Elderly Argentinean Man Is Charged with Murder After Killing Armed Thief

Elderly Argentinean Man Is Charged with Murder After Killing Armed Thief

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, an elderly man was assaulted by a young thief who smacked the man over the head with an unspecified weapon (one of the photos depicts what looks like an ancient pistol, thus I presume that was his weapon). The old man defended himself with a firearm he was licensed to own and shot the thief dead.

The Argentinean justice system, currently Zionists occupied, which happened after the orchestrated deposition of Cristina Kirchner, who focused on Argentina’s interests instead of Israel’s, charged him with murder and prosecutes him as dangerous criminal.

Best Gore member @rubialan07 explains:

This happened on August 27, 2016 at night. A medic killed a thief (Ricardo Krable, 24 old) with four bullet shots, when he was approached by him wanting to steal his car in Loma Hermosa, Buenos Aires.

Lino Villar Cataldo (61) says he suffered a blow to his left eye. He was standing by his car when the thief approached him and hit him over the eye with a weapon.

Luckily the victim had a gun near by, but was jailed because even though he legally owned the gun, the justice system wants to know if he really had the gun with him, or went back into his home to grab it.

He is now free on bond of 1 Million Pesos, and can’t get out of the country. He fears for his loved ones, because his family has been threatened.

Here in Argentina we don’t have trigger happy cops, and sometimes I wish we did. Even if a cop shoots a thief here, he still has to file a whole report and can face legal consequences.

The thief’s mother wants justice for her son – isn’t that fucked up? Not only that, death threats were made public against the man’s family in the news, and no one does
anything about it.

Forgot to mention that Lino Villar Cataldo is charged with murder.

Thanks a lot for background information and an insider view on the situation in Argentina:

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33 thoughts on “Elderly Argentinean Man Is Charged with Murder After Killing Armed Thief”

  1. Same situation but instead of the old man just being an old man, he’s also a cop. That cop wouldn’t be charged with murder and nor should he.

    Take it one step further. Same situation but instead of the criminal being armed with a blunt object, he’s unarmed. The cop still won’t be charged and probably shouldn’t be.

    Take it one step further. Same situation but instead the cop physically over-powers him and puts the suspect in handcuffs. The suspect tries to run and the cop kills him as he runs away by shooting him in the back. The cop still won’t be charged but most certainly should be.

    We either aren’t getting the full story or I smell a double standard….

  2. That reminds me of something similar that happened in here, where a cop killed by accident one of 4 thieves during a pursuit of a stolen car… the dead thief family demanded justice and the cop is being sentenced now… The thieves rammed a cop car and injured 2 officers… after one of the thief gang was shot, 2 of them fled and the other one was detained.

    So yeah, cops here are being arrested for doing their job right… This country is going to shit…

  3. Alinus…tú eres el que da risa con lo que dices. Como una persona mayor que le están atacando no tiene derecho en salvar su vida? Espero que un día te ataquen y simplemente dejes que te maten. Eso me daría mucha risa. And to all the non-Spanish speaking folks here at Best Gore…this fool said that it is a crime to kill, even if it is in self defense!!! And he threw in some snide comment about Americans having no right to judge South American countries.

  4. Human rights madness.
    This piece of shit lost all his rights the moment he decided to rob this old timer. and the only rights he deserves are to his head, swiftly followed by a left, and then a right kick to the fuckin head.
    Well played old man well played.

  5. cheer up guys, he only spent a couple days inside on “preventive” detention while the judge figured wtf happened…now, the best mob justice case around here was the guy in zarate that screwed the motorcycle rober aggainst a light pole on video, how it is it aint in BG??

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