Drug Cartel Hit Kills Man Along with His Young Wife and 7 Months Old Baby

Drug Cartel Hit Kills Man Along with His Young Wife and 7 Months Old Baby

On January 29, 2016, in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaca), Mexico, an apparent drug cartel hit took out a young man along with his 17 year old wife, and a 7 month old baby.

The family that had walked out of a convenience store was executed by a hail of gunfire from .38 caliber guns. 24 year old Juan Alberto Pino Ramos, his wife and mother of his baby Alba Isabel Colón and their baby son Marcos Miguel Pino Colón all died on the spot.

Juan Alberto Pino Ramos was some low level, part time assistant to a local drug lord who’s in a territory dispute with other drug bosses. The boss was nearby and may have been the actual target.

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  1. Thats so sad…..he mustve been carrying his son. He even reached out to touch his wife before he died. Poor kid got to live to 7 months then got killed in front of a convenience store :/

    1. @GoryCory, that is exactly what I going to say – one of the parents must have been carrying the baby. It just makes it worse somehow that the baby was dropped to the ground, even if it was already dead. 🙁 It certainly looks like the dad was carrying the baby.

  2. When you live that type of lifestyle this is what happens when they catch you slipping.
    Mexico is one rough place in the dope game.
    People always being murdered whether they participate or not….hell just going to rehab to try to straighten your life out….they kill you for that too.

    1. The wife and i were both thinking of Mexico, as our next trip destination, as i have been to Puerto-vallarta years ago while it was safer. For the last ten years or so, we vacationed in Cuba, because of escalating Zeta-wars in Mexico. Just when i thought that it might be safer since the capture of El-Chapo-Guzman, now this shit happens! Fuck Mexico,,, i,ll stick to safe, and beautiful, Cuba. lol.

      1. I don’t think you and the lady would get gunned down like that dre but I don’t know. Mexico doesn’t seem like the dandiest place for a vacation. I reckon it’s as bad as Thailand. What about other options, other countries relatively safer still within the Americas, perhaps? Just a suggestion, though.

      2. @dre…GO! Puerta Vallerta is a fabulous destination for a vacay. My husband & I bought a condo there right on the beach & we love love it. Totally safe. Just watch your surroundings at night by not putting yourself in an unsafe location, i.e., dark alley, desolated beach, etc. Im sure you get it. And if youre going for dinner/cocktails, take a cab. They’re cheap/safe. Enjoy!!

        1. @ mamason01, OK,,, that is too cool, because i did go to Nuevo-Vallarta, over 20+ years ago. We went to the Club Oasis Marival. At the time, this place was new, 5 star, beautiful, small Villa-Style, all inclusive paradise. They had just finished filming scene,s for the Movie, ( The Night Of The Iguana ), never seen it, though. While there, i ventured off resort, for a short walk, about 15min, north of my Resort. To my amazement, there was a small sub-division there, with about 30 houses, of various sizes. One small, bungalow was about 25ft by 35ft for sale, that needed, minor interior work, to have it up to our standards. They were asking 20 Thousand Dollars, for this 5 min walk, to the beach, house. EVERYDAY, i kick myself in the ass for NOT purchasing it 🙁 Fuck, i regret it now. And you know what? Mexico is safe, if you stay on your resort. But to me, that is boring. As i love to rent a scooter, and go all over the place, while my wife goes for massages, and stays in the Resort.

  3. That little girl didn’t even get to celebrate her 1st b-day, but on one hand, you’ll probably have more fun working for a cartel than working for Daesh. The consequences are merely the same. Death by lead.

  4. Wow.
    This is the kind of shit that makes my stomach turn itself inside out. That is some sick, sad shit. I cannot, for the life of me, understand what it is about some of the scum and filth in this God forsaken world that we call people. How can any human being knowingly take the life of such innocence. The kind of innocence that lies only within a child. It’s fucking sickening. I just cannot imagine if, God forbid, something like this happened to one of my children. There’s just too much violence against innocent children that goes on in this world that is down played and overlooked. I wish there was something I, myself could do about it cause this really hurts me when I see and hear about shit like this. It ruins my day.

