Drug Wars Mexico – Mass Dismemberment of Many Bodies

Drug Wars Mexico - Mass Dismemberment of Many Bodies

Drug Wars in Mexico remain as ruthless as ever. Brutal torture and murder of captured members of opposing gangs continues at high rate and without mercy. It gets to a point that you wonder if there are still any more drug cartel members left. If they keep killing each other as much as they do right now, surely soon enough there will be no one left to deal drugs. Except that poverty in Mexico likely reaches such levels that there are waiting lists with names of people who would like to join lifestyle of any drug gang even though it bears the risks of being dismembered like people in these pictures.

This was a mass dismemberment. I’d guess members of one gang ambushed members of another – perhaps in their residence or at some form of gathering. The result of their sting was many captives and each of them ended up getting their limbs cut off. It looks to me like there are about 12 dismembered bodies in these pictures. Hard to tell with so many legs and arms lying around loosely. You could almost mistake it for a human assembly line at the basement of Dr. Frankenstein. Damn!

EDIT: Thanks Stephen Acosta for correcting me. These in fact are bodies of 12 Mexican federal police, not members of rival gangs. That pretty much explains why there is such insane corruption in Mexico – the police are either narcos themselves supporting the operations from within the state’s authority, or they are already partitioned and disintegrated.

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41 thoughts on “Drug Wars Mexico – Mass Dismemberment of Many Bodies”

  1. Well, when you see these pics.. don’t be fooled, there are enough people waiting to join in the gangs to make this scene happen for the next decades or so.
    The mighty money speaks louder than any slaughter than you can see and/or survive.
    It’s what these people do to earn a buck so that some assholes in another part of the world can smoke weed or sniff some coke. Cheers!!

  2. fucking hell! i agree with glen 100% its sad because i my self have family members who grew up really poor in mexico turn to shit like this to make the pesos ( money) and most end up either dead or in prison or they are never heard of. i think i have a couple of really gory pictures of that one guy in Tijuana mexico who was in charge of getting rid of bodies by putting them in a large tub full of acid. if i can find them ill contribute them to this awesome website.

  3. Stephen said that they are federal agents, and honestly, i wouldn’t doubt. If you even think about going against that philosophy that dealers carry (it’s either us or them)… you may pay the ultimate price, and worst of all.. in a very painful way.
    This is the reality that some folks live everysingle day trying to do what is possible to avoid drugs from being commercialized. My heart goes out to those who really fight against the problem that eventually, is destroying thousands of families all across the face of this planet.
    For as long as there are people willing to buy it, there will be people willing to sacrifice everything in order to sell it… a clean conscious and a good night of sleep. As i said before on the first comment, the mighty money does speak louder than anything in any language.

  4. If this is, indeed, the 12 Federal agents…they were not on the corrupt side. They were the good guys trying to do the right thing.
    Hi Johnny…I’m down in Saltillo. Used to be peaceful here, but I woke to gunfire last Saturday morning.

  5. This was in Morelia not Monterrey Johnny. So either you are from Morelia and live in Monterrey, or you are from Monterrey and are lying about where it happpened.

    What narcos do is offer a co money. If he says no, they threaten his family by mentioning where the kids go to school etc. and saying what a shame it would be if something happened to them.

    If that does not have the correct result, well…chop a few into pieces and see what the next cops say. Most cops are honest, underpaid people with no choice but to accept the narcos offer.

  6. Hey mapache you’re right this wasn’t in my town sorry my bad men I search in the internet and this not happened in monterrey, but here in monterrey happened shit like this and I believe this photos where from here thanks for correcting me

    and I was friend of el Gato drug lord from monterrey who was decapitated

    Sorry for my bad english

  7. it’s starting to get old…people get used to this shit after awhile…scare tactics are not working. Tie some ones wrist to a truck bumper, tie ankles to another, start engines, and slowly release both clutches…now that’s a video I would like to see…assholes are lacking creativity

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