Egyptian Border Guards Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Palestinian Youth

Egyptian Border Guards Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Palestinian Youth

South of the Gaza Strip, near the border city of Rafah, Egyptian border guards shot and killed a mentally ill Palestinian youth. The Palestinian, who was naked, crossed the sea border between Gaza and Egypt, and was shot at as soon as he entered the Egyptian shores.

As soon as Israeli sock puppet Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was put in power by the people who organized the overthrow of the former government, the new president has earned his worth by ordering the Egyptian army to execute every Palestinian who may attempt to exit the Gaza Strip.

Seems to me like the Egyptian border guards are terrible shots.

Props to Best Gore member @Moroccan_Boy for the video:

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    1. @caedis these modern Egyptians are not the one who built the pyramids. They were built by blacks who were the real Egyptians before it was invaded by the “white” people from the north. By that time Arabs never exisited as a race. The inter marriages between the Europeans and these Africans brought the race you call “sand niggers” into existence.

      1. ?They were built by blacks who were the real Egyptians before it was invaded by the ?white? people from the north?.

        @African Angel, come on, you don?t really believe that do you?

        The ancient Egyptians were masters of mummification and so even today we can extract DNA from these thousand odd year old mummies, which the scientific world have already done, and it proved that the modern Egyptians are the genetic descendants of the Egyptians that lived there thousands of years ago.

        Not to mention we have painted portraits from that era which show them to be Arabic looking, plus all the ancient Roman written accounts of their visits to ancient Egypt during the BC era which make a clear distinction between the Egyptians and the Black Africans.

        In fact, judging by the ancient Egyptian drawings and the Roman accounts it clearly shows that the Ancient Egyptians used and traded in black slaves, which they often sold to the Romans and other neighbouring countries.

        If that isn?t enough proof, lets consider for one moment that you are right and the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans. How then did black Africa lose all of this knowledge and ability to create?, you can steal land but you can?t steal knowledge from peoples minds.

        So we are left to believe then that the Ancient black Egyptians fled into sub Saharan Africa and forgot every bit of knowledge they once possessed and instead of creating vast civilisations and building pyramids like they used to they spent the next thousand odd years building mud huts and throwing spears at each other.

        The above doesn?t really make sense does it?

        1. @ES, the truth has been hidden from the people. Whites have twisted history to suit their supremacy. Have you heard of Timbukutu University? Blacks at a time ruled and controlled the world the way you people do. We’ve been brainwashed and fed with wrong data. For now, better keep your truth and let me keep mine.

          1. @AA, the drawings and paintings, the writings on the wall, so to speak, surely that is not lies? All of the ‘treasure’ left behind. You can tell in the thousands of colourful pictures the ancient Egyptians left behind that they were not black, they were rather light skinned, swarthy, they drew black people too, and they were ‘coloured’ appropriately.

        2. Thank you for dispelling this idiotic myth preached by black supremacist morons. As an Egyptian, I am NOT an Arab. We are Copts. Do a Wikipedia search. We are the direct descentents of the ancient Egyptians despite the Arab conquest and introduction of that cancer religion Islam.

          1. @CW, if you said Islam sucks, that’s enough for me to respect you. By the way am not a black supremacist. I just spit what’s on my mind. It’s a free world depending on the data you’ve been brainwashed with. Nice to see an Egyptian bestgore member. Wishing you the very best. Keep ya’ spirit high. Love ya’.

          2. To push the debate a little…..
            I would not compare the Arab world to the Africans…….in a million years…..
            And I am not especially a fan.
            The accomplishments of the Arabs in matters of …science ….mathematics….(…..medical…..ect
            Are purely fascinating and mind blowing
            I personally think that their Islam crap ( pardon my french) is the reason for their dismise.
            When the west experienced the dark ages,
            The Arabs were on the top of their shit
            I know that was a thousand years ago!!!

  1. To be fair, there are two separate issues with which to contend with here, border control and Israel?s treatment of the Palestinians.

    The Egyptian army, to my knowledge, tends to kill and/or forcibly remove all border jumpers regardless of nationality and that is why many Africans get killed every year trying to cross through their territory and on into Europe.

    Now, as one can imagine, I find the idea of shooting dead invading hordes of niggers extremely entertaining. In fact it should be considered a family day out wherein sandwiches are consumed and washed down with beverages as the picnic spots span the entire length of the border and scenes of merriment take place with men, women and children roaring with laughter and rolling in delight at the failed and fatal attempt of the invading hordes to get into your country and rape your social benefit system.

    Anyway, the point is that the Egyptian army has the right to shoot border jumpers but the fact that Israel mistreats the Palestinians is a separate matter.

