Drug Abusing Call Girl is Murdered and Left Half Naked at a Construction Site in Caruaru, Brazil

Drug Abusing Call Girl is Murdered and Left Half Naked at a Construction Site in Caruaru, Brazil

A call girl was found murdered at a construction site in Divinópolis neighborhood of Caruaru, State of Pernambuco, Brazil. The woman, identified only as “Janaína” was half naked and half buried in dirt and probably would have remained unnoticed if not for that red underwear that she inadvertently turned into a thong.

Janaína here was well known to the police for soliciting her services, even straight up whoring her ass right on the side of the BR 104 highway. She was picked up for attempting to kill another whore and was arrested when she was younger for being believed to have taken part in a murder.

Would it surprise you if I told you that Janaína was a drug user? Didn’t think so. The drug she was using this time was crack, smoked out of a soda can. It is believed that she got high with her killer. Possibly, she refused to provide certain services after the john got her high. Police have not determined if there was any kind of rape or sexual assault, the body has been taken to morgue for testing. judging from how high in her ass that underwear is, I’d say she wasn’t raped, a rapist wasn’t gonna take time to peel that shit off and then wedge it back in.

I know crack and I know what it does. It is not pretty. I talk shit about poor Janaína here, but truth is, If she deserved to die, then so did I. I’m no better than anyone else. Ironically, I have overcome alcoholism and crack/cocaine addiction only to find myself now dependent on chemicals just to stay sane. For me being who I am, that is a more terrible punishment than any physical pain.

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    1. How on earth could police possibly determine whether there was rape or assault on someone who’s made a lifetime of whoring herself out? Wouldn’t that vage be so worn out as to make such a determination all but impossible?

  1. @Obli.

    Brave thing to say about yourself my friend. My old man said to me once that a friend of his could prove he was sane.

    Because he had a certificate to prove it.

    Sanity is like the truth, it’s whatever the majority say it is.

    As for the girl? It’s all over for her now, maybe the next life will be better.

    1. Hear Hear @bobcat.

      Personally, if the majority believed me to be sane, I would likely take it as a sign that I had gone stark raving fucking nuts. But that’s just me.

      The girl smoked crack, and departed with her clouts stuck up her crack ! Such is life and death in Brazil.

      1. ***On the contrary?she was so good at giving blowjobs there they nicknamed her ?the dirt devil??. Even though she had the sucking power of a Hoover.

        …my eyes look like I’ve just peeled an onion, after reading your posts broke



        1. Haha, are you talking about the avi before the boxer shorts/cock avi? I thought the same thing, looks like he’s stroking someone else’s dick. But hey, what do I know, I’m a girlie, all dick avi’s look totally gay to me.

    1. ***C?mon Brokeback, I know you?ve got at least 1000 things to say about this post, and I could use a good laugh today. I?ve been struggling with anxiety a little more than usual today


      It’ll probably take some time for our boy to come back from the sand dunes mr. slider…

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Wish I could help you slider but I didn’t even get to see her pussy or her tits. I can’t tell if I’d wanna fuck her or let her suck my cock. For all I know it could be a tranny with his cock hidden up his ass.

          1. ***Which pic are you talking about? My original pic of me wearing sunglasses or the one of my cock?not wearing sunglasses?

            Oh, rapture me Jesus…

            …I think ole broke picked door # 2 !!

            🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. @Obli, “For me being who I am, that is a more terrible punishment than any physical pain”.

    The above only stands true if you consider other peoples viewpoints to be the absolute definition of success in life.

    I am a drunkard and drug user and yet I am proud because I care about my fellow human beings and will act according to my own set of rules in life.

    My conclusion, comparing your life to others will only drive you mad, you are what you are regardless of other people.

    In a world such as ours with different religions, viewpoints, ideas and financial standpoints you can only live according to your own experiences and individual standpoint.

    I suppose the poorer individual takes a back seat to common ground given to the middle classes ability to supersede the rich.

    Life is not worth much when you are poor, that’s for sure.

    1. I am proud of both you guys, for being so honest with yourselves, and us. But living in today,s world, full of lies, killings, and just plain disregard for others well being is enough to drive all of us to the brink of total madness, therefore medicine, whether, liquid, smoked, or popped, becomes necessary in order to survive, and cope with this reality we call life!

    2. Allow me to clarify.

      I became a drug addict and drunk and on my own, saw it was not the path for me to take. I cannot control myself. Once I realized this, I strove to rid myself of addiction. And I have, through sheer force of my will. For over six years I have reconditioned my body and mind.

