Egyptian Protester Grasps for Air Despite Hole in Head

Egyptian Protester Grasps for Air Despite Hole in Head

Egyptian protester was shot in the temple. The shot popped his eye out of the socket and carved a hole in the side of his face, yet despite the odds, he is still grasping for the air.

The breathing looks agonal. His prefrontal cortex was destroyed, but his brain stem was likely still intact. Despite the breathing reflexes, I don’t think he was aware of himself at this point.

Got to love the guy who stepped on the defenseless victim’s hand.

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      1. Years ago in my state we had a vote to abolish Bi-Lingual Education. Over 70% voted to shit can it and start teaching these vermin children in English only yet the next school the liberal pantywaists got it overturned in court and we still have the big waist of taxpayer money.

        That said, a guy at work heard me talking of this travesty and starting arguing with me as to why I thought foreign language should be removed from our curriculum. I educated him that that wasn’t what the vote was about. It wasn’t about getting rid of foreign language it was about teaching these fucking vermin in English only.

        He smiled in embarrassment and said “oh, in that case I voted wrong on that one.”

        People should have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of what the fuck we are all voting on!!

          1. @killa and buttman
            Thanks for info..ya know, I truly understand the phrase “Shake your money maker” and I think most women get this before they even reach adulthood. The female form, especially their asses for me, has the power to make me do almost anything. What a wonderful life!

    1. The first time i saw this in real life freaked me out, then you get used to it. Im talking about caring for dying patients in a legitimate, palliative way. Trying to explain to family that their relative is genuinely dead is much harder!

  1. That’s a big ass hole, wonder what sized bullet/gun was used?

    On a lighter note: His shit is so mushed up, kind of looks like a chip bowl with some salsa dip! Throw some onions in there and ye got some new Egyptian chip and dip!

  2. That’s pretty fuckin trippy. The part of his brain that regulates heart and lungs must still be functioning. I’m sure he’s goner but people have survived having bug chunks blown outta their heads at times. He should a stayed home I guess he didn’t get the memo saying supporting islam may be hazardous to your health and requires blood be spilled Lol.

  3. Let us pray:

    Yea, though I bitch through the streets of Pharaoh, I will fear nothing. My gas mask, that I paid six months wages for, may or may not protect me (shrug). You fill my head with lead. My skull overflows. You prepareth a place on the pavement for me to lie down and gasp for air. I will remain a vegetable, all the days um, minutes of my life. My remains will dwell in this shit hole forever, or at least until Dr. Zahi Hawass digs me up and sells me to a museum as a mummy from the Ptolemaic Dynasty who was killed by a blow to the head with a mace.


  4. Definitely dead guy..seen that kind of breathing and acting know it really sucks in theses cases because the brain keeps functioning for 7 mins after death occurs…they say that’s when we have our flashbacks of our lives..i bet that is what is going on here..conversations and or confessions with his maker…

    1. Actually, you are not technically dead until your brain dies. This is a big misconception that many people believe; mainly those that said they died at a hospital and were revived from heart failure.

      The flashbacks, if you want to call them that, is your brain going into shock.

      The light at the end of the tunnel is when your eyes stop seeing. As your brain dies, it shuts down non essential organs, like your eyes, in order to attempt to preserve life.

      All in all, not one person that said they died, ever died and not one person has ever come back from death. I cringe on the inside when people boast about dying, seeing the light and then they came back. They never died at all in reality. They may of been close, but not dead as that is brain death.

      1. @Frodogore – that’s good research, only please keep in mind that all science (including medicine) is only theory. that was a very thoughtfully deduced theory of what happens at “death”, yet a theory is all it shall ever be. really though: when yours or anyone’s time comes, don’t people deserve to behold that truth for themselves – without it being qualified, quantified, ratified or indeed sanctified by any science, religious institution or govourning political body?

        1. @ Anitvirus

          With out a doubt they should!

          On a scientific side though: The reason devote religious see their heaven or God(s) though is simply because through life they prepare for death, over and over again. When their time comes, as their brain slowly dies and goes into shock, and they lose vision, they will most certainly see what they have been training for their whole lives. This is a very special moment for them and their loved ones. I would not want to take that grandness away one bit. It should be embraced!

