Drug Trafficker with Huge Hole in the Temple

The Eye Is Watching You

23 year old car washer slash drug trafficker by the name of José Domingos Nonato Melo was found dead with huge hole in his temple on the morning of Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in the neighborhood of São Pedro, Don Carlos street, Itabuna, state of Bahia, Brazil. Known locally as Zé Domingos, the man was in possession of 15 pellets of marijuana at the time of his death.

José Domingos Nonato Melo was killed with a single shot from a large caliber gun, presumably a 12 gauge shotgun. The shot entered through the neck and exited through the temple, blasting off victim’s brain and disfiguring his face. According to the Department of Technical Police (DPT), this was Itabuna’s 59th homicide in 2012. That means that in this city alone, there is one person murdered every other day.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Drug Trafficker with Huge Hole in the Temple”

  1. The life-span of a drug dealer isn’t very long…. especially if one is dealing drugs in countries such as Mexico or Brazil. And as for this dead-fella here….it’s pretty typical of victims like him, especially if you don’t know how to take care of yourself in that line of business.

        1. All I’ve seen you do so far is bitch about this and that. Don’t post here if you don’t like anyone or anything. Because your whining isn’t going to get you anywhere. This place is being taken over by you and your useless kind. Go troll facebook or pretend you’re cool on 4chan or something. In other words. Fuck off

        1. that’s how things are in banana republicland: if you are rich, police of the rich neighboord will not give a damn about rich kids smoking marihuana. If you are in a poor, negro neigbhoord o slum, police falls hard on cannabis dealers, as they want the negritos to only have available the heavier stuff like ‘paco’ , which usually renders the abuser useless for any criminal activity in less than 6 months, and probably dead by the end of the year. Its like a population control method

  2. That cafuzo (Amerind + Black mix, in Brazil) is fronting even after dead, trying to look mean.

    If you ever go to Sao Paulo, you’ll notice all the young men walk around looking like that, as if they were about to pull out a knife and cut you open to take your wallet.

    Which is exactly what they are planning to do.

    So the best you can do, is look mean like a motherfucker. Let them think you’re carrying heat.

    Brazil is an amazing melting pot: mulato, cafuzo, curiboca, caboclo, mameluco, quadradao, pardo, etc. Each mix has its proper name. And they’re all competing to see which one is meaner.

    Tons of fun.

  3. He could’ve easily been shot by cops. Cops in Brazil have zero tolerance for drug dealers. I don’t think I saw this video on BG but there’s a video of Brazilian cops sniping down drug dealers during a transaction. Killing them from afar, letting the public see them die, maybe as a warning?

      1. Well to say that every cop in Brazil deals drugs is amiss. Thats like saying every cop in Mexico is into the drug business, which is clearly not true. This goes on a much larger scale than the cops. The Government dealing drugs does not scale down to the cop on the street who is given the order by their superiors.

        1. and at least 5 years ago, cannabis was almost ‘de facto’ legalized around some (or all) vacation resort areas. I saw lots of people smoking weed pass by local policias militares, and even having a word with them, withouth them givin a shit about it. The florianopolis airport was also notorious for the lack of control of the thing that went in and out from there.

  4. Knifes cut human flesh like butter 😛

    @Mark thank you for the reply pretty sure it was in 2009’s fall or 2010’s spring when i joined back in the day when BG was starting most of the time i didn’t leave comments unless the post was relevant to me (example: The Caption This Photo Contest)

    I found BG long ago because you had the “ViralDeath” ally those guys linked BG in their blog thanks to them I was one of the first 6,000 members it is impressive to see the community has grown since then.

  5. I’m not so sure that was a shotgun slug, I’ve seen a few slugs to the head over seas. This looks more like a .44 magnum hollow point or some other big bore handgun. Most shotgun slugs come apart and leave them without half of their head rather than a large hole in it.

    1. one of the most common exam parts for medics studying to become forensic or trauma specialists around here is showing them x-ray images of the head of some guy who got whacked by a 44 magnum shot. Most newbie medics will ‘misdiagnose’ the image as someone who jumped from a 3rd floor and landed with his head….In fact, the effects on the skull are very similar..

      1. Holy cow! I do hope you actually have staff to help you with all this! Sounds like the Site is doing well. Good for you! If you don’t have help then I feel bad for you doing all this yourself. 🙂

        1. I have a grand total of 0 staff. Me, myself and I deal with 500+ comments, 20+ death threats, 100+ attempts to spread spam, 20+ people emailing me asking why I have not posted their contribution yet, 50+ emails that don’t make any fucking sense whatsoever so I couldn’t tell you what they were about, 100+ comments made each day by people who only join to post death threats against a member or otherwise attack a member, and 50,000 Chinese people trying to run me over each and every day. Well, the past part is not related to Best Gore but it’s a reality of living in a multicultural city.

          1. That is terrible! Have you ever thought about imposing ?no comment days?? Say you take 2 days off a week so that you don’t get burnt out? I know some won’t like that but you gotta have some down time! Dude, take care of yourself!

          2. @Highriser3

            If doing this was to burn me out, it would have already happened. I suppose I enjoy running Best Gore enough to not get fed up with it. But I’m taking my break starting tomorrow. It will be longer than 2 days, though. However I’m not doing it because I’ve had enough, just because there are other things I feel like trying plus I want to take a break from the world of sheep.