      The irony is that my body has turned against me. I need medication….drugs….chemicals, to keep me in check. I can last three months without medicine. After which I became an inconsolable panicking, uncontrollably shaking mass of fried nerves and crazy sensations that no amount of “good thoughts”will help. My nervous system is shot.

      And being dependent on medication…a fucking drug…drives me insane.

        1. Yeah cocaine does a number on the brain…especially before the age of 25 cause your brain ain’t fully developed. I to am on different meds cause my brain ain’t right anymore…I fucked that shit up! Had to hit rock bottom before I could get better but now I’m ok…taking it one day at a time. Recovery is life long but everyone has there own demons to battle & it’s really cool that nobody judges here…good people! 😉

      1. Me too guys! Chronic anxiety disorder needing 20 mg of cipralex daily, in order to live, and function normally. Fucked up, violent childhood will do that, ya know! I am just happy that i can share this with YOU guys, and GALS on here without feeling like a looser.

        1. @ thedre
          I had Anxiety disorder too, and I can totally relate to how you feel. The urge to worry about everything left me unable to deal with life.
          Thanks to the medication(Prozac mostly),I am back to normal now.
          Chronic disorder is a pain in the ass, keep fighting and thanks for sharing.

      2. I’m right there with you Obli and the rest of you. I’ve suffered from major depression since I was a teen. I always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I would laugh on the outside while.crying inside. I never really knew what was wrong until 2 1/2 years ago when I felt like I was having a heart attack during a advanced algebra final. That’s when I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, and severe anxiety and panic attacks plus IBS. Not ti long after that, The panic attacks started occuring more frequently. Then one day, I cracked up under pressure. I couldn’t go outside and if I did, it was only to the market. I never really used drugs, although I played with meth every now and then, but I haven’t messed with dope for more than 12 years. Anyway, now I see a therapist once a week, and a psychiatrist every 2-3 Weeks plus my regular doc every month. Between them, I now take some heavy hitters like ativan and klonapin and also restoril ( tamazepam ) right now I take 3Mg klonopin -100mg of hydroxyzine, 80Mg of Bentyl, 30 Mg propranolol, 5Mg of ambien, 10Mg singulair…plus albuteral, spiriva,and I’m probably forgeting 1or2. I have been taking benzos for over 2 years and I’m getting a little pooped out, but the klonapins last longer so I don’t need as many. I also consume large amounts of white rum not everyday, but almost. Kinda weird,but my short term memory is shot to shit..my working memory is not that great, only my long term seems ok. If you read through this, I thank you. I just hopeI don’t off myself and end up as a post here. It would suck balls getting laughed at on here

        1. Props to all you guys for feeling comfortable enough to open your hearts and souls on here. Your all very much loved and respected for being able to talk so candidly in such a society that usually looks down on men who are so open with their feelings but I as a woman find it a big deep breath of fresh air.

        2. No @slider do not off your self! Depression is a motherfucker but you can pull through & probably without so many meds…sometimes they can make it worse. Once I stopped taking this one antidepressant I felt so much better & my creativity & personality came back. But other meds I can’t live without or I’ll be in bed asleep all day so I hope your able to feel like yourself & get through whatever issues you have. 😉

          1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I dont think I’m able to dance with the reaper yet. I had to go to the ER last month for acute benzo withdrawal. It’s one of the worst feelings to endure. A nurse asked me if I felt like hurting myself or others. I said I was tired of living like this.I guess she didn’t hear the last part and almost put me on a 51/50 hold or 74 hour hold,or in slang terms 3days in the rubber room, Lucky for me I reassured her that I would be ok.

        3. Best wishes to everyone who has health issues of any kind – I, too, know how much it sucks. I’m lucky to have turned a corner this past 12 months and feel more like myself than I have since things turned to shit in 2002. Hang in there guys and gals 😉

  3. Obli,

    We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. The insane never learn from those things. Most of the rest of us learn. Others even learn much.

    You seem like an other. And I’ll not have you talking about my friend Obli that way.



    As for the da Silva, Jana?na was so high, she probably thought that was a pile of coke and suffocated trying to snort it all.

    1. ***Too bad I?ll never screw her?..oh, and that she?s dead

      …don’t let that stop you my friend

      Just purchase a wind up clock, turn her over and place the clock underneath her back…

      She should have a beating heart by now…

    1. I agree. A smart man that Obli dude, he knows how to initiate conversations that would otherwise never be discussed. This helps for sure, as to not feel so alone fighting your demons. Excellent post brother! 🙂

  4. I admire your honesty @obli..
    Ive never tried anything other than alcohol and cigz that sometimes Im feeling that im left behind, I want to try other stuffs like coke and ecstasy but my self control is not that strong Im afraid that if I started I will not be able to stop and get hooked up.. I don’t want to be a drug addict, just want to try and experience new things..

