Eight Months Old Girl Shot in Head by Police in Kano, Nigeria

Eight Months Old Girl Shot in Head by Police in Kano, Nigeria

An eight months old girl named Zainab was reportedly hit in the head with a bullet fired by a member of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) during the clash between the NPF and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The incident happened in Nigeria’s Kano State.

A post on Facebook quoted the girl’s mother saying:

A minute before Zainab was shot by the Nigerian Police in Kano, I took her from her dad and kissed her telling her I love you, then hugged her within my neck, after a while I felt some wet substance around my neck not knowing I’m wet with the brains of my little baby Zainab!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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160 thoughts on “Eight Months Old Girl Shot in Head by Police in Kano, Nigeria”

    1. Sad to see that people would say things like this about an innocent child. I hope none of you ever have the misfortune. If you did, I would NEVER say anything insensitive. Somebody loved that child. Same as you would hopefully love yours. Her life was just as valuable as anyone else. She had the right to live and it’s a shame for her to be gone. I have two daughters and would be broken beyond repair if she was shot to death in my arms.

      1. I couldn’t have said it better. These sick fucks commenting on here are the exact same as the worst of the filth we’ve seen posted here over the years. It’s nauseating to read some of their stupid shit just to get a reaction.

        1. If anything, she at the least deserved a chance at life, whoever and whatever she may had become. Innocence is priceless. As we grow older our corrupted thoughts and experiences bring tons of negativity and mostly we as adults have what’s coming to us. Good, bad or indifferent. Not always, but mostly. But an 8 month old baby girl? Yeah. I can totally see her conspiring many casualties through ISIS. Just look at her face. Depravity all around.
          Fuckass. Say stupid shit, get stupid responses. Nice to see compassion here @ip-config and @buffmclargehuge πŸ™‚

          1. At my time as an OP-cleaner in a German Hospital, i saw many things. But nothing touched me as an abortion or child laying on the desk, i am usally around Bestgore to get inspiration for my drawings and just remind myself of the evil in humanity…i will draw this child, she looks so peacefull -.-

        2. Yup. Some of the racist stuff posted on here is sickening. Honestly, it’s comments from nasty people like Dirty Bull there who give the rest of the denizens of Best Gore a bad rep. That little innocent was just a baby and my heart goes out to her poor mother. Horrific thing to happen.

        1. @dethbyplaster
          I get that. However, it’s one thing to make an off colored joke. I still wouldn’t even do that. But it’s another to read some of the vile comments that allot of people make here. I mean, where’s the humanity? No child deserves to be snuffed out like that. Even in death, she deserves dignity. She was much more innocent than any of us here. And the world we created is what ultimately killed her. I wonder how some of these people live with themselves. And I know for a fact that if something similar happened to them, they would fall to pieces over it. Just like any other parent would. I have empathy for people. Many here just don’t. Not even for blameless children.

          1. When people start calling names it speaks to their intelligence and argument. Especially when they aren’t even insulting people with the proper use of the words. lol.

          2. @Vincit Omnia Veritas (Mark) Thanks for the kind words bro. As much as you have been through, my troubles pale in comparison. But we are strong men and know how to adapt and overcome. I don’t always agree with what you say but I stand with you for your right to say it bro. This site is amazing and wouldn’t be the same without you. Good content and commentary. Keep up the good work!

        1. While I agree that this bambino didn’t deserve this (it’s a sad thing to see a dead child of any race) I think you are being incredibly naive when you say “no greater innocence then that of a child”
          We’ve all seen the videos of kids shooting people in the head for ISIS, obviously they have been shown how to do what they are doing but you’d be suprised how easily the average child can be pursuaded to do something that most adults would bulk at because children are ignorant of repercussions, they aren’t innocent.
          Watching my newly 1yr old daughter (she is 1 today) do naughty things just to get a reaction and then snigger to herself because of it tells me that a lot more is going on in a child’s brain than we think, personally I think that all children are evil scientists, all that babbling and cooing is actually a highly evolved method of communicating across great distances (when you see kids sitting chatting to themselves they are actually conversing with others of their order regarding their on going deeds, they are sending their messages across great distances!) they sneak off to their labs at night to do their diabolical experiments. That’s why kids are always so tired and pissy during the day πŸ™‚

          1. @Martyn Giles, children almost never kill other people intentionally. And when they do, it’s almost always at the behest of an older person and their influence. Children will automatically look to please someone they look up to. Or view as an authority figure. And they are easily influenced. It’s the TYPE of influence that is the issue. I can almost guarantee you that those child ISIS soldiers would not kill anyone if it weren’t for the adults around them telling them it was the right thing to do. I highly doubt that children are sitting somewhere on their own plotting world destruction. The child shot here wasn’t even a year old and couldn’t kill someone no matter what the situation. So yes, there is no more innocent person than a child. Normal children will push boundaries. My kids do the same. But if the worst thing we ever had to worry about is a person trying to sneak a few extra m and m’s from the candy jar, I think the world would be just fine. You will never be more innocent than you were as a child. Before you are corrupted with evil influences from older folks.

