Dutch Woman Pushed Off 13th Floor Balcony Splats in Arnhem, Holland

Dutch Woman Pushed Off 13th Floor Balcony Splats in Arnhem, Holland

Only one photo was taken before Dutch authorities sealed the scene off and prevented further images from being taken. The victim is a 38 year old woman who is believed to have been pushed from a balcony on the 13th floor of a highrise apartment building at the Kleefseplein (Cleves Square) in Arnhem, Holland by her boyfriend. The 48 year old man whose name has not been released has been arrested and is questioned by the police.

Dutch news channel Omroep Gelderland has a video on the incident but it doesn’t show anything and is in Dutch. Many thanks to Best Gore member dutchy84 for hooking me up with this hard to come by photo:

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47 thoughts on “Dutch Woman Pushed Off 13th Floor Balcony Splats in Arnhem, Holland”

  1. I’m Dutch. Watched the video, nothing much to say about it. They said 3 months ago a Somalian dude jumped from the 4th floor and was dead. They have no clue why this girl was pushed. The ugly woman you see says she thought a child was lying there who had simply fallen on the street and only later she realized it was a dead person.

    1. My Great Grandfather fought in the failed Operation Market Garden (and survived!) to liberate Arnhem.

      If he was still alive he would want to fight in Europe again… Against a different invader.

      1. I don’t think muslims or any other ethnic group could be labelled invaders into Europe, all the time the elite and the sheep who vote for them year after year opened the borders of the continent already.

        1. I agree that responsibility for them being here is thanks to the unwashed masses.

          Yet, it was not voted for by anyone.

          Immigration to the UK was not a problem throughout the 80s and most of the 90s.

          And in the 2010 General Election, the electorate were tricked into voting for the ‘CONservative’ Party. Who promised to get a rein in on it.

          After 13 years of disaster. We honestly thought that the Tories could help us out.

          Instead we were stitched up like a kipper.

          1. My dad found a boomerang, while diving up near Sharks Bay, W.A.. I had it checked out by ‘authorities’, they said it pre-dates European settlement because it’s been made with a stone! Its an awesome artifact, (unfortunately I broke it, by throwing it when I was a teen – de-valued it by 90%) 🙁

  2. ARNHEM – De dodelijke val van een flat, maandagmiddag in Arnhem, waarbij een 38-jarige Arnhemse omkwam is geen misdrijf, zegt de politie na onderzoek. De 48-jarige man die na de fatale val werd aangehouden is weer op vrije voeten en geen versdachte meer.

    De gebeurtenis die rond half zes plaatshad, zorgde voor veel ophef in de buurt. De man werd aangehouden voor mogelijke betrokkenheid bij de dood van de vrouw.

    Na uitvoerig onderzoek staat vast dat van een misdrijf geen sprake is, aldus de politie. Het onderzoek is afgerond.


    Arnhem – The deadly collapse of a flat, Monday afternoon in Arnhem, where a 38-year-old killed in Arnhem is not a crime, says the police after investigation. The 48-year-old man who was arrested after the fatal fall is at liberty and not a suspect anymore.

    The event that took place around half past five, caused an uproar in the neighborhood. The man was arrested for possible involvement in the death of the woman.

    After extensive research it is clear that there is not a crime, police said. The study was completed.

    Greece from Arnhem

    1. Ik snap niet dat een onderzoek zo snel afgerond kan zijn !! Dus bij deze : “case closed”.
      Ze mogen toch wel een klein beetje meer tijd investeren in onderzoeken.
      Maar, dat is mijn mening en wie ben ik om hier over iets te zeggen .

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