Elderly Man Beaten and Stomped to Death in East Village, New York

Elderly Man Beaten and Stomped to Death in East Village, New York

68 year old Asian man was beaten and stomped to death on an East Village street, in New York on Friday May 9, 2014 at about 8:45 p.m. The perpetrator was a black man, thus far unidentified (as of this publishing).

Ruan Wen Hui was walking along East 6th Street between Avenues C and D when the attacker walked right up to him and started screaming at him. Before he could realized what was happening, the attacker shoved the elderly man against the wall and unleashed a slew of relentless punches and kicks as the old man lay helpless by the railing.

After the attack, the knee grow walked back in the direction from whence he came. CCTV footage shows several people walking by the elderly man, pretending they did not see a damn thing. It wasn’t until a middleage trio wondered if someone may have fallen out of the window of the adjacent building

Ruan Wen Hui was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he died the following day. NYPD and Crime Stoppers are asking for anyone who recognizes the murderer to come forward.


CBS 2 reported that New York police have a suspect in this deadly attack in custody. The 20 year old suspect was reportedly arrested earlier today – on May 13, 2014 at 14th Street near First Avenue. The motive for the attack appears to be an attempted robbery.

Daughters of the victim said their father was a Chinese immigrant and spoke no English. Perhaps that’s what frustrated the wound be robber – he demanded money of the old man, but the old man had no idea what he was saying so the knee grow beat him up and stomped on him.

I don’t get cops, seriously. Why couldn’t they “seen him approach them in a threatening manner” or “fear for their lives“, or “seen him reach into his pocked as if to pull out a gun” or whatever other bullshit excuse they use to justify cop murders when they were arresting this prick. Why do they readily do that with the innocents, but not actual disgusting criminals?

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  1. Poor old guy, I hope they catch this piece of shit.

    On a side note: Holy crap, at 0:55 what the goddam hell was that creature on the right of the screen scuttling along under the pipe? Seriously…that creeped me out too much! No sleep for this London guy tonight.

    1. I too am pretty fucked up about the spider-I am an animal person of radical persuasion and frankly I like and/or
      Love pretty much any animal more than most humans but spiders are in a class completely their own and that class is seriously horrifying and when I see one near me I am stricken with a seizure of tourettes syndrome-its basically temporary insanity.You know writing that just now made me wonder for the first time:Would it be possible to beat a murder conviction with the Arachnid induced temporary tourettes defense ? Honestly I have nearly killed someone because of a spider..In Texas where we lived for 4years there were tarantulas and in their mating season they show up on the house exterior-so the thing was so ghastly and terrifying that I made a quick decision to remove it with my Ak -yes I choose to shoot from a distance when it comes to spider annihilation rather than risk any contact whatsoever-long story short I blasted him as my best friend was pullin up and I was shooting at a side angle so as not to shoot through th wall of my home-bullet hit her passenger side mirror..lesson learned-Shoot in the direction of the busy road and not at the driveway which loops round to the back when murdering a tarantula with an Ak-47. The beating on this one is fast and brutal-yes the offender should be hunted and executed ASAP. The spider in th video-it occurs to me-that it comes under the pipe toward the scene of the crime shortly after the killer goes off screen in the direction which the spider then comes from-creepy…perhaps hes a warg and he jumped in the spider and booked back to survey the carnage of his attack and watch th police action…

      1. Snakes are cool-rats-worms-moles-Ok the praying mantis is a pretty terrifying being…The turning of the head to make eye contact is sooo eerie-and it always feels as though theres a real intelligence -higher intelligence than all other similar beings.But THEN they may or may not spring aggressively at your eyes-and I hate that…..still they are fascinating little hostile bug ninjas…

      2. Shit here where i live in san antonio tx .we have huge tarantula ‘s
        Brown and f#$king AAAHHHHH ugly .i was working on sheetrock off the ceiling took some off and i heard something
        Thumb on the floor .My dick turned into a vagina for a moment !(no dissing the ladies ) sorry !anyway this fucker was pist it had two big ass arms , ready to punch me out.it was big, i put it in a small icecooler ,later forgot ,i didnt know where the smell was coming from until i open rhe box , It died damn thing was so big you can smell it ok ill Stop …

    2. I saw it too , its a conduet for electric lines or phone line , it seemed to be car light shimmer .You can also see more shmmer at the other end of the pipe, on the top right of screen.
      Plus hope they catch that piece of shit nigger .poor lil old dude didnt have a chance

  2. Just another typical nigger killing and innocent, “Non Nigger”. If he’s found, I’m sure nigger Sharpton will try to get him out of it because he might have said something racist….. Fuck all of the cock suckers until their mothers cry. I’m just sayin.