      2. I completely agree with what you said, most or nearly all other sick fucks get what’s coming however harming a child in any way is completely unacceptable regardless of race colour and origin.
        From your comment Dirty Bull I can safely assume that you not only agree with paedophiles but are actually one yourself. That’s why you feel immense pleasure when a child is harmed.

  1. “I’m wet with the brains of my little baby Zainab!” – Niggers have no brains, so she was just wet from her blood. πŸ˜€ But anyways, its just a minor loss from her family, i bet they have other 24 children to take care of… They reproduce like roaches anyways.

        1. I bet they wouldn’t say that to a “nigger” in their face.. scarey ass keyboard twerps! Death is death no matter who you are.. When you see it up close & personal, it’ll change something inside of you forever.. Reality is filtered through this screen.. Most, if not all, of you couldn’t handle looking into someone’s eyes while they take their last breath.. Talk is talk & death is very cheap.

          1. I love it when morons like you talk shit about “keyboard twerps”, meanwhile you are basically doing the same shit: trying to act hard, on a fucking keyboard. Stop being a nigger.

          2. Yeah yeah, “i bet he would never say that to a black and shit uh uh uh uhhhh…”… πŸ˜† You’re not the first and you shall not be the last to come with that rethoric, sunshine. You dont know me… πŸ˜€ and i know them better than you ever will.

          3. That it does seeing death yourself changes you forever and everyone should respect the dead cause we will all be there someday just like everyone we are born we live our lives and we die

          4. Why is it when death is presented to me I feel horny ? When you look thru their icy stare you see nothing but a bloody treat from SatanΓ‘s him self . Especially when they’re not dead and gasping for air and forgiveness… …

      1. Honestly, dont take it too personally or seriously, i could also trow in the popular “watermelon and KFC” satires, but they are being too overused. Its just the “rotten apple” minorities that ended up soiling the rest for me, and im tired of the popular leftists/SJW beliefs to shove both our races toguether in a forced manner like we were “equal” in every single aspect, and that leads to conflicts, or rather called “clash of cultures”, and non of our races thrives for it, equality becomes even more distinct, and the pilars of society start to crumble. So to rebel against the politically correct trend, i im expressing myself in an unpleasant manner towards blacks in a general way to create a “healthy cultural gap”. I dont do personal attacks since i know quite a few exemplar blacks in my neighborhood that i welcome, and they do know my thought process and why i act the way i do, and we mutually respect each other. Think of this like one of those sour or horribly disgusting medicines that tastes so bad but its actually good for the health. Just ask @african-angel below, she knows how much of an asshole i am, and yet i have nothing against her. πŸ™‚

          1. @der-kopfsammler It’s definitely an American thing. White (looking) people seem to segregate Portugal as well as Greece etc as people being native to the area rather than European white. So I just bought into Italians etc etc aren’t truly white as a kid – a kid in Tennessee, mind you. The South is special (in a bad way.) But it was never an insult as far as women were concerned because men from those area were considered exotic and handsome.

          2. Yeah i’ve heard about that “exotic” thing before… πŸ˜† Although i think that only reflects better to the spanish and italian stereotype. The portuguese is generally unattractive by stereotypical standards. Everybody thinks the portuguese have a strong arab back or something just because muslims (moors) invaded our country (as well as almost the whole south or Europe) 1300 years ago. BUT we expelled them from it 900 years ago since we fended well for ourselves in the refuge in Asturias, little kingdoms started forming for every bit of land that was retaken from the moors, and one of them ende up becoming my country. We eventually ended up expelling the jews as well 500 years ago though… πŸ˜†

          3. @svansson And who are you to judge that based on a single picture? A DNA expert? I bet you dont even know what a White is. France is infested with niggers and muslims, so that means theres no real frenchmen anymore, right? πŸ˜†

          1. Im not, im just giving out my reasons. Also, i dont give a flying fuck if one calls me a “racist” or not for it, this is 2016, the word has lost its true meaning since 40 years ago. πŸ™‚

      2. @causedeternalsleep

        Realistically I do feel some sentiment for this child, any child regardless of race.

