Dying Man in Brazil Makes Dying Helicopter Noises

Dying Man in Brazil Makes Dying Helicopter Noises

Dying Man in Brazil Makes Dying Helicopter Noises

Man in Brazil without a shirt has blood around mouth. He makes strange sounds in his last cadence of death. Judging by the blood around his head, it is safe to assume he is suffering from nasty head trauma. Dying man puts on hell of a performance before his last breaths are kaput. At least he died looking as if he stopped to smell the flowers.

Perhaps, our Brazilian speaking brethren can shed some life on the words spoken by cameraman and in return shed some life into more back information.

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          1. That anything like talking to a vagina with a speech impediment ?
            *Pulls out handkerchief
            We’ve all had the misfortune to have talked to that “person” at some point.

      1. Biot’s Respirations.
        He’s posturing from the pressure on his brain due to intracranial hemorrhaging. His breathing will likely devolve into Cheyne-Stokes Respirations before he herniates his brain stem.

      1. In short, they are.

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  1. Not sure if the cameraman is the killer, but is definitely involved. He’s saying something like “you thought you would be someone in here, got fucked up. Are you thinking itaipuaçu is weak?”
    So Itaipuaçu is the place but he doesn’t say anything else. Probably the dead guy was someone new to the town and tried to steal or messed up with the wrong guy…..

    1. This just in: The cameraman was just killed. He went to another area and the enemies approached him and started murdering him then they said to him while recording, “You thought you could come here thinking you’re tough? You think we’re a bunch of whores here? Now you die!”

      Then the cameraman gurgled and died. That’s what you get for going to another area and thinking you’re the best.

  2. You know how they say when you die or dying your life passes you by. Well this dude was going through his years and memories very fast. I just wonder how many times he’d seen all those flip-flops he bought or stole in his young life.

  3. whats with the weird blood on his mouth? doesnt look like it came out of his nose or mouth. kinda looks like some asshole painted on a blood stash with their finger tips? maybe nice guy camera man?

  4. I suppose one cannot simply waltz thru someones Neighborhood and take whatever one feels Like Taking or Pillaging. So if this in fact is a Street Rat getting his comeuppance then, So Be it. Life is a better place without vermin.
    Furthermore, he Died a Terrible, Terrible Death. Wonder what was going thru his Brain…prolly the sidewalk and gutter water.

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