Drug Addict Chopped with Machete in Brazil

Drug Addict Chopped with Machete in Brazil

Ademir de Jesus Santos, a 32 year-old from Wenceslaus GuimarΓ£es, state of Bahia Brazil was found dead, victim of what looks to be a savage machete attack. Near the mutilated body body was also a crack pipe so it seems pretty clear this was either a case of two drug addicts fighting over their fix or a drug dealer who was stiffed by the newly departed.

I’m telling you, the lower class/rural portions of Brazil are like the fucking wild west. Only instead of six shooters these guys are carrying machetes on their hips.

Props to Best Gore Member Infected Banana for the pics.

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  1. LMFAO!!! a permanent cure for ALL addictions has been found. there will be no relapsing for this fellow. we’re ALL addicted to something. the permanent cure can be found in shithole Brazil of all places. I need a cure for jerking off all day. they’ll chop off my ween. no muss, no fuss. no ween, no jerking off. take note.

      1. then you come home to all kinds of deviant free internet porn all of which appeals to me and the whacking off begins again. nope. gotta chop off the ween for a permanent cure. LOOK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. The fellow above has been permanently cured!!!!!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!!

    1. There’s people dying and getting killed left and right on the whole planet. I would check out the homicide rates if you wanna see a somewhat accurate rate of the places we should be thanking here. I say “somewhat” because those numbers are obviously just numbers which can and most likely are manipulated. But damn….supposedly, some U.S cities like Detroit and Narleans are right up there with all the third world shit holes wrt homicides.

      ….I think a lot of countries have always kept that information more private or at least have tried to. Thank god for the internet thought, otherwise I would never know people actually die in the “first world”….

      1. Yup. There?s people dying and being killed every minute worldwide. Brazil just doesn’t hide the truth from the people, they actually show it off. Other countries also have rural areas, shitholes , slums, violence, poverty, etc. As all can see, the Da Silvas shown in BG ALWAYS comes from poor or rural areas, usually from the northern part of the country. I agree these areas are no man’s land, just like the wild west, but assume the whole country and people are what you see at BG is just stupidity. I’ve been in Brazil several times, ( middle east and southeast ) most of the times in S?o Paulo, wich is a very civilized and developed state, nothing different from New York, and the people are really friendly and nice to foreigners. Nothing to complain about Brazil in any aspect of it. But yes, the northern side of the country is the main source of gore on BG, mainly because there?s a lot of sites that are just like BG, showing the reality just like it is. If weren?t for them, surely BG wouldn’t be what it is today. I really hope people from other countries try to open theyr minds a litthe bit to this, just like I did.

          1. My brother…. I’m not a grammar nazi don’t worry about that shit. Shit happens alll over the world and for some reason, we get to see it from mostly Brazil. But we know….us humans are dying everywhere!!!

            Muito Amor…Much love!!!

  2. I am just realizing how much so lucky and very happy and blessed I am…..not to live in brazil ….in a favela
    hooked on “ICE” fucking my sister……and my mother
    On a Saturday night watching deep throat in black and white…..eating the neighbors cat …..A la barbecue ….

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