        Then I think about Blacks and how much Black lives really matter. Aside from the deceptive Liberal MSM sugar coating Black on black violence it is no surprise if someone is less than sympathetic to Blacks.

        Why feel bad or care if everyday Blacks off each other and show they don’t even care themselves? Where is Sharpton, Obaghead, all the Black community leaders?

        In my observations and experience, Black lives don’t matter.

        Not to be racist of course lol

    1. Everyone needs someone to blame for their hatred or a certain way they view society. Unfortably say for example I say muslims are the cause of all terrorism I’m going to stick to that idea no matter what. The sad reality is so many people dislike black PEOPLE for good and bad reasons and can somehow intergreat their radical “racist” views on a situation that has very little to do with skin colour at all. I’m black myself and I could really give a crap as to if someone dislikes me for my skin colour based on the negative connotations of it. It just baffles me how some people will go to an extent to ensure they make someone at the end of the day feel like shit for no perfectly good reason just because of their views. Anyway I suppose it’s freedom of speech.

      1. I agree with you for the most part, the only comment I would change is that Muslims are not the only terrorists. Since WWII the Americans have attacked and gained a foothold in 37 countries and that is not all that they have tried. A terrorist is someone who attacks you on your land, for us, it tends mostly to be Muslims, the middle east, Christians. It’s a perspective thing.

      2. I see no color.. death is indiscriminate & will come for you anyday.. People are a product of their environment.. unfortunately minority’s have had it worse by the hand of the majority.. this is hard-wired in many.. soul searching can unravel it.. unless your soulless and/or ignorant.. Until they choose to do this, or shown how, they will always rebel the majority in many ways.

      3. @africanphillip I truly believe that hatred of black people is just as a collective. Well, all hate of a certain group is hate of the collective. If a racist white guy started working side by side with a black every day, the white guy would start saying what I hear often. “Well, I don’t like fuckin niggers but now Phillip is cool. He’s okay.” Well, a lot of black people are cool and okay, lol. One on one always changes the way people feel – even if it’s just a little bit.

    1. Most of these racist comments are just to get reactions from other people or to just fit in with the crowd. these pussies will never say that shit to a black person’s face. They just have nothing better to do than to argue online and accuse blacks and mexicans of stealing jobs while also living off welfare.

      1. Not everyone is living in america, “stealing jobs” fucking sub-human, because all they can do is commiting crime and destroying, black man are low life who cant do shit alone. They need their buddy or white man for everything.

        1. All white people do is steal from other cultures and have mass shootings or protest peaceful protest by running people over. White, Black, Asian, or whatever; we’re all trash. Except Brazilians….they’re a whole lower level of fucked up.

          1. Black people created stuff. White people created stuff. Black people destory shit. White people destory shit. Your point? Lol. Watch myself for what? Because a keyboard twerp is angry at the world? Too bad so sad.

          2. @crybaby I’m sorry the education system failed you so much. But there’s hope! With a click of a mouse and tap on your keyboard, a google search will happily answer your dumbass question! I’m not teaching a history lesson in the comment section. Educate yourself.

      2. I do agree that most people won’t say these things. And in most cases, you will get hit. I said it, she punched me, her friends jumped in and I got suspended for 3 days for calling her a “nigger.” They punched and kicked me and got in no trouble. It was just to appease PC types because normally everyone in the fight gets suspended. She even clipped my blonde hair that she pulled out my head and put a blonde streak in hers. I’m sure she felt like a fucking boss. I said “you keep it, I can grow more and you can’t” and almost round 2 happened lol.

      3. Yeah. And some of these comments are just to give a little insight to those who are completely fuckin’ oblivious to the world. Accusing everyone NOT white of being an uneducated fool when all they do is run the fuckin’ ghettos. Oh yeah, had a nigger call me a “rapist” ONCE while sitting at an intersection minding my OWN business, and his coward jig-ass just took off as soon as he said it. So I guess his BLACK ass is no BETTER than the next racist white person he encounters.

    1. It actually looks like someone has placed a few bits of ham on her head, it’s an odd wound for sure but maybe a glancing blow?
      I do know that things like this are made up for use as propaganda, it’s happening in Syria as we speak and some people tried to use it against my regiment when we were training in Sierra Leone even though we weren’t firing live rounds there, we were training with blanks lol. The locals tried to claim compensation by saying that we’d injured one of the people from their village…..with blanks….. smh.