  5. Call it a little insensitive but once you get into that business and don’t know how to protect yourself or your family, it’s bound to happen. I don’t know if the same goes with Mexico but you get a tip before you get gunned down in here, if your business involves drugs, that is. Kinda like a warning for you to stop your trade or something but if you don’t, they make sure you meet your end. Fair warning, I guess. And well, a lot didn’t do as they’re told so lol lots of drug related murders. Happens almost everyday in several places within the country.

    I don’t know why his wife (though I suspect that she is too young to marry so maybe she’s a girlfriend) and child had to be gunned down, though. Seems unnecessary and cold blooded but hey, the cartel isn’t know for their acts of compassion.

    1. That’s usually how it goes in Mexico. The family gets killed too, and there is no warning unless you’re high up in the cartel. When i lived in Mexico, a few minutes away from where i lived, a family of 9 was killed. 5 were kids. They were just outside playing on a swing set.. then killed because their father was a low level drug dealer that fucked someone over. When you get involved with drug cartels, your whole family is involved, whether they want to be or not.

        1. It did. But people were so used to seeing that kind of stuff that it just stopped being a big deal to them. I hated Mexico. You couldn’t go out at night for a long time. After my fianc? died i got the hell out of there. And i never wanna go back.

          1. Yeah, Nextie. No reason for you to go back there anymore especially if the experience and memories were unpleasant.

  6. That poor young Family will never get to experience the joys of a physically abusive alcoholic father, a drug addicted useless mother, divorce, custody battles and eventually a murder suicide carried out by the father/husband.
    Such a shame that someone took that all away from them.

  7. I can’t stop staring at these pics, quite often I just glance at these Mexican/South American shooting photos, but these ones, wow, the way they are all still touching, it looks quite ‘arty’ it a sick kind of way?

  8. I see that the cartels in Mexico have a family plan now. That’s a sign of positive growth and economic stability for the region.

    Now if the da Silvas in Brazil can start a similar plan for their newly discovered microcephalic infant trend resulting from local mosquito bites, they can be out in front of that before the tourism arrives for the Olympic Games.

    1. @Brokeback, that used to be the way, the ‘oldschool’ bikies would prefer it that way. Here in Australia, so many of the members are of Middle Eastern decent now, so homes get shot up occaisionly or other violence is brought into family homes (usually druggies that haven’t paid their drug bills etc.) Lots of them don’t even ride a motorcycle FFS.

  9. …I’ll have to say this action is all about making a statement towards enemy/ies.Don’t care who or what they hit and destroy,It’s all saying.., ..Don’t fuck with me or my business..! in plain ‘ole English..ya..?

  10. There are no more rules of engagement. When I was growing up, you fought fair and usually without guns. I feel bad for kids growing up now. Everyone everyday I feel could have their life endangered by the people that surround us.

  11. is it me ? or this guy was a phone lover ?
    i mean, look like he have 2 phone on each pocket and another phone in floor just near him.
    i guess its an family who like to talk alot on phone and decide to buy one for the kids

  12. I spend a lot of time in South America (I know Mexico is technically North America, but still) and every time I go there, I can’t help but think of shit like this. Makes me keep my wits about me anyway

      1. I no,but looking at whats going on in the world my town is wonderfull,when i grew up we had a game called ,cross country,maybe 10 boys and girls on one team,and the same on the other,we gave them half an hour to run and then we went following,we had miles to search for them and everyone that was found had to join the team that followed,it would be nighttime before it ended,their would be 20 or so kids following, looking for the last few kids around the country,even our parants got invovled to catch the last few because they new their kids wouldnt go home tell their was a winner,i loved that and i want it for my kids,never was their any fear of anything other than hunger for any of us,i love my country and its people and ill die for it,i no every true Irish man would

    1. Sheep get brought up in a life chosen for them,weak people take what they get,if you bring your kids up to be strong and proud and dont listen to their stupid teachers in school then thats half the battle,man if the muslim scum can get away with it then we can

    2. You’re wrong, most people who comment on this site do not like to see dead babies – any dead babies. Anyway these people look ‘black’ to me, well certainly not white. Please take your white guilt to another site.