    1. fuck al sharpton. he’s a hardcore obvious fucking racist screaming for blood everytime one of his nigger brothers is “wronged”. perfect example? when treyvon martin was killed Sharpton heard the name Zimmerman and automatically launched into a tirade screaming for white blood. once he found out that Zimmerman was actually hispanic, he shut up and never said another word about the case. fuck that motherfucker.

  3. What a complete asshole! As much as I don’t like the Chinese, there seemed to be completely no reason for this mans death in such a violent way. I hope someone identifies him and he spends the rest of his life in jail regretting the night he was the biggest loser on the planet. Monkey cunt!

  4. I’m just trying to figure out what sort of interaction Wen Hui and that kind hearted individual would have had to upset him to that degree. I’m guessing they weren’t together watching the Nets game before he noticed his wallet was missing, so what kind of brief relationship was it?

    1. Indeed @pumpkinhead. Damn pumpkin is a weird ass word.. I’m guessing it was just a single moment in time, obviously. Exchanged words perhaps.. Such a disparity in age.. Senseless, testosterone fuelled killing. Chilling.

      1. Such altercations are very commonly over tobacco. For example:

        BG (black guy, Not Best Gore): yo, bro…wass up man damn, yor chinky ass got a moke for a bruz?
        CD (Chinese dude): oh yes, good evening. No I don’t, i am ver sorry, but I do not smoke the said tobacco rolled into a cigarette type device.
        BG: warr da fuck, did yo sez ?
        CD: Ah, no I don’t smoke
        BG: wada fuk? Yo be lying to dis brudda ain’t yo! God damn chinese fucker moda focker! I pud a cap in yo ass
        CD: oh no that is not necessary, really is it?
        BG: well I gunna fok yo ova for no avin a moke for dis bruz ( BG proceeds to bash yet another innocent person for not giving him a cigarette)

          1. Hey wake your asses up is 6:23 am nobody is alive today on BG or wtf.
            Im ready for fresh carnage this morning haha JK well talk with ya’ll later peace my crazed BG family .

          2. They’re a Strong Cigarette , very strong in fact . Them and Woodbines were the cigarette of choice for old school Brits a few years back . They can still be purchased on line .

    1. Is that a question, or a statement? The lack of correct punctuation in this motherfucker baffles me.

      Asians are allowed, as long as they don’t get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

    2. Lol sometimes these window warriors make it seem like that.
      But it’s not. I’m Mexican from California. And even tho sometimes I’d like to take some of these members with me on a trip to baja. we are all here because we are fascinated with the reality of life and death.

    3. You will find honesty here, if not truth. I for one question the ability of Black Communities to run or even provide for themselves. Please prove me wrong… i really don’t like believing Blacks screw everything up. Each and every time I find a good reason to think otherwise, I am bombarded with crime and education statistics.

      Unfortunately, I view Blacks as suspect until I get to know them. Yes, I do have Black acquaintances. They have to vet themselves first

      You people need to do what the Chinese do… Just get on with it and make your way in life.

  5. C & D streets in the Big Apple… Alphabet City… A nice place. Young Up and Comers start here. The artsy set (minus the money found in Greenwich Village) also live here. It’s a safe place for being lower income (by NYC standards)

    Except, of course, when Groids amble through. I really am trying everything NOT to believe that Blacks are a bunch of vicious sub-humans. For each and every reason I find to refute that postulate, Blacks come along and prove otherwise… 10 fold times.

    Blacks are violent and angry. I simply avoid them whenever possible

    1. If you really want to be safe, you need to arm yourself. Staying away from blacks is a good strategy, but you’re going to eventually encounter them. Don’t be naive about blacks, they fucking hate you, and would rob, rip you off, or kill you and enjoy doing it. Not all blacks, but a high enough percentage of them that they pose a threat to your safety.

    2. It’s a stereotype that they are all violent, and savage, but it’s a strong one. The more that get together the worse it is. But, that goes with ANY race.

      Their race just makes bad decisions. I know some black people, and they are upstanding citizens that just try to get by day to day like anyone else. Racial profiling discourages the minority, believe it or not.

      That’s why I’m not racist. I believe the human race has hope; it’s disappearing little by little everyday though.

      My biggest pet peeve with the black race is the GHETTO talk. They all do it even though they didn’t grow up in the ghetto. Speak right so everyone can understand you! It makes me want to scream racist profanities an inch from their face.

