad cow disease while filming the aftermath:

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    1. Just watch those two when the video starts, that person starts attacking the kid and caused him to fall, then the bully picked the worst time to take off his shirt because that’s when the van came right up on them.

  1. it looks like he was trying to scare or disperse them off then he lost control of the car due to so many eggs on the road and therefore became slippery haha, R.I.P kid wishing a fast recovery for the injured and life in prison for the murderer piece of shit.

  2. LOLOL. Love this vid. Schoolyard bully chases a kid half his size into the street. Punches him, kicks him while he’s down, threatens him with his backpack… Turns around to peel his shirt off and show everyone how tough he is….UH OH

    1. Wtf I must be blind as fuck.
      I saw a crowd – And what I presumed was a mother with her son running away and he fell to the floor and she was trying to get him up and she panicked but then the killer car come charging and ate them..

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  6. I think the driver got some street justice lol even though the retatard folks should be walking on the sidewalks instead of the middle of the streets, I believe is the folks fault, anywayS it was fun this reminded me to Gt5 I jus wished the driver could’ve run over more people

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