          But people should still know however that it is impossible for ones brain to live for 7 minutes after death because that simply is not possible as death, a biological sense, can only come once your brain is dead.

        2. For got to add to my response:

          Death itself and the way the human body dies is not theory at all though. Brain death equals death. Everything else is near death or can cause brain death; trauma, heart attack, etc., etc.

          And we do know that when the brain is dying, it will shutdown non essential organs and functions (this is why many people shit themselves), in order to attempt to preserve life to the brain.

          It is also known that as your eyes slowly loose function, due to say getting slowly choked out (most of use have had that happen) heart attacks patients getting CPR, that what you see is a “white light, almost tunnel”, look to your vision. This is not a theory. It’s the way the optic nerve reacts to being shut down; along with all the other goodies in the eyes and that part of the brain that controls the vision.

          Shock is also not a theory. Though it could be said the seeing your life in a flash of yours eyes die to shock is a theory, I agree with that much anyway.

      2. Your avatar maybe breathtakingly ugly but your intelligence just took my breath…it was something i was once told and I thought I’d share it because it made sense with how he was trying to speak..or atleast form words..i stand corrected frodo…

        1. Awww Thank you!

          Though there is a lot more, but I didn’t want to type a novel – like choking out someone to the point they lose vision and then conscience, which is killing the brain – I try on this site for a biological understanding of death. It fascinates me cos to be honest, I’m scared shitless of dying. So my coping, is to try and understand it as much as I can. 38 years later, though still scared of it, I’ve learned a lot. The human brain fascinates me a great deal. The death of that brain even more so. LOL

          Gosh, I was a hard kid to teach and bring up! LOL

          1. No problem..intelligence is by far the biggest turn to..well..haha getting choked of all things…that’s terrible…a brain its such a beautiful thing to destroy like i do….sigh…its just….i think it’s the thrill of knowing someone can walk in and catch me hanging fapping..dammit Smirnoff you made me slut mouthed…sorry…

          2. @ Daddyprinces and Ladywicked

            I agree actually on the sexual aspect of choking. Though myself have not tried it, nor will I, I admire those that take that huge chance or risk in order to fulfill that maximum climax and satisfaction.

            On a History aspect and biological: Back in the old West days of the US, when hanging was the norm and well documented, it was very common that people noticed the last thing men did before dying from slow hanging was ejaculate. So even though hanging, slow hanging, would suck, at least you get one last hardcore load at the end; which would be the only good and comfy thing to it all-in-all. Which I guess would contradict what I said about how hanging would totally suck a few posts down.

          3. It’s actually quite fun..when done right…when done wrong..well…you end up on this that guy who dressed in womans utterly embarrassing for a man..i guess..i wouldn’t know…i like weird shit like that… each their own..

          4. @ Ladywicked

            LOL I hear ya!

            And todays post on is submitted by member Frodogore, of Frodogore trying auto erotica asphyxiation and dying while hanging from his shower curtain rod, in womens Sponge Bob undies with his cock out! Found after his Mother couldn’t get a hold of him for a week and made entrance into his home.

            LOL, yeah um, I’ll pass I think.

          5. Oh no..that’s not why i keep saying how awesome it is..Smirnoff..Mary and my nerves bout tomorrow dr appt..please don’t hang yourself…I’m kind of intrigued by you and your brain…I’d like to keep it around longer in living form… =)

          6. @ Ladywicked

            Naw, never felt you were recruiting at all! πŸ™‚

            As for me brain: It’s sometimes wrong which it will admit, can be a royal pain-in-the-ass at times (so my friends say), and at times doesn’t think before talking. But eh, it works for me! πŸ™‚

            Thanks for the comments and discussion last night, was good fun.

      3. read this, Frodogore… by a neurosurgeon whose entire cerebral cortex was flat lined for a week. The guy is objective science personified and he now swears there is an afterlife:

        ‘Proof of Heaven, a Neurosurgeon’s journey’

        It is compelling reading.

        You can scam a pdf of the book for free from Kick Ass Torrents…

        1. @ Rota

          I will check it out a little later on after work, saved the link. Always looking for new aspects on death for sure.

