Drug Dealer Punishes Cheating Girlfriend by Dissolving Her Face and Neck with Acid

Drug Dealer Punishes Cheating Girlfriend by Dissolving Her Face and Neck with Acid

Photos provided by Best Gore member @wawrzeniec claim to show a girlfriend of a Brazilian drug dealer who decided to cheat on him and he found out:

This happened in Brazil. This girl got involved with a drug dealer who discovered that she had cheated on him. He picked it up, thumped it and threw acid on its lips. The body was discovered by police today.

I have a bit of a problem with the fact that the dead girl has curly hair, but the girl in selfies has straight hair. It’s possible that she curled it up for the ride on someone else cock, so it could still be her. I appreciate @wawrzeniec’s references to the cheating creature as an “it“.

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119 thoughts on “Drug Dealer Punishes Cheating Girlfriend by Dissolving Her Face and Neck with Acid”

    1. it just looks fake to me, both pics just look superimposed, her eyes look perfect but we are meant to believe this was on long enough to burn skin muscle everything clean off to the bone, there are no splatter burn marks just a nice superimposed pic

  1. I’m slightly sympathetic. Cheating is inexcusable. But taking someone’s life for it, is not right. Way too harsh.

    It takes a sick fooka to do this, and by definition, it’s no wonder she cheated on him.

        1. Dang! I don’t like writing long posts, unless it’s a comedic piece, so all I’ll say is: It’s easy to gauge whether someone is capable of unreasonable violence, so stay clear, too, all drug dealers are not bad people. And the lads wiv tatts n watnot are jus fags! XD

          1. @1plaster8
            Bad boy love complex and the fact these barrio chicks think dating a badboy drug dealer will be their ticket out of poverty and into prestige.

            They are too stupid to think you dont leave a drug dealer boy in brazil until he is willing for you to leave!

            If i was her; cultivate a new fuckbuddy for my drug boyfriend.much hotter than me.then when he is over me then slowly leave as im no longer of interest?

            What happened to the guy that fucked her?

          2. @hopingfornemesis,
            It wasn’t possible to reply to you below your post, but I like your style. That’s a clever way out.

            Girl-or-boy: I think you meant to say that all drug dealers ARE bad people 🙂
            To be in that business, you can’t be a wholesome individual because the kind of people you manage above and below you are scum.

          3. Haha, come have tea with me and my friends and you’ll see how wholesome we are. I promise we won’t spike the tea, unless you want us to @mrspock, , but I’ll refrain, because I don’t take drugs until after teatime. 🙂

  2. Brazilian blow dry or relaxers. Probably named for dusky dames like this who straighten their natural hair with chemical shit. What with that jazz and extensions, it’s not at all surprising to me that her hair would differ dramatically from her carefully taken selfies to her death shot.

  3. Looks like fugazi to me, there is a definite line around her neck which looks odd, her eye seems undamaged and does not have that “dead” look. Also why is her mouth open like some creepy ventriloquist dummy? I may be wrong but I would expect a lot more blistering and splashes.

  4. The straight hair is the result of her wearing a horse hair wig Acneska, you can tell by the brush like bristle ends.

    As for why she ambushed and assaulted some poor innocent horse, claimed its mane for her own and left it bald and broken hearted well…….you will have to look towards her fellow black men for that answer. You see back in the 60’s and 70’s black women and men had gigantic tree like hairdos and were proud of it because they had the black pride thing going on. Such was the size of their cranial nests they could easily store their personal items in it and forgo a bag, often at times even stumbling across old items that they had feared long lost.

    Anyway, fast forward to the present and black women can be seen to be wearing a severed horse’s pride on their closely shaven raisins and using skin whitening cream as well and that is down to their own black men constantly chasing after “da whitey wommenz”. Can’t blame it on a change in the universal standard of beauty because the vast majority of non-blacks have never found black people attractive and never will so it is most definitely a change in black men’s standards of beauty that have caused their own women to mimic what it is they see the black man currently seeking and chasing after.

    So to conclude, this post topic tells us two things. 1, that acid really doesn’t make for a tasty beverage and 2, that black people despise themselves and prefer to be part-horse than full-black.

      1. Straightened hair is stiff and flat not fine and textured, so cut your own shit.

        Also, you appear to believe(wrongly) that your argument somehow counters my own when in fact it fully supports it. You see, straightened hair is not natural to black people and so the act of hair straightening itself falls soundly within my own argument of racial, sexual mimicry and the reasons for it’s manifestation.

        Your argument also takes the holy sword of racial equality and stabs black cultural representation in it’s heart because every other nigger far and wide goes on and on about “cultural appropriation” whenever a non-black wears dreadlocks or some shit and here the blacks are straightening their hair in order to look like other non-black races, cultural appropriation in other words.

        To conclude, if your purpose was to elevate the black race you failed and if your purpose was to showcase your own sound mind you also failed. Well done.

  5. That’s NOT an acid attack, there’s no burns or bubbling on her clothing skin, bones or teeth….She was likely killed with her throat slit or choked to death or even died from exposure those wounds are from small animals eating her flesh.

  6. The dead chick has a birth mark on her left arm near that hairy disgusting arm pit. The chick in the “alive” pics does not. I doubt it’s the same girl. Plus I don’t know of any acid that would dissolve her face like that quickly, so she must have been dead to begin with. I’m guessing she’s just another rape victim in Brazil that had her face eaten by animals.

  7. No pussy pass granted here… My hope is that this sick fuck gets his in spades… With regard to the acid… that may have been part of the attack but the wounds are too symmetrical, The lower neck wound looks like a cut. The underlying tissue shows no bubbling or other things you’d expect from acid.

  8. Pretty, with nice tits. Fucking cunt-ass bitch, though. Seems to be a Modern Female instinct for most-cheat on your boyfriend, no matter if they’re a good guy or drug dealer.

    Difference here is dealers don’t give a fuck and won’t take shit.

    The Chad is going to get fucked up next.

    Waiting for that video, Best Gore!

    1. Drug dealers also suck and so do the people who like to suck their dicks, like the whore you see in these pictures.

      Please notice that in cases like this one in Brazil or Mexico, the drug dealer is not simply the weird-looking guy wearing a hoodie and selling drugs in dark alleys. He is almost a warlord, involved in a lot more nasty businesss than simply selling drugs.

      Gold diggers like this one know all of this and much more since day one, including the fact that she doesn’t need to cheat or do anything wrong for him to kill her. He and the thugs he controls can do it anytime, anywhere, for no reason.

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