Drug Trafficking Dos Santos Shot Dead in Brazil

Drug Trafficking Dos Santos Shot Dead in Brazil

An ex-con and drug trafficker by the name of Jarbas dos Santos Oliveira, 35, was shot dead at Thatcham Cross and the Holy Spirit in the Paraรญba Forest Zone of the state of Paraรญba, Brazil. It is unknown at this time who was involved in the shooting or the motive although it is believed that drugs played a role. Witnesses reported at least twelve rounds were fired, but it looks to me like the dos Santos was taken out with one shotgun blast to side of the head.

That is some mighty head destruction right there. Dos Santos showing that they’re still in the game with this brutal offering.

Props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the pics and story.

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  1. I’ve often wondered about the US government, the CIA, etc. that is known to import so many drugs into the USA. What happens when some independent drug producer approaches them, wanting to sell their product to the US?

  2. Sucks to see so many brazillians having to deal with this shit.. I’ve met many brazillians, very nice people.. Too bad their country is full of thugs.. Ive heard in the southern tip, like santa maria, its nice and normal there. Just let it be known they arent a developing country or anything. Their government is kinda okay i guess. Heard that the current president is pretty much mostly hated though. anyways, good luck brazil ๐Ÿ™ my democracy brothers

          1. His killers thought he was A pi?ata. Instead of using a Stick they used a MPS AA-12 to get to that “crack” in the inner reaches of his mind, they wanted it all but it looks like they left some behind and if they are that sloppy they could not afford the shotgun that I mentioned. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. often i ask myself when all the senseless killing of fv against other fv will end and i always reach the same conclusion. the killing will end when there are no longer any fv to kill other fv. that means we all have to go. ALL OF US. as a species we are born mentally defective and murderous.

  4. Brazil, like most Latin American countries, is a hopeless case. Why? It’s burdened by a large, permanent, impoverished underclass of blacks and Indian/mestizos who demand all of the rights and privileges of a modern state while accepting none of the responsibilities: to live a decent, productive, law abiding life and make little or no use of government services. This enormous underclass dominates political life and continually demands that the government provide social services that its economy can’t actually support. That’s why these governments, truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, constantly debase and devalue the currency and helplessly print off more money to pay for services and programs that they actually cannot afford. Thus you get sky-high inflation. It’s a hopeless spiral. The simple hard truth is that these countries simply don’t have enough hard-working, decent white people. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? The truth really does hurt.

    This is why American prisons are dominated by blacks and mestizos.

    Believe it or not, I wish it were otherwise. I wish we were “all the same under the skin”. But wishes don’t count.

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