Drunk Stabbed to Death by Drinking Buddy

Drunk Stabbed to Death by Drinking Buddy

A man was stabbed to death in the city of Agrestina, Pernambuco – Brazil this past Monday the 14th of April. 36 year old José Luiz da Silva (this is starting to get spooky), known by locals as “Biu do Sebo”, was killed in front of a big crowd, in the middle of the street.

According to locals, the victim was drinking alcohol with his 46 year old friend Valdecir José da Silva (any more doubts this name is cursed?), known as “Bebinho”, short for “little drinker”, and after a big argument, because Biu do Sebo touched Bebinho’s ass (no joke, this is really on the news report I read), Biu stabbed his good ol’ friend to death.

The murderer didn’t even try to escape (I doubt he could given the look on his drunken face) and confessed the crime when police caught him. He just claimed his drinking buddy had been disrespectful towards him by touching his ass. The poor man was trying to defend his masculinity, while the other was trying to get rid of his. They say alcohol reveals who we truly are, and this sure seems to prove this theory right.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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      1. Da Silva is famous in Brazil for being a poor name. I never met a Da Silva lol, but according to BestGore I believe that deppending on the city, if you die, you have 95% chance of having Da silva in your last name

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  3. Cool guy stabbing someone because he was getting semi-molested.
    But just a thought maybe he couldn’t formulate himself because he was too drunk and actually meant to say he was defending himself from his gay rapist friend – or maybe he did say that but the police didn’t listen to him or some shit.

  4. This is so sad I can’t believe people do this things it’s hard to believe his friend kill him this way,with this friends who want enemies,really sad almost bring tears to my eyes,people need to understand that violence it’s not the answer we need to seat and talk and I believe some day things gonna change and we will live in peaceful world where this things don’t happen

    1. So the previous post where an innocent man was also executed was funny, but now you’re crying tears for this guy? That’s all fine and well, but with your conflicting stories, how can you expect people here to take you seriously?

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  5. My gosh, drunk friend touches your ass so you think hmm I don’t like that, stab, stab, stab. C’mon ffs he’s drunk, drunk people don’t know what the hell they are doing. Even if I was drunk and I’m saying here, I’m not gay, if my friend gave me a pat on the ass, I’d let it go, if I’m drunk I wouldn’t care. But if it was something like ‘hey let me put my finger In your butt, that’s when I’d be like, “No, think Il pass on that buddy, time for you to go home now. Please.

  6. And so they are drinking buddies, meaning they get blind with each other just about every bloody day, and the big so called fag has never thought to do this before? So just one random night, at the age of 46 he decides to give his buddy a tap on the butt. Who knows they were probably kicking beer cans and footballers are always doing that homo- erotic shit with each others butts! I reckon it’s just a big story he made up because he was so pissed he can’t even remember stabbing anyone! And you can’t go before the judge without a half hearted story at least…..

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