  13. make no mistake,their is a war on against our White people all over the world,its being fought from all jeolous races,they are jeolous of our ,looks,of our ,intellagences,of our love for eachother,they call it being racist,we ,WHITES,are the minority on this planet and the world is envyis of us,who could blame the cunts.take my spelling with a pinch of salt.

    1. A war?? Where did you get the conspiracy theory from. Never heard of it, let’s not get hostile now. There people of all races and regions that are great people. Not just white. As for jealous, I’m certainly not jealous of your spelling and I’m in medical school, attractive and smart. Oh and I’m Mexican, but I’ve been told I don’t look Mexican though. There’s only one race, the human race, and being good and successful isn’t exclusive for just one race.

  14. Hello everyone,

    found this site through BNI, and been a lurker for quite some time now. Always enjoyed the daily gore, but stories like this hits me hard especially when it’s a child involved and through no fault of his/her own. Stories like these burn into my memory more and longer than the accidents, mutilations and beheadings.

  15. Sins woman are also in drug cartels, maybe that fact removes ethics, code and morals out when war start so they kill woman of target to. I don’t know about drug cartels but mafia use to have some rules and those were “NO woman and children to be taken down!” but that was pre FemiNazi era.
    As i say, i have no idea about cartel war rules. Maybe they were same as mafia. Maybe not. You can blame feminism for counting her equal with her man who was i guess main target but, killing a baby? How low it that!

    1. Yeah, the early drug cartels had these same rules like the mafias. Ever since the Zetas seperated themselves from their former cartel, the drug war became more ruthless than ever. The Zetas were a group of mexican special forces deserters that had found better paying work with a cartel. They were a handful, around less than 20 for sure and were the killers for the cartel. The cartel only sold drugs but later hired them to perform small jobs for them. The Zetas left and created their own cartel after a feud, and when they face difficulty obtaining ground and success in the drug business, they resulted to kidnappings, ransoms, and robberies. They became more ruthless and started kidnapping and murdering children and women. Other drugs cartels were furious and teamed up to fight the Zetas. Ever since the fight for control of the drug trade escalated, they have started killing woman and children as well, as a sign of intimidation. Mainly started by the Zetas. Most drug cartels had laws of not murdering innocents, children and woman, and even started killing “rapists” and “burglers” to prove their point. And they claim and tell the people that they’re trying to help and clear their territory of the evil dangers of the rival cartels. Its weird since other cartels say the same thing so one gets confused as to who’s really telling the truth. Regardless, children and woman still get killed, although there are still a couple cases of innocents not getting murdered. They did have these laws, and if a drug member broke them he would be killed as well, one cartel even prohibited their members from doing any drugs or drinking. The leader was a big Christian and went to mass and read the bible. It’s said he would pray and ask God for forgiveness whenever he killed someone. He was killed in a gunbattle for his capture in his hometown, around Christmas time, giving out toys to kids in the city plaza. There were a lot of people and it was said he was loved and the people protected him, as in not snitching and helping him hide. They also say El Chapo is a good guy and it’s why some people defend him. “Good people” but in bad businesses. Almost all the old leaders that enforced these laws have died or been arrested. Anyways they did have a code that was enforced but as competition and violence escalated, they slowly stopped following them as they got more desperate for control. Kinda like the codes they had for wars, to keep the humanity in the soldiers. When the war stretches out and people become desperate, they disregard them and start murdering and torturing prisoners and civilians. People eventually lose their humanity and feelings and become desensitized. Woman also started joining cartels but they never are gunmen, they’re just used as like scouts or “alcones”, informing the cartel they work for of activity from police and possible rival gangs. They have also started getting killed when captured…

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