          Also still recovering from last night wine induced posting on this video! LOL

          Someone had said for me to pass what I was on last night with all my posts, LOL, MINE, it was all mine and now I’m paying the price. Reading through, I’m shocked my grammar was as good as it was! πŸ™‚

      4. I have to agree. A car I was in on a highway flipped and I was thrown out. Ialmost died but luckily the stars aligned and an off duty SWAT officer saw it driving to work and called it in and immediately blocked the traffic from ripping me in half. Also it helped I was in Philly, just a few mins from multiple level 1 trauma centers.

        I have faint memories of waking in the middle of I-95, not realizing what was going on, saying “lets get the fuck out of here”, and then a paramedic asking me questions. I had a liver that was ripped in half, a collapsed lung, and massive blood loss from my face and chest ripping open. What happened was due to shock and the lung injury I stopped breathing and they tubed me to breathe. They replaced nearly all my blood, and I was in a coma from Sunday to Thursday. I had no recollection other then those few seconds after the crash.

        I think its body’s reactions to shutting down.

  5. I think he was kind of aware of the situation. Not fully though. He was nog only gasping for air (which is a reflex in a situation like that) but he tried to move his head a little, and gave up. But however, it looks pretty gory. And when things couldn’t get any worse, a rondom dude steps on his hand/arm lol.
    And I am curious: what kind of weapon caused this damage?

    1. Even though I asked what size gun/bullet made that hole above in my first post, me thinks now it was a close range smoke canister blasted into his head.

      Had it been a large caliber gun, his hole head would be taken away at that section.

      The size of the hole, plus the other side is still intact tells me it was the close range smoke canister.

      Just a guess, but I think that’s accurate.

  6. When I was a kid I remember having a sick goldfish and one of my other goldfish ate the eye out of it, it floated to the top of the tank and looked like it was gasping for air just like that guy, maybe he thinks he’s a goldfish…..hahahaha.

  7. I like to point out, and I’ll look for a link, but anyways, in the US a black kid literally lost his whole left side of his brain, from front to back and lived! Still alive today actually.

    Though this guy will die, it’s not unheard of for healthy young people to lose a part, or even half, of their brain in a bad accident and live long lives, or even for a good while.

    This dude, though clearly on deaths door was very much alive and probably to some degree, semi conscious of at least being able to breath, or try too.

    Remember that many brain injuries actually result in the person not able to even breath, meaning they need to incubate them, because they injured that part of the brain that controls that function. This dude was breathing on his own; or barely breathing pre-death. At one point, it actually looks as if he wants to speak as well.

    This was not an after death reaction muscle response.

          1. For half the excitement? hehe

            Serious though: Life is a pretty strong ass pull, whether fully “normal”, retarded, half a face and head, half a brain, or no common sense at all.

            We as humans do have that trumped compared to other animals. Every other animal out there has zero room for the weak. Me thinks the one thing that sets us out as animals is that we do indeed have room and empathy for our weak.

    1. Yea man I can definitely see that as being true since us humans only use 10% of our brains. That’s crazy if you think about it! Imagine the unlimited IQ’s people would have if we were somehow able to unlock any part of the other 90%!

    1. Though his skin and bone (skull), would hurt a little bit, his injury would not be that painful at all. There are zero pain nerves in the brain.

      This is why many brain surgeries are done while the patent is awake.

    2. To add yet even more about the pain of a head shot/injury and death cos I find it interesting:

      I’d always figured the three most painless ways to die, and if I could pick them in that order, would be:

      1. Certain chemicals that put you to sleep first, then shuts down critical organs; the drugs for execution, carbon monoxide (car exhaust) would be painless for the most part. Street drugs generally don’t give you the sleep first aspect of a painless death so I would not want to OD on say heroine or cocaine.

      2. Fast beheading would certainly not involve but a split second of pain. The guillotine or that Saudi dude in that one video would be preferred. I’m actually a fan of bringing back the guillotine for death punishment in countries that still have that barbaric punishment. Cheap, no one survives and very little pain but with still enough fear to torment the person walking up for death.