      1. @the Drip: what a load of BS! Did you just not say only 10 seconds ago that you are not a racist because you believe the human race has hope. Then in the very next paragraph, you are talking about screaming an inch away from black people’s face for ghetto talk because they ALL do it.

        Wtf? Do you even listen to yourself or you just write what ever comes to mind at the time, regardless of the truth or any facts??

      1. I know because I live in Asia… A small island in Micronesia. We have ALL types here. Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Bangladesh, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian… It’s an interesting pecking order with the Japanese at the top of the Asian mob. Most are not violent but will scam at EVERY opportunity. There is a birthing scam going on here…. ‘Tourists’ come over, already pregnant, and give birth. The kids are automatically American. After which a whole fucking flock of them decends on the Social Security office looking for hand-outs. Disgusting, but not violent. And I will say this for the little slopes, they work their asses off. They scam whenever possible, but boy do they work…

        I’ll take the Slopes over the Groids each and every time. And yes, the Asian women are paradise in bed…

        1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve traveled around Asia quite a few times. I also would pick Asians over blacks every time. You are right about the scamming. I’m wondering though. Is there as much scamming among the Japanese and Koreans as there is among the Thais and filipinos?

          1. The Chinese lead the pack. Scammers and hustlers, one and all. It amazes me that a country that was rabidly communist for 60 years has, almost overnight, turned into the biggest bunch of cut-throat capitalists the world has ever seen. No one really likes them but most respect their willingness to work their asses off. The Japanese are the most law abiding and decent. The Filipinos talk a good talk but will scam you every time. Thais are very xenophobic and rarely interact outside themselves. They have their own businesses going on (some) and hang cheifly among themselves.

          2. Good to know. I have seen first hand the scamming of filipinos and Thais. I even worked with a bunch of Chinese for a few years, stealing everything they could from the store.

  6. Also, at 1.18 a Weeb walks by, walks back, checks him out and returns from whence he came. My bet: A confederate of the POS who murdered the guy… Just checking on the damage. Maybe a gang initiation thing… Yep, go out and kill someone and you can be one of us.

    Fucking Groids….

    1. Can’t do that !! That would be racist! No one raises a whimper when these animals kill themselves or others… But don’t ever defend yourself… That’s politically incorrect.

      Black America is in turmoil. The problem is I have yet to find a black run country that is NOT in turmoil.. or a city, or even a school district, for that matter.

      Black America better own up and start addressing it’s problems… It’s clear White America cannot do it for them.

  7. My first thoughts were Pimp following Punter who has done something he doesn’t like , ie- hasn’t paid in full . But , the guy doesn’t seem to take anything from the victim .Be interesting to know if there is a red light district near there .

    Perp is definitely a young coon , shouldn’t be too difficult to trace but who knows in this day and age .

  8. I am so tired…im so tired of all the racial shit. Of the hate both focused and unfocused. Tired of jews and zog and multiculturalism. Tired of politics.

    I come here for one reason; to court Death.she is my first memory and has been in the background of my entire life. She is the closest thing to a god in this world. And one day she will take away all the fear and pain. She will take away this thoughts and crazy images. She will set me free. I cum for Death

      1. I agree. Death is a release from all the misery that is life. But there are some good things in life too. Like good food, sex, enjoying nature, pets. But a lot of the time we are too miserable to enjoy anything. Life is a bitch and then you die!

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      1. Yeah I always saw this skinny and old Chinese grandpa’s fighting thousands of young warriors with one hand tied and they always win,but this only take a few stomps?That’s embarrassing,btw cats take to much to die but they don’t have 7 lifes it’s more like 3 and they’re not so flexible as people thought lol

    1. @Hanabi please don’t hurt animals they are innocent. Girl sometimes I want to call your mom and tell her not to let you use her phone. Animal abuse is a sign of someone with really dark problems. Please get the help you need.

      1. My little pony one day , snuffing out cats the next ! . I just think it’s fantasising , albeit pretty poor fantasy .

        Hanabi just needs to grow up and experience things more , rather than being sheltered . Seeking attention can take many forms .

        1. @Ewe I agree, she will learn that bad attention really isn’t as good as no attention. She can be so sweet even at times when people attack her. Hard to reconcile that with the mental image one gets of an animal torturer. Hope your diagnosis is spot on.

          1. Hanobi could be anyone or anything. One minute she/he talks like a mentally retarded 12 year old girl, the next minute like a grown man with perfect English. Even someone with very low intelligence would know to keep quiet about killing and torturing animals.

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