Drug User Partially Decapitated in São Caetano, Brazil

Drug User Partially Decapitated in Sao Caetano, Brazil

A 23 year old man was found on a farmer’s property in rural São Caetano, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, on the morning of September 24th, 2015. The body was identified as that of José Allyson da Silva, aka “Zé do Caixão” (Coffin Joe). He was found still in a state of rigor mortis with a savage neck wound, possibly done by machete and almost severed the man’s head (machete’s are fucking awesome).

Coffin Joe was a known drug abuser who had left his home two days prior to his murder. At the scene was found a soda can along with some alcohol. It is believed the man was drinking and possibly getting high on the property before he was murdered, possibly by a companion. Although no suspects have yet been named. Interesting to note is that only two months prior, Coffin Joe had been attacked by individuals wielding machetes. Military police are looking into that incident again to see if their may be a connection.

Well…now he literally is Coffin Joe. What the fuck, was he a grave digger or something? hmmm, feel free to speculate.

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          1. yes. go into your profile and set a nickname. in your case, “Coffin Jack”. then select to display that nickname publicly. you will still have to sign in as Jack Doe and your avi will be the same you have now, but your name and comments will appear on the boards as “Coffin Jack”.

  1. “Z? do Caix?o” (Coffin Z?) has evolved to… “Z? no Caix?o” (Z? in the Coffin). 😆

    But hey, “caix?o” can also refer to a very big box… so there’s that. They killer must have had a very decent aim to kill him with just one blow, theres no defensive wounds elsewhere on his body.

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  2. Perhaps the name Coffin Joe is the Brazilian version of the American ?Joe the plumber?, a Mr average citizen as it were.

    Considering that murder and death seems to stalk the average da Silva I would say that Coffin Joe is a rather fitting catch-all term for them.

    Best Gore should use the term “Coffin Joe” for all da Silva related deaths if you ask me.

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          1. That is exactly why, plus it is a very red meat (does that put people off?) and is slightly ‘gamey’. Hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are killed each year, many are skinned – lots of tourists like to buy a kangaroo skin, but I think much of the meat goes to waste. It’s the sort of industry that just can’t get it together and make sure nothing is wasted. I know Adidas buys kangaroo ‘leather’ to make shoes, ‘roos are extremely tough animals, their hide is ideal. I don’t like it, but if the animals have to be culled, don’t waste them.

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  4. – hello ! police !
    – yes ?
    – we are thousand peoples in middle of nowhere and we have find an dead body , come on here quick !
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    10mn later…

    – here he is, dead for sure
    – someone have info ? something ?
    (flies bzzzz)
    – ok, someone clean this shit and we go home finish eating that damn donuts before the da silva quarter time

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          1. Well now you see why I attacked him the way I did on the other post. How many more pages is this idiot gonna be allowed to shit all over before something’s done about it?

  6. Don’t you just hated when a drug user only gets partially decapitated? Where is the thrill in that? I like to see my drug users fully decapitated. Is that asking too much? So, Mr. Killer, for your next Da Silva drug user. please take your time and chop it all off! Thank you. I owe you one.

  7. @thevulvaeater I am all for decapitation of a druggie but you’ll have to wait until this gets fixed up as there’s no one ready as yet…..
    they say you gotta moot a proposal …is that fine with ya?

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