7 thoughts on “Thief Peed Himself?”

  1. I’m guessing the thief managed to get inside the car when the older man shot him. I mean, it looks so obvious from the pix, but one thing we should all have learned from looking at BG pix is never to assume anything.

    My guess is that the older-looking gun on the seat of the car belonged to the older man. It’s not a gun one would typically carry around for protection, considering its size. And since it is a larger gun, and probably wasn’t on the older man’s body (and likely was inside his home), the police might reasonably assume that the older man ran inside to grab it and kill the thief while the thief was sitting inside the car trying to get away.

  2. Laws there are similar as the us.
    You can only shoot to defend your life or another life.
    If the bad guy hit the old man a few times and walked away to get into the car then there’s no more threat of being killed, The old man shouldn’t have went after him.
    Also the gun or whatever it was wasn’t exposed because he was sitting on it, It can’t be a threat if he’s sitting on it.
    This is why he was charged..
    More than likely he will be released on manslaughter charges but it will happen quietly, No one wants an old guy in jail for killing a loser robber.

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