Drunken Fight in Nicaragua Ends with Guy Falling Backwards and Breaking Neck

Drunken Fight in Nicaragua Ends with Guy Falling Backwards and Breaking Neck

Drunken Fight in Nicaragua Ends with Guy Falling Backwards and Breaking Neck

Two drunken bafoons got into each other’s face in Nicaragua. The altercation appears to take place outside in a sporting venue concession stand area. The all white wearing man is the aggressor. Red striped shirt man fails to mad dash a steady retreat and is accosted by the alpha drunk.

The retreating drunk gets tripped then falls down backwards. He breaks his neck on a rock and instantly dies.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Drunken Fight in Nicaragua Ends with Guy Falling Backwards and Breaking Neck”

  1. Well you know something., there always has to be some sort of killing object for just such an emergency, a fight can take place anywhere anytime. And at least the killing stone was close at hand.

    1. Fuck yes, he’d be charged with manslaughter. Butt he’ll be wobbling the streets with probation after spending half a year in prison getting access to health, dental benefits, free cable, cot and bread thanks to the retarded system supported from taxpayers

      1. But he doesn’t really make any attempt to injure or hurt him? I’d say it’s more his own drunken clumsiness that causes him to fall and sever his spinal column.

        I reckon there’d be some lawyers that would fancy their chances of getting him off.

        1. To counter your argument I’d say, he was the direct cause to man falling on head cause he literally trips the man.

          Sure, he probably wasn’t really intending to kill, which is 1st degree but he was part of the equation that equalled in death, which would be 2nd degree.

  2. The people in these countries are so retarded… the cops will probably be searching for a man dressed in all white for the next few years. Although because the people in these countries are so retarded, the aggressor will probably not even bother changing his clothes so the cops may actually have a chance at catching him. Stupid is as stupid does

  3. i wonder what stopped the aggressive Gibz me dat from not rifling through the snapped neck negros pockets ? thats usually standard protocol with the Gibz me dat’s. Maybe he caught the scent of a fried chicken wing and headed off in said direction.

  4. Ah-ha…. So that’s how you kill them quickly.!
    And here’s me trying to smack them in the forehead with only broken knuckles to show for my efforts.
    Say what you want.. But they do have thick foreheads.!
    Oh.. And big cocks…
    Personally though, I’d rather have a little willy & live in a civilised Country.
    A Country where, no matter what crime I may commit, I’m never at risk of being stripped naked & dragged through the streets with crowds of thick as fuck, ignorant Monkey Men & Women savages jeering & hooting & A’ hollering at my misfortune & perhaps having my cock tied to a tree, beaten with wooden planks, have poles shoved up my arse, doused in petrol & set on fire with a fucking car tyre around my neck.!
    Then… Ooops… Hey… Errrm..well… He actually didn’t do it.!!!

  5. That security guard practically clothes lined the dude trying to hop on the back of the bike , almost caught that turd. I wonder if the rock smashed face guy lived? Probably. Didn’t look lethal, but you never know. An update would be cool. Hint hint.

    1. Sorry bout that last comment. I was replying to another video of some robbers throwing bricks or stones thru a window, but one of them throws it at his co thiefs head, thus possibly killing him. Wrong video.

  6. Broken necks surely do suck I mean I’m living proof you can break your neck and still live! I got a total of 14 screws two rods a plate and 4 total neck vertebrae fused together (my avatar is a pic of the final X-ray) so I guess it’s all in how you break it lol

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