Drug User Murdered – Bright Blood Flows From Mouth and Nose

Drug User Murdered - Bright Blood Flows From Mouth and Nose

The land of the endless murders, samba, big asses, fake boobs, flip-flops and football shows yet again how wonderful Brazil is, where life appears to have little or no value. Gosh I can’t wait for the world cup. I heard there will be riots over there. Not surprising, considering that the communist PT party of Dilma Rousseff, who is in charge of the country, has just enough money to build football stadiums but not to invest in education, safety, health, innovation and progress. But a few billions for the world cup are a priority, it appears. This is the equality the Marxist ideology preaches, equal poverty and misery for the majority.

This time a 23 year old junkie by the name of Claudino Lopes was murdered in Garanhuns, Pernambuco, by two guys on a motorcycle. He was shot twice, once in the chest while the other bullet made it’s way to one of his eyes. Just using my intuition here but this is what happens when you don’t pay for your supply… He got lucky though, at least he wasn’t forced to to eat his own fingers.

That blood looks nice though.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

35 thoughts on “Drug User Murdered – Bright Blood Flows From Mouth and Nose”

        1. You couldnt pay me enough to go,but for two reasons one is i dont like being away from home,the 2 i hate traveling and third i hate airplanes.

          But,brazil is nonetheless a big tourist destination country,so i dont know what to tell maybe its a country with two faces

          I wish portugal would win lol

    1. @mike11111 Nobody should go unless they can get a ryder on their life insurance policy that covers death by flying toilets or being beaten to death with flip flops.

      1. I’m off to the world cup , I’ve also got my flip flops , my stash of aloe and a freshly pressed England top with da Silva in big red letters on the back .
        What could possibly go wrong ?

        PS , I’m leaving my watch at home !

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    Daniel ray

  2. Well , it’s kicked off in Brazil already by all accounts . Riots on the streets , people are really pissed off at the government for spending all of that money on new football stadiums when they have nothing . Bound to happen , no wonder they are pissed off about it .

    Should be a barrel of laughs in a months time !

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