Dried Up Corpse Found with Rock in Mouth

Dried Up Corpse Found with Rock in Mouth

Somewhere in Brazil, a corpse of an unspecified sex was found in an abandoned building. The corpse was dried up, and had a rock in the mouth.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a rock in mouth a message that the killed was killed for being a snitch? Isn’t that what Sicilian mafias did to those who violated Omerta?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Agreed. I love that shit…
          The canary in the mouth theory would make sense if this was in fact IN Sicily but since it’s good ol’ Brazil, I’m going with voodoo magic and witchcraft… Hence my zombie hypothesis, down below.

      1. If that guy did not take everything that Sheeple Said to him so Fucking Literally,,, he could very
        well still have been alive, and still with us today!

        So this poor Smelly/Bloater should of completely stopped listening to the prick, and told that asshole,,, You Know,,, That Dirty Little Bastard Who Told Him,,, **To Go Suck-On Rocks** To Fuck-Right-Off,, before deciding, to go ahead and “”SUCK-ON-ROCKS”” Anyways. This way he would have never choked On Rocks in his Throat & Mouth!

        So, in closing,
        If anybody “ever” tells you,, **To Go Suck-On Rocks** (Like my Stepsisters Often did to me) when i was about 13 or 14, cause they thought i always asked too many questions & talked to much,,, and was (during the 80,s.) man lol. Just Tell Them (Too Suck-Your Rocks Instead) ok? And for Us the 50+ Baby-Booming Crowd,,, That I Am sure, that You,s All Remember very well, this saying very well, eh Gals, lol,?? ** cause that was the time when using these type of sayings that go like,,, (go fly a kite) or (take a hike) were a very Cool & Popular Thing ta do!** and i have to admit, that when my older sister started telling everyone that pissed her off to do,,, i would road. 🙂

    1. carnage either we’re doing a double act or there’s no one else on best gore, what’s the time where you are right now? maybe trump started ww3 and we missed it

          1. It felt like a boulder being lifted off my shoulders when I seen Wallabeasts’ bright and happy, smiley face… Phew..
            Hey, glad you’re still with us too, SS!
            Wakey wakey, it’s time to rock n’ roll!

      1. Yep, same concept there… Except vampires tend to be much smarter and take the rock outta their mouth, upon resurrection … Whilst brain dead zombies on the other hand, tend to just walk around like idiots with a rock stuffed in their mouth, unable to bite and infect. Their mouths are typically too dry to be able to spit so that rock is usually stuck in there for the duration. Much more practical to use this technique on a zombie, rather than a vampire… Actual facts.

  1. The man had a rock hard alibi. But the fabROCKcation of his crime was all the killer needed to granite the crime… Of corpse the man was a numb skull and couldn’t figure mantle math to keep himself alive, it was hard rock et science.. Soo ended up kicking rocks.

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    1. Yes I have. I want a cadaver that can also be dehydrated again for those times when I need a little ‘alone time’, know what I mean? Does this basic Travel Corpse™ model come with rotting flesh and stanky bone structures?
      Finally, do you accept Paypal?

  3. I’m from Brazil. He told in the video that a street-sweeper found this body in a small city, in Minas Gerais, Ibaiti.
    He was working when he smelled something rotten.
    PS: he talks a lot of shit. Like begging for sharing, saying he never saw something like that etc. Fucking cunt

  4. Was half expecting the dried up mummy to jump up & scare me with that terrible, unnecessary, dramatic music playing in the background..got 15 secs in before the music got unbearable & I had to stop watching.

    Props to whoever watched the whole thing..

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