  2. BestGore has been founded since its inception upon the ideal of media freedom, serving as testament to the fact that the events depicted do actually occur throughout the world in which we live. This includes everything from footage of U.S. and Canadian police brutality to streetside murders in Brazil to ISIS propaganda and evidence of Israeli supported murders of Palestinian citizens.

    However, despite all of the individual differences of opinion expressed while in pursuit of this ideal, the community and Mark himself have been consistently adament that they do not support cruelty or violence against the defenseless, ie. children and animals. This is why BestGore maintains an unspoken rule against publishing animal torture videos, for example, except in the pursuit of justice against the perpetrators. Similarly, images of dead or maimed children are posted to provide a sad affirmation of reality. They are not meant simply as an opening to anyone looking for an opportunity to post the word nigger on the internet. The best BestGore posters are those who bring new insight and information to a given video or photo set, just like those who helped catch Luka Magnotta, for which Mark went to prison, not just those wanting to outdo the worst segments of 4chan. I am all in favor of witty macabre jokes or good tasteless humor, but many of the comments here just seem like they want a pat on the back for saying nigger. Congratulations, you took an informative post and made it your personal shitty RaHoWa.

    1. Thank you Mammoth. I appreciate your words and I agree that children and animals are defenseless. It takes a special sociopath to chortle about the murder of an eight month old baby or torturing animals that can’t fight back. You neo Nazis are scum and there WILL be a reckoning for you.

  3. It’s a sick thing to see all these people talking about a once great people who are being systematically destroyed. Need the proof? Take a look at society 50 years ago when you could leave your front doors unlocked, didn’t need massive social welfare programs, didn’t have a concern about your kids walking down the street and turning the corner. Didn’t have to have police, security, scanners and electronic security devices scanning everything 24/7. Don’t worry folks all this third world atrocities you see on B/G will be coming to a neighborhood near you. If it’s not there already.

    1. They are already here.
      I worry about nothing more than my white, blond haired blue eyes daughters becoming sexual pay things for the sexual predators known as Muslims.
      They did it to my sister (it’s a long, sickening story that I shall spare you from) and now I worry that it may happen to my daughters too, anyone that has taken the time to read the Quran and the Hadiths, that knows about the Muslim trade in Yazidi (including what a Yazidi is, what they look like and why Muslims ‘enjoy’ them) sex slaves and has also experienced what I have through my sisters ‘encounters’ with Muslims while also seeing the lengths and depths of the appeasement and protection that the British government are enacting for Islamic sexual predators, well, I would challenge you to feel any differently to how I do.
      I may be an Englishman living in England (Americans here would be quite shocked that an Englishman could/would/does have so many firearms) but I am armed (I am also very well trained) and I will use any means to protect my children from predatory 3rd worlders, I hope more people take the same precautions that I have because our governments seem set on forcing us into self defense or claiming vigilante justice because our law enforcement and our legal systems (haven’t been able to call it a justice system in years) are becoming increasingly unfit for purpose!
      More money is now spent on protecting the ultra wealthy and corporate interests than on the ordinary citizen so we must protect ourselves.

      No I’m not paranoid.

      I apologise if you took the time to finish my rant lol.

  4. How can a person say that about an innocent child? Have you no heart? No soul? What if that was your child? I pray for that baby and the people who loved her. You soulless wretchess will get yours. God sees all. So your screen name won’t protect you from the sin of spreading hate.

  5. Sick sad world 8 month old baby girl. Killed by a trigger happy cop with an IQ of 85. It’s sickening that scum who kill a innocent get a paid vacation and a pat on the back. I truly hope KARMA. Or poetic justice gets the killer cop-cops. Well that’s my two cents. I don’t think it’s funny how people who are in a position of power thinks that it’s fine to stomp on the little people. But then again we all have some type of blinders on.

  6. so many white niggers whining here are so depressed that their wives/daughters getting fucked with bbc! i bet , i bet not a single soul who commented here even dare to call them a nigger on their face.
    heck of coward idiots!

    1. With all the black folks that get killed in the American hoods. What’s the fuckin’ difference when the Nigs get taken out in native Africa? The fuckin’ war within their own culture continues regardless of what part of the world we’re in. Yet, it’s STILL the white folks fault.

  7. Kids and Animals are two things that are off limits to me, Anyone else is fair game. Those are the ONLY 2 things I draw the line to regardless being on B.G Or not. However everyone is entitled to their opinion, just like I am to mine. Kids and animals I have no problems with, it’s the Adults I don’t like or trust.. Just Saying.