      And finally:

      3. Gunshot through the front (front to back means less facial damage if point blank), of the head through the brain. The reason why I would choose the front point blank is so the small hole is on the forehead, the big exit hole in the back. An open casket funeral is still a possibility.

      1. Gotta love your knowledge Frodo. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying as well. Yet, what about hanging? If hanging is done properly, there’s no pain, just passing out ( compression of bloodvessels ).
        As for casket funerals, I think it’s stupid we by regulation can’t even decide for ourselves whether we want an open casket or not. If it were up to me, I’d want to be as fucked up and/or as decomposed as possible AND have an open casket at my ‘funeral’, just to traumatize everyone present as much as possible.

        1. @ Thompson

          It’s been said that asphyxiation is actually quite painful due to both the panic and knowing you’re going to die. Drowning seems serine, but I can’t see that happening.

          Even burning, it’s said, is not as bad considering pain nerves fry very fast, then shock sets in numbing even more pain. This is why monks can self burn while not showing any pain. Though, this is not proven as no one has come back to say that burning to death isn’t so bad.

          Asphyxiation takes time, and seeing as there is nothing to quell the nerves, you’re looking at a good while before death. Thus a lot of pain.

          Now a drop type hanging that snaps your neck (the gallows) would indeed be fast, but lets face it, in these times, that is not going to happen unless you live in Iraq. Even Iran slowly hangs it’s condemned. Much rather take a bullet to head at that point.

  8. Poor fellow, he really did have he’s last gasp’s.
    The human body is amazing, let me rephrase that the soul, spirit, and WILL is amazing in us creatures of flesh……flashbacks or regrets about how he carried himself into this impending demise, what a way to go!!!
    If only he’d gone left instead of right…………….

    1. In the end for him, and probably all of us, if he (we) can think about that shit logically and functionally – though I would think he could not with that damage – or able too, I think (or maybe hope), the main statement, question or thought would be something like: “Was it (it all), worth it?”

      Meaning your whole life upon say a natural death, or the action (like this fellow), that put you there.

      Was it worth it? I myself live my life so it would of been. Hopefully this poor guy was able to feel the same, even if only for a split second upon impact.

      1. Seriously was it all worth it?
        Geez the will we have as a living being… know what he’s thoughts where, is feelings of never to return to a world of matter…..incredible!!!
        Well put young man!!

        1. This one video has actually affected, or infected, me more than any in recent times. Watching it, the one thing that I could think the most was what was or could he of been thinking. I could only wish that he determined if it was indeed worth it. Hopefully, even it was not in the end, that he could feel that it was.

          Hell, this is the most I’ve ever posted on any video cos there is so much going on: The fact he had massive damage and was able to continue to breath; which means he may of been able to think, to feel pain, etc.

          This guys unfortunate mishap is gold for those trying to understand death and the mindset for those still able to think right before death.

      2. That would be nice; and even if it didn’t, perhaps the concepts of ‘worth’ etc. etc. would even disappear into the knowing -in the next split second- that this earthly existence with its values is all trivial.
        It would be a bummer though, if there were something like reincarnation, because then we’d have to go though the same shit all over again.
        Anyway, i think it’s best to go out with the feeling ‘?t was worth it’.
        As for this guy in the video, i think he won’t make it, too much brain damage, may be wrong but i should think the brain stem must’ve been nudged on impact too .

        1. @ Thompson

          Reincarnation is an amazing, and intrigues me a great deal actually. Seeing as energy is nether created nor destroyed, our own energy has to go somewhere.

          I like to think that depending on where you die, your energy will be swallowed by the nearest new living thing. If that makes sense?

          Say you die in a hospital, your energy could be absorbed by a new born human.

          If you die at home, it could be absorbed by a roach, flea or a blade of grass until your energy once again becomes available.

          I’m not religious, I think religion is a blemish on the human intelligence, but energy transfer however, we know that does exist.

          Reincarnation for the win! LOL

          1. @Frodogore…..
            you truly are full of trivial insights today……aren’t ya?
            Keep it coming though it is quite amusing to hear you go on and on………………………………………………………………………………………………..!

