Drummer Lee Rigby – Soldier Murdered in Woolwich Identified

Drummer Lee Rigby - Soldier Murdered in Woolwich

The soldier killed in an attack in Woolwich, London has been identified as Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Drummer Lee Rigby was 25 year old and lived in Manchester. He left behind a two year old son.

Identities of his killers have not been released yet, however one of them is believed to be Michael Adebolajo. Both killers were reportedly known to British security services. Michael Adebolajo is a Briton of Nigerian descent who came from a devout Christian family but took up Islam after leaving college in 2001.

Check out a video somebody posted on JewTube with his thoughts on the speech by the puppet on a Jew string David Cameron. I like it how even on JewTube one can see that people are waking up. Five years ago, when I started Best Gore, it would have been unthinkable to bring up the Jew in anything even remotely resembling a negative thought. You’d get trampled by immense hoards of the sheeple. Seem the tables are turning and the aware are so massively on the rise, it’s the posts of the sheeple that get the trampling. Top rated comments on the video say:

By kanukster

Islam is the reasoning behind this murder, along with liberalism and it’s continued assimilation of these muslim parasites!

By Kozmo260

Political Correctness was designed to do just what we see here: cripple western civilization and replace it with socialism and its supposed “utopia”. Its an offshoot of Marxist critical theory.

RIP Drummer Lee Rigby

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116 thoughts on “Drummer Lee Rigby – Soldier Murdered in Woolwich Identified”

  1. How someone could leave a christian family and take up Islamic beliefs is beyond me. Haha. I can see Mormon kids ditching. Even catholics. But damn, to take up islam over a relatively relaxed religion? Hahaha.
    also, its interesting that the attackers were killed. This keeps happening. Each perpetrator ends up dead as if there’s something to hide. Hmmmm.

          1. @misfit, as has been stated, the man was run over in a car. I understand you believe things don’t add up, but your comments are extremely disrespectful. Guess its your right to be a cunt, but its my right to point it out. Goddamn, son.

      1. @dimbo
        they’re alive? I wasn’t aware of that. I bet they’ll be killed soon though. It smells like shit to me:/
        haha its London. A safe gun free zone. Why would he have anything to worry about? 😉 hahaha. Must’ve been caught off guard by an unlikely act of violence.

          1. I think the whole thing is another martial law attempt much like the shootings here in the States. But if they’re Islamic Allah snack bars, then yes. Lots of pain. Haha.

      2. Unfortunately I sadly doubt they will get what they should get in prison, as Islamic terrorists they will be segregated with the rest of the Islamic terrorist scum. which our government treat better than generations of good honest hard working English folk. I just hope something is done because i can’t stand living in a my own country because I’m English and white and having to put up with Islamic terrorists chanting there hate for our country while they get all the benefits and houses ffs If white people stood on the corner yelling hate and death to all Muslim terrorists fuck we’d be arrested and put in the back of a police van before we knew what was going on. its a fucking joke

    1. There are not people they are 2 Nigerian apes that have very small brains and are fucking savages that came to the uk on a banana boat , they cant adapt to first world cultures and their small brains are overloaded with culture and civilized people.Their genetic mental illnesses become evident , in Africa they didnt have to think so it wasnt a problem, just eat shit and climb trees.All of a sudden they found themselves with a car, modern technology it was all too much for the nigger brain, that and being brainwashed by fucking Muslim Hate preachers was just a recipe for disaster.

      Those fucks are going to suffer in jail now with some nasty British hard core lifers.

    1. The English Government, like most Governments cowers and worships at the feet of certain minority groups – the vicious kinds. Muslims and Blacks mainly.

      And that’s the crux of it – two groups cause massive, massive problems – Muslims and Blacks. Not East-Asians. Not Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddhists or the like.

      The EDL are arrested for hate-speech by the traitor police for simply stating the truth. The police have allowed themselves to be used as oppressors of their own people. They are legit targets.