  6. Mark, thankyou for always printing my comments! I’m a bit sad to hear you are meeting up with a ‘trapper’ though, I feel sorry for animals that are killed for their skins (just so fat-assed celebrities like K.Kardashian can wear them), I am hoping you are meeting up with him cos he ‘knows’ the land? Anyway if you always read the comments you would know that I have a soft spot for the Earth’s ‘wild’ creatures and nature in general. 😉 mostly because they do everything for themselves, their lives are their own, they don’t ‘belong’ to a human, unlike domestic animals who have to rely on humans for everything from food to medical treatment etc. which is another whole sad scenario.

    1. Hello Tiger,

      I do in fact read all the comments. More comments than anyone else on Best Gore because I won’t let idiots who never posted anything and only come here to attack contributing members get very far, but that’s a different story.

      You may have noticed from my posts that I have a soft spot for animals myself. I would never kill an innocent Earth’s creature unless there is no other way around.

      I spent some time in the wilderness, living closer to the land than any animal lover in the city could possibly comprehend. It’s life in complete harmony with nature, not against her and in situations like these, all creatures are fair game. I’m as much of a hunter as I am hunted. I do not own a gun and would not use one. I’m going out there to be one with all other creatures of the land.

      We all will be hungry and doing our best to get fed. The only way someone like me could get past the soft spot for animals is by understanding that today it could be me who gets out alive and survives because other creature died, tomorrow it could be some other creature and I will be his meal. It’s fair play. If I’m smarter, faster and stronger than all other creatures, I will live long. Unfortunately for me, there are many creatures who are definitely stronger, faster and can see much better at night than me. That will make me an easy target but I can’t imagine a better death than by becoming a meal to those who previously served as a meal to me. It’s fair that way and with this type of approach, couple with the fact that I would only be taking enough to sustain my own life and not a drop more, I am able to get past my soft spot for animals.

      Besides this broad generalization, there are still laws I’m a subject to which would prevent me from trapping or hunting animals without appropriate licenses in Canada. I can’t live hunter gatherer style even if I wanted to. World is different these days hence I will compensate for drawbacks with modern technology – such as a compass, lighters, military sleeping bag, etc. aka things hunters gatherers would not have at their disposal. Time I live in take some things away, but give others. You got to find the suitable middle way to make it.

      So yeah, because of modern day restrictions on wilderness resources harvesting (which are a direct consequence of excessive killings a few generations ago), I’m gonna make use of learning from an experienced trapper about edible plants, berries, herbs, etc.


      1. @Mark, thanks for your reply, I knew it could be controversial to say anything against you (I’ve seen people jump down the throats of anyone who doesn’t agree with every little thing you say!) but, well I’ve said it now. I must say, even though it’s none of my business I feel somewhat comforted to know you would never just kill something ‘just for the sake of it’ or you know, target practice etc. I have always read your posts and I was aware you have an affinity with nature/wilderness, (that’s why you go out there!), most humans have lost this. My goodness, ever since reading Jack London’s Call of the Wild & White Fang as a kid (actually many times) I wanted to see the Yukon too! Good luck and have a great, safe time. Judy (Tiger)

  7. ‘Evening all, new to the site.

    May the sad bastard rest in peace.

    Mark, you are forever asking about the type of gun, so I thought I might contribute.

    It is not a shotgun, with shot (as in BBs of several possible sizes) or a slug (one big fat soft lead projectile). Both of those would leave a much larger hole, and a round one. There is a phenomenon called hydraulic shock: the bullet from a rifle or handgun or the shot from a shotgun leaves a wound channel in the form of a thin pipe, the diameter of the flattened projectile, or of the spread shot (relative to the distance from the muzzle), but that is only a fraction of the damage. The larger portion of the tissue damage is from the shock wave to the surrounding issue, a wound channel that is five to ten times the diameter of the projectile or shot.

    Then there is the vacuum effect, right behind the bullet or shot. Where there is a large hole in the head on the exit side, the brain, which is very soft tissue, and is softened further by the shock effect, is literally vacuumed out of the exit wound. It went flying after the bullet or shot, instead of staying home with half of itself reduced to mush.

    This one is not a rifle either.

    This is a large calibre handgun, at very close range. To come out at this angle (above the left eye), the shooter must have been behind him, with the muzzle close to the back of the head, and low, pointing up. The bullet was not a soft-point, it retained some hardness. In addition to a round hole (which can be seen from the inside but not the outside), it fractured the skull on the far side (you called it “fractures like a glass bowl” in another post). That’s where the straight, sharp edges on the skull comes from.

    Then the hydraulic effect evacuated his brain.

    The straight, sharp edges on the skin are also evidence of a large calibre handgun at close range, the skin tears in straight lines, matching the fractures; with the difference being that the tears are longer than fracture lines.

  8. Doesn’t look like he was shot in the head with a shotgun it looks like he was shot in the head with either a 38 or 45 calibre handgun, also someone mentioned on here that he is cafuzo meaning he is a mixture of amerindian and black, interesting, i know Brazil is a very multicultural and diverse country and i have been there to, beautiful and wonderful country, by the looks of this guy i thought that he would just be white and most whites in Brazil are mixed and are not pure white and most of the crime and most of the violent crime in Brazil is committed by non whites, most of it is committed by mulattos and blacks and the non whites are the poorest people in Brazil and earn alot less then the whites earn which is the reason why the non whites in Brazil committ the most crime.

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