      1. Oh & Frodo, I really appreciate all your comments on this video. I found myself the most interested in everything you had to say on here and you really opened up my mind and got me thinking which deserves two thumbs up! It’s not often that I read something from someone that I am able to get something out of it.

        Personally, I don’t think they’re were any thoughts going through his mind after that head trauma. Breathing is an auto command that happens on your own. Like when you get choked out by someone’s hands and they let go, your brain immediately sends signals to start breathing again on your own (i.e we don’t think about or make ourselves breath and the same with making our hearts beat). I think that’s what was going on here. The trauma to his head and brain didn’t affect the part in which controls the auto commands of breathing and your heart beating on its own. I think that his lights were already out and he was basically “asleep” with no thought process or knowledge of what happened or what was going on and he was just breathing because that’s what his body was trained to do from the time he entered the world until the time he officially left. Now I’m only left wondering how long he would have been able to continue breathing and stay relatively alive in basically a vegetable state before death found him.
        That’s just my opinion though πŸ™‚

        Oh yea & Frodo, I know I won’t be alive forever so that is exactly how I choose to live my life!

        1. Still though, really bad way to make an exit out off living existence, what if though, what if you really do experience flashbacks, memories, ETC….What if?
          No one has really crossed that beyond and came back with tangent proof or any type of knowledge……..well except for the religious and faithful and they seem to know everything…….

          1. Yea for sure. I definitely believe that there are people out there who do have flash backs of their lives and memories while they lay dying but I think that depends on the way you die and how conscious you are in those moments.

            Personally, I used to be terrified of dying until 3 yrs ago when I accidentally overdosed. I mixed Xans with Oxys in a pursuit to get fucked up without realizing that my little body wouldn’t be able to handle that much. When it all hit me I started nodding out and became extremely tired. I was easily the most fucked up I have ever been. That night , about 45mins to an hour after it hit me, I went to bed and never woke up. My boyfriend at the time found me the next morning. I wasn’t breathing, my lips were blue and my tongue was swollen, faint heartbeat and I was cold to the touch. Him and our friends rushed me to the hospital and by the time we arrived my heartbeat had completely stopped. They shot my heart with adrenaline which “brought me back” but I didn’t wake up for 2 days and when I did I was completely deaf for 2 more days. When I finally woke up I had no idea what the fuck happened or why I was at the hospital. From the night I went to sleep until I woke up 2 days later it was nothing but complete darkness. It was like I was sleeping without dreaming. I remember thinking to myself (after I had awoken) how peaceful & serene death was. It didn’t hurt, I didn’t have any flash backs or memories or dreams or anything. It was just total nothingness. Ever since that experience I haven’t been afraid of death or to die. I’m glad I was able to experience what death would be like and I’m okay with how it was. Now I can only hope that when it is my time to really leave this earth I will experience the same thing I experienced when I had died before.

        2. @ Sunshine

          I agree that there probably wasn’t much thinking going on, except for maybe right after the initial contact from head to ground. But, and a huge but it is, seeing as the part of his brain that allowed for him to continue to breath, there is still a chance that what we are seeing is a man slowly dying, trying to breath and he could very well be thinking about family, freedom, kids, etc.


          I agree with the “What if” 100%. Our brains are an amazing organ with amazing ways of coping with death. And you’re right, no one has truly come back from death.

  9. just reflex. he’s deader than a door nail. its just reaction to sudden brain destruction. just nerves still firing, moving the mouth and tongue. nothing spooky about it at all. he’s not trying to breath or speak, its just such a sudden death that some of his biological processes continue.

  10. I have a sudden craving for donuts for some reason. The type filled with sticky raspberry jam. Mmm! Anyone else for donuts? Just be careful you don’t get any of that jam on your nose or you’ll end up looking like me!

  11. Went to a call several years back for a teenager hit by a train. Him and two other idiot friends were standing between the rails swinging their shirts over their heads playing chicken. His two buddies moved but he was a second too slow and got his face split down the middle by a steel bar on the engine.

    I could see into his sinus cavity as I used an ambu bag on him and bloody brain material bubble out with every push! His deep agonal gasps were one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen!

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