    As for that call girl, yes she had a nice looking ass but not as good as mine! Haha 😛

      1. @cheekyme03 just stick to medical marijuana and you’ll be just fine. You will feel pretty good and laugh your ass off! You’ll have this big desire to raid the fridge, aka The munchies. There’s some withdrawals but it’s something you can just walk away from with little negative affects. The cleanout period is 30 days. I remember in one of your posts that you said your from Southeast Asia. I think that’s in the tropics so I should be growning out there in the wild. Probably not as good as a medical marijuana but it’s worth a shot in the dark try it out it’s better than anything else it’s in my opinion, it’s all natural.

          1. Okay MJ is about as natural as you’re going to get the way you sounded about the drug thing that you never tried it before so I take it that you have. And where you’re at in the world is a perfect climate for growing it. Indoors or outdoors. Yeah it’s pretty easy to grow. Those fluorescent Coiled bulbs posting soil & a little bit of miracle grow. The parent thing I don’t have to worry about that

          2. Cheeky, don’t fuck around with drugs, your lively and happy, why would you want to introduce something into your life which might fuck it up. Stay clear and be proud. Your not missing out on anything good by sidestepping drugs, your letting yourself enjoy the real things in life.

    1. Don’t feel bad cheeky I’m in the same boat as you. Addiction runs in my family and I have a couple of close relatives addicted to heroin, coke and alcohol so I’ve never gone near any of that stuff. I don’t want to take the chance because I’ve seen first hand how much it fucks up people’s lives and how hard it is for them to function and the things they’ll do to get their fix. Alcohol I have no problems with but I’m not drinking it every night either. It’s just not worth the risk.

        1. Oh shit! My mom did the same she really didn’t care about having a family…just about drugs. She’s actually the one that got me hooked on crack…well her boyfriend did but she let it happen…fucked up right! Oh well you live & you learn…

      1. @BloodBing @Little Foot @mr. slider @wicked mama @wiggleslayer. I know this post is a little late but, I would like to thank you all for NOT bashing me on my conversation with cheekyme03. Everybody has their choice in life what they want to do. Advice is only good when it is taken and applied. We were all young and dumb at one time and some of us are still. But you ALL know that marijuana is the LEAST harmful so-called drug there is. I know about addiction myself. Vicodin/opiates damn near killed me it gave me a colon infection I was sick for two months, I almost died. After that I just stuck with Mary Jane, an occasional Kahl?a I’ve been fine ever sence.

        1. @cheeky – so glad to see your reply. Some of the nicest, smartest and most loving people have been lost to drugs and/or alcohol. And as you can see, some of the most awesome BG members have or still do use drugs/alcohol. Please don’t take chances with your life, especially with the history of your mom and your issues with self control. Best wishes 😉

          1. ***Oh and as far as my cock goes?can?t remember. Been using it for the last 20 years.


            I gotta ask you broke…

            Did the father of your first date, give her a handgun?

            …wait, don’t answer!!

            🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. ***I?m no detective but I know that sand sticks to cum so even if there was no penetration the assailants blew on her face and neck area?or it could be from the previous john.

    …thanks for the follow up to “hurricane andy” broke


  6. Smoking crack outta a can!!.. How pathetic!.. I can’t believe people sometimes… Then again, who am I to pass judgment.. I’ve had my own vices, many worse then crack.. Rip whore,I hope you bust some nuts before you died..

  7. I think she was strangled, i am sure you can see the ligature marks around her neck. Why did she have her head buried in the sand? Maybe the killer was trying to cover her quickly but got disturbed……..such a shame looks like she had a wonderful figure. The perils of living in brazil, life is cheap, like unfortunately she was……

  8. In MY sad experience, the dude she’d been hittin the crackpipe with wouldn’t have been able to get it up to succeed in raping her. The only thing a trick smokin crack with a ho is a lot of LIMP cock-suckin. He usually doesn’t want to fairly share the crack though with her, and her insistence usually leads to him finally attacking her to silence her demands. It’d happened often to me when i was pay-to-play. Thankfully, I overcame ALL of my addictions, all of my improper, illegal & self-destructive habits and behaviors. 100% clean these days, with a full heart, an easy smile and helping hand for anyone put into my path to care for, and all with God’s loving help.

    KUDOS, my commentating friend, on your life-changing experiences too! :=)

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