    Should Egypt be held responsible for the Palestinian plight?, no more so than any other country I suppose considering that Europe, America, Canada etc ignore the Palestinian suffering as well and lick the boot of Israel.

    If only Europe deterred border jumpers the same way we would not be so currently fucked.

    1. Thank you again for bringing some sense and reason to the comment section.

      We have a border, and if you cross it you get killed. It’s very simple, especially in these times where terrorist barbarians are killing us and destroying our tourism completely.

      Was that particular soldier a little trigger happy? Perhaps. I wouldn’t kill a damn bear naked guy on a beach, but not our entire army “hates all Palestinians” as the information under the video would suggest.

  2. This kid should have brung his surf board…….. An old man walks to an Egyptian bazaar when another guy trys to sell him some Viagra. (Illegal in Egypt) Guys says”I’ll take 80 pounds” ? Old man….. No! Guy…. OK 50 pounds. Old man……not worth it. Guy… How about 10 pounds. Old man…. No, not worth it. Guy…. How can you say there not worth it, they cost me 10 pounds. Old man….. The pills are worth it. My wife isn’t.

      1. Hey up Gezza. Yeah mate it’s been rough for many areas up here. It’ll never flood round my area though, way too high up for that to happen fortunately.
        I wish those daft twats would stop dredging the rivers and built/dig a few channels away from the main water flow instead, ‘cos there’s more to come yet.
        Thanks for asking bro, hope you and yours had a good one.

        1. Hi ewe, yeah we had a great Xmas mate loads of wine at’s too much !hope you and family had a great one too, I did think of you up north pal, it’s fuckin awful what’s happening, York is unbelievable! And Cameron on sky news giving the crap that he gives a shit yet it’s him that cuts alk the flood defence budgets wankers! !

          1. It has been nice to get the family together gezza, although I always get the hump prior to the festivities !, not sure why.
            York has been hit hard for sure, the whole city is underwater. Not surprising really given its position and proximity to various rivers. At least the locals get together and help each other out, which, as you allude to, is more than our prick of a PM seems willing to do. Patronising twat, we’d be better off as a county running our own affairs, we need those Westminster tossers like we need a fucking hole in our foreheads.

            Rams doing you proud at the minute mate, top o’ the league.

  3. …how we to know he’s mentally ill?..does he has those retarded look,speaking/shouting in alien tongue towards the guards or he’s registered somewhere in his native land..?
    My guess is he’s naked too show himself harmless while swimming in wet cloths are too hard and heavy…..ya?

  4. Unlike other African Arabic countries, Egypt was colonialized by Britain and their civility are much better than the French Arabic.

    Now that they are been controlled by the Zionists, tables have turned. They are being used by Israel to wipe out the Palestines whom they share the same “religion of piss”. Never expected Egypt to sink this much.

  5. A mentally ill Palestinian youth with no arms or legs is lying on the beach, begging all the passing Egyptian border guards to have sex with him. Finally one of the Egyptian border guard pauses for more than a second and stares at him. The mentally ill Palestinian youth exclaims, “Please! I’m 25 years old and I’ve never been fucked!”

    The Egyptian border guard ponders the conundrum briefly, picks up his rifle, shoots the mentally ill Palestinian youth and throws him into the ocean.

    From the choppy water, The mentally ill Palestinian youth screams in horror, why?, as he slowly drowns to death, to which the Egyptian border guard answers,

    “Well, you wanted to get fucked. You’re fucked now!, you fucking mentally ill Palestinian youth”

      1. To be honest wouldnt be against that at all, πŸ˜† but its not our fault that our kingdoms wanted more than they had for the sake of their “little” stupid economic war. We had half the world back then, now we struggle to keep food on the table… But at least we left some hospitals and schools there before the colonists were kicked out of there. Our technology was impressive back then, and although we benefited from the local slave trading and diamond and gold mining, it cant be denied the fact that your land did thrived quickly from our involvement.

        …however, we’re not expecting the new muslim invaders to leave any hospitals or schools, or contributing at all for the development of our lands from their end.

        And thanks, I wish you a great 2016 as well. πŸ™‚

  6. All mental ill people should die I have a mental illness so you no I take offense to that and maybe some other people on this site has a mental illness to. You must be so perfect to sit there and write such a comment and be so bold.

        1. hmm i meant in the real world sir lel ijk πŸ˜€ , it’s weird how you managed to feel offended with my comment given that everyone here knows me and the things i say,but i’ll let you go this time just because you look kinda cute :3

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            Am I being sarcastic? That is the question……..

  7. Here in the great southern land’s south pacific side, going to the beach is also an event that can end in the taking of your life……….average of about 3 shark attacks a month….36 this year alone…….( and the year isn’t over just yet!!)………

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