Electrician in Caruaru, Brazil is Gunned Down in His Own Home

Electrician in Caruaru, Brazil is Gunned Down in His Own Home

Friday, February the 13th, 2015, Caruaru, Brazil. 34 year old Laércio Soares dos Santos (there’s that name again) was at home changing his clothes when there was a knock at the door. He answered to find two men standing there. Now, if you know Brazil the way that I know Brazil, you know what’s about to happen. Apparently, so did Laércio, but merely opening the door to the men had already sealed his fate and he was gunned down by the two unidentified men before any action to defend himself or flee could be taken.

His wife was home at the time and obviously hearing the gunshots, went to investigate and found her husband already dead from his wounds. She saw two men leave but could not identify them. Upon police inquiry, Laércio’s brother stated that Laércio had recently been involved in a motorcycle accident and that he was known to have a very short temper which had caused physical altercations in the past. This could likely be revenge hit for someone who felt “disrespected” by Laércio.

I’m just a little bit confused as to the connection between Santos and dos Santos. Are they two separate entities or are they technically the same? Did Santos break off the “dos” in an attempt to escape from their compatriots ill luck and which one is ultimately the more “Death-prone”?

Fun fact: This was the 6th murder for February in Caruaru and the 20th for the year 2015 so far.

Props to DaSilvaFlipFlops for the story and pics.

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  1. The Santos are the poorer family as they don’t have two saints watching over them as dos Santos do. Tr?s Santos apparently died out as they were too rich for that part of the world.

    Think The Godfather 2 with Frank Pentangeli. His name means five angels, so you can imagine how wealthy he was to have that many angels watching out for his family. Protective deities can get pretty pricey depending on the levels of corruption in any given family. That may explain why there are hardly any Diabos at all.

  2. Dos Santos and Da Silva is just an old formal way to say who’s family he belongs to, “Dos” or “Da” is literally “from”, as in Manuel Dos Santos / Da Silva, it means Manuel from (the) Silva(‘s family), or from (the) Santos(‘ family). Today having “da” or “dos” in the name its not as common as it were in the past, but it still looks formal. 🙂

  3. You never know what’s going to happen in a road rage incident you can get killed on the spot or they get you later at your house you don’t walk away without somebody watching you this was planned out, he really pissed somebody off or they didn’t like his handy work.

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