Epic Pointer and Head Deformed by Multiple Gunshot Wounds

Epic Pointer and Head Deformed by Multiple Gunshot Wounds

In Tabuleiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil, an alleged member of the gang that killed a military policeman was shot in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun during his brother’s funeral on March 13, 2016. Who wears jeans and Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt to his brother’s funeral?

Valtênio de Oliveira Andrade was one of the men suspected of being involved in the January 7th murder of policeman Hudson Danilo in the municipality of Jaguaretama in Ceará. His 25 year old brother Valdênio Walter de Oliveira Andrade was in return killed by police on March 12th. The following day, Valtênio attended his funeral and got killed too, though who is suspected of being behind his murder is unclear. Police say that so far no one has been arrested, but made no references to whether they had anything to do with it.

The military policeman they shot fought for life for three days in a hospital in Fortaleza, but was pronounced brain dead on Sunday, January 10th. At least two gang members who participated in his killing have been arrested, among them the leader of the gang, Willame Huaina Diógenes Cintra.

Look at all those funeral goers in flip flops…

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  1. Death at the funeral seems to be a normal occurence in Brazil… Either that or the De Oliveiras are trying to join the competition in style. Ahh well, at least he died in time to spare everyone some trouble and get burried in the same casket as his brother… 😆

    Ohh and by the way, the only mandatory dark cloth to wear at the funeral there are black flip-flops. 😛

    1. @ulises that’s a brilliant question, if he got killed attending his own brothers funeral then who is going to want to go to his funeral unless they did two for the price of one and put him in the coffin squashed up with his brother so only one funeral happened in the end but I seriously doubt that.

  2. “Who wears jeans and Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt to his brother?s funeral?”

    Crazy fuckers with no sense of honoring the dead because they possess no honor. I speak from experience with this matter.

    1. I speak from experience in this matter ? Would you care to elaborate with us S.O.B., as i am sure that we would find it very interesting, and educating for the younger ones thinking of joining a gang. 🙂

      1. You asked for it, thedre, you got it!

        My wife’s batshit crazy uncle, the youngest of three boys and two girls in that family, wore jeans, a canary yellow polo shirt and tennis shoes to my wife’s father’s funeral. My father-in-law was the second of the three brothers to die. He was 51. His twin brother died on the same day, twelve years earlier. They were born twelve minutes apart. This first class asshole, a decade later, would shoot his neighbors, a young husband and wife, in their own home, in front of their young daughter, before going to the nearby lake and shooting himself in the head, over a property line/fence dispute. And that my friend and fellow SOB, is a serious lack of honor, the crazy fuck! He should have shot himself in the head first thirty years ago and done us all a favor!

        Be careful what you ask for.

    1. yes lead is what he got embedded for the asking that lead to poisoning
      While we seek sexy girls ; but the guys in Brazil seek nothing more and nothing else but lead to their butts and heads.
      Hey he looks sexy in his mug shot …….. though .

  3. It looks like he got killed from those six shots he took to the head. I could be wrong. That’s a really nice shirt, I wonder if it’s genuine or a knockoff? All the big flip flops manufacturers were in attendence displaying their spring collection.

  4. I thought he fell eating chunks of watermelon ……..
    from side to side I am still not sure whether he’s been murdered with multiple gunshots . To me it appears he ran with chunks of freshly cut pieces of water melon and got them smashed to both the cheeks when he fell.
    Strange but true ……Some folks in Brazil can die eating water melon.

    And the one close to the victim is wearing the sexiest of flip-flops while the other too are competing to be part of the snap shot …and the competition to excel seems hotting up but I am gonna give it to the one wearing Black ………funerals prayers here and there flip-flops take you everywhere …………Brazil the Land of Flip flops

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