  8. She looks perfectly normal except for that little DENT in her skull. Mother of a fuck that must have hurt the child! I guess you should really keep your HEAD the fuck down in terror-controlled Africa. As for the 2016-2017 comments. Cry a me a fuckin’ river of FREE SPEECH tears. Niggers killing niggers is NOTHING new in ANY part of the world you losers.

    1. Not the first or last .. Happens everyday. Here in (NZ) we have the Natives blaming the “White” man for wiping them out and what have you, BUT.. They’re NOT dying (Mostly their own kids) at the hands of NO White man, Nope they’re doing all that themselves, usually while partying up Large with their men Aka Solo mum makers and the mothers are usually “Tits Up” in the next room, passed out drunk with her “Man’s” spoof still dripping down it’s legs.. meantime he’s in kids room fiddling with the kids… And next thing the kids winde up on the slab of morgue and it’s mother’s on TV crying crocodile tears trying to CONVINCE herself she didn’t know what was going on.. radda radda radda.. And it goes on and on. IDK if any one has seen the movie “Once were warriors” That’s very much exactly how a lot of them live here, But that does NOT portray all of us here, which I found it very offensive because A lot of us Non Natives are not like that and the movie makes people think that’s the way ALL of us are like.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong. For the last 2 decades I’ve see the colored people just commit one crime after another AGAINST each other. Yet, in our fucked up world, some out there still HAVE the fuckin’ nerve to say it’s the “white on every color in the world” crimes being committed the most. Yeah. When they indulge themselves in all the bullshit media technology WHILE not paying the fuck attention to their own little miserable life because they just shot some guy named “Jamal” FROM Zimbabwe. The point is, those people are destroying themselves and they still say it’s America or the White man’s doing. Yeah…I did NOT make the black skins in East Africa create the Al-Shabaab and cause terrorism. Some still try to make it a fucking one sided battle.

  9. WTF are you doing referring to yourself as a “non-native”. A native Kiwi is someone born and raised in New Zealand. Full stop, no ifs ands or buts.

    please educate yourself away from Antifa propaganda: the Maori cannibals are INDIGENOUS or ABORIGINAL. They immigrated to the islands just like your parents or grandparents. They have no more right to live there than you do.

    1. Yes you are quite current, the Maori did immigrate here, the MORI ORI was here before the MAORI.. That was one of the points I was trying to get across but wasn’t able to because my brain isn’t up to par being that i just woke up. But yes you are quite right.

      1. you are a proud native new Zealander, your country is one of the best on Earth, and the majority of problems there are directly attributed to the Maori. they belong on reservations. Just like the aboriginals in Australia and the United States. They do not want to assimilate into normal Kiwi society and they shouldn’t have to do so.
        At the same time, they shouldn’t be allowed to live outside the reservations. We must take strides to make sure their culture remains intact. Like museum pieces

        1. Finally some COMMON SENSE & TRUTH! I am pretty sure a lot of Non Maori people here think along the very same lines as yourself, I am DEFINITELY one of them. It’s so bloody refreshing to hear you say that, because if one of us said it we would be classes as “RACIST” but I like to call it “Telling it like it is” Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of them who are quite educated and civilised (For want of a better word) but those ones are usually Half caste or have grown up in either a Non Maori family, Living abroad, or expected because of their backgrounds. Like I said a breath of fresh air you are.

      2. Can’t believe the Irish have had the upper hand in New Zealand for the longest time. Another poor example of how EUROPE has its continental impact on the majority of the world. KEEP with the United Nations and be a team leader in the end.

    2. Haha. Just like that dumb liberal bitch, Elizabeth Warren. Claiming she was of Native-American decent JUST because there MAY have been some Native ancestry that went back several generations. Like…yeah, let me just fuckin’ dump a bucket of BLACK paint all over my fuckin’ body so I can go get a DNA test to prove I’m a fuckin’ African America. It DOES NOT work like that. MISS B HAVE I do think HAS some decent reasoning though…I will admit for once.

  10. Same kind of topic but referring to another Post.. Christchurch Mosque Attack, in New Zealand. I for One Was “NOT SORRY” when that guy shot up (Preformed his own”Shihad”) That mosque! I didn’t appreciate our transformer of a prime minister APOLOGIZING ON BEHALF OF ALL NEW ZEALAND! Because I wasn’t sorry in the slightest, not Even a little bit, Nope uh uh. I know 2 wrongs don’t usually make it right but I consider it almost getting even. Our prime minister, I won’t even go there at this hour but I’m sure you get my drift.

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