      So I say – maybe it’s time to stop cowering at the terms ‘racist’ and all that other garbage, maybe it’s time to stop being peaceful and maybe its time to start targeting the Police and their Police Stations, and maybe it’s time to start meeting the Leftist violent thugs with violence.

      Politics won’t change this, the Government and politicians don’t give two fucks. Doesn’t matter if it’s Politicians in England, Sweden, Canada, France.. they don’t care. Protesting won’t change this – the only thing that will change this, is politicians dropping like flies, Mosques going up in fire, and Muslims being scared to leave their homes, as the Swedes have been in Sweden, as the English have been in England because of this Muslim filth.

      Is that despicable? Yes. But it’s what our Governments and the Muslims themselves have created.

      You take away someones voice, you condemn them to silence, you oppress them, arrest them, label them, take away their right of opinion, their right of democracy and their power in the political spectrum and you leave them only one thing left – Violence.

      1. The culture of non-white immigrants in Europe is IRRELEVANT. That’s like saying we should be worried about the high body count of a country we are at war with. Chinese who want to speak Chinese or be the dominate demographic need to live in China. Simple.
        As I mentioned earlier, unless they are WHITE, they will never be European. Therefore it does not matter? what language they speak or which culture they assimilate to because it will not make the least bit of difference.

      2. The EDL. They are anti-Muslim Zionists. Not far off from Israel-firsters.
        They would be better off having Nick Griffin as Prime Minister than anyone else!

        The BNP needs to get nasty and take over this fight! Don’t trust the EDL!

        1. heh yeah to celebrate her fixed eyes we will test them by taking a road trip to TO and try to spy on brokebacks bum and his fancy convertible….we can do some stalking with gunkys new bionic eyes…lolol ..who in for a road trip??

          1. Thank you to everyone for your get well wished – I really do appreciate them.

            @1cup – no gunk taken out of my eye. @nastypersuasions, or worm extraction.

            @misfit55913, nope not LASIK either.

            I think I will try alicatt’s bionic specs idea so I can look at all those man burns. Better still I should have x-ray vison so I can see inside all those really naughty man bits and well as outside – yum 🙂

            OK time to get and rest my eyes 🙁

    1. They won’t get it in prison, this high a profile case, one will be in Belmarsh, the other on HMP Woodhill, both on a high containment wing, with no other prisoner contact, and 6 officers to escort them everywhere. Fact.

    1. Mosques should be burning in every Western Country.

      But they won’t. We are weak and pathetic, while they butcher our people in our streets, and riot in our Countries forcing our people to remain confined in their homes.

      So fucking sick of this shit.

      If there was a White group like Al-Qaeda I’d join it in a heartbeat.

      1. @silenced this shit to me reminds me of the time *communism* was spreading to the east and infecting weak vulnerable countries -.- *islam* is spreading rampantly like a wildfire to neighboring countries and it needs to be stopped. But then again brainwashed sheep call us racists for hating a religion that is based on murder. People need to open their goddamn eyes and see wtf is really going on. I hope England grows a pair of balls and starts taking back their country ASAP.

        1. I don’t even believe in white supremacy; I believe in white stupidity. 100 years ago we ran this world. And then we stupidly fought European Civil War Part I. Not having learned from out mistake, we decided 25 years later to fight European Civil War Part II.

          And now masses of white people the world over have swallowed some kind of pernicious guilt pill and celebrate their own dispossession in the name of “tolerance,” “diversity,” and “multiculturalism.”

    1. @Obliterator I was thinking the same thing o.o such a Shame thinking you are doing good for your country by serving in the military and then coming home and being killed by a bunch of Islamist shits living there -.-

    2. @Obliterator, the rank shouldn?t be taken too literally. HM Forces are steeped in tradition and ?Drummer? is a rank that stretches back hundreds of years when every regiment had its own band.
      Once on operations ?Drummer? Rigby was a fully trained soldier fighting with The 2nd Battalion of the Tigers, which is a light-role infantry battalion.

    1. Yup. And as long as we keep being puppets of he Zions sending troops there, we will see more and more of this crap. Closing borders and getting wind up with Muslims and multiculturalism is stupid when we keep messing about in their countries too. So we can do it to them, but we get outraged when they do it to us.

      Hypocrisy in the highest level.

      But anyway, the poor lad got tangled in this mess unnecessarily. RIP Lee, sleep tight x

      1. This doesn’t explain why, anywhere Islam is, there is chaos and Religious violence.

        In the Philippines with Asian Christians and so on, in Burma with Asian Buddhists, in India with Indian Hindu’s and Sikhs, in Africa with Black Christians and other non-Muslims.

        Any Country with a large group of Muslims has problems with the Religion. One could, possibly form an argument around it being mainly Sunni Muslims.

    1. It’s the same all over ‘Western’ Europe and the ‘West’.

      Muslims riot in Sweden (Yes, fucking Sweden) and the response of the Swedish Government and its people will be:

      “This is obviously our fault. What did we do to cause this?”

  2. he was a soldier, so i find it funny that the dumb cunt was killed in his own country. i hope it happens to all soldiers and police.

    every time a hellfire missile is fired from a drone. a zionist should be hacked to death.

    sounds fair to me.

      1. lol @ calling me a Jew. I’m not Religious.

        And of course it has to do with Religion and Race.

        I doubt it’s Swedes running around rioting, just like it wasn’t the English who burnt down whole swaths of London.

    1. They are being protected by our Governments and its agents.

      Targeting Muslims alone isn’t good enough – no, it’s down right idiotic. You’ll be used against your own people. They’ll parade you around and point at you and say “See? This is what White people are! We must tighten the chains around their wrists and neck”.

      No – You need to target the Governments and the Politicians that run it. Find out where they live… and let nature take its course. If they want to destroy our Countries and people.. make them work for it. Bleed them in a battle of attrition.

      In an act of irony, copy the Islamist in the Middle-East. Strike and blend in. One person can be caught. Thousands? That’s a bit harder.

      But you can’t do it lone-wolf style, and that’s the problem. Otherwise you become like Andres Breivik, a rallying tool for anti-Whites everywhere, someone who gets brought up in any debate about Muslims and Islams and its effect on our Countries, or even in political debates of Right vs Left.

      We need to be a fist, not a single finger. Thrusting your finger at someone full force will only serve to break your finger.. thrusting your fist at someone full force is capable of breaking whatever it’s thrust at.

    1. @silenced
      i have never been with nor do i have any intention or desire to be with a black man let alone a muslim! So watch to whom you are referring to as disgusting traitors – do not paint us all with the same brush

        1. @silenced
          i dont know who these women are to whom you are referring…are you referring to the young teenagers??? I just dont know many women like the ones you describe and i know alot of women…lol…and im not sheltered either…yes i know a few that are into coloured men but its like perhaps 5% and that is being generous….anyways quit lumping us all in together…it really gets offensive

          1. @alicat I wasn’t just talking about race-mixing, though I would say your 5% number is vastly underestimated.

            I was talking about the constant attack on White males by White females, the voting habits of White females (Overwhelmingly support Liberal/Left parties, who are the main ones flooding our Countries with Muslims/Africans and so on), the high rates of cheating, etc. Like, I bet you’d not see a single White female at an EDL rally in England, or any Anti-Immigration protest, really.

            In-terms of race-mixing, it really comes down to cock size, really. Which it seems has become paramount of modern White females. When you see White women race-mixing, it’s with African men, rarely with others. The whole stereotype or myth about African men being well endowed no doubt plays into this.

            I mean, from my experience as a White male, the amount of Black females I find attractive is paltry. And even if I found them attractive physically, there is no desire there at all. So it can’t be the whole ‘opposites attract nonsense’.

            As far as not lumping you all together, meh. It’s so rare that a White female doesn’t match my descriptions of them, I’ve long stopped worrying about offending them, especially since they have betrayed us at pretty much every turn.

          2. why do i waste my breath??

            you know i should be resting….just got out of hospital….fell down a flight of stairs…went through a wall…hit my head…had to be strapped to some blasted board then pinned down to a stretcher..spent the day being poked and prodded and i come home to a 90 yr old mother with dementia who is frightened cos my damn siblings didnt have the decency to drop by and take care of her while i was in hospital so i had to settle her down then prepare her dinner…get her ready for bed…all the while im supposed to be resting…so i settle down and i come on bestgore to argue with silenced who wants to moan on about how the white woman is such a big bad momma because she denied him her nipple one too many times and he has his gotchies in a twist and is gonna blame the big bad black man for stealin his woman cos he has the big ole cock!

            BAH!! Enough Already!!!!! Get over whatever it is that has made you so freakin bitter…you lump us all together like the effing stepford wives and we are not all the effing same!!! I dont care what you say!! Voting smoting…penis smenis…yes its true we are all driven by penis size, liberals make us wet, we all hate men because they get to have hairy toes and we cant (sorry girls – i had to spill the beans), and we LOVE black cock cos it turns a great shade of purple when its hard and we secretly long for that shade in shoes!

            I cant believe i am discussing this with you – obviously i hit my head :/….ok im going to bed. Sorry marcus for the rant.
            Silenced take up drugs or drinking – seriously you need to be happy for a change.

          3. @alicat Well, that escalated rather quickly. I suppose, the truth is like hammer in the face, it’s impossible to ignore and hurts like a motherfucker.

            Anyway, I’m going to ignore the personal insults and the other nonsense you typed and write it off as you having a bad day/week.

            Rest up and I hope you feel better in the morning. I’m sorry about your nitwit siblings and their lack of family decorum.

            Wish your Mother and You the best.

          4. @silenced
            ok so i was a bit over the top and i apologise for being insulting but man…you drive me crazy…no the truth does not hurt whatsoever because it isnt the truth but the ramblings of a very unhappy soul. I am stubborn but I guess I am just going to have to let you wallow in your confusion…choose my battles :).

            Have a great day!!

          5. @alicatt Meh. Don’t worry, personal attacks don’t bother me. When you type what I type, it comes with the territory; ‘Racist’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘Sexist’, and so on. I’ve even been called gay, which made me laugh more than anything.

            I generally find those people rather weak-minded.

            I don’t post on whims. If i have a strong feeling on something, chances are it’s rooted in reality. I’m not a troll.

            On this site, the one thing I post that sends people in a tizzy is my view on White females. Which I get, but I don’t censor myself. I could use other descriptors (Liberal White Females; ‘Most’ White females) and so on to leave room for good women like yourself, and perhaps I should (Though I think you’re Liberal anyway, right? So kinda a moot point)

            Anyway – regarding your unhappy comment. I have my moments when I allow myself to ‘disconnect’ from caring about things like you see in this article. Where I allow my brain to shutdown and I enjoy the simple things – family, friends, lover/partner. But as a person of White heritage, knowing what’s befalling our people and Countries, there is little way for a man or woman who is awakened to that, to be truly happy.

            Best way I can describe it is like a bird trapped in a cage floating in the sky. It can feel the air on its wings, taste the wind on its tongue – but its not free. It cannot spread its wings and fly around the open sky.

            And that’s me. Knowledge, without power. The knowledge, or rather the awareness I have is my cage. I am aware of certain truths, but powerless to do anything about them.

            Anywho, Have a good one.

          6. @silenced

            I like this version of you better. You are easier to talk to, easier to understand..

            I like your analogy very much. I feel like that very bird many times myself.

            I dont know what political association i am…yes years ago i was liberal…but that changed a long time ago…spose i swing a bit ndp’ish…if anything but i really have no affliation…i dont trust politician whatsoever – i used to work for the gov’t and was royally screwed over by them…now they have seen to it that i havent much of a future…so i am a bit bitter about anything political right now. Bunch of crooks as far as im concerned.

  3. Rest in Peace Drummer Lee Rigby. Your death has helped people wake up from this absurd excuse for a society. I will share your story with as many people as possible in the United States, so we can all know the Truth